PSO2 Episode 4 Reborn Tidbits from Nagoya

 Post Event Updates

  • Added lots of new tidbits (1/12/2016)!
  • Added skills courtesy of Shougai-PSO.

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Tutorial Features

Reborn: Episode 4

  • You can now set the initial cursor position of the storage box.
  • You can now have a maximum of 5 Support Partners.
  • Compound Technics have been added to the Exchange Shop.
  • You'll get presents when you clear featured quests.
  • Made the tutorial gentler.


Counter Improvements

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Updated the uniforms of the Counter staff.
  • Updated ARKS civilian costumes
  • Updated Io, Lubert, and Lottie and added new Client Orders.


New Skills

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Hunter: Charge Parrying
    • Just Guards become possible when you begin charging Hunter Weapon PAs.
  • Fighter: Tech Arts JA PP Save
    • Reduces PP consumption when different PAs or Technics are used in succession.
  • Ranger: Keep Roll Shoot
    • Dive Roll Shoots are performed as a normal attack when special bullets are loaded.
  • Gunner: T Machine Gun Arts S-Charge
    • For TMGs only.
    • Removes the charge up times for Charging PAs when they're used in succession from a different PA.


Skills 2

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Force: Rod Shoot
    • Fires a Tech Bullet when using normal attacks with Rods.
  • Techer: Wand Gear Element
    • Grants status effects to Tech Explosions.
  • Braver: Katana Gear Boost
    • Increases Katana Gear accumulation.
    • Increases amount of PP recovered while Gear is active.
  • Bouncer: One More Jump
    • You can jump again when an enemy is hit with a double jump while the Gear Gauge is active.

Maestro Summoner AC

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Maestro Summoner AC Scratch
  • Layered Wear Supported Costumes
  • Summoner themed Costumes and Parts
  • Only here can you get items as bonuses by playing the Scratch several times.


Ragol memory Flowen rico

Reborn: Episode 4

  • New items will be released in the Ragol Memory Exchange Shop
  • Rico's Earrings & Red Rings.
  • Flowen's Shield
  • Baton Camo [C.A.R.D.]


Bonus Quest

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Clear the Featured Quest to receive Gold or Silver Bonus Keys.
  • Spend those Bonus Keys to play a juicy "Bonus Quest."
    • Here you can meet the Empe-Rappy (Emperor Rappy).
    • The Empe-Rappy appears only when Gold Bonus Keys are spent.
    • Some units will appear exclusively in Bonus Quests.
    • You can also obtain Phantasmal Kagaseo Stones that can be traded in for a variety of weapons.
  • The acquisition rate for Gold Bonus Keys are quite low.
  • Phantasmal Kagaseo Stones
    • You can trade these in to receive ★13 weapons.
    • Upcoming potentials you can expect to see will include:
      • HP Recovery as time lapses.
      • Damage increases when PP is above 30%.
  •  The Tokyo field's BGM changes at day and night.
    • During the day the vocals are in Japanese, but at night it's in English.



Summoner Tidbits

  • Your pet will faint when its HP reaches 0. However, it will revive after a certain period of time. For example, Wanda revives in 30 seconds while the other pets revive in 60 seconds.
  • Summoners will have a variety of skills with some interesting effects. For example, there's a skill called "Pet Sympathy" that increases the pet's damage and HP recovery when you fulfill their requests for Resta or Shifta. It appears that your pet will request these two things based on its current situation in battle. There's another skill called "Subclass Grow Up" which increases your subclass' EXP gain. Then there's "Dear Master" which randomly lets your pet receive damage that would have otherwise killed you. Has a 30% activation rate at level 1.
  • You can place candy in the Candy Box to customize your pet's abilities. Initially, certain spots on the board are blocked by Jelly Cubes and Caramel Cubes. Jelly Cubes dissipate when you level up your pet. Caramel Cubes can only be removed using an item called a Caramel Crusher.
  • You can level up your pet through Egg Synthesis, but there's a cap on the number of times you can perform this action in a given period. Eventually as time passes by, you'll be able to perform synthesis again. As previously mentioned, it works in a similar way to feeding a mag.
  • It appears that there are other types of Eggs you can use, like T-ATK Eggs, and DEX Eggs. We don't have any details on them at the moment.


Summoner Skill Tree

Subclass Grow Up

  • Increases your subclass EXP Gain.
  • Works only in quests.

HP Restorate

  • Activates when the character's HP falls below a certain amount.
  • Once activated, it gradually recovers HP.

Pet Sympathy

  • An Active Skill that works only under the following conditions:
  • When your pet asks for Shifta, casting it on them will boost that technic's effectiveness.
  • When your pet asks for Resta, casting it on them will boost that technic's effectiveness.
  • It's unknown at this time if it works for other supporting Technics.

Point Assist

  • Your character first marks a part of the enemy's body in a similar fashion to Weak Bullet.
  • Your pet's damage increases when it attacks the area covered by the marking.
  • This effect is only active for your own Pet.

Alter Ego

  • Active skill for a limited time, with both GOOD and BAD effects.
  • The Good: Once activated, your pet's damage will increase.
  • The Bad: If your pet gets hit by the enemy's attacks, both you and the pet will suffer damage.

Story Quest

  • Selecting Episode 4 at the character selection screen prevents you from playing Episode 1 ~ 3 Story Quests.
  • There will be some slight differences for the NPCs appearing in the lobby based on whether you selected [EP4] or [Ep 1 ~ 3].

PlayStation 4 Version

  • You can play the game for free if you have a Sega ID and a PSN Account (aka SEN Account)

The following tidbits are based on information overheard by attendees. Since we are not able to verify this section, we ask that you not take this information as fact until it is verified by a secondary source. Some details may be taken out of context and are subject to change once more evidence is brought to light.

Episode 4: Reborn

  • We're hearing reports that Summoners won't be implemented into PSO2es. However, PSO2es will still allow you to raise your pets.
  • Hearing a bunch of reports over Pets not being able to Just Attack.
  • Seeing a few reports on the Bonus Quest being a Solo Quest.
  • You can trade in 8 EXCubes for 1 Caramel Crusher
    • Caramel Crushers removes the caramel blocks that prevents you from placing candy on top of it.
    • There's also blue blocks, which can be removed by leveling up your pet.
  • Choosing between EP 1 ~ 3 and EP4 at startup only affects the appearance of the lobby.
  • For Candy Compression, Lambda Grinders are required for ★13 candies, regular grinders are needed for ★12 candies and below.
  • Summoners seem to have a WB-like skill, but I don't know the details on how it works.
    • Was described as "My exclusive Weak Bullet."
  • There's a possibility of something coming for PSU's 10th anniversary? A collaboration perhaps?

Some info via [Shougai PSO]

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