PSO2 Episode 4 Reveals Summoner Class and Planet Earth

~ January 27th, 2016 ~


Summoner Class

Episode 4 introduces the brand new "Summoner" class to PSO2, capable of calling pets into battle. Summoners utilize a new type of weapon called a "Baton" to conduct their pets on the field. Let's take a look at three pets, each with various distinct characteristics.


The well-rounded "Wanda" is easy to handle, boasting wide-range attacks.


The fast and furious avian "Torim" is ideal for bosses, with its swift and powerful strikes.


The support-based "Cery" is great at drawing enemies together.


Pet Egg Drop

Before you start an adventure with your pet, you'll need to obtain its egg and give it a name. Players can level up their pets by performing Egg Synthesis. This process involves combining eggs with a pet, in a similar fashion to feeding items to a Mag.


Rarity Evolving

At the Pet Lab, the rarity level of a pet can be increased through 'Rarity Evolution'.


Pet Candy Box

A pet's abilities can be customized by arranging candy in a box. By compressing the candy, you can fit even more abilities inside.

Learn More about Pets & Summoners


New Class Skills

Summoners won't get all the attention. New skills will be added to all existing classes.

Hunter Skill: Charge Parrying

  • Just Guards become possible when you begin charging Hunter weapon PAs.

Fighter Skill: Tech Arts JA PP Save

  • Reduces PP Consumption when you Just Attack with different PAs or Technics in succession.

Ranger Skill: Keep Roll Shoot

  • Dive Roll Shoots turn into normal attacks while special bullets are loaded.

Gunner Skill: T Machine Gun Arts S Charge

  • For Twin Machine Guns and Gunner Main Class Only!
  • Removes the charge times for Charging PAs if they're used in succession from a different PA.

Force Skill: Rod Shoot

  • Force Main Class Only!
  • Fires a Tech bullet when you perform normal attacks with the Rod.

Techer Skill: Wand Gear Element

  • Techer Main Class Only!
  • Grants Status Effects to Tech Explosions

Braver Skill: Katana Gear Boost

  • Braver Main Class Only!
  • Increases Katana Gear gain.
  • Increases Auto PP Recovery when Gear is active.

Bouncer Skill: One More Jump

  • Bouncer Main Class Only!
  • Allows the user to jump again if they double jump on an enemy while Jet Boots Gear is active.

※Due to the above changes, an All-Skill Tree Reset Pass will be distributed.


A New Story

Following two years after the finale of Episode 3, players will embark on a new storyline using the "Story Board" system. There to guide them is Sierra, a full-time operator for the player character. She can be found on the Bridge, which serves as the base of operations for Episode 4.


EP4 EP1 to 3 PSO2

Once the update hits the servers. all players will be able to start from Episode 4. From here, players will be given the opportunity at the character selection screen to switch between Episode 4 and Episode 1 ~ 3.


Episode 4 will feature new characters, like high school students, Hitsugi & Koori, and a mysterious boy who was recently given the name "Aru."


  • Sierra (CV: Juri Kimura)
  • Hitsugi (CV: Risa Taneda)
  • Koori (CV: Aya Suzaki)
  • "Aru" (CV: Aki Toyosaki)
  • Pietro (CV: Takuya Eguchi)


Planet Earth

Planet Earth

Planet Earth will serve as the main stage for the beginning of Episode 4. Players will head to the streets of Tokyo, Japan in the year 2028 to face a host of all-new enemies. The field features a day and night cycle with some scenery changes.


Earth will feature a new "Phantom" enemy type–monstrosities that are the embodiment of people's fears and imaginations. These Phantoms come in various shapes, from strange looking animals to combat vehicles and even humanoids.


Train Ghidoran PSO2

Watch out for the Train Ghidoran, a gargantuan mass of trains in the form of a three-headed dragon. Each head has a different method of attack.


Take an exhilarating run through the city, using "Dash Panels" to keep up your speed. New Emergency Trials will have players racing against the clock to defeat a horde of Phantom Enemies while picking up Energy Capsules along the way. Another will task players with defeating the Phantom Cars driving recklessly on the streets.


The Tokyo field will offer players the chance to obtain new ★13 weapon drops. Players can also collect [Phantasmal Kagaseo Stones] and trade them at the Pyroxene Shop in exchange for these weapons.


Character Creation Improvements

Character creation and customization is getting a plethora of new features and improvements. All players will receive a third free character slot, and the maximum number of characters will be increased to twenty!


Newly used tickets will be indicated by a small icon when visiting the salon. Players will be able to select their favorite accessories and hairstyles for easy sorting. Hairstyles can be viewed in a large window like the one previously afforded to accessories.


The size and angle of accessories can finally be adjusted, allowing for all sorts of unique and creative combinations. An extra body paint slot will be added as well, so you won't have to sacrifice your tights or chest hair for those cool gloves or tattoos.


Players can immediately access the salon straight from the quick menu. New salon options will allow players to change the lighting and background and have their characters perform lobby actions.


CASTs are getting a much needed addition with the inclusion of separate body proportions when wearing parts or humanoid clothing. Aside from that, players will be given the option to change the position of the sheathed weapon on their character.


New character creation options will allow players to adjust the size of their character's head, neck, waist, and hips.


Building upon the accessory selection from Episode 3 comes the "Fashion Edit" menu. This menu allows you to change your character's hairstyle, body paint, costume, and accessories outside of the salon. Players can also register up to ten different sets of outfit combinations through the "My Fashion" menu and switch between them on the fly.


The new Layered Wear costumes are unique in that they come with three different layers of clothing: Innerwear, Basewear, and Outerwear. Characters will also come with different Innerwear and Basewear by default depending on their race. You can also change your Innerwear's priority to make it show up beneath or above the body paint.


Featured Quest Rewards

Featured Quest Present

Earn reward items once a day for each Featured Quest you clear with an A rank or higher. Among the possible rewards are the Bonus Keys required to access a Bonus Quest. In addition, ARKS Quests may also come up in the selection of Featured Quests.


Bonus Quests

Bonus Quest Rare Drops

After obtaining the Bonus Key, you can head off solo to play the Bonus Quest. From here you can start the Gold or Silver version of [Special Mission: Tokyo] based on which key you received. The goal for this quest is to defeat a multitude of Phantom enemies within the time limit.

You can earn a large amount of EXP in the quest, with rare enemies such as the Tagamikazuchi appearing.


NPC Makeovers

In Episode 4, the appearance of various NPCs around the lobby have been updated, for better or worse, with new outfits. Some characters will even have new client orders added.


Compound Technic Exchange

Compound Technic Exchange

You can now pick up Zandion, Fomelgion, and Barantsion by trading in items at the Photon Drop Exchange Shop. Each Compound Technic will cost a total of fifty Photon Spheres.


Meseta Auto-Pickup Improvement

The automatic pickup feature afforded to meseta will be adjusted for expanded range and increased speed.


Maestro Summoner (AC Scratch)

リチュアルクロースRitual Cross
リチュアルクロースシリーズ (Ritual Cross Series)

The scratch will come a couple days later on January 29th and showcase the first [Layered Outfit] items. Summoner themed clothing and parts, as well as the new and improved civilian outfits will be included.


ドレッシアオースシリーズDressia Oath Series
ドレッシアオースシリーズ (Dressia Oath Series)
デルマーチ・シリーズDelmarch Series
デルマーチ・シリーズ (Delmarch Series)
アコーデイ・シリーズAccordi Series
アコーデイ・シリーズ (Accordi Series)
トリリアムマリシリーズTrillium Marie Series
トリリアムマリーシリーズ (Trillium Marie Series)
フラグメントクラウンシリーズFragment Crown Series
フラグメントクラウンシリーズ (Fragment Crown Series)
サークルシールドCircle Shield
サークルシールド (Circle Shield)


Bonus Scratch

肩乗せ赤鬼ニャウShoulder Riding Red Oni-Nyau
肩乗せ赤鬼ニャウ (Shoulder Riding Red Oni Nyau)

Episode 4 will introduce a new system that allows you to receive bonus items for playing the AC Scratch several times. Please be aware that these items will have trade restrictions imposed on them.


EP4ビジュアルポスターEP4 Visual Poster
EP4ビジュアルポスター (EP4 Visual Poster)



64 thoughts to “PSO2 Episode 4 Reveals Summoner Class and Planet Earth”

  1. Separate body proportions for Casts when wearing parts or humanoid clothing? My prayers have been answered! It's so painful to switch between mech and humanoid look for male Casts since you'd need a makeover pass to tweak the proportions every time to get it look right! Not sure how it was for female casts though. But overall all these improvements in character creation are welcome!

    1. I can tell you limb proportions that work well on a lot of the ladybot parts will look quite freakish with human body. Had to burn a pass to fix that once.

      Also echo the sentiment. Waifu Star Online 2 keeps getting better and better where it *really* counts! :v

  2. New director kills the game. Phantasy Star was a whole another world, separated from reality, where I had rest from scary real. But now, they introduce this "Planet Earth", and I know people that hate our planet, and want leave in space. I will not play this game anymore, and will try to buy new computer to play something like star citizen, PSO2 from this patch will became for me fake, doppelganger of pso2.

    1. meanwhile, while the western melodrama brigade continues it's parade, I'd note that the little poll at the very end of the last livestream asking if people were hyped/excited/etc ended up with most respondants clicking the "very excited" option. so at least the chunk of the playerbase watching on nico^2 was generally pleased. hardly the response I'd expect for "killing the game"; that's more like the response the korean elsword playerbase had when kog` tried to salvage a horribly botched live event by revealing their new DFO collab character. (hint: a lot of people flat out left the event when that got shown)

      so while my fellow english speakers are having their pissyfits and doing things like recording themselves throwing out all their stuff and deleting their characters (bye marinara!) I'll be joining the jp playerbase in playing 7th darker 2028. bohahahaha. ha. *chokes on morning coffee*

    2. Supposedly a fair number of people changed their opinions of the new Elsword char after she came out. She looks fun but I can tell that she's gonna need some heavy tweaking before she gets sent over the the other servers. Not sure where I was heading with this… but I'm looking forward to breaking traffic laws on the streets of 2028's Tokyo!

    3. the issue was not the character itself, but rather the state of everything else being a mess. gist being "the game needs balancing right now, not another character to throw it even more out of whack". personally, I don't care about her either way; kog` has gone out of their way to make the game less and less fun for my general type of player, and every new/updated feature that makes it out of korea gets paywalled, so I've pretty much given up on playing it and just keep one eye out to see either a miracle of kog` waking up, or the otherwise seemingly inevitable crash and burn if they keep making even the korean players toss up their hands and walk off.

      izumi> pointing out and disagreeing with your melodrama is not trolling. or was that a feeble attempt at "haha I was only pretending to be retarded", as 4chan would put it?

    4. *I see a whole bunch of other pre-teen kids hating on the new content so I'm going to jump on this hate bandwagon to make myself feel more important than I really am. I should also publicly announce my leaving of the game so people know how much I hate this even though I'm still going to login and dress up my waifu.*

    5. Well I hate the new content too, and I'm in college

      …though that's not to say I'm leaving, I'll still play this game since it's one of my favorite series; and whether I like the content or not, it could be worse lol

    6. Earth exists, or rather existed, in OG Phantasy Star. SO I don't see having earth appear in the story being too far-fetched.

    7. Right, Earth existed in the MS/MD episodes as a name, but more that that, PS Zero takes place in Earth… So even if Earth was supposed to be destroyed between PS and PSII, we're not at the first strange things in "saga storyline".

    8. Your reaction a little extreme… Stop playing for that? You know, you can still continue with Ep1-3 without continuing story if you don't wanna think of it. Plus, as I say in an other commentary here, the first MS/MD episodes talked about Earth as a beginning point of some things… And PS Zero WAS taking place on Earth. I'm curious about what will happen with that for sure but not going much more far about that.

  3. im just wondering if the "layers" will apply to every costume or just to the ones introduced on Ep4 onwards

    Because i'd love to wear for example, Nagisa repca without the black stocking-boots thingy

    1. "Layering wear" is new stuff only. if you watch the trailers closely, it's got it's own section in the este room, even. they even said during the livestream that older stuff wouldn't be affected.

      << kinda wish they'd rework older outfits so you could remove certain decorations, but that's a type of work I do not expect them to do. n' they'd probably pick the wrong things to make toggleable anyway.

    2. I didnt watch the stream, honestly, only watched the vids posted here, so i didnt know that they said it already

      it's a shame tbh, as you say, it would be super cool to remove certain things from certain costumes, they could at least do it for simplier costumes which are obviously divided on "skirt – shirt – shoes" and such

      a shame, really =( let's hope enough stuff gets added, and hope for it to not be super ridiculously expensive

    3. They can always rerelease older costumes as layering eventually, like it goes for gradient hair and cast parts.

    4. Or costume recolors, come think of it. Though admittedly it'd be a bit more work than just palette swap…

  4. yada2 hate new pso
    *insert comment nostalgian about old pso2*
    *insert stuff that should be add*

    Rant Rant Rant Rant Rant Rant

    *insert logic but baseless fact*

    *insert rage quit*

    +1 for effort

    1. To be honest, I'm seeing plenty of new players complain about the content too; to be honest, they're the ones reacting more dramatically from my own experiences lol

      Still though, the February updates look promising to me

  5. More content is more content , no need to hate on it, its not like everything behind this update is gone, if you dont like the new level earth play it less. i dislike some parts of the game, thats not why im going to stop playing it.

    also, i strongly dislike the t rex. feels so out of place. but that nightmare phantom thing makes it less ridiculous i guess.

    sumoner could and can be allot more interesting. we need less kawaiii sumons, theyre far too cute, i want mean and big sumons.

    1. Why wouldnt people believe in dinosaur's look on 2028?
      We are on 2016 and people still believe that the humans reached the moon on 1969, while on 2016 (47 years later) we struggle to go halfway to it

    2. You can thank the laws of physics and the Earth's fairly deep gravity well for that, plus the blunt fact there's very little actual *reason* to send more than the occasional probe to the Moon. The Apollo flights already proved the point; repeating the exercise would mainly be a redundant waste of money.

      More to the point, I'm pretty sure most peoples' image of dinosaurs is at Jurassic Park level at best and keeping up with the latest findings of paleontology isn't exactly a mainstream hobby. Go poll random people on the street on the topic of feathers for ex.

    3. Well, if the Phantoms do prey on fears, then it could be that people just find non-feathered T-Rexes scarier?

    4. Pretty sure animals, no matter how large and impressive looking, that went extinct *sixty million years ago* aren't very high on the list of modern peoples' collective fears in the first place.
      Kids just think they're the most awesome thing ever.

    5. Umm we already have a Darker Gamera and a phantom King Ghidorah crossed with a trio of bullet trains. Not sure why phantoms would have Kamen Rider Den-O style tracks, but I digress.

  6. Salon changes: YES, finally. No more running around to the salon anymore.
    But I miss it already 🙁

    New Episode: Nice. Introducing the girl with an unstable mind called "Hitsugi".
    And Mr. Pietro "Beautyful Music". Some random unnamed Boy, which can destroy everything and becomes another Dark Falz, then gets a heel-face turn with Heroic BSOD after Hitsugi told him her love. Probably.
    Episode 4 is made to resemble the Anime.

    CAST reworks: Nice.
    New Planet: Nice.
    New Planet Dash panels: Gotta go fast, gotta go faster.
    New Class: Pokemon Trainer.
    New Class – Pokemon modding: Megaman BN3: Navi.Cust and "Modtools". Nice.
    Layered Clothing for the Hipsters: Nice.

    Lets see how this turns out.
    If you want to quit PSO2, please send your equip and meseta to my mailbox, please,
    Thank you :X

    1. You forgot to share your ID number and Ship. Without that ppl can't send you their stuff to you.

  7. LOL, One patch that adds earth and phantom mobs and you wanna quit? I honestly think the phantoms fit better then dagans running around in the video (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALIENS!!!!) If that made you want to quit, you should've quit a while ago.

    1. I believe it was more of a "another wasted episode without what I wanted" rather. People treat every next milestone as a chance to get shotguns, or beasts, or I dunno, whatever they always wanted, because they ultimately seek ties to their previous experience, not some "new experience".
      As for fitting the setting, some phantoms had SH infections, and a few effect patterns on them have small glowing cubes. It could be tied to PD or darkers, and exploiting Amduscia nature, which would give reason for ult Amd field eventually.

    2. More like the Phantoms would presumably be the local manifestation of the same phenomenom that resulted in Magatsu on Harukotan and, partially, Profound Dankness and the Falzs (which are in a sense semi-artificial due to ill-thought-out Photoner shenanigans). Collective fears and whatnots producing literal "monsters from the Id" seems to be sorta universal thing in the setting.

      Any Amduscia connection theory OTOH seems far-fetched in the extreme. Not like either planet has even indigenous interstellar travel tech ferchrissakes…

    3. Well, Harukotan threat was local yet at the same time completely driven by darkers, which was the reason Arks decided to bother. I'm not trying to guess correctly, rather just wondering about the possible events, assuming that all Ult fields would share the same reason behind them. Also, the whole two year skip with a bridge navigator made exclusively to replace Shao feels ominous as well.

    4. Maggy long predates Darker presence on Harukotan though and only has anything to do with them inasmuch [Double] managed to nick a part of it. For all we know the bugger might well be older than PD and the Falzes (in their courtesy-of-Photoners iteration anyway), too.

      ARKS don't drop by planets *just* because of Darkers mind you; they were trying to establish diplomatic relations with the Dragonkin already before those started becoming an issue on Amd. They're basically the Fleet's all-purpose "away team" field operatives after all.

  8. So if we are getting a 3rd free character slot will this slot be new even if we have already purchased more character slots with AC?

    1. If it works like when we got the 2nd free slot, which I imagine it will, you'll be able to just make a new character without paying AC even if you already have more than 3 characters.

    2. I tested this with my untouched account that has 3 characters. I was able to create my fourth. but again my untouched account was able to make its 3rd char due to a bug that happened 2/3 yrs ago iirc.

  9. Me and my brother have always been into the PS lore and are the type looking for connections between the game. Earth is mentioned in the original trilogy. They left because earthmen were evil. This could be a shadow of the planet when it happened. It appears there are no people on the planet, which might imply that 2028 is the time it is stuck in. Ooooor it is another zany time travel thing.

    1. Not quite seeing how you're juggling "no people on the planet" with buncha highschooler NPCs… also the phantoms being "manifestations of peoples' fears" would sorta seem to require the presence of, y'know, *people* by definition.

    2. (There was four episodes on MS/MD, not three. ^^)
      Well, you can try to imagine Arks will want to avoid the destruction of the planet (Because yes, Earthmen left with the planet destroyed), so "rewrite the history" one more time, or… It is some kind of alternate stories. PS storyline, PSO storyline, PSU/PSP storyline, PSZ storyline (Weeeell this episodes takes place in Earth too… Aaand Newmans and Casts already exists while they're supposed to appear in PS II and III for the first time) and PSO2 storyline.

      But I guess we maybe just think too hard about it, because maybe even the scenarist didn't think about that. Who knows…

    3. "The 'Pioneer Project'
      — A plan born of desperation,
      conceived in response to
      the imminent destruction of their home worlds."

      All these years, I'd assumed earth was destroyed. Any PS lore pre-dating PSO1 is unknown to me. Were humans really from earth? And based on that quote from PSO1 intro's US translation (Dreamcast), I'm now assuming "their" refers to the 3 races Human, Newman, and Cast who were all refugees on Pioneer 2. Each had their own home worlds? Not all from earth? But didn't Humans create Casts? And Newman are photon infused Humans? So aren't they all from earth?

      So doesn't an imminent destruction of home world mean earth is gone?! Kaboom? Goku and Freeza type destruction?! Or are these bastads gonna use that vague and very unspecific quote to their advantage and claim earth was never even a factor in PSO1 as ANY of the refugees "home worlds"? But doesn't PSO1 lore mention Nei the first? So PSO1 was …still in a similar dimension to the SEGA Genesis/Megadrive games?

      Isn't Ragol or Pioneer 1&2 mentioned somewhere in PSO2 Episode 1 storyline? If so, then the excuse that PSO2 is to be seen as Final Fantasy or Zelda games or other PS spin-offs that take place in different dimensions is no good, and this really is the sequel to PSO1. And earth shouldn't be here, RIGHT!? Why or how are we going back?! /CONFUSION! /RAGE!!

    4. PSO2 has been stated to follow it's own story line separate from other games in the series. Only other PS game in the same universe is PS NOVA.

    5. It is really hard to connect them, to be honest. There's a few nods and things for fans. It's far easier to just leave them separate, cause they'll never mesh perfectly.

      The only game that has a direct connection to Phantasy Star Online is Phantasy Star Zero for the DS as it takes place on Coral (which was also referred to "earth" in ad materials.) , the world that dispatched the Pioneer ships, some years after the the event that was supposed to destroy it.

    6. Yep, that's very confusing and I'm not sure that even SEGA have thought about that. It's like if every sub-series have it's not version of the universe, simply because it maybe don't take place in the same century/millenary… In that case we can suppose PSO2 takes place between the two first PS (MS then MD) but that's just to "connect it"… And that's not really realistic too.

      But what's "funny" is to not, anyway, that Mother Brain could have been inspire by Mother Trinity… Oh and there's a Mother Brain built by AMF on PSP2 too… Even if it's just a reference.

      I think we can try to build a storyline of every episode by ourselves if we like too but it will sometimes be difficult to be credible. Once more, not sure that it have been imagined by SEGA (And there's a really poor number of "real important" reference to MS/MD in PSO2, too. I mean DF is a bad guy in every episode and we don't really care about Rappies or Naura Cake Shop as a credible reference, right?).

  10. I noticed something about 'starting on episode 4'
    Is that just skipping the main story quest(ep1-3) or is it something like an entierely different area (like you wont be able to be on the arks ship if you start at 4 or something; you'd have to go to episode 1-3)

    1. I'd be terribly surprised if it wasn't practically identical to the option to start from Ep 3. (Which is very nice given how asinine the Ep 1 matterboards can be.)

    2. It IS an entirely different area, because it's on a different ship 2 years in the future. Having it on the ARKS Ship we've already been on wouldn't make sense.

    3. …you do realise there's no particular reason why that very same ship couldn't be the one sent to Earth right…

      And at least thus far there's been no hint of the Fleet having a separate class of vessels used for detached duty, either. (An early Patientia eventfield mentions "civilian ships", but that's presumably just ones not used as ARKS bases and the Fleet's defensive screen.) Would duly seem to stand to reason that the Earth expedition operates from one of the big "cityships", and furthermore the same one the MC is stationed on for reasons that ought to be rather obvious.

    4. Are you referring to the new Bridge portion? Because what's visible of eg. the shop area in the screenshots sure looks like the same old, what now with apparently new store staff here and there.

  11. oh boy read the comment make me think one thing someone going to make a epic theory on EP 4 i cant wait or it 😀

    1. For certain values of "epic" anyway… Also not sure why you're using future tense, the Wild Mass Guessing has been going on for like weeks now.

  12. Has anyone had issues booting the pso2 game or logging in.
    I get a error code after the game has started up and run for 3 min. this is new
    never had this happen to before.

    Np 0002

  13. i dunno what you guys talking about. most pso games had earth or atleast some reference in it and dinosaurs and times change buddy evolution .-. if you know the timeline pso2 is 100 years after pso1 and 10000 years before psou

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