PSO2 Episode 4 Reveals Summoner Class and Planet Earth

~ January 27th, 2016 ~


Summoner Class

Episode 4 introduces the brand new "Summoner" class to PSO2, capable of calling pets into battle. Summoners utilize a new type of weapon called a "Baton" to conduct their pets on the field. Let's take a look at three pets, each with various distinct characteristics.


The well-rounded "Wanda" is easy to handle, boasting wide-range attacks.


The fast and furious avian "Torim" is ideal for bosses, with its swift and powerful strikes.


The support-based "Cery" is great at drawing enemies together.


Pet Egg Drop

Before you start an adventure with your pet, you'll need to obtain its egg and give it a name. Players can level up their pets by performing Egg Synthesis. This process involves combining eggs with a pet, in a similar fashion to feeding items to a Mag.


Rarity Evolving

At the Pet Lab, the rarity level of a pet can be increased through 'Rarity Evolution'.


Pet Candy Box

A pet's abilities can be customized by arranging candy in a box. By compressing the candy, you can fit even more abilities inside.

Learn More about Pets & Summoners


New Class Skills

Summoners won't get all the attention. New skills will be added to all existing classes.

Hunter Skill: Charge Parrying

  • Just Guards become possible when you begin charging Hunter weapon PAs.

Fighter Skill: Tech Arts JA PP Save

  • Reduces PP Consumption when you Just Attack with different PAs or Technics in succession.

Ranger Skill: Keep Roll Shoot

  • Dive Roll Shoots turn into normal attacks while special bullets are loaded.

Gunner Skill: T Machine Gun Arts S Charge

  • For Twin Machine Guns and Gunner Main Class Only!
  • Removes the charge times for Charging PAs if they're used in succession from a different PA.

Force Skill: Rod Shoot

  • Force Main Class Only!
  • Fires a Tech bullet when you perform normal attacks with the Rod.

Techer Skill: Wand Gear Element

  • Techer Main Class Only!
  • Grants Status Effects to Tech Explosions

Braver Skill: Katana Gear Boost

  • Braver Main Class Only!
  • Increases Katana Gear gain.
  • Increases Auto PP Recovery when Gear is active.

Bouncer Skill: One More Jump

  • Bouncer Main Class Only!
  • Allows the user to jump again if they double jump on an enemy while Jet Boots Gear is active.

※Due to the above changes, an All-Skill Tree Reset Pass will be distributed.


A New Story

Following two years after the finale of Episode 3, players will embark on a new storyline using the "Story Board" system. There to guide them is Sierra, a full-time operator for the player character. She can be found on the Bridge, which serves as the base of operations for Episode 4.


EP4 EP1 to 3 PSO2

Once the update hits the servers. all players will be able to start from Episode 4. From here, players will be given the opportunity at the character selection screen to switch between Episode 4 and Episode 1 ~ 3.


Episode 4 will feature new characters, like high school students, Hitsugi & Koori, and a mysterious boy who was recently given the name "Aru."


  • Sierra (CV: Juri Kimura)
  • Hitsugi (CV: Risa Taneda)
  • Koori (CV: Aya Suzaki)
  • "Aru" (CV: Aki Toyosaki)
  • Pietro (CV: Takuya Eguchi)


Planet Earth

Planet Earth

Planet Earth will serve as the main stage for the beginning of Episode 4. Players will head to the streets of Tokyo, Japan in the year 2028 to face a host of all-new enemies. The field features a day and night cycle with some scenery changes.


Earth will feature a new "Phantom" enemy type–monstrosities that are the embodiment of people's fears and imaginations. These Phantoms come in various shapes, from strange looking animals to combat vehicles and even humanoids.


Train Ghidoran PSO2

Watch out for the Train Ghidoran, a gargantuan mass of trains in the form of a three-headed dragon. Each head has a different method of attack.


Take an exhilarating run through the city, using "Dash Panels" to keep up your speed. New Emergency Trials will have players racing against the clock to defeat a horde of Phantom Enemies while picking up Energy Capsules along the way. Another will task players with defeating the Phantom Cars driving recklessly on the streets.


The Tokyo field will offer players the chance to obtain new ★13 weapon drops. Players can also collect [Phantasmal Kagaseo Stones] and trade them at the Pyroxene Shop in exchange for these weapons.


Character Creation Improvements

Character creation and customization is getting a plethora of new features and improvements. All players will receive a third free character slot, and the maximum number of characters will be increased to twenty!


Newly used tickets will be indicated by a small icon when visiting the salon. Players will be able to select their favorite accessories and hairstyles for easy sorting. Hairstyles can be viewed in a large window like the one previously afforded to accessories.


The size and angle of accessories can finally be adjusted, allowing for all sorts of unique and creative combinations. An extra body paint slot will be added as well, so you won't have to sacrifice your tights or chest hair for those cool gloves or tattoos.


Players can immediately access the salon straight from the quick menu. New salon options will allow players to change the lighting and background and have their characters perform lobby actions.


CASTs are getting a much needed addition with the inclusion of separate body proportions when wearing parts or humanoid clothing. Aside from that, players will be given the option to change the position of the sheathed weapon on their character.


New character creation options will allow players to adjust the size of their character's head, neck, waist, and hips.


Building upon the accessory selection from Episode 3 comes the "Fashion Edit" menu. This menu allows you to change your character's hairstyle, body paint, costume, and accessories outside of the salon. Players can also register up to ten different sets of outfit combinations through the "My Fashion" menu and switch between them on the fly.


The new Layered Wear costumes are unique in that they come with three different layers of clothing: Innerwear, Basewear, and Outerwear. Characters will also come with different Innerwear and Basewear by default depending on their race. You can also change your Innerwear's priority to make it show up beneath or above the body paint.


Featured Quest Rewards

Featured Quest Present

Earn reward items once a day for each Featured Quest you clear with an A rank or higher. Among the possible rewards are the Bonus Keys required to access a Bonus Quest. In addition, ARKS Quests may also come up in the selection of Featured Quests.


Bonus Quests

Bonus Quest Rare Drops

After obtaining the Bonus Key, you can head off solo to play the Bonus Quest. From here you can start the Gold or Silver version of [Special Mission: Tokyo] based on which key you received. The goal for this quest is to defeat a multitude of Phantom enemies within the time limit.

You can earn a large amount of EXP in the quest, with rare enemies such as the Tagamikazuchi appearing.


NPC Makeovers

In Episode 4, the appearance of various NPCs around the lobby have been updated, for better or worse, with new outfits. Some characters will even have new client orders added.


Compound Technic Exchange

Compound Technic Exchange

You can now pick up Zandion, Fomelgion, and Barantsion by trading in items at the Photon Drop Exchange Shop. Each Compound Technic will cost a total of fifty Photon Spheres.


Meseta Auto-Pickup Improvement

The automatic pickup feature afforded to meseta will be adjusted for expanded range and increased speed.


Maestro Summoner (AC Scratch)

リチュアルクロースRitual Cross
リチュアルクロースシリーズ (Ritual Cross Series)

The scratch will come a couple days later on January 29th and showcase the first [Layered Outfit] items. Summoner themed clothing and parts, as well as the new and improved civilian outfits will be included.


ドレッシアオースシリーズDressia Oath Series
ドレッシアオースシリーズ (Dressia Oath Series)
デルマーチ・シリーズDelmarch Series
デルマーチ・シリーズ (Delmarch Series)
アコーデイ・シリーズAccordi Series
アコーデイ・シリーズ (Accordi Series)
トリリアムマリシリーズTrillium Marie Series
トリリアムマリーシリーズ (Trillium Marie Series)
フラグメントクラウンシリーズFragment Crown Series
フラグメントクラウンシリーズ (Fragment Crown Series)
サークルシールドCircle Shield
サークルシールド (Circle Shield)


Bonus Scratch

肩乗せ赤鬼ニャウShoulder Riding Red Oni-Nyau
肩乗せ赤鬼ニャウ (Shoulder Riding Red Oni Nyau)

Episode 4 will introduce a new system that allows you to receive bonus items for playing the AC Scratch several times. Please be aware that these items will have trade restrictions imposed on them.


EP4ビジュアルポスターEP4 Visual Poster
EP4ビジュアルポスター (EP4 Visual Poster)



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