PSO2 Episode 3 Materials Collection

EP3 Materials Collection

Episode 3 Materials Collection


Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 3 Materials Collection

  • Price: ¥3,600
  • Release Date: March 23rd, 2016

The Episode 3 Materials Collection contains a plethora artwork from the episode, as well as dossiers on the characters and story. A 9-page interview with several key members of the development team can be found at the end. The book also documents the first-ever "true" chronology, which was fully supervised by the team.

Six categories of materials are included within the book: Gallery, Costumes, Weapons, Enemies & World, Extra, and Interview.


Item Codes

PSO2 Ep3 Materials Col

Each purchase of the book comes with an item code for Xiao's costume and hairstyle, along with a selection of room items featuring Episode 3's artwork and music.


Icon Name Type
Omnis Blue M オムニス・ブルーM
Omnis Blue M
Male Costume
Omnis Blue F オムニス・ブルーF
Omnis Blue F
Female Costume
Xiao Hair M シャオヘアー
Xiao Hair
Unisex Hairstyle
PSO2 Music Disc 灰ノ心露 Music Disc
PSO2 Music Disc Living on like stars EP3 Music Disc
Materials Collection Cover Poster B 設定資料集表紙ポスターB
Materials Collection Cover Poster B
Room Item
EP3 Visual Poster A EP3ビジュアルポスターA
EP3 Visual Poster A
Room Item
EP3 Visual Poster B EP3ビジュアルポスターB
EP3 Visual Poster B
Room Item
EP3 Visual Mat EP3ビジュアルマット
EP3 Visual Mat
Room Item
Item Pass エステ無料パス
Free Salon Pass
Exchange Item

※Note: The Omnis Blue costume doesn't animate like the version worn by Xiao himself.



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