Phantasy Star Online 2 Super Hard and Seabed Preview

Mining Base Defense!

Mining Base Defense! Players must defend a base from an onslaught of Darkers during this "highly difficult" 12 player quest.


 Bal Rodos Interrupt Ranking

Bal RodosTGS Livestream viewers got the chance to vote for an upcoming Interrupt Ranking Event. Once the votes were tallied, it was decided that Bal Rodos will have an interrupt ranking on September 22nd @ 22:00 ~ 23:00 JST or 9:00 AM ~ 10:00 AM EDT (Converted)

Boosts Applied

  • +200% Rare Enemy Chance



Super Hard in October

Super Hard PSO2

Super Hard (Early October)

Super Hard: Forest ~ F. Continent

  • Enemies are sped up, they'll attack and move towards to the player more often.
  • Some of the Boss's attack patterns have changed.
  • A new type of infection core will be introduced that can perform various actions.
  • Falz Arms can appear in regular fields.

New Infection Core (NEW)

  • This new infection core has a life of its own.
  • There will be three different types: one that shoots lasers, one that heals, and one that counter attacks.


New Skills October

Classes and Skills

  • Level cap Increase: Lv. 65
  • New skills for each class.
  • New Latent Abilities


New 10 stars

New 10 Star Weapons and Units in Super Hard


Franka Change

Other Features

  • Franka wears a Chef Costume.
  • Franka Frying Pan Weapon Camo
  • Defuse the Time Bomb Emergency Trial.


PSO2 Changes

Other Changes

Other Changes (NEW)

  • LV16 Disks
  • Subclass EXP up to LV 45
  • Disk Drop Adjustments
  • Automatically Pick Up Meseta (Completely Optional)
  • Increased Set Bonus Effects for some items.
  • Summon Partners in Extreme Quests
  • Issue NPC Partner Battle Strategies
  • More Premium Drinks
  • Chat Commands to play your favorite battle voice clips.
  • (Not Shown) Barbarillipan may show up in other ares.




タガミカヅチ Tagamikazuchi (A new Rare Enemy)


  • Defeating this new enemy nets you tons of experience and a chance to receive a rare item.
  • 142,400 EXP was shown in the video.


Ultimate Fighter Scratch

New Scratch: Ultimate Fighter


New Emergency Quest

New EQ: Battle Commander Border Break

Battle Commander Border Break

  • Cougar NX will return in a new emergency quest that takes place in the Mines.
  • Cougar NX will also drop new weapon camos.


 Seabed (Arriving November)


Seabed with brand new Oceanids and Bird Darkers.


  • Features a gimmick where you can change the water level.



bird darker boss

デコル・マリューダ Decol Maluda (A Darker Boss that Spins)



ビオル・メデューナ Biol Meduna
(Seabed Boss with Electric and Laser Attacks)



Phantasy Star Online 2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 1

  • Track list contains Forest through Floating Continent music.
  • Item Codes: DJ Booth and Field Music Discs Included.
  • Releases October 30th.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 2

  • Track list contains Ruins through Seabed.
  • Quna's Everlasting Encore and Our Fighting included!
  • Item Codes: DJ Booth and Field Music Discs Included.
  • Releases November 27th.

PSO2es Improvements

  • Shorter Download Times
  • Improved Character Models
  • Bug Fixes Galore


Quna Figure

Quna Figure

Sega is currently working on a Quna figure which will be available in the Sega Lucky Kuji Lottery. More details will be revealed in the future.

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