Phantasy Star Online 2: Pre-Open Beta Test and Closed Beta Test Report

Sakai posted a message following the Closed Beta Test report:

Thanks to everyone who participated in PSO2's Closed Beta Test. During the test they had several network problems with disconnections and lag. After some investigation, it was discovered that the main cause of the problem was due to their machine settings. They want to arrange the opportunity to run the test again to make sure the network problems do not occur in the Open Beta Test. So the next test will be called the "Pre-Open Beta Test". Unfortunately he can not announce the exact schedule at this time but this Pre-Open beta Test starts in late June.

On May 23rd, 2012, he will start registrations for the Open Beta Test. New registrants will also be able to participate in the Pre-Open Beta Test. For those who participated in the Closed Beta Test, you do not need to register again. If there are no major issues in the Pre-Open Beta Test, he will quickly start the Open Beta Test. The data from the Open Beta Test will be transferred to the Official Game.

From the Open Beta Test, he will collect feedback and reports and assemble a list of responses based on them.

He thinks there's still some ways to go and aims to make the game as enjoyable as possible.

 Closed Beta Test Report

  • About 147,000 Downloads
  • About 131,000 Logged in user
  • 23,500 simultaneous connections on April 21st
  • Average 21,000 simultaneous connections a day
  • 63,000 Average Logins a day.

The blue bar represents simultaneous connections while the red bar shows logged in users each day.

The number of simultaneous connections is quite low, this is due to the network troubles that occurred on the server. Also he believes since you were generally able to connect at anytime during the day (compared to previous alpha tests), less people decided to log in at the same time.


  • 38.9% Humans
  • 31.6% Newmans
  • 29.5% Casts


  • 28.8% Males
  • 71.2% Females

Race/Sex Ratio

  • 13.8% Human Males
  • 25.1% Human Female
  • 4.8% Newman Male
  • 26.9% Newman Females
  • 10.3% Cast Male
  • 19.1% Cast Female


  • 40.8% Hunters
  • 31.2% Rangers
  • 28.0% Force

Interestingly (or uninterestingly…) the ratio is about the same as Alpha Test 2. 70% of players play as Female characters. He guesses women play an active role in the Arks.

Per each race and sex, the most popular hairstyles and outfits are:

  • Human Males: Short Wolf + Close Quarter
  • Human Females: Casual Layer + Southern Dream
  • Newman Male: Casual Layer + Sensous Coat
  • Newman Female: Casual Layer + Viola Magika
  • Cast Male:  Ronia Head, Ronia Body, Fouma Leg, Fouma Arm
  • Cast Female: Faunen Head, Faunen Body, Deal Leg, Deal Arm

The most popular hairstyle seems to be Casual Layer.

Character Stats

  • 228,000 created characters
  • 57.7% or 76,000 logged in users reached level 10
  • 28.8% or 38,000 logged in users reached level 20

Each person would make an average of 1.7 characters.


Class level distribution.

Each section pertains with characters levels. The red bar represents hunters, blue bar represents rangers, and yellow bar represents force.

  • 22,000 feedback/requests sent in
  • 11,000 bug reports
  • 43,000 BBS posts

Compared to last time, there were less feedback and requests, but there were more bug reports and BBS posts.

There were about 37,000 submissions to the survey.

Whether or not they participated in previous tests:

  • 56.9% of people did not participate in previous alpha tests
  • 26.1% participated in the alpha test 2
  • 15.8% participated in alpha test 1 and 2
  • 1.2% of people participated in alpha test 1 only.

Whether or not they will pay cash items and play the game when it officially starts:

  • 61.7% don't know if they'll purchase cash items but will play.
  • 21.1% will purchase cash items and will play.
  • 10.1% won't purchase cash items but will play
  • 5.5% don't know if they will play
  • 1.1% will not play the game

PSO2 CBT Grading


What systems people will play PSO2 on:

  • 61.9% of people will play PC only.
  • 14.6% will play on PlayStation Vita and PC
  • 11.2% will play PC version and Smartphone
  • 7.8% will play all systems
  • 4.5% Other

Control Schemes:

  • 38.9% played with keyboard and Mouse
  • 44.1% Gamepad and Keyboard (Keyboard only for chatting.)
  • 17.0% Gamepad and Keyboard

This asks which aspect should be strengthened the most.

  • 20.3% More Weapon Categories
  • 11.1% Increase the variety of PA and Skills
  • 8.8% Improve Character Creation
  • 8.1% Improve elements where lots of people can play.
  • 7.1% Add more map variation
  • 6.9% Improve Character Actions
  • 6.8% More weapons
  • 6.2% Improve areas other than battle
  • 6.1% Improve World and Story
  • 5.9% Improve chat functions
  • 3,5% Improve Enemies
  • 3.0% Add Something you can raise other than characters like Pets.
  • 2.5% Add Competitive Elements
  • 2.0% More luscious graphics
  • 1.7% Improve My Room Functions

Again like in Alpha Test 2, "increase weapon categories" was the most requested.  In second place just like last time, people want more PA and Skills. It seems many of you wanted them to improve the action portions of the game.

They have already decided on the number of weapon categories for when the official game starts. In a future update expect additional weapon categories.

Pre-Open Beta Test

Sakai updated his blog but most of it is covered in the closed beta test report. However we get some insight on a few things. The next test isn't a Closed Beta Test 2, there are no restrictions on the amount of people that can play. Thus, their next test is called the "Pre-Open Beta Test!" Though the data of the Pre-Open Beta Test cannot be carried over to the Open Beta test, those that participate will get special gift. The details about this gift will be announced in the future.

When there are no major issues in the Pre-Open Beta Test, they will start the Open Beta Test. The Open Beta Test data will carry over into the Official game.

Due to server problems, the maximum number of simultaneous connections in the Closed Beta Test barely passed over Alpha Test 2's. One of their biggest objectives in the Pre-Open Beta Test is to see if they have solved this problem.

You'll have to wait about 1 month until the next test starts. Please stay tuned for news and future information when it's available.

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