PSO2 x Shimamura Collaboration

PSO2 x Shimamura Collab

Beginning on June 18th, Shimamura stores all over Japan will begin selling a limited line of PSO2 themed t-shirts! Purchases of the clothing include a 16-digit code containing one of five different sets of in-game items.


PSO2 Shimamura T-Shirt
しまむらTシャツM[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt M)
しまむらTシャツF[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt F)
PSO2 Shimamura T-Shirt 2
しまむらTシャツ2M[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt 2 M)
しまむらTシャツ2F[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt 2 F)
PSO2 Shimamura T-Shirt 3
しまむらTシャツ3M[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt 3 M)
しまむらTシャツ3F[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt 3 F)


Set #1 しまむらTシャツM[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt M [Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt F [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Gold]
Set #2 しまむらTシャツ2M[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt 2 M [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Silver]
Set #3 しまむらTシャツ2F[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt 2 F [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Silver]
Set #4 しまむらTシャツ3M[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt 3 M [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Silver]
Set #5 しまむらTシャツ3F[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt 3 F [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Silver]





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