PSO2 x Shimamura Collaboration

PSO2 x Shimamura Collab

Beginning on June 18th, Shimamura stores all over Japan will begin selling a limited line of PSO2 themed t-shirts! Purchases of the clothing include a 16-digit code containing one of five different sets of in-game items.


PSO2 Shimamura T-Shirt
しまむらTシャツM[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt M)
しまむらTシャツF[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt F)
PSO2 Shimamura T-Shirt 2
しまむらTシャツ2M[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt 2 M)
しまむらTシャツ2F[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt 2 F)
PSO2 Shimamura T-Shirt 3
しまむらTシャツ3M[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt 3 M)
しまむらTシャツ3F[Ba] (Shimamura T-Shirt 3 F)


Set #1 しまむらTシャツM[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt M [Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt F [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Gold]
Set #2 しまむらTシャツ2M[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt 2 M [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Silver]
Set #3 しまむらTシャツ2F[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt 2 F [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Silver]
Set #4 しまむらTシャツ3M[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt 3 M [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Silver]
Set #5 しまむらTシャツ3F[Ba]
Shimamura T-Shirt 3 F [Ba]
Tokyo Bonus Key [Silver]





5 thoughts to “PSO2 x Shimamura Collaboration”

  1. Anyway we could snag a shirt here in the West? The bases/codes aside.. the rappy and rare drop shirts are pretty cool looking.

    1. Go to Japan or find a Japanese friend who can try for you… (Don't know if the items IG can be re-sold anyway.)

  2. Got mine today, big disappointment, very likely many Japanese think so too. Atleast those i met there too were.
    1. Very few, about 15(!) shirts in total at the Shimamura i was. And i was there already before it opened so no chance some other people got it before
    2. Some motives not available at all
    3. Rare drop is white.. not sure if others also had different colors, Lilipa was ok
    4. Only few and small sizes.. so even by Japanese (guys) way too small, for women ok, no LL at all, and about 2 L, so rest and most only M.


  3. Forgot:
    Atleast the quality is ok. And regarding Item code, the ingame shirt is just an Este-Ticket, so sadly not an exchangeable costume. So you have to choose wisely, especially when you got a ticket for women and use it on your male char, you can like you know, only use it on a female support partner..

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