Phantasy Star Portable 2: Beach Fanservice DLC

Fanservice? Really?

Well, for the first time in Phantasy Star "Universe" history, male clothing has achieved the extremely revealing outfit status. Yes there's bikinis and bathtowels, but the "Magical Princess" outfit always had the thinnest thong. Well now..  The next batch of DLC will mimic summer festival and beachwear. A fundoshi for the males and a swimsuit for the females.

Click for Larger Images if you dare!

星霊祭フンドシ Light Festival Fundoshi
200 Yen


スクール水着 School Bathing Suit
300 Yen


ウォーターガン WaterGun
50% ice handgun
200 Yen


ビートバン (Beat Ban/Kickboard)
50% Dark Shield
200 Yen


星霊祭チョウチン (Light Festival Lantern)
50% fire Madoog
200 Yen

I heard these items were arriving July 23rd, 2010 at the Japanese Playstation Store!

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