PSO2 Fan Briefing Screenshot Dump

Enjoying the show? The first broadcast revealed two new trailers. One featuring a CGI Movie and the other featuring an orchestral long version of the original Phantasy Star Online theme. It was very exciting full of high energy. The new trailer showed off some more images of the new interface, My Room, a boss named Kyatadoran, and more of the city area.

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Alpha Test 2 Features [Blurry Contents]

  • Room Items
  • Customize Your Room
  • (Blurry) Visiphone?
  • Item Lab Functions
  • New Default Costume
  • New Boss Kyatadoran

My Room

  • Set Objects in the room, rotate them.
  • Three rooms, the center, left, and right.
  • A theme can be applied to each room, like gothic style.

Item Lab

  • You can grind weapons or units.
  • Weapons increase Power
  • Units increase Defense

 Shop Counter Changes

  • You can buy a list of multiple items at the same time.

Camp Ship

  • A counter where you can buy and sell items.
  • Storage Box
  • Quest Counter functions.


  • Force and Ranger can now use Just Attacks
  • Increased moving speed while charging techs.
  • Charge Techs in the subpalette.

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