PSO2 JP: A New Solo Extreme Quest Arrives on November 24th

~ November 24th ~

 (Post Correction)

  • Updated ★13 NT weapon drop changes.


Annette Stops By

Appearing November 24th ~ January 11th

Annette, known for her role in PSO2es, is taking a short trip to the ARKS Lobby. Apart from her partner card, she offers [Flower Bookmarks] as a reward for clearing her client orders. These can be exchanged at her shop for, among other things, the [*Annette Makura ] camo and [PSO2es Mat].


Second Solo Extreme Quest


The [Corrupted Boundary] Extreme Quest marks the second quest of its kind, daring players to go solo in considerably challenging scenarios. The name of the game this time around is defeating the primary foe(s) before enemy reinforcements arrive. Get your character in tiptop shape and aim for all ten stages!



Clearing the quest will net you a new title to mark your skillful display, and a new reward for the creation of Skill Rings with a coat of arms effect. You'll need just one Extreme Pass to participate; an adjustment that will also apply to Heaven & Hell.


Episode 4: Chapter 6

Having found her reason to fight, Hitsugi rejoins her friends to form a plan and retrieve what's been lost. Kohri, once her closest friend, stirs about as a new disturbance befalls Earth.


Phantoms with Darker characteristics will appear within the Story Quest. But, by meeting a certain condition…


Gathering Expansion


Gathering Spots are popping up in the Subterranean Tunnels and Shironia! With this comes new Skill Rings and Cuisines to whip up.


New Skill Rings


Put those hard earned gathering materials to good use by crafting a new set of Skill Rings with interesting effects.



L / Slow Fi-Action

  • Reduces the speed of Fighter weapon actions.



L / PB Homing

  • Adds a homing ability to the Photon Blades.



L / Peace Zondeel

  • Prevents the detonation of Zondeel.



L / Near Auto Target

  • Waving the takt once makes the pet automatically attack enemies targeted by the player.



L / Jumping Dodge

  • An active skill that quickly lifts the player into the air.

R / Tech Arts JA PP S

  • Reduces PP Costs when connecting different PAs/Technics with a Just Attack.

R / Effort Symbol <class>

  • Displays a class symbol on your hand.


Collection Sheet Results


A Collection Sheet's required items will now display the text "GET!" when at 100% completion.


Bridge Teleport


Following the release of new Story Events, players will have the ability to teleport directly to the Bridge when contacted by Xiera in the lobby.


Net Café Connection Time


Your total connection time can now be checked at the Net Café Counter.


My Shop Search Category


An "All Weapons" search category has been added for displaying both New and Old-Type weaponry.


My Fashion Naming


Registering a My Fashion preset will now prompt players to choose a name.


Victory Pose Expansion


Ten additional lobby actions join the selection of eligible victory pose animations.


New Control Option


A new keybinding setting for "Weapon Actions" will be added to the Options menu.


Appraisal Shop Expansion


Several new features are headed to the Item Appraisal Shop. First of all, players can finally appraise multiple items at once. In addition, ★13 items will display with a unique icon to distinguish themselves from other rarities among the list.



You'll now be given the option to use Advanced Appraisals. While this will cost significantly more, it will provide your weapon with better special abilities, and improved grind/elemental values.


Special Ability Factor


When grinding a New-Type weapon (excluding Takts) to +35, its hidden [Special Ability Factor] becomes unlocked. This factor does not come into effect right away, however. You'll have to first affix said factor as a powerful special ability at the Item Lab. You can also check which factor the weapon has from your Item Pack.


New Weaponoid Potentials


New Weaponoid Potentials will be coming to Monkey King Bar, Narl Crescent, Rock Knuckle, and Tourmalinca.


Ride Roid: Auto Type


A new setting in options will allow you to switch between automatic or manual control of the Ride Roid. Use the [Auto Type] setting to have your Ride Roid automatically advance forward.


Other Adjustments

Summoner Balance Adjustments

  • Point Assist and Support Fire's effect will also apply to your character.
  • Subclass Grow Up will now become a default skill.
    • Applied Skill Points will return unused to those who've already learned the skill.

Gathering Adjustments

  • Relaxed the number of combos to reach a Fever.
  • Increased the chances for a Fever to occur.
  • Increased the number of added combos with the Completion Bonus.
  • Made it harder to flinch while Fishing and Harvesting.
  • Adjusted the timing of the circle that displays for Fishing.
  • Relaxed the number of materials required for Gathering Client Orders.
  • Added new Daily Orders, and increased the number of orders that appear each day.

Cuisine Effect Extension

  • Extended the effect duration to 30 minutes for Jerky, Meat Stir Fry, and Marinade.

★13 Weapon Drop Stat Changes

★13 Weapons will now be set with the following random values when they drop.

  • A maximum elemental value of up to 60%, instead of 50%. 
  • (EDIT) ★13 NT weapons will drop in the state in which their grind cap has extended to  [+31 ~ +34].
  • (You'll still need to grind up to those values, but you'll need less of the same weapons to reach +35)

The above two statements do not apply to item drops from Collection File rewards.


Brilliant Winter (AC Scratch)

グラファイトローズ  | Graphite Rose
グラファイトローズ | Graphite Rose

Fashionable winter wear is in store with new casual jackets and a trench coat! Annette's outfit will also be included in the scratch.


パーカージャケットM [Ou]
パーカージャケットM [Ou] | Parka Jacket


パーカージャケットF [Ou]
パーカージャケットF [Ou] | Parka Jacket F
バイカラートレンチ[Ou] | Bi-color Trench
バイカラートレンチ[Ou] | Bi-Color Trench
ストライプワンピース [Ba] | Striped One-Piece
チェックスラックス [Ba] | Checkered Slacks
チェックジャケット [Ou] | Checkered Jacket
チェックスラックス [Ba] | Checkered Slacks
宵咲華乙女 [Ou-Ba-In] | Yakisaka Otome
宵咲華乙女 [Ou・Ba・In] | Yakisaka Otome

39 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: A New Solo Extreme Quest Arrives on November 24th”

    1. Obvious LA is obvious. "SEGA recognises players who identify as modercycles" as it was once put on pso-w I guess?

      inb4 frequency bonus only

    2. Nothing wrong with that.
      Sega manages to keep game away from heavy p2w while still being lucrative for spending money so they can keep rolling out content.
      Pay-for-cosmetics is the best model you can hope for.

    3. @Max
      Not really feeling that way after Necky at all though. It's more pathetic on Famitsu's part but still the worst way they could of handled things(excluding keeping the thing trigger only), compared to a win/win scenario like 711. They kept things as bonuses like triboost donuts and cosmetics, while relying on the game's FUN system that promoted play. As in the whole game being played, with people.

    4. @random – *facepalm*

      Oh hey here's millions of Givas tickets as well as quicker collection sheet completions, right after announcing that +35 13* will give amazing easy affixes on weapons.

      That's totally not pay to win or anything :U

    5. It always amaze when sega added ALTERNATIVE way to do/get something people always treat it like it's the only way because it has guaranteed chance. And when it somehow involve real shekels ppl always crying jews, greedy or p2w lol. Also, I doubt whatever factor orbit NT get will be exclusive to it and when it does sega probably gonna add orbit NT to TD4 drop pool later.

    6. I'm afraid you'll have to extrapolate a bit on why "millions of gavas tickets" and "quicker CF completions" (ie. a specifically helpful EQ schedule) are supposed to be bad things and/or "p2w"…?

      Not to mention that I'm having some trouble finding anything worthwhile in Necky's shop to actually spend the damn things on. (Currently at ~800 tickets from the Challenges and rising.) There's like one or two weapon camos I might want but thereafter it's the usual Lambdas and sundry…

    7. @Random
      There's a point between not understanding/differing thoughts and just denial, and you're far past the point of denial. Let me quote something my friend, who spends HOURS upon HOURS in the game said:

      "I really find this
      orbit file nonsense to be so stupid, it really sucks that I may just barely be able to +35 everything I want
      Unless there's TD4s happening more often, I can't +35 the 3 weapons I wasn't able to pick up, ie partizan, wired lance, and rod"

      Basically put, if you don't shell out to FAMITSU of all things, you don't get to choose much. This is also him basing it on the current EQ schedule. Who's to say these will be as frequent?

      So yeah, please just think about what's being said rather than denying the truth so blatantly in front of you. Bumped is sadly the only part of the English community that, while their opinions may differ greatly from my own, seems to at least base their opinions on realistic understanding of the game. The only ones who realize the difficulty may be an issue, that requiring UQ and 75 sub is just…dumb, for story purposes.

      Just, please think about it.

      And while you may not necessarily benefit from the shop, there are many who might. Lack of TD4s does make Toranas kind of hard to get and this makes it all the more easy. Add in Neros and anyone that's not running the melee Gyxs have one way to get austere as an alternative.

      It's just abusing the lack of necessities they are unwilling to properly provide because it will sell multiple copies of the same volume of Famitsu…and that's a scary thought.

    8. Okay I'm at a lost for this whole thing. How is the Famitsu Cup pay to win? I can understand if say, there were Necky Challenge triggers, which you'd need star gems for, but there isn't. Is Famitsu giving out codes for orbit weapons or something?

      If this is about tickets, I think I missed where tickets can be directly used for an Orbit NT weapon. Where can you do that? It'd certainly save me time.

      If this is about stones, Torana and Pleadies are for the older orbit weapons from Zeig, not for Orbit NTs and you don't have to wait for TD emergencies, you can use 2016 weapon badges (which drop in the daily changing limited quests; the 4th featured) to get them.

      If this is about what to spend tickets on; if you don't want the stones, get lambdas, you'll need them forever.

      Now if you're complaining that, for what ever reason, you can't get 35+ on multiple orbit weapons (and to be honest I'm not sure WHY you'd want this, not every weapon have PP problems and just get a Gix for damage unless you're a melee techer) it's valid, but still doable if you're willing to grind. The Bayaribbles collection requires Necky, but is the easiest. The AIS Exoda ones can be completed in TD4 as well, for whatever reason the Decol Malluda collection can be done in Extreme Quests or go hunt down some Malludas yourselves, and the any enemy one can be satisfied anywhere.

      Or you can get lucky and get a drop. Plus you know like Ray weapons, they'll just be added to an EQ drop pool.

    9. Yeah, I'd also like to hear where the Hell he is pulling that connection between Gavas and NT Orbits from. Because the only thing they have in common is that you gain both by clearing Necky's Challenge.

      It's almost as if he was flying off the handle based entirely on garbled secondhand information and hadn't even opened the game once ever since Necky turned up…

      By the by, the third items in the CFs (Decol/Hotwheels etc.) tend to be farmable off various trashmobs too – Micdas, Guardines and so on depending on the weapon. Look it up on swiki.

      (Also lol @ still crying over irrelevant sidestory stuff being gated behind high-diff content.)

    10. I'm pretty sure he's trying to say when Necky's Challenge is over the only way to get NT Orbits will be Demise but thats only for Zieg's non-NT Orbit weapons.

      Paying money for famitsu mags would get you the famitsu pickaxe/famitsu rods that harvest you gavas tickets but once again those don't do anything to net you an NT Orbit weapon. I'm pretty sure he just doesn't quite understand how the event works and is just going off what his friend said.

    11. Wouldn't be surprised if Orbit NTs were added to the Demise drop table later FWIW. (I've gotten literally one Orbit as drop in all the time that EQ's been around…) But if not, *le shrug*. CFs had best-before dates from day one so nothing new there.

    12. Yes, you can buy infinite amounts of scape dolls and 300% rdr for real money and be in marginal transient advantage in front of people that played it without monetary involvement, given that your playtime and efficiency is at the same level. If that advantage is what we here call a "Victory", then please consider magnitude of your wrath to be equivalent to the amount of "winning" you get from such investment.

    13. He's frothing over Necky's shop and its currency though, which is frankly just baffling. (Whining about the standard MMO "invest money or invest time" pattern would be merely stupid and inane and scorned as such.)




  2. Orbit weapons are utilitarian. I would never use them for offense. Players only need one of a type that matches thier class (or at best the gunslash). Anyone with a gripe about not being able to max level an orbit isn't playing smart but rather addictive. Please don't play in my MPA.

    1. > one of highest base Atks
      > one of highest damage pots
      > "would never use for offense"
      ('-' )

    2. "Never use them for offense."
      ??? They're perfectly fine as an offensive weapon, just requires you to have a slightly different play style (from the norm that is) to use them.

    3. Just in case you missed it, you do get unconditional 13% damage on potential 1 (the only one you should be using really). You don't need a ton of them, but they do have offensive use.

  3. @random- Great, thanks for proving you have no valid argument and just proved I am right by seeping to lame personal attacks. 8D;

    And this is why I am depressed. The English community shows it has no common sense over and over and over. "Sure is nothing with all this being able to legit buy austere now or something"

    1. Dude you still haven't even properly explained wtf you're actually complaining about in the first place. As far as anyone can tell the "problem" does not exist outside your apparent bizarre misconceptions about what Gavas tickets can even be used for.

    2. he's obviously willing to ignore everyone else so just let him be, he ain't worth anyone's time (and is still wrong, because you cannot buy all the drops to austere weapons using tickets)

    3. The neros are enough. We all have a bajillion Caligulas, so what's it matter? Sorry I wasn't the most specific person ever.

      And yeah, claim that I'm the one ignoring when that's all you've people have been doing. It's like god smacks intelligence into your skulls and you go "nah, I'll go with this:" as you hold up your own dung and shove it in your face.

      And no, I'm not arguing with that, I'm just insulting stupid people being stupid.

    4. If you wanna be daft that's cool but stop embarrassing yourself and let us know first. For someone named Reality Check you're anything but.

      For Austeres you need

      100 caligulas and 100 excubes for an invade

      then you need

      the matching invade, 100 more caligulas, 100 neros, 50 galerus, 50 yulungers, 5 of each major ExQ stone, 300 excubes, and 10 photon boosters

      you can't trade for all of these with tickets and badges unless you're playing some odd unofficial version of the game where you can do this.

    5. so this whole time all your whining could be summed up with "if you buy magazines you can get nero stones, this game sucks"

      /slow clap

    6. ….what even…

      Do you know how to process information at this point?

      And uh, apparently I'm not the one getting the misconceptions here… You do realize what you can trade in. LIke, derp? Neros, Pleds, toranas? It just baffles my mind that people can just not think here.

      Then again this is why they added PVP to this game that should never have it. Stupid people reign supreme…GG

    7. Have you never looked at the Badge shop or are you just stupid?

      'Sides as far as Austere goes the main annoyance is the XQ rocks anyway. Dunno 'bout you but I have a metric ton of surplus of everything else they require…

      Also? Screw OT grinding.

    8. And then buying austere doesn't amount to anything in the game. There is no point in your proposition.
      I'd agree with you on english community simply because you're a sample of it.

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