PSO2 JP: A More Challenging Progeny Releases June 22nd

~ June 22nd, 2016 ~


Revamped Progeny of the Apocalypse

This update will unleash a more challenging version of the Progeny of the Apocalypse EQ. While the quest structure will remain the same, there are a few key differences. For one, the A.R.K.S. Support System will be more difficult to raise. On Extra Hard, players will face even more powerful bosses with intensified attacks.


Clear the quest for a chance to receive the new ★13 “Ray” Weapon series! These will also be available in new collection sheets, requiring items like a Psycho Wand or Ely Sion to complete.


New Story Events

Bethor continues wreaking havoc in Tokyo in the absence of Hitsugi and the player's presence. Realizing that the devestation would continue unless they adhered to his silent demands, our heroes returned to Earth. They become embroiled in conflict with Bethor, serving as actors in his heartless film.

New characters arrive on the scene: four apostles of Mother Cluster!


PSO2 The Animation NPCs (Part Two)

PSO2 Lobby Coa, Lilika, and Musashi

Even more of PSO2 The Animation's cast of characters are joining the game with the limited arrival of †Coa†, Lilika, and Musashi! Each of them will offer client orders that players can clear to receive their partner cards. Additionally, the trio can appear during Emergency Trials.


Sonic Lobby 2016

Sonic Lobby 2016 Rings

Let's celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog's 25th birthday with the return of the Sonic Lobby! Once again, players can run around the Shop Area collecting recreations of the series' iconic gold rings. This year's edition of the lobby will feature "Welcome to Station Square" BGM from Sonic Adventure.


Assault Force (AC Scratch)

Sakura Shinguji’s Hakama
真宮寺さくらの袴 ║ Sakura Shinguji’s Hakama

PSO2 is collaborating with the Sakura Wars franchise to add costumes and more from characters Sakura Shinguji and Ichiro Ogami. The stylish Diavolo Renzo brand duds of Hagito Anie will also appear among the scratch.


Flower Division Troops Uniform
帝国華撃団 隊員服 ║ Imperial Assault Force Member's Uniform
Flower Division Captain’s Uniform
帝国華撃団 隊長服 ║ Imperial Assault Force Captain’s Uniform
Koubu Mark II (Ogami Machine)
光武二式(大神機) ║ Koubu Mark II (Ogami Machine)
Koubu Mark II (Sakura Machine)
光武二式(さくら機) ║ Koubu Mark II (Sakura Machine)
*霊剣・荒鷹 ║ Reiken-Arataka
*神刀滅却/光刀無形 ║ Shintou-Mekkyaku / Koutou-Mukei
Hagito Clothing
ストライプジャケット[Ou] ║ Stripe Jacket [Ou]
ストライプパンツ[Ba] ║ Stripe Pants [Ba]
ボクサーパンツ2[In] ║ Boxer Briefs 2 [In]



12 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: A More Challenging Progeny Releases June 22nd”

  1. So apparently the job entry requirements for the Apostles are:
    A) nuttier than a fruitcake
    B) fashion disaster
    C) goofy name

    Also inb4 Miss Mysterious Hood is Koori or smth, that would be the most obvious cliché and the plot has thus far never failed to wholeheartedly embrace every single one of those… :v

    1. Well apparently according to Chapter 1, Hitsugi actually is a member of the Mother Cluster, but just didn't become one of them.

  2. I just realy hope this is just a side effect of the profound darkness being suppressed and that these morons here are devoured by it later. infact I just hope the this is all just an accident and most of it isent real because who do these guys thing they are?

    1. Welcome to the dumb anime tie-in. Where the previous 3 episodes don't mean a thing now.

      I will now end this post with a quote from PSO-WORLD when someone asked what was going on in the first cutscene at the start of Episode 4. This will give you an idea of how Episodes 1-3 don't matter now.

      "Sup you've been frozen for 2 years. Oh you lost your memories? No prob, just GET TO WORK!"

  3. So what's going to happen to the invade/austere weapon series if this revamped PD is going to be dropping a new 13* Ray series?

    1. If it still drops the Glowing Green Rocks(tm) for exchange exactly nothing, I'd guess? Not like you were supposed to rely on RNG to get them as random drops to begin with.

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