PSO2 Episode 4 Deluxe Package

PSO2 Episode 4 Deluxe Package

The PSO2 Episode 4 Deluxe Package will release on April 20th, coinciding with the launch of the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Purchases of the package will include a code for seven sets of bonus items related to PSO2 the Animation leads Itsuki and RINA!

PSO2 Episode 4 Deluxe Package

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, and PS Vita
  • Release Date: April 20th, 2016
  • Price: ¥4,990

※The PlayStation 4 version will require more than 45 GB of free space.
※A memory card (32GB+ recommended) is required for the Vita version.
※The item codes included with the package can be used in any version of the game, regardless of which you purchased.



Bonus Items #1

Itsuki Repca

Name Type
Itsuki Repca
Male Costume
Itsuki Hair GV
Unisex Hairstyle
Male Voice – Itsuki B
Voice Ticket
(All Races)
Itsuki Headgear
Itsuki Sticker


RINA Repca

Name Type
RINA Repca
Female Costume
Unisex Hairstyle
Female Voice – RINA
Voice Ticket
(All Races)
RINA Headgear
RINA Sticker


Bonus Items #2

Radiant Camo
*レイディアント (Radiant)
Frey Fiora Camo
*フレイフィオーラ (Frey Fiora)

Top off your Itsuki and RINA cosplays with the [*Radiant ] Gunslash camo and [*Frey Fiora ] Twin Machine Guns.


Bonus Items #3 ~ 7

Get your paws on the brand new Rappy pet wielded by Aika in the animation!

※Aika's costume and accessories pictured above are not included in the package.

Bonus Name Description
#3 ラッピーエッグ★10
Rappy Egg ★10
Pet Egg
#4 PSO2 メインテーマVer5
PSO2 Main Theme Ver. 5
 Music Disc
#5 プレミアムセット30日
30 Day Premium Set
#6 SG100獲得チケット
100 SG Ticket
#7 便利な消費アイテムセット
Useful Consumables Set
1,000 FUN Ticket
Color Change Pass
Free Salon Pass
+100% Tribooster



15 thoughts to “PSO2 Episode 4 Deluxe Package”

    1. Would make it definitely weaker than the other pets stat-wise, only way this pet could be potentially as powerful or superior to the other pets is if it has some sort of multiplier for its stats by default or a higher damage multiplier to its PAs (which it seems the Rappy is DPS-heavy). Knowing Sega, the Rappy's candy box would probably have no gray blocks (so it could be a full 8 x 8).

      I'd love to grab the Rappy if possible to try it out, but I'm not going to support this model if this is the only way to acquire a Rappy pet.

    2. …so the one in this package would then just be a "get it before the peasants" thing for SWAG +9001?

  1. This will be the first of the deluxe packages that I don't buy.

    Nothing here interests me except the 30 days premium and the salon pass, and it's cheaper just to buy those individually.

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