Pre-Patch for October 14th, 2015

A portion of October 14th's update can be downloaded ahead of schedule through the Official Launcher following the time listed below.

Updates Availability Space Required
#1 October 9th @ 14:00 JST 1556MB

In order to initiate the download process, open the Official PSO2 Launcher and click [Yes] in the dialog box that appears. The files will be stored into a special folder and will be copied over to the official game once the patch goes live during maintenance on October 14th.

In addition to the above update, another patch is expected to appear during October 14th's maintenance. The file size for this patch will be 356 MB if you downloaded the pre-patch.


17 thoughts to “Pre-Patch for October 14th, 2015”

    1. He's talking about the new 6th graphics tier in the settings. This makes the PC version look like the PS4 version.

    2. pc will get a higher tier drawing setting, the game will have true ambient occlusion, new lighting, and shadow improvment, the statement was the graphucs will look exactly like in salon on hi res shaders, itl have that look everywhere.

    3. Sounds great! I want the better look and this game isn't exactly demanding. I have to use an FPS limiter so I don't get 200+ FPS in some parts of the game, and that's on a 270x (basically a 7870 or a GTX 760 or so).

      I always did dislike how my characters looked so different in the game compared to the salon.

    4. I love the salon xD No really, I always wondered why the salon has way better graphics then the normal game.

  1. The Graphics Level 6 update will be coming in 2016 along with the PS4 update most likely, this one should update for the Halloween EQ, AC Scratch, and its content. Judging by the size of the download, it's most likely adding content that will also be officially released later on this month (namely the new EQs with the Fairy Tail collab.)

  2. On another note, I hope to God that the next Vita update is another file compression based on its size. If not, I'll be wondering just what the hell they put in there to warrant a 7GB update.

    1. I do hope so too…Otherwise i will have to say RIP to my pso2 on vita since i wont be able to hold those 7 gb more

    2. Time to delete and re-download from the store, I guess.

      It should clean all the unused data I kept since launch time so it isn't a bad thing in my case.

  3. Personal dilemma:
    Firmware is 3.52, don't want to update.
    Memory card is 16GB, don't want to format or upgrade to 32GB.

    1. sometimes, compromises must be made, but you aren't left with much choice in this particular matter. if you want to keep playing, you'll have to bite the bullet.

  4. I just started to play PSO2 and I found this topic right now…
    ~My Opinion~ No flame,pls~
    The game it self have quite good graphics…
    I prefer more gameplay than graphics and graphic improvements…
    There are some other things they need to approve, but these kids nowadays only wants new graphic..and we are still stuck with those community things…
    I was never in party before (NPC doesn't count) , even have some friend to chat with or team to stick with…
    They need to improve that, so it will be more enjoyable and addictive…
    P.S.: I wrote it here…I don't know to type/speak Japanise so I can't send them this…nor good enough to use ENG ( But is better 😛 ) lolololol xD

    1. SEGA has been making some incentives to get people to start playing together rather than having a 12/12 solo-fest, but being the type of game that it is I'd say it's pointless to even try. Phantasy Star from what it seems (being that I've never played another besides this one) is that it is a game based on treasure hunting with a lot of Single Player mechanics. There's not a lot of content that absolutely requires needing multiple players outside of EQ's, which, even then, are doable solo. Another thing has to do with language barriers in addition to the conservative nature of many Japanese and other foreigners who play the game. I mean, this game just screams otaku, and we all know about those guys.

    2. Well, what with Party Maker and stuff, finding yourself a party member shouldn't be too hard, and if you're on the right Ship and/or Block, you can just ask around. Playing in parties does indeed make the game much more fun; not only does it feel less repetitive and the whole game moves faster and gets easier, but you also get an EXP bonus for playing with other people.

  5. They're right, there's some ways to meet people and make PT.
    Party Maker is done for that. You can try to invite Player Characters to your Party in regular missions then trying to send a Friend Request at the end of the mission. You can search for Teams in Visiphone and Team section by searching keywords like "English" (Some team write it in the description for other lost english-speaking players) then sending an appliance to the Team Master. Use the Blocks wisely too.

    After that, I agree with the other part of the message, anyway. I'd prefer some more fun (I mean real fun… Does anyone use the ball in Shop Area anymore?) than huge graphics enhancements that may stop more than a player to play because of computer not powerful anymore. But well…

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