PSO2 4th Anniversary Event [Web Panel Rewards]

ARKS ORDERS RUSHIt's time to begin the ARKS Orders Rush, a new online event where players are tasked with defeating specific bosses within quests designated for the event. Players can earn additional rewards by Gathering specific items marked for the event.

Current Schedule

  • 4th Anniversary Web Panel Event
    • June 8th ~ July 20th
  • Target ❶: Chaotic Roar of the Dragon
    • June 8th ~ July 6th
  • Target ❷: Perennial Apocalypse

    • June 22nd ~
  • Target ❸: The Wandering Black Knight

    • July 6th ~ August 24th
  • Reward Period #1
    • July 27th ~ August 3rd
  • Reward Period #2
    • August 3rd ~ August 10th
  • Reward Item Distribution Period #1
    • July 27th ~ August 17th
  • Reward Item Distribution Period #2
    • August 3rd ~ August 24th

Contest Schedule

  • Item Design Contest Submission Period
    • June 1st ~ July 20th (Link)
  • Character Contest Submission Period
    • June 1st ~ July 6th (Link)
  • Illustration Contest Submission Period
    • June 1st ~ July 27th (Link)

PSO2 Odin Shin-Zantetsuken

Target ❸: The Wandering Black Knight

Revamped Progeny 2

Target ❷: Perennial Apocalypse

Normal Hard Very Hard Super Hard Extra Hard
1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 7 Points
Qualifying Bosses
Profound Darkness Dark Falz Double Odin Anga Fundarge
Anjhadu-lili Falz Angel Falz Hunar  

Defeating these bosses will net you points based on the difficulty of the quest.

Order #23 Qualifying Materials

Cuisine Shop

1 Point
Grilled Fish
5 points
Ruins Salmon with Fruit Sauce
Tokyo Terayaki Tai Fish
Coast Moule in Oil
Quarry Grilled Eel on Rice

Create a meal using the ingredients from each planet.




Order #20 Qualifying Materials


★3 or higher rarity fish on Planet Naberius, Earth, Wopal, and Lillipa.

※Points are earned based on the size of the fished item.
※You will be notified in-game if you acquired an item that qualifies.


Web Panel Rewards

Panel July 13th

Orders Item Reward Boost Reward  
「❷ + ❸ + ES」
Order #21
1 (or more) Star Gems
(See Note)
「 ❸ Only」
Order #22
  +10% or more
NT Grinding EXP
(See Note)
(7/27 ~ 8/3)
Order #23
  +10% or more RDR for
Ult Lillipa/Naberius
Both Apocalypses+Demise
(See Note)
(7/27 ~ 8/3)
「❷ + ❸ + ES」
Order #17
  +10% Grinding/Affixing Success
(7/27 ~8/3)
「❷ + ❸ + ES」
Order #18
 20 Rappy Medals
「One PSO2es Login Required」
「❸ Only」
Order #19
Order #20
 *Blanc Noir
「❷ + ❸ + ES」
Order #13
*PB Saber
「❷ + ❸ + ES」
Order #14
  PSO2es +200% EXP Boost
(Arks Quests)
(7/27 ~ 8/3)
「❷ Only」
Order #15
*Divine Sword Crosstrease
Order #16
  +100% Challenge Mile Boost
(8/3 ~ 8/10)
「❷ + ❸ + ES」
Order #9
Op Meds (x3)
Revival Meds (x5)
「One PSO2es Login Required」
「❷ + ❸ + ES」
Order #10
「❷ Only」
Order #11
  +150% Rare Drop Boost
+150% Rare Enemy Boost
(7/27 ~ 8/3)
Order #12
Ika's Cap
「❶ + ❷ + ES」
Order #5
Good Pickaxe (x5)
Good Fishing Rod (x5)
(See Note)
「❷ + ❸ + ES」
Order #6
  +150% EXP Boost
+150 Meseta Boost
(7/27 ~ 8/3)
「❶ Only」
Order #7
Order #8
Casino Coin Pass (x3)

Casino Super Boost
(8/3 ~ 8/10)

「❶ + ES」
Order #1
1000 FUN Ticket

Earned FUN +100%
Login Stamp +1 Bonus
(8/3 ~ 8/10)

「❶ + ES」
Order #2
+100% Tribooster
Free Salon Pass
Color Change Pass
「❶ Only」
Order #3
+50 Coll. Stamina Drink (x2)
+50 Fish. Stamina Drink (x2)
(See Note)
+100% Gathering
Fever Occurrence Rate
(See Note)
Order #4
Evo. Device / Purple Puyo (x1)

※ A checkmark will appear in the table above after clearing the specific order.

Order #21/22/23's Explanation

Order #21

  • Every 200,000 points contributes 1 star gem to the prize. Achieving a final score of 39,800,000 points unlocks a maximum of 20 Star Gems.

Order #22

  • Every 200,000 points increases the EXP earned by [1%]. Achieving a final score of 14,000,000 points unlocks a maximum of [+25%] EXP earned during New Type Weapon Grinding. 

Order #23

  • Every 10,000 points increases the rare drop rate by 10%. Achieving a final score of 100,000 points unlocks the maximum +100% Rare Drop Rate.


What Do I Do Exactly?

Arks Orders Rush is an online event where ALL players collectively earn points towards unlocking various rewards. In order to qualify for the prize, you must play the limited quest at least once within the entire event. Prizes will be distributed on the dates indicated in the table above.

The [Quest Target #] button displays the bosses you need to defeat to earn points towards the event. Certain panels like Order #11, require that you defeat the bosses in [Perennial Apocalypse].


What does [ + ❷ + ES] Mean?

Each quest listed in the "Quest Target" button corresponds to a specific number. For example, the number ❷ represents "Perennial Apocalypse."  Defeating the boss within that quest will contribute points towards the Orders listed with that number. 

PSO2es players can contribute points to the orders marked with the [ES] tag by playing certain Special or Emergency Quests. 


Order #3/#5 Explanation

Order #3 and #5's rewards are applied on the maintenance that occurs approximately two weeks after the time we cleared that Order. For example, if we succeed in clearing the Order on June 10th, then the rewards will get distributed on June 22nd's maintenance. The boost reward follows the same rules in the example. If we clear the order on June 10th, then the boost period for that reward will begin on June 22nd's Maintenance.

In addition, you will not be able to redeem the item rewards under a new account that was created after the reward items were distributed.

Gathering Explanation

You can earn points by gathering specific items mentioned near the top of this post.

Items will be distributed only to players who satisfy at least one of the following conditions:

  • Players who've cleared a qualifying quest at least once during the event period.
  • Players who've gathered at least once during the event period.


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