PSO2 Episode 4 Reborn Tidbits from Nagoya

 Post Event Updates

  • Added lots of new tidbits (1/12/2016)!
  • Added skills courtesy of Shougai-PSO.

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Tutorial Features

Reborn: Episode 4

  • You can now set the initial cursor position of the storage box.
  • You can now have a maximum of 5 Support Partners.
  • Compound Technics have been added to the Exchange Shop.
  • You'll get presents when you clear featured quests.
  • Made the tutorial gentler.


Counter Improvements

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Updated the uniforms of the Counter staff.
  • Updated ARKS civilian costumes
  • Updated Io, Lubert, and Lottie and added new Client Orders.


New Skills

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Hunter: Charge Parrying
    • Just Guards become possible when you begin charging Hunter Weapon PAs.
  • Fighter: Tech Arts JA PP Save
    • Reduces PP consumption when different PAs or Technics are used in succession.
  • Ranger: Keep Roll Shoot
    • Dive Roll Shoots are performed as a normal attack when special bullets are loaded.
  • Gunner: T Machine Gun Arts S-Charge
    • For TMGs only.
    • Removes the charge up times for Charging PAs when they're used in succession from a different PA.


Skills 2

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Force: Rod Shoot
    • Fires a Tech Bullet when using normal attacks with Rods.
  • Techer: Wand Gear Element
    • Grants status effects to Tech Explosions.
  • Braver: Katana Gear Boost
    • Increases Katana Gear accumulation.
    • Increases amount of PP recovered while Gear is active.
  • Bouncer: One More Jump
    • You can jump again when an enemy is hit with a double jump while the Gear Gauge is active.

Maestro Summoner AC

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Maestro Summoner AC Scratch
  • Layered Wear Supported Costumes
  • Summoner themed Costumes and Parts
  • Only here can you get items as bonuses by playing the Scratch several times.


Ragol memory Flowen rico

Reborn: Episode 4

  • New items will be released in the Ragol Memory Exchange Shop
  • Rico's Earrings & Red Rings.
  • Flowen's Shield
  • Baton Camo [C.A.R.D.]


Bonus Quest

Reborn: Episode 4

  • Clear the Featured Quest to receive Gold or Silver Bonus Keys.
  • Spend those Bonus Keys to play a juicy "Bonus Quest."
    • Here you can meet the Empe-Rappy (Emperor Rappy).
    • The Empe-Rappy appears only when Gold Bonus Keys are spent.
    • Some units will appear exclusively in Bonus Quests.
    • You can also obtain Phantasmal Kagaseo Stones that can be traded in for a variety of weapons.
  • The acquisition rate for Gold Bonus Keys are quite low.
  • Phantasmal Kagaseo Stones
    • You can trade these in to receive ★13 weapons.
    • Upcoming potentials you can expect to see will include:
      • HP Recovery as time lapses.
      • Damage increases when PP is above 30%.
  •  The Tokyo field's BGM changes at day and night.
    • During the day the vocals are in Japanese, but at night it's in English.



Summoner Tidbits

  • Your pet will faint when its HP reaches 0. However, it will revive after a certain period of time. For example, Wanda revives in 30 seconds while the other pets revive in 60 seconds.
  • Summoners will have a variety of skills with some interesting effects. For example, there's a skill called "Pet Sympathy" that increases the pet's damage and HP recovery when you fulfill their requests for Resta or Shifta. It appears that your pet will request these two things based on its current situation in battle. There's another skill called "Subclass Grow Up" which increases your subclass' EXP gain. Then there's "Dear Master" which randomly lets your pet receive damage that would have otherwise killed you. Has a 30% activation rate at level 1.
  • You can place candy in the Candy Box to customize your pet's abilities. Initially, certain spots on the board are blocked by Jelly Cubes and Caramel Cubes. Jelly Cubes dissipate when you level up your pet. Caramel Cubes can only be removed using an item called a Caramel Crusher.
  • You can level up your pet through Egg Synthesis, but there's a cap on the number of times you can perform this action in a given period. Eventually as time passes by, you'll be able to perform synthesis again. As previously mentioned, it works in a similar way to feeding a mag.
  • It appears that there are other types of Eggs you can use, like T-ATK Eggs, and DEX Eggs. We don't have any details on them at the moment.


Summoner Skill Tree

Subclass Grow Up

  • Increases your subclass EXP Gain.
  • Works only in quests.

HP Restorate

  • Activates when the character's HP falls below a certain amount.
  • Once activated, it gradually recovers HP.

Pet Sympathy

  • An Active Skill that works only under the following conditions:
  • When your pet asks for Shifta, casting it on them will boost that technic's effectiveness.
  • When your pet asks for Resta, casting it on them will boost that technic's effectiveness.
  • It's unknown at this time if it works for other supporting Technics.

Point Assist

  • Your character first marks a part of the enemy's body in a similar fashion to Weak Bullet.
  • Your pet's damage increases when it attacks the area covered by the marking.
  • This effect is only active for your own Pet.

Alter Ego

  • Active skill for a limited time, with both GOOD and BAD effects.
  • The Good: Once activated, your pet's damage will increase.
  • The Bad: If your pet gets hit by the enemy's attacks, both you and the pet will suffer damage.

Story Quest

  • Selecting Episode 4 at the character selection screen prevents you from playing Episode 1 ~ 3 Story Quests.
  • There will be some slight differences for the NPCs appearing in the lobby based on whether you selected [EP4] or [Ep 1 ~ 3].

PlayStation 4 Version

  • You can play the game for free if you have a Sega ID and a PSN Account (aka SEN Account)

The following tidbits are based on information overheard by attendees. Since we are not able to verify this section, we ask that you not take this information as fact until it is verified by a secondary source. Some details may be taken out of context and are subject to change once more evidence is brought to light.

Episode 4: Reborn

  • We're hearing reports that Summoners won't be implemented into PSO2es. However, PSO2es will still allow you to raise your pets.
  • Hearing a bunch of reports over Pets not being able to Just Attack.
  • Seeing a few reports on the Bonus Quest being a Solo Quest.
  • You can trade in 8 EXCubes for 1 Caramel Crusher
    • Caramel Crushers removes the caramel blocks that prevents you from placing candy on top of it.
    • There's also blue blocks, which can be removed by leveling up your pet.
  • Choosing between EP 1 ~ 3 and EP4 at startup only affects the appearance of the lobby.
  • For Candy Compression, Lambda Grinders are required for ★13 candies, regular grinders are needed for ★12 candies and below.
  • Summoners seem to have a WB-like skill, but I don't know the details on how it works.
    • Was described as "My exclusive Weak Bullet."
  • There's a possibility of something coming for PSU's 10th anniversary? A collaboration perhaps?

Some info via [Shougai PSO]

50 thoughts to “PSO2 Episode 4 Reborn Tidbits from Nagoya”

  1. >Compound Technics have been added to the Exchange Shop.
    because getting people for UQ lilipa these days is a chore. presumably when UQ amduscia crawls out of the dustheap it'll get worse.
    >Made the tutorial gentler.
    was not aware that it was rough.

    >force gets the only really good sounding skill
    on one hand I'm glad to think I could have my fo recover her PP without switching back and forth. on the other hand, when I consider how powerful FO are at this point, I wonder if they really need to keep getting buffed.

    also I presume that there's no betting pool on all of these being main-only, because that would be a suckerbet with recent patterns out of sega.

    1. I find the BO 3rd jump and the PP save/restore on Br and Fi useful too, but that's me ~

      Also, im currently lvling my Fo (71) and im wondering if i should do the COs for the compounds, or wait

    2. I wouldn't consider a questionable way to possibly not resort to gunslash once in a while to be significantly better than a streamlined PP preservation on PP starving class or canceling the PA charge. Or mass statusing without techspam.
      Hell, even one more jump sounds handy, given that it doesn't sound like its limited to only one bounce-off.

  2. That Bouncer part is the lamest excuse for a tweak I've ever seen. Everyone else gets things ranging from cute additions to potential game changers, but all Bouncer gets is a jump. On a single weapon, no less, and on a class that already has the easiest time gaining altitude. A hundred things they could have added or changed to address existing conditions, and it was all skirted for something absolutely no one asked for. Not giving BO any changes would have been less insulting than this.

    1. Sure is a fair bit of arbitrarily generalising your opinion and good old gratuitous salt mining for one post.

    2. He's not expressing an opinion, he's putting facts out there. One More Jump is literally useless. Keep in mind YOU HAVE TO JUMP OFF THE ENEMY to use it, you cannot freely jump anywhere you please.

      Any use the skill has can be covered by several other means, in a better manner, that don't involve a new skill to be wasted on them.

    3. I find that the Hunter part is insulting since Wired Lances don't have charge PA's (I don't think Holding Current is considered charging), anything would be better that i can us with WL's.

      Oh yeah and WTB God of War collaboration for Blades of Chaos WL camo.

    4. Remove break stance…

      …and replace it with aerial stance where damage is boosted when character is in the air.

    5. There is 5% shifta air boost, it should give you an idea of how much a stance with such simple condition could possibly provide.

    6. About as much or more than elemental stance but not as much as fighter stances.

      There's these things called fury, guard and average stance which doesn't have any conditions other than to press a button.

    7. Surprisingly enough, magnitude of fury and average boosts compensates for satk melee specification of both mentioned classes that are limited by their weapon functionality, its logically less for Braver due to the class hybridization with ratk weapon. That alone would already limit Aerial (lol) stance by 25%, but lets go further.
      Bouncer is a 1. hybrid 2. support 3. tech-enabled class, which has one weapon that lets you easily maintain permanent floating and maneuvering with midair tech charging. If it wasn't enough, you have another weapon with precise and powerful ranged attacks and "just press the button" Shrike, all while being able to change altitude. I can go on forever about Bouncer's versatility.
      Taken all of that above that you have taken for granted or ignored, I'd give Aerial stance about just about 10% tops, but its already stupid enough due to how low the requirements for it, so it was of no surprise you ended up with it being passive shifta boost. Expecting your nearly unconditional stance to provide bigger boost than elemental, on boots no less, its completely delusional, I'm sorry. Lets pray together for Shifta air boost II which would bless us with another 5%.

    8. Fi stances are 125/135% power and don't give a toss about the type of the Atk used though. Ofc they have those inconvenient front/rear conditions…
      And Average is 115% everything, unconditionally.
      (Obviously ignoring the assorted Boost and whatever add-on skills here.)

      Can't see any particularly obvious reason why this hypothetical "Aerial Stance" shouldn't be at least Average level of output, really. You wouldn't be able to stack it with Elemental anyway, and the latter ought to still be better for JBs due to the ability to switch weapon elements on the fly.

    9. You mentioned that dmg from techs from a bouncer (im assuming u mean bo/fi here) sucks. I disagree; sure techs aren't a bouncer's primary source of damage and bouncer isn't a caster like force and techer but the dmg from the techniques are pretty good.

      I think the reason why fallast would want aerial stance to be reduced would be 1. Compared to break stance its even easier to take advantage of for bouncer 2. People are accustommed to the dmg they can deal w. dual blades w. the 15% dmg to unbreakables and 3. Most bouncers sub hunter and fighter and get a lot of damage from their stances.
      Tho, i wouldnt consider 25% more dmg overpowered at all.

    10. You assumed we wanted a stance that gave more damage than elemental but nobody mentioned that. All i want is a stance that the class it orginiates from can take advantage of w. both weapons. Bouncer should at the very least have a stance that the class it originates from makes use of easily (and dont bring up having an elemental set of dual blades just to make use of elem stance, because its generally too much work). Now that you mentioned it: i do agree that an aerial stance should give less of a dmg bonus but not lower than 15%; 10% is ridiculously low and would make the skill seem unappealing. You could argue that people are taking skills from the class for granted but (would u really add a skill like break stance in the first place?). I also want to say that by hoping we get a 2nd Shifta Air Dmg bonus skill your kinda taking the skill forgranted simply because the dmg u deal before shifta vs in air after shifta is more than 5% more dmg.
      P.S. Wanted to reply to your longer post much more pertinent to my reply but the reply button is missing lol.

    11. Not sure why you would even need another stance for bouncer if it was going to be anything less than unconditional or a smaller boost than say, 17-20%. the mainclass skill for breakstance already gives you 45% of what breakstance does against a non breakspot, which translates to what, 15% unconditional boost? I don't see bouncer needing another stance period, but something more interesting than a third bounce could surely have been thought up. I wasn't expecting anything ground breaking, but I thought TE was in a great place too and they ended up with a free status effect on wand melees. It just seems like they ran out of ideas for bo.

    12. @ fallast: You should consider the key differences between the idea of aerial stance vs break stance is that the aerial stance can work on much more than just dual blades vs break stance which is only unconditional for dual blades.
      I will also mention that i feel like break SD bonus is proof that break stance was a pretty bad stance because they had to add something just so it easier to make use of. And when i was speaking of that stance i was implying an unconditional stance for bouncer given how jet boots and dual blades are already used.
      Let's be honest about 3 things here: first break stance is probably the first stance thats acknowledged as difficult to take advantage of; second its a stance that other classes can't make use of very well (something id like not something i feel is needed only because the other stances can help many classes); and third that "break SD bonus" only works for one weapon =(
      I simply don't like how its so exclusive when the other stances offer more versatility.
      So again, i think the aerial stance being proposed should be a stance bouncer can easily make use of and a stance that works well for various weapons outside the class like all the other pre-existing dmg boosting stances.

    13. @spaceX I didn't see a reply button on the last thing you posted so hopefully this goes where it ought to. I won't deny that BO stances are incredibly situation, or that they added break stance D bonus just to try to make breakstance worth taking. Until they added it I had a rainbow set of blades just so I could NOT use it.

      My thing was more that I don't think BO needs a stance on par with a pure powerhouse class, not so much the idea of aerial stance itself. I just find the utility that BO brings to the table helps justify not having a ridiculous stance boost (though I did advocate a slight boost in power in one of my posts).

    14. It's funny how you can take something which was meant to be taken as a joke so seriously. If it wasn't already obvious, removing a stance is ridiculous and the aerial stance statement is just a little addition I wanted to make to my answer for the question, which seemed to me was just a little make fun of Bo. If I was serious and truly wanted something like aerial stance I would've included all the information, such as any possible disadvantages like being in the air for a certain period of time or decreasing damage when on the ground, the exact amount of increase in damage in comparison to other stances and any opportunities it can give if such a stance was included.

      But since we're on the topic I guess I'll include some information on my little idea that I just thought about.

      First of all, aerial stance was nothing more than a hypothetical idea to change the class. The only reason I even considered such a stance was exactly because of JB and DB great air mobility, which you think I ignored when it was the reason I thought of it.
      Also your idea of the class being able to stay in the air for long is a good reason to decrease the amount of damage it should provide is just stupid. When other classes have stances focused on their playstyle too, especially Fi which has good mobility and evasion for easy repositioning, but still has massive increases in damage.

      There is no limitation to fury or average stance, those points that you included are just mere disadvantages and game balancing and not conditions to trigger the stance. You say aerial stance has a "simple condition". Yes it is simple, but not as simple as fury and average which I said before only requires activation by a press of a button and not requiring anything else.

      You also gave 3 points which to me is pointless. So what if it's a hybrid class, can cast techs and can support? That is pretty much what a melee Te is. Tech damage is ass when it comes to Bo anyway so all atk techs are useless (boots of serafi lel). It's also a bad support, with its field skills which is only advantageous to certain classes. Hybridization in classes has never been a good idea in the first place, Br requires either going bow or katana to maximize its potential, Bo is the same with its weapons. Plus I'm talking about a change of stance and how it can be advantages to the class and give a boost as a whole not to gimp it more than break stance.

      Right now break stance is trash, the small 45%(of the 145% for break stance) boost on non weak spot is stupid and the fact that it only works for DB and mainclass only just makes it worse. Not only is break stance limited to only DB it also has the hardest condition to trigger of all stances due to the lack of break points on mobs and how quickly it is to break a boss breakable. Weak stance which I think is next in difficulty at least is consistent due to weak points being on everything permanently. (with the exeption of magatsu which is the only thing break stance excels at)

      Plus having aerial stance would also give Bo more subclass opportunities that isn't an expensive rainbow set Fi/Bo. Gu/Bo would work better since Gu also has good air mobility. Fo/Bo could also be a good option with how people can jump during the the charge before letting off the tech.

      and while I'm at it and thought about it more thoroughly:
      Aerial stance – Increase all atk when character is in the air by 25% //
      Aerial stance up – Gain an additional 10% damage bonus when in the air //
      For a total of 135%, give or take 5%. A decrease to 95% damage when on the ground can also be considered.

      This is without shifta air attack in mind, as that can be removed to be replaced by the stance.

      For comparisons sake.
      Fury – 130% satk, 120% ratk, no condition//
      Average – 125% for all, no condition//
      Brave – 145% for all at front//
      Wise – 165% for all at back//
      Elemental – 130% for all (Obviously created with only JB and tech casting in mind)

      Before you bring it up… I don't see the reason why aerial stance can't be OP. Just look at Hu or rather fury, the go to stance for all melee/range classes before it was nerfed, and right now it still is a good stance to use along with the JA bonuses.

    15. Couple things, and keep in mind I'm aware these are situational, but then BO as a class is.

      1. You are comparing, first and foremost, a hybrid classes offensive stances to those of dedicated DPS classes, or in the case of HU a dedicated DPS stance.

      2. Breakables, depending on the site and which break it is etc, can actually count for the full breakstance bonus after being broken, so its not a catch all saying that it stops giving its boost once broken. A weakspot can thus count as both a weakspot and a "breakable" spot at the same time.

      3. Hybridization doesn't HAVE to be a bad thing. I can't tell you how many times I enjoyed having anti/resta/zondeel/megiverse/zanverse as a DB BO. The class is incredibly flexible, and you do have to keep that in mind in regards to it's stances, which ARE situational but still give them a decent boost considering what the class can do. That isn't even counting the auras, which are situationally useful but extremely strong in their own right.

      4. Break stance D bonus applies ONLY to breakstance, not the boost for it. SO breakstance as a main class skill always gives at least a 115% damage boost.

      5. elemental stance is fine for what it is. Not terribly accessible for DBs above 11*, but if you have elemental stance and you use light weapons, that covers most every darker (and thus basically every boss EQ or TD enemy) all on it's own.

      I honestly never felt bad about playing BO just cause the stances are lackluster. The extras you get from playing the class, at least to me, make up for the lowered power output. The only stance change I could see them doing pure power wise is allowing break stance D bonus apply to break stance up, for an extra 5% unconditional.

    16. Its not even the power balancing issue, thats the funny part. It just doesn't contribute to gameplay.
      The reason is very simple – being in the air is an unconditional stance combined with a very mobile weapon that sends you to air automatically. Aerial is barely a condition because there are no situations where you absolutely have to be connected to the ground to attack. You already have dagger gear on Fighter, which (surprise) is not a stance, staying on the ground as gunner is naturally crippling, and the rest of the classes would jump like frogs/Quake Arena players before every PA. Truely, we're all suffering from the lacking of such ingenious utility in our subclass.
      Fury stance is attached to the set of slow weapons that require much more attention, harder to maneuver with, harder to connect with the target and pursue it, sometimes impossible to break from, and require to build and spend gear through attacking. Hence, stance functionality is balanced around JA performance and satk, to ward off classes that have their own gameplay elements. Even with all these huge multipliers, all melee classes had been consistently buffed through ep3, JUST to match them to the rest.
      If you want a fair comparison, aerial stance on bouncer makes as much sense and ground stance on hunter. Giving huge bonus for something you already do in any situation isn't even interesting as a gameplay element.
      If these stances were actually invented and added by Sega, you would be the first having a field day by mocking competence of their designers.

    17. @ echinida You should speak for yourself. I've met many players who stay on the ground casting techs off a talis, using double sabers, knuckles, katanas and bows. Aerial stance would be easiest for bouncer to make use of and as long as that part is fufilled thats all that matters.

      It doesn't matter how unconditional you depict aerial stance to be because its to create more options, not be the best option. A skill like that would make bouncer one more nice class for many classes to sub. You say fury stance is a stance made for using more sluggish weapons but that is simply not true because of how many different classes use hunter as a sub.

      In response to how you compared adding an aerial on bouncer to adding a ground stance on hunter a lot of hunters use their attacks in the air. I'd say they use attacks in the air about as often as the ground. And if what ur saying is true, which it isnt, then hunter would have to be restricted to the ground just for good damage. That would make that stance more difficult for the class it comes from to use vs aerial on bouncer which would make things easier for the class the stance comes from to use. + Your reason for aerial stance being uninteresting for gameplay is just like me saying weak hit adv on ranger is an uninteresting game element.

      Just because your content w. how bouncer is now (and i am too) doesn't mean that aerial stance is a bad idea. We may be stuck with break stance but the fact is a lot of people frown upon it. I dont think your making much sense here. =/

    18. To add to the wall of text. I noticed I forgot weak stance as well the stance charge bonuses.

      Weak stance is 145% without charge and 155% with
      Average is 135% wth charge the same as the aerial stance idea.

      My original reply to you was "About as much or more than elemental stance but not as much as fighter stances."

      135%, give or take 5% is "about as much or more than elem stance" and far from as good as Fi stances. Right now elem stance has even less total damage boost than average and average is easier to use.
      So I don't see the reason for your egotistic and know it all attitude reply.

    19. Course I didn't see this last post of yours until after i posted mine….anyway, keep in mind that stance charges for BR assume you have a weapon with charge attacks, which is fine for BR but situational for most other classes in a class/subclass combo.

      Aerial stance, as you describe it would essentially be a constant 135% boost since the only time a BO touches the floor is when you get bored or run out of things to kill.

      Yes I'm aware that brings the numbers in line, but once again, BO is not a dedicated damage class. It has good damage on it's own but it does have ways of making up for it's own lowered damage in the form of techs (not offensive ones) and the ludicrous mobility and wide hit range that characterize DBs as a weapon type, all while they have almost 2x the I frames on their dodge as the classes you mentioned through their shift action, while taking half as much SP to max it.

      I suppose photon blade fever should get a mention too, since used at the right moments and assuming you don't miss too much, it can totally trivialize things all on it's own.

      On a sidenote I don't know if the egotistical remark was directed at me or not, but I'm just presenting things as I see them, nothing more.

    20. I'm going to reply to myself since the reply button disappeared for every single reply to me.

      @Fallast I see what you mean how Bo is able to hold its own with the utility it has and the hybrid that it is. But Br could also be considered a hybrid class but its stances are at least still usable by both weapons as well as provide a pretty sizable boost for what it is. Katana can use both average and weak well while bow while is better with weak, can also use average for easier mobbing and works fine with a sub to katana since bow has 2 useful satk scaling PAs. I guess what I'm trying to say is the Bo stances should at least accompany the weapons well rather than working against each other even if it is hybrid. JB with break stance is obviously trash when elem stance is there 100% of the time, at least if you know how to switch element. DB requires heavy investment to make use of elem stance.

      Honestly the whole idea was just meant to be a joke reply to a rhetorical joke question. In the end you could say the harmony between the classes' stances and weapons would be better if a stance easily accessible by both weapons was there.

      (Also I don't think the boost still applies after the breakable is broken this can be clearly seen when fighting profound darkness, after the tentacle heads are broken my dmg definitely dropped.)

      …and no the egotistic w/e wasn't at you. For as long as I have lurked the site's comment section (only recently did I start posting a lot), this guy called Echidna has always has an extremely snobbish, egotistic w/e the hell else attitude that is just bothersome to me.

    21. Yadda-yadda your useless walls of text, here's mine:
      Avg stance: 1.27, 1.39 charged. 30 points
      Weak stance: 1.49, 1.63 charged. 30 points
      No other skills (not counting +atk) other than Attack Advance that would benefit weapon damage, and that mostly for Wang. Snatch JA step is comfy though.
      Ele stance: 1.32, 1.39 in the air with Shifta. 25 sp
      Brek stance: 1.49, 1.16 non breakable. 25 sp
      Brek w/shifta: 1.56, 1.22 non breakable. 30 sp
      10% to crafted gear stats, defense and offense.
      +3 to normal attack PP recovery during Deband.
      60/90 skill +3 more normal atk PP if ele weakness.
      Fury stance: 1.76 striking, 1.61 shooting. 51-60 sp
      More S-ATK dumps.
      Tons of survivability skills.
      Almost zero skills that benefit Hu weapons for Hu sub.

      Now whats the best sub for "any weapon"? Among those only Te will think about choosing between Br and Hu, EVERYONE else will choose Hu over other 2 subs. Unless Ra that wants extra damage for Launcher normal attack, lol..

      The real deal here is that stances and skill trees are based around their class weapons. You can go Fi/Br, but then you have to use Katanas, Fo or Te go Br for gimmick Rika BBow builds, same with Bo, if you want Bo sub, you gotta choose JB or DB, not "stance".
      e.g. the problem is NOT with stance but with JB and DB (and their skills) being inferior weapon choice for multiclassing. I think the only JB option for multiclassing is Boots of Serafi for uncharged spam with JBs huge PP generation. DBs are Fi/Bo only and I haven't seen those for a while.

      p.s. Br stances are not universal options for Br weapons. Weak stance is better for BBow because headshots, Avg stance better for Katana because you don't aim when you aoe trash.

    22. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. Finally someone who gets me. Ive been thinking/saying that! Except make the stance work if either you or the target is in the air. I think break stance sucks; it just does. Most of the dmg dealt comes from the power of the PA or the other stance from fighter or hunter. I can't help but think w.o break stance ur damage will hardly be hindered.

  3. "•Choosing between EP 1 ~ 3 and EP4 at startup only affects the appearance of the lobby."

    Can it mean we'll be able to do episode 4 with ep1-3 chosen at the launching? Bah, not possible, right? Feels a little strange.

    Oh the size of the update will be huge… >.<

    1. >Can it mean we’ll be able to do episode 4 with ep1-3 chosen at the launching?
      No it's talking about the "Ep 1-3" and "Ep 4" selection at the character selection screen. if you choose one, the lobby's appearance will change to reflect the chosen episode.

      This part is speculating but most likely the NPC uniforms will change when you switch between EP4 / EP 1-3. Also perhaps the door to the Bridge would show up only if EP4 is selected. Stuff like that.

    2. Seems more logical like that for sure… Some things can change for all Eps, but I guess all new features will go with the new Episode.
      Thanks for clarifying things.

  4. What the hell is "T Machine Gun Arts S-Charge"? Only two PAs have charging time! Why not change the fucking PAs instead of adding this useless skill!?

    1. I personally find it appealing because I simply refuse to fiddle with charge times when I can play Nova and not need to charge my crap.

    2. Because Arts condition requires you to combine different PAs, that is, to avoid sick triple sataim combos. It is a much better method to sustain coexistence of various PAs without making them dominate over each other.
      It also opens up possibilities for charging PA crafts, not that there are any in the sight.

    3. A skill like that is very helpful for me because i use aerial shooting a lot. I use it for dmg via combos and to gain altitude to put myself in a better position to deal more damage. A skill like that means i can gain even more altitude as a gunner against bosses like magastu.

    4. Wouldn't it make more sense to change Aerial Shooting and Heel Stab so they don't have to charge? It makes little sense to add a skill that benefits so few options.
      Infinity Fire has been useless for a while now, so how about making a skill that only benefits it? That's shitty balancing.

    5. Well no, because the vast majority of gunners dont have an issue w. how aerial shooting and heel stab are now. + i wouldnt like it if there were no chargeable tmg PAs at all. What would make more sense is giving more than one skill for some of the classes that were given one generally unappealing skill.

    6. You're missing the point of the skill. Its purpose is to let you utilize PA combos more efficiently, not simply buffing certain PAs.
      Having all time uncharged HS would just let you spam HS. But at the same time charging does cripple HS and aerial in more active situations (and at chain trigger), so making one skill more effective in junction with other PAs seems to be an optimal solution so far.
      For example, uncharged aerial might let you get back in the sky and to the next target, right after dropping with previously charged HS.
      Is that so hard to notice that any sort of "just buff X" puts you at risk of bringing the 200% sroll mistake back?

    7. I might be missing the point, yes. From my experience:
      1. Charged or not, Aerial Shooting helps the player gain height, the latter's being higher. If it's always charged, its execution might be slower, but it can always be canceled midair with S-Roll,virtually working as the uncharged version.
      2. Uncharged Heel Stab is a weak singular target PA, whereas the charged version helps with mobbing. If it's always charged, it only works as a mobbing tool (if you don't S-Roll), but then again the PA is not supposed to compete with other damaging options (e.g. Sat Aim) for single targets.
      Also, I do not think its a good idea to compare this skill to the 200% S-Roll, since that one was damage oriented and this one isn't.

  5. Yes! more PSO1 accessories and camo! Nice touch there giving the Summoners the PSO1:ep 3 cards as a baton camo! It's the return of the original ARKS!

    1. Katana Gear Boost is not "nothing." faster accumulation and PP recovery means bravers will be stronger faster.

  6. I wanted a skill that benefits from jumping as a bouncer but not "One More Jump". I wish they were going to add a Jumping JA Bonus skill that lets you make just attacks after jumping! Is that a bad idea?? NO its not!

    1. No.

      EP1 – EP3 are grouped together.

      You still need to complete EP1 to do EP2, but you can jump straight into EP3.

      EP4 will bring a lobby change and thus is recommended you do all 3 before heading into EP4.

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