PSO2 JP: 1 Year Anniversary Update Part 1

Sonic Lobby

  • June 12th through June 26th

New Enemy

  • Cougar NX

Limited-time Quest Available for  A Limited Time


  • 境界を砕く混沌 Chaotic Border Break
  • June 12th through August 7th

Limited-time Client Orders

  • Xie (1 Yr Anniversary)
  • June 12th through August 7th

New Items


*D92ジェイナス D92 Janus (Weapon Camo)

Tear Downer txt

*SW‐ティアダウナー SW Teardowner (Weapon Camo)

New ARKS Bingo Card System

Login Stamp Card

Login Stamp

This card is stamped once per day. You can receive a prize for every 5 stamps you collect. Once you collect all 50 stamps, you'll receive a brand new stamp card.

Premium Set users receive an additional stamp

Visiphone Campaign Item Menu Changes

  • You will receive mail whenever they distribute campaign items.
  • From now on, every campaign will have a deadline, and once that date has passed, the items will no longer be available.
  • Campaigns are sorted by the closest deadlines. (Campaigns that show up at the top are the earliest to expire.)

(The new changes allow them to distribute campaign items immediately. This does not apply to all campaigns, however, you can pick  them up as long as you sign-on during the campaign period. )

Precede Update

  • The Precede (Pre-Patch) files are deleted once they are no longer needed.

Net Cafe

  • Net Cafe Shop lineup changed

FUN Shop

  • A new limited-time 1 year anniversary FUN Shop is available until August 7th.
  • You can obtain musical instruments, and glowstick lobby actions here!

AC Shop (Vita Feature)

  • Placed a small banner with a QR-Code in the AC Shop, making it easier for smart phones to purchase AC.

Precede Downloads

  • The contents of the precede folder are automatically deleted once the final update is in place.

Latent Abilities

  • Added new latents

FUN Shop

  • A new 1 year anniversary FUN Shop will be available until August 7th.
  • The contents of this FUN Shop include musical instruments and glow stick lobby actions.

Emergency Quest Changes

  • Big Vardha's EQ will now appear for 30 minutes alongside the other desert EQ.
  • It's now easier to destroy certain locations on "Falz Arms" in the "Approaching Dark Arms" E-Quest. They've also added some drop items as a result.
  • Added voices to the announcements within the ship for the 'Falz Arm' and 'Dark Falz Elder' E-Quests and changed some of the text
  • Adjusted the number of Falz Arms needed in order to advance to the Dark Falz Elder E-Quest
  • Added voices to Hilda and Brigitta in the Dark Falz Elder E-Quest
  • Adjusted the location of the Event Tablet that appears in the Dark Falz Elder E-Quest.

E-Trial Adjustments

  • Code: Collect trials will give rewards to the player that acquired the items.
  • Adjusted the drop items and appearance rate for Code: Clone.

TA Quest Adjustments

  • Made adjustments to the spawning arrangements and gimmicks placed within the Dragon Sanctum TA quest.

Other Changes

  • Parallel Areas will no longer contribute to the drop item tallies that appear in Quest Item Records.
  • The conditions for acquiring Matter Board 11 will now require you to clear B-2 of Matter Board 9
  • Changed the title of a setting in options from "Temporarily Save Party Settings" to "Save Party Settings"
  • A message will display concerning the issue as to why you were not able to transfer to another block.
  • Changed the login bonus message that displays when you sign in 5 days in a row.
  • The System > Information menu will display entries for in-game help and news.
  • When talking to NPCs, the client order menu will appear on top.
  • The message that's shown when receiving an Extreme Pass from Pudding has changed.
  • Added some information in the tutorial explanations for Extreme Pass
  • Saying the word "hute" will no longer turn into censor symbols.
  • Extended the range enemies are displayed in the (mini) radar map and area map. Enemies are easy to recognize when an emergency trial or such appears.
  • The arrow keys will now scroll the text displayed in the news window.
  • All ship block names have changed

Campaign Items

Campaign prizes have been distributed for:

  • Client Order Campaign 10
  • PlayStation Vita reaching 500,000 users
  • Border Break Campaign
  • Use AC, Get Item Campaign
  • Compensations for the AC page crash.
  • Compensation for the Advance Quest bug that didn't drop items with Level III abilities.



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