Pre-Patch for January 27th, 2016

Arks Publicity

Come see the ARKS Promotion Squad play the PlayStation 4 version of Episode 4 on Nico Nico! During the broadcast, you'll also get to experience a Variety Corner and the Prize Corner. 

The fun begins on February 6th @ 19:00 ~ 22: 00 JST!

Reborn: Episode 4 is almost here! Starting after the date listed below, players can download a portion of the January 27th update in advance.

Updates Availability Space Required
#1 January 22nd @ 14:00 JST 3279MB

When the pre-patch becomes available, you will be prompted to download it when you open the Official PSO2 Launcher. Click [Yes] in the dialog box that appears and the download process will begin.

The downloaded files will be stored in the "_precede" folder, located in your PSO2 installation directory.

Once the Episode 4 update goes live during maintenance on January 27th, the pre-patch files will automatically be copied over to the official game.
The file size for the main patch will be revealed at a later time.


Evolution Device Ketsukacchin
進化デバイス/ケツカッチン (Evo. Device / Ketsukacchin)

Dengeki Bazooka!! (March Issue)

The March issue of Dengeki Bazooka!! is now available for purchase. Included with the magazine is an item code for a Mag device modeled after the Oh! Gattiman comic's Ketsukacchin character.

  • Evolution Device / Ketsukacchin
  • Half-Doll
  • Casino Coin Pass (x5)

※The item code cannot be activated until after January 27th's maintenance.


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