PSO2 Closed Beta Features Part 2

Another unusual day for Sakai to post. The Story is now accessible in the Closed Beta Test. The player is a newcomer to the Arks and first visits the planet Naberius. Naberius could be the place most chosen for training due to its docile creatures but….


The Darkers showed up…


You will first meet up with Afin. He's also new to the Arks just like you. He calls you partner.


You will also meet Zeno and Echo who are your superiors. Your superiors will teach you various things. There's also Shion which we introduced before with her strange voice who gives you the Matter Board.  These voice actors haven't played any characters in the Phantasy Star Series until now. What's also cool is that Sakai has recorded voices for most of the player characters. The story can occur in both story quests and normal quests too.


Now comes the Matter Board which acts as the item that advances the story. You are basically going around collecting Matters for this board. You do this by achieving certain conditions.  These conditions can cover things like, acquiring a specific item, or coming in contact with specific characters, etc. The goals for the matter board are shown at the top right corner.


As you achieve these conditions, you collect matters, and new matters open up.  And as you acquire these, even more matters open up and so on. By doing this, you can watch new events show up.


With the matters you've done, when you play story quests again, you may see different developments occur.

There are no Arks Cash elements in Story Quests, you can enjoy them ALL for free!  When the game releases, several story quests will be available and more will be added progressively through updates. Could new developments for the story open up based on player feedback? Hmm..?


There is now a tutorial to understand the basic functions of the game. It's up to you to choose whether you want to play the tutorial or not. In the tutorial, your instructor is Yoshiko Sakakibara, well she will be voicing the character "Hilda". You may know this voice actor for her role as Queen Nehelenia in Sailor Moon!


In Client Orders, you can clear specific requests. By doing so you receive EXP and Rewards!


When you meet Arks members through the story, they may hand you their card. Once you obtain their cards, you can invite them to your party.


It is up to the player to invite Story Characters or Friend Characters!



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