PSO2 JP: Hitsugi and Al's Journey Inside the Arks Ship

~ April 6th, 2016 ~


EP4 Story Events

EP4 Story Event Meeting Io

New story events follow Hitsugi and Al as they are introduced to Risa, Quna, and Io onboard the ARKS Ship. Their presence has aroused interest among the ARKS, who are eager to learn more about them.


Quna Civilian Clothes

Quna will make her Episode 4 debut with a new civilian outfit. You can meet the newly dressed Quna in the Shopping Area of the lobby by selecting [EP4 Mode] from the character selection screen.

※It is required to clear Event Piece [042-D] on the Story Board.


Easter 2016 Event

Rappy Ball

Sega is hatching a new plan for the Easter Lobby this year. Go on an "Eatster" egg hunt in the Shopping Area and find all of the hidden eggs. The Rappy Ball, much larger than the normal ARKS Ball, will appear in the lobby during the event. Knock it around and feel the difference in movement.


Easter 2016 Bingo Card

The Easter 2016 Bingo card is full of objectives geared towards defeating enemies found in the Easter EQ. Other tasks include clearing Featured Quests, participating in the Casino, and grinding equipment.


Lepure Rabbit Knuckle

By clearing objectives on the front side, you can earn an Easter themed knuckles camo. On the more difficult reverse side is the [Evo. Device / Plumii].


The [Wild Easter 2016] Emergency Quest is putting a new spin on things. New to the quest are bosses like Dio Hunar, Gal Gryphon, and those from Ultimate Lillipa. The quest's drop system will be altered to work much like the Mining Base quests. Enemies will not drop items on the field as you play. You will instead receive them all at once by breaking a boss crystal that appears after clearing the quest.


Winners Design 3 [Side A] (AC Scratch)

The first half of the winning item designs from the Maximum Attack contest will be released in this scratch. Weapon camos, costumes, accessories, and room items galore!


C・ヴェスティート (C. Vestito)
ヴェスティートコサージュ (Vestito Corsage)
Sweet Bearaddo Costume
スイートベアッド (Sweet Bearaddo)
スイートベアッドヘアー (Sweet Bearaddo Hair)
Nya Pipis Costume
ニャーピピスM / F (Nya Pipis M / F)
ニャーピピスハット (Nya Pipis Hat)
Belt Punk Costume
ベルトパンクM / F (Belt Punk M / F)
Knight Rappy Suit Costume
騎士ラッピースーツ (Knight Rappy Suit)
Enkan-no-Sou Camo
*煙管ノ槍 (Enkan-no-Sou)
Ignition Flare Camo
*イグニションフレア (Ignition Flare)
Totsuka-no-Tsurugi Camo
*十束剣 (Totsuka-no-Tsurugi)


Promotion Squad and Dark Falz Girls

Members of the 「ARKS Promotion Squad」 and 「Dark Falz Girls」 will be holding a 27-hour broadcast! Both groups will alternate during the stream, facing numerous trials related to PSO2. As they clear more and more of these trials, they'll begin unlocking wonderful prizes that may be distributed to all ARKS members.

Broadcast Service: Nico Nico

Stream Hours: March 26th @ 20:00 JST ~ March 27th @ 23:00 JST.

Tune in this Saturday on Nico Nico as your cooperation is needed in clearing the trials!


Yet Another Secret Phrase

Say はいさようなら in chat to unlock 6 more voice tickets from the Visiphone! This campaign expires April 1st at 23:00 JST.



14 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Hitsugi and Al's Journey Inside the Arks Ship”

  1. On the one hand, the new drop system for the EQ means not having to manage your inventory mid-quest… on the flipside, it sucks to be you if you 630 mid-quest.

    I'm not sure if a good thing overall, or not… guess it depends on how good your connection is.

    1. 630 will be even more boring than usual with that x) But that's not so bad, people will take time to choose what they want… At least at the last time on EQ not to loose time and do it as much as possible. ^^

    2. You don't get anything of value until Gal/Dio tier bosses anyway. Since they're usually at the end of eq, absolutely nothing changes for people with third world internet.

    3. I just REALLY hope this doesn't mean we're going to get flooded with already tekked weapons. I'd hate to have a lightning element 13* drop with only one or two abilities.

  2. Hey people don't care about these two stupids who don't even know their luck,… Oh Quna's finally back /o/ (Still waiting for Matoi, … Err, I mean, mr.scenarist. Sorry.

  3. ☞kuna demoted to generic civvie clothes
    I guess uruk decided we didn't need a morale boost and cancelled her act. whassamatta sega, so hurting from your bad choice of scratch filler cutting into sales that you can't afford to have eri sing any more songs?

    ☞another quest that gives it's loot as a end-of-raid thing
    waste people's boosters a bit more, why don't you sega. also, yay more server gagging over coping with dozens of crystals popping at once, like the base defense stuff already is prone to causing.

    ☞first half of the design contest stuff
    beh. the accys are the main draw. the winning camos were crap, the best outfits got ignored yet again… but man them accys. aside from the one blatantly cribbed from cosmicbreak.

    lynken> given events in the anime, matoi's probably not going to be showing up untill things get really bad and/or darkers get revealed. milkpanda (the man who loves matoi too much) is probably rewatching her scenes 24/7 to cope.

    aside: our next real plot event is gonna be yamato. I'll be a full throttle broken record about it: sega should have fought hard for a kancolle collab to run at about the same time as introducing the yamato raid. think of the delicious meta of fighting hagito's shitty admiral and his knockoff yamato in a room full of on-model yamato cosplayers and folks in those admiral uniforms from a few scratches back. such wonderful meta it would have been.

    1. Since no one bothers to read that dreck, he is safe to pull more delusional nonsense next time even if its completely wrong from the very base.

    2. Not like we can really stop him from smearing his BS all over public fora anyway. Probably best just to give it all the attention it's worth, ie. little to none.

    3. If I'm honest, I'm kind of impressed by him – I've been playing for a year and a half now. He was complaining on here when I first started, and he's STILL complaining now…and in such long posts…

      …He must REALLY have a lot of time on his hands if he's able to go out of his way to write a silly hate-essay for every single update like he does

    4. I didn't begin watching the animation yet. So she's in?
      (Yeah Milkpanda must be depressing right now)

  4. Yess, looks like another non layer costumes release <3

    Finally some weapon camos as well.

    The bingo doesn't look too appealing this time either other than the weapon camo and maybe stones

    75% exp tickets x2
    10% grind sucess rate x2
    ティルクルレプーレ (no idea what this translates to)
    50% tri boots x2
    torana stones x5
    100% triboost

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