PSO2: Episode 2 Teaser + Vita Livestream

Episode 2, launching July 17th, 2013, will introduce a brand new story, new race, and new class. Expect tons of new features like ARKS Road which aims to guide players from beginners to experts.  Create and raise your very own "Support Partner" and take them along with you in quests. Other features include a team list, a mini room, more space for room items, and more!


4th Race: Dewman

Dewman Female

Dewmans have horns and separate eye colors.


Dewman Male

When Episode 2 launches, all players will get a "2nd" character for free.


 New Class: Braver

PSO2 Bullet Bows

カタナ (Katanas)


Bullet Bows

 バレットボウ (Bullet Bows)


New Characters


アザナミ Azanami (VA: Mai Nakahara)



イオ Io (VA: Ayana Taketatsu)


Planet: Vopar

PSO2 Planet Vopar

A film of water covers the sky on this mysterious planet.


Planet Vopar 2

On the planet's surface are strange facilities still in operation to this day.


New Field: Coast

Planet Vopar 3

The day seamlessly transitions from day to night.



The Neptunes, strange creatures who inhabit Planet Vopar


Bird Darkers

The new bird-type Darker



Olgevran: A strong Neptunian who can throw rocks.


Val Rodos

 Val Rodos: A boss who swims freely inside a whirlpool.

 PlayStation Vita Livestream

Livestream Recap

  • Soul Sacrifice x PSO2 Collaboration; costumes from PSO2 are going to appear in Soul Sacrifice


Thanks Festa (Nagoya) Field Report: Warning Rumors!

We scoured the internet for news from this weekend's Fan Festa and here's what we found. Since there's no way for us to verify any of the contents listed below, read at your own risk.

  • ARKS Road is a tutorial-like system where you collect stamps and receive items.
  • Seems Azanami is one of those weapon/class client order type characters.
  • Luther is the last Photoner.
  • When EP2 starts they want to increase EP1's matter board drop rates.
  • Dewmans have high S-ATK, average DEX, low HP and DEF.
  • Katanas: Can Guard and Guard-Counter
  • Katanas: Just Guards at Max Gear counters with increased damage and critical rates for a limited time. (An aura surrounds the weapon.)
  • Bullet Bows: Weak Stance increases damage to weak areas, reduces damage everywhere else.
  • When Episode 2 starts, they're going to add new skills and distribute skill tree reset items.
  • New PAs and Techs. (Na Grants / Na Zonde  / Na Megid / Na Barta / Zanverse)
  • They're thinking about implementing a Mag Camo system, though nothing is certain at this time. 
  • Gunner's flip evasion will see some adjustments.
  • There was a question if we're getting a "Subdue Dudu" quest, and they responded that they're adding another grinding shop attendant. This person was described as a "clumsy girl." (This may have something to do with the +15 grind shown in the video?)
  • A new team feature in August? It might be something you perform as a team.
  • They want to add a special turret that can kill Gel Bulfs.

Known Bugs

  • Some players have reported that some Bingo Card spaces refuse to clear even though they've completed the objective. Though they're currently investigating this issue, Sega recommends to reselect the [reverse] bingo card from the bingo menu as a workaround
  • Sega is currently investigating an issue where the "Photon Blast" sound effect can be heard in the lobby. (This seems to occur when a player changes their outfit during the glow stick lobby actions)
  • Sega has confirmed a bug where the Fan Festa T-shirts appear black. They plan to correct this problem in the future.



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