PSO2 Live Broadcast #38 Recap

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secret code jan

Say あにめでたろう in chat to receive a very odd looking "hairstyle."

  • Nab Rappy Fake (Hairstyle)
  • 2016 FUN Ticket

The phrase must be said at some point in time, as long as it is done before maintenance on January 27th. Items will be distributed at a later date.


EQ Boost Poll

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Mining Base Demise (After the Dance Festival)
  • January 17th @ 22:00 JST
  • +150% Rare Drop/EXP Boost

Previous information about Episode 4 can be found here, here, and here.



Episode 4 Summary

Reborn: Episode 4 (January 27th, 2016)

  • A New Class "Summoner" fighting with Pets they've raised.
  • A Character Creator that goes above and beyond.
  • Experience the new Layered Wear Costumes.
  • Item Pack can be expanded to 150 slots with AC.
  • Free 300 slot Character Based Storage!
    • With AC it can be expanded to 1000 slots.
  • Premium Storage expanded to 400 slots.
  • Save up to 12 My Set slots.
  • Maximum of 5 Support Partners.



Valentine Update

Reborn: Episode 4 (Valentine 2016 Update)

  • Valentine Lobby (~ 3/9)
  • Where's The Chocolate 2016
  • Defeat the special prefix-named Diabo appearing in this quest and obtain new special abilities.
    • Mutation II Special Ability
      • Use it to earn a success rate bonus when combining Ⅲ's into Ⅳ.
      • Combine 5 Mutation I's for a 50% chance to create Mutation Ⅱ
    • Special Prefix Named Diabo drops Nemesis Weapons.


Street Style Snap

Reborn: Episode 4 (Valentine 2016 Update)

  • Street Style Snap (AC Scratch)
  • Tokyo-ish Casual Wear Layered Costumes
  • ARKS Attendant Layered Wear costumes.
  • The bonus for this scratch will be Valentine Items shown on the right.


PS Festa 2016 Online

Reborn: Episode 4 (Valentine 2016 Update)

  • PS Festa 2016 ONLINE Event!
  • Xie (PS Festa 2016)
  • Nagisa Reappears
  • PS Festa 2016 Bingo
  • Incarnation of Darkness (Limited Quest) (~2/24)
    • An All Star Quest taking place in Floating Facility.
    • Get Camos of Legendary Weapons with [Weapons Badge 2016]
    • Rico and Flowen crossing over Space and Time.
    • Earn quest points to increase the chances of bosses and Rare E-trials.
  • 2015 Badge (x10) → 2016 Badge (x1)
  • Festa 2016 Exchange Shop
    • Camos of Legendary Weapons = 350 Weapons Badge Gold
    • Flowen's Sword, Red Saber, Dual Bird, Amore Rose, Galatine etc..


Episode 4 Start Guide Bookies

Episode 4 Start Guide Book

  • A Start Guide explaining the new features of Episode 4.
  • Purchasers will receive a Rappy Rappy Baton (Baton Camo) and Otona Crêpe
  • Releases the same day as Episode 4.


Charagumin Hunewearl

Charagumin Figures

  • The Charagumin [Fonewearl] is now on sale!
  • However, today we'll be announcing a new Charagumin Figure.
  • The prototype for the Charagumin Hunewearl will be revealed at the winter [Wonder Festival 2016]!


PSO2 A Item Codes

PSO2 the Animation Vol.1 Blu-ray/DVD Item Codes

  • More details can be found here.
  • Seiga Academy Uniforms (Basewear)
  • Itsuki and Rina's Hair and Voice.
  • PSO2 Anime Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and Eyes.
  • Seiga Academy Ribbon and Tights.

Episode 4: Chapter 1 Present

  • If you clear EP4 Ch1, you'll get a SORO Suit Set


Arks Cafe Festa Special 2

ARKS Cafe: Festa Special #2

  • New Bonus Items from the ARKS Cafe
    • PSO2 Heroine Posters and PSO2 TV Anime Poster.
    • Circling Rappies & Beanbag Juggling Lillipa


CBT Announce PSO2

PSO2 PlayStation 4: Closed Beta Test Announcement

  • You can sign up at the PlayStation Store, from either the web or your PlayStation 4.
  • Some time after the application period is over, they will select the winners and send them a product code for the beta.
  • As a bonus for participating in the closed beta, you will receive the following items based on your character's class level.
    • Level 10+: +50% Tribooster (x2) / +100% EXP Booster (x2)
    • Level 20+: +100% Tribooster (x5)
    • Level 30+: Head Riding Toro / +100% Tribooster (x1)
  • Beta Recruitment Period: January 25th ~ February 15th
  • Only 50,000 people will be selected for the Closed Beta Test.
  • PS4 Closed Beta Period: February 25th ~ March 6th
  • The exact times for the schedule will be revealed in the future. Don't expect it to be a complete 24 hour test.


PS4 Launch

PlayStation 4 Version Launch Date

  • The PS4 version plans to launch on April 20th, 2016!
  • PlayStation Plus subscription not required to play.


PSO2 Package Version

 PSO2 Episode 4 Deluxe Package

  • PSO2 Episode 4 Deluxe Package releases April 20th.
  • The Deluxe Package will have a simultaneous release on PS4, Vita, and PC.
  • You can get item codes for Itsuki costumes and more.


~ PSO2 Episode 4: Character Creation Demo ~

PSO2 Char Creator Demo

PSO2 Episode 4: Character Creation Demo

  • Releasing late February!


New Feature Gathering

New Feature: Gathering

  • This March you'll get to fish and harvest from the field.
  • A new area called "Franca's Cafe" will be added to the lobby!
    • Henri is back!?
  • Obtain new "Rings" or create some "Cuisine" by gathering materials.
  • You can equip a ring to your right hand and left hand.
    • Rings appear to have skill levels attached
      • Double Saber Whirlwind Lv. 1
      • JG Heavenly Fall Lv. 1
      • JG Sonic Arrow Lv. 1
      • DB Snatch Lv. 1
      • KA Gear G Release Lv. 1
      • Killing Bonus Lv. 1
    • Some rings require Lambda Grinders in addition to specific materials.
    • Rings will also raise your stats.
  • You can create Cuisine by gathering specific materials.
    • A tomato salad requires 10 Tomatoes
      • Effect:  +30% Vegetable Acquisition Rate for 1 minute.
    • Jerky requires 1 Red Meat
      • Effect: +50 HP + 5 PP for 5 minutes.
  • Both Fishing and Harvesting appears to have a "Stamina Bar"
    • (For example, each fishing action costs 10 Stamina?)



44 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #38 Recap”

  1. I kinda wish ARKS Grand Prix competitions didn't boil down to "Braver vs. Braver" team races. It's great that a new addition is functionally great, but it shouldn't be so good as to literally be the best class in the game.

    1. Speaking of which, thanks for reminding me! I sorta strayed away from FO/TE for a while to fiddle with other classes, and I forgot how awesome it is. I think I wanted to try something new cause it felt slow, but it's still pretty fun after a break.

    2. Also, what I mean is, if you watch the competitions, pretty much everyone picks BR. If you didn't pick BR, you probably picked RA. If you didn't pick either, you were generally on the losing team. I'm not saying FO/TE is by any means weaker than BR, I'm just complaining that GP really, really likes BR.

    3. Well, BR's PAs are easy to land and has good hit&run damage without much effort. Other classes can do higher dps though(on slow/big target), but have harder time landing full damage, heck, I've seen people doing total 7 digits per PA with Hu weapons but they're slow, easy to miss the target, and require specific conditions to get full damage.

      The game actually boiled down to "fast and high enough damage to kill not 'overkill' " imo.

    1. Let me start okay
      >stamina system
      >mining tomatoes
      >interstellar timetravellers using fishing rods to catch tin cans in Tokyo river
      >rings need to be leveled up

    2. well, i find this more interesting than the visual design of summoner, it's still too cute for me, i find it to much out of place for a phantasy star game, but still the concept of mining and fishing is too :/

    3. Nyau and the Rappies would like a word with you. (Well their vocabulary's pretty limited but…)

  2. "Due to budget cuts ARKS operatives are now expected to aquire their own meals on the field. A hunter-gatherer is you!"

    …gdi Ulc, you didn't have to go THAT far with the internal reforms. ;_;

    1. Think about it this way. Darkers are still out and about. What safer way to get food and materials than to have ARKS do it? Besides, even if you don't eat it, civilians will do it anyway. That's a job well done, in all aspects. So it's not a budget cut at all.

    2. That sarcasm doesn't quite fly, you see. Each ARKS ship has agriculture and marine areas. The latter of which you can see at the southern end of Shop Area, and the former of which was pointed out by Matoi during Episode 1. The civlians can be fed by the ecosystem sustained inside the ships.

      While I suppose there's a degree of BS to be called out on for making ARKS work for their own food, getting outside sources of good would be a good exercise at the very least. Knowing Franca, she lets us work all the time for our own benefits.

    3. The most convenient context for these activities is probably that player, unlike civilians, freely explores planets. So if you manage to find stuff around there, you might as well request something to be made out of them for yourself. It kinda fits in the whole Arks activity, and might be executed nicely, you could place rare gathering spots in boss areas, parallels or even abductions.

    1. Hey me too. I can't wait to be called "Kid ripoff #410" when I've been using almost all of that outfit for years.

    2. Well at least I've yet to see someone copy my head accessory with the Nemethyst Head. Being dark purple with light blue highlights helps too

  3. …y'know. people crack wise on ye olde sum'ner not having JA timing with pets, but… logically speaking, isn't it a bit hard to carefully apply your own timing to going "SIC 'EM!" at an attack dog, as opposed to swinging a weapon yourself?

    which is something the talking heads sega had being interviewed for magazines should have considered pointing out, instead of trying to suggest a class with it's own unique mechanics, costs, and complications that have no bearing on other classes at all to be a "beginner class".

  4. Uh… Not sure about this fishing and stuff. Don't know if it doesn't look too much like other online RPGs… >_>

    And, wait… Who was Henri? I don't remember him >_< I remember a NPC called Miriam wandering around in the Shop Area (She's not here anymore, don't know if it's because of Episode changes or if it's for everyone) but… His name speaks but Don't remember him clearly. (Sorry NPC)

    1. He was the muscular guy who wore a green shirt and tan pants. He had a somewhat wild hairstyle that's short. He wondered near Zeno I believe.

    2. Alright, so they've been taken back to the civilian zone of the Ships. Damn council of 6! x)

      I still don't remember him clearly but I have an idea, thanks.

    1. If existing games are any indication, you'll be able to play it regardless of what region your account is from as long as your PS4 has a Japanese account that has downloaded the game. Just be aware it will be in Japanese with no hope of a language patch.

    2. It should. I have a physical copy for my vita (mainly to save space on my memory card and for the bonus items it came with lol), and have my us psn account bound to my sega account which lets me use my characters

  5. So any certain way to solve NP1013 gameguard error? Troubleshoot didn't work and I don't have any extra programs open.

    1. There is a way around it using a batch file. You can find more details on the PSO-World forums.

      That aside, yes, AIDA is working on a solution and said that it'll hopefully be live within a couple hours. 🙂

    1. Not really, didn't they move the old FFXIV to separate servers or something?

      Pretty sure you can still use ship to for all four episodes.

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