PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Trinity Star

Trinity Star
(Until May 29, 2019)



カレテラヴィント[Ou] | Careterra Wind [Ou]


カレテラヴィント[Ba] | Careterra Wind [Ba]
カレテラヴィント紅[Ba] | Careterra Wind Crimson [Ba]
カレテラヴィント雅[Ba] | Careterra Wind Elegant [Ba]
カレテラヴィント雪[Ba] | Careterra Wind Snow [Ba]
カレテラヴィント影[Ba] | Careterra Wind Shadow [Ba]
カレテラヴィント陽[Ba] | Careterra Wind Sun [Ba]


カレテラヴィント[In] | Careterra Wind [In]
カレテラヴィント紅[In] | Careterra Wind Crimson [In]
カレテラヴィント雅[In] | Careterra Wind Elegant [In]
カレテラヴィント雪[In] | Careterra Wind Snow [In]
カレテラヴィント影[In] | Careterra Wind Shadow [In]
カレテラヴィント陽[In] | Careterra Wind Sun [In]



フルドレスコマンダー[Ba] | Full Commander [Ba]
フルドレスコマンダー紅[Ba] | Full Commander Crimson [Ba]
フルドレスコマンダー夜[Ba] | Full Commander Night [Ba]
フルドレスコマンダー雪[Ba] | Full Commander Snow [Ba]
フルドレスコマンダー影[Ba] | Full Commander Shadow [Ba]
フルドレスコマンダー雅[Ba] | Full Commander Elegant [Ba]


フルドレスコマンダー[In] | Full Commander [In]
フルドレスコマンダー紅[In] | Full Commander Crimson [In]
フルドレスコマンダー夜[In] | Full Commander Night [In]
フルドレスコマンダー鋼[In] | Full Commander Steel [In]
フルドレスコマンダー雪[In] | Full Commander Snow [In]
フルドレスコマンダー雅[In] | Full Commander Elegant [In]




フリークスフリーク[Ou] | Freaks Freak [Ou]


フリークスフリーク[Ba] | Freaks Freak [Ba]
フリークスフリーク影[Ba | Freaks Freak Shadow [Ba]
フリークスフリーク陽[Ba] | Freaks Freak Sun [Ba]
フリークスフリーク紅[Ba] | Freaks Freak Crimson [Ba]
フリークスフリーク空[Ba] | Freaks Freak Sky [Ba]
フリークスフリーク葉[Ba] | Freaks Freak Leaf [Ba]



シャルフヴィント[Ou] | Scharf Wind [Ou]


シャルフヴィント[Ba] | Scharf Wind [Ba]
シャルフヴィント紅[Ba] | Scharf Wind Crimson [Ba]
シャルフヴィント雅[Ba] | Scharf Wind Elegant [Ba]
シャルフヴィント雪[Ba] | Scharf Wind Snow [Ba]
シャルフヴィント影[Ba] | Scharf Wind Shadow [Ba]
シャルフヴィント陽[Ba] | Scharf Wind Sun [Ba]


シャルフヴィント[In] | Scharf Wind [In]
シャルフヴィント紅[In] | Scharf Wind Crimson [In]
シャルフヴィント雅[In] | Scharf Wind Elegant [In]
シャルフヴィント雪[In] | Scharf Wind Snow [In]
シャルフヴィント影[In] | Scharf Wind Shadow [In]
シャルフヴィント陽[In] | Scharf Wind Sun [In]




フルドレスデピュティ[Ba] | Full Deputy [Ba]
フルドレスデピュティ紅[Ba] | Full Deputy Crimson [Ba]
フルドレスデピュティ夜[Ba] | Full Deputy Night [Ba]
フルドレスデピュティ雪[Ba] | Full Deputy Snow [Ba]
フルドレスデピュティ影[Ba] | Full Deputy Shadow [Ba]
フルドレスデピュティ雅[Ba] | Full Deputy Elegant [Ba]


フルドレスデピュティ[In] | Full Deputy [In]
フルドレスデピュティ紅[In] | Full Deputy Crimson [In]
フルドレスデピュティ夜[In] | Full Deputy Night [In]
フルドレスデピュティ鋼[In] | Full Deputy Steel [In]
フルドレスデピュティ雪[In] | Full Deputy Snow [In]
フルドレスデピュティ雅[In] | Full Deputy Elegant [In]


ナイトメア・ヘッド | Nightmare Head
ナイトメア・ボディ | Nightmare Body
ナイトメア・アーム | Nightmare Arms
ナイトメア・レッグ | Nightmare Legs


クリミナル・ヘッド | Criminal Head
クリミナル・ボディ | Criminal Body
クリミナル・アーム | Criminal Arms
クリミナル・レッグ | Criminal Legs



Female Voice 189 (CV: Chika Anzai)

  • 女性追加ボイス189
  • 女性C追加ボイス189

Female Voice 190 (CV: Rie Takahashi)

  • 女性追加ボイス190
  • 女性C追加ボイス190

Male Voice 156 (CV: Ryō Horikawa)

  • 男性追加ボイス156
  • 男性C追加ボイス156

Lobby Action

  • 505「ファントムポーズ」 | 505 [Phantom Pose]
  • 506「登場」 | 506 [Entrance]

Female Recolors

  • ヘリオスディルア影[Ou] | Helios Dirah Shadow [Ou]
  • ヘリオスディルア燃[Ba] | Helios Dirah Burning [Ba]
  • ヘリオスディルア夏[Ba] | Helios Dirah Summer [Ba]
  • ショートサロペット空[Ba] | Short Salopette Sky [Ba]
  • ショートサロペット銀[Ba] | Short Salopette Silver [Ba]
  • ボウタイミニスカート玄[Ba] | Bowtie Miniskirt Black [Ba]
  • ボウタイミニスカート空[Ba] | Bowtie Miniskirt Sky [Ba]
  • グリーンオールブリンク | Green Ol Blink

Male Recolors

  • クラノスアレース影[Ou] | Kranos Ares Shadow [Ou]
  • クラノスアレース茜[Ba] | Kranos Ares Madder [Ba]
  • クラノスアレース夏[Ba] | Kranos Ares Summer [Ba]
  • ウルティオン玄 | Ultion Mysterious

Male Outfits

  • ウルティオン | Ultion


  • ヘリオスヘアー | Helios Hair
  • クラノスヘアー | Kranos Hair
  • ラフレイヤー | Rough Layer


  • ヘリオスソックス | Helios Socks

Grind Support

  • 特殊能力(打撃&PP/2) | Add Ability (Power & PP/2)
    • Elegant Power エレガント・パワー = S-ATK+40 & PP+4


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 times PSZERO Memory
10 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver]
15 times Bonus Key Kazuchi Assault
30 times Trinity Star Ticket
40 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
50 times EX Tri-Boost +200%
60 times Trinity Star Ticket
120 times Trinity Star Ticket
Gold AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
2 times Free Salon Pass
4 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
6 times Tri-Boost +150%
12 times Trinity Star Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.
※Trinity Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.
※EX Tri-Boost can be used together with other boost items. Duration effect is 360 minutes.


FUN Scratch

Set and Boxes

  • フリークスステッカーセット | Freaks Sticker Set
  • ウルティオンステッカー箱 | Ultion Sticker Box

Music Disc

  • Overture

Lobby Action

  • 507「斜めポーズ」| 507 [Lean Pose]


  • ストレートアップ | Straight Up

Face Aesthetics

  • 亡者メイク 青 | Dead Blue Makeup
  • 亡者メイク 緑 | Dead Green Makeup
  • 細困りまゆ | Fine Troubled Eyebrows
  • くっきりまつげ 黒 | Crisp Eyelashes Black
  • くっきりまつげ 青 | Crisp Eyelashes Blue
  • くっきりまつげ 茶 | Crisp Eyelashes Brown
  • くっきりまつげ 白 | Crisp Eyelashes White


  • イースターネックレスA | Easter Necklace A
  • イクサアーマー | Battle Armor
  • 兜角 | Horned Kabuto
  • 折り紙兜 | Origami Helmet
  • 新聞折り紙兜 | Newspaper Origami Helmet
  • フォトンシールドL | Photon Shield L
  • 手錠 | Handcuffs

Room Goods

  • フライング・カープ | Flying Carp
  • ノダテ | Nodate
  • カ・シワモチ | Kashiwa Mochi
  • ブ・ショーアーマー | Busho Armor
  • イースター・エッグ | Easter Egg
  • ドーロ・ケーコク | Road Warning Sign
  • ドーロ・ヤジルシ | Road Arrow Sign


19 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Trinity Star”

  1. Putting tron lines subcolor (3) on casts' cloth parts should be illegal.
    And then they wonder why most casts wear humanoid bodies.
    Because you can't even properly color your robot parts, goddamit!

    1. Also was cutting Theo's ears off necessary for Luther to convert him? Or was he just racist against newmen in general?

    2. My complaint is more along the lines of I want more robotic looking bodies for my Caseals and Sega refuse to give me them for female as they tend to just look like humans in the end the majority of the time.

    1. Ah, to be a kid again, afraid of females and undies, their are plenty of pants in the game if you actually look, not everyone like seeing horrific garbage like freaks freak pants on females. and due to the many combinations between all the wears it's not hard to find something you want. in panties scare you that much,

      1. I would assume if they were afraid of females they would've made a male character which have more pants options than the very few skirt options they got.
      2. There really isn't that many pants honestly. Especially ones without a weird looking top of off colour combinations to them.
      3. Horrific garbage is subjective as not everyone I can argue back likes seeing "horrific garbage" like Luna Piena (why isn't it layered? Why isn't that jacket an ou so someone can decide if they want it or not? Why isn't that one stocking/sock a body paint so someone can decide on that or maybe another pair of stocking/socks instead?) or Twin Kamui F (Where's the damn shoes?)
      4. There aren't that many combinations either and not that many choices in panties when so many of the inners bottoms look too much the same. There's not many that look thicker (some girls like them thicker), there's barely any shorts looking (once again some girls like that), and the game isn't a mature game, but some girls technically do like going "Full Commander" as well.

  2. Can anyone help me confirm that changing your 13* 35+ wep into the one that needed for phantom 75+ unlock also work ?

  3. Can anyone help me? I can only select story quests at the quest counter and nothing else. Theres also an orange marker which leads to the quest counter but i dunno what to do. I already cleared episode 6 stuff but still cant do anything.

    1. I already know how, just complete the first event of episode 1 story, then you'll receive a ton of rewards of the new mission sistem.

    2. My brother had that issue this morning. Just take some of quest clear item the game is trying to give you.

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