PSO2 JP: A New Stage, Easter Lobby, and More on April 10th!

Dragon Sanctuary

The Dragon Sanctuary is a new stage on Planet Amduscia arriving April 10th, 2013. This site is considered a holy ground for the dragonkin; said to be a gathering place for the departed souls of dragons who were once of this world. 



The Goronzoran, a dragon who sits perched on a throne, has the ability to summon Vol Dragon, creating for a deadly combination.


Goronzoran Cube

The Goronzoran is protected by a shield that encases his entire body. You can eliminate this shield by destroying the crystals.


Dragon EX

Dragon EX is a huge dragon whose wings are specially equipped for battle. By using its wings as a sword and shield, he can perform devastating charge and slash attacks.


Easter Lobby

Egg Rappy

From April 10th through May 15th, 2013, the Arks Lobby will transform into the Easter Lobby. During this time, the Egg Rappy will roam the field dropping the exclusive "Egg Blaster."


Egg Blaster

The Egg Blaster is a twin machine gun created by an evil scientist bent on world domination.


Class level 60 + New Skills

On April 10th, your character can now achieve level 60 without needing to clear a specific client order. Along with this comes new skills for each class, let's take a look at some of them below.

Fury Combo Up

Fury Combo Up (HU)

  • During Fury Stance, by performing a series of Just Attacks, you'll do bonus damage!


Killing Bonus

Killing Bonus (RA)

  • PP Restores when enemies die close to the player.


Photon Flare After Burst

Photon Flare Afterburst (FO)

  • T-ATK increases for a certain amount of time after the end of the Photon Flare skill.


PP Slayer

PP Slayer (FI)

  • When PP is less than 50%, S-ATK and R-ATK increases.


Perfect Keeper

Perfect Keeper (GU)

  • When HP is 100%,  your damage towards enemies increase.


Rare Mastery Techer

Rare Mastery Techer (TE)

  • T-ATK increases when equipping 10 star or higher weapons.

*These are only a portion of the new skills coming in this update.


Melody On Stage Scratch

Hatsune Miku Costume

初音ミク・レプカ Hatsune Miku Repca

Hatsune Miku's costume is coming April 10th, 2013. In addition, costumes from Phantasy Star Portable 2 including Judgement Coat, Valgris, N Schwanz, and Divarius Frame will make their PSO2 debut.



ヴァルギリス Valgiris


Divarius Frame

ディヴァリースF Divarius Frame


Judgement Coat

ジャッジメントコート Judgement Coat


N Schwanz

Nシュヴァンツ N Schwanz


Ronia Lady

ロニアレディ Ronia Lady



Other Changes

List of PC Changes

  • The ability to grind locked equipment
  • Relax the difficulty for skill point acquiring Client Order from Marlu, Ouza, and Lisa.
  • Fury Stance and Guard Stance changing to percentage increases. Warcry priority change.
  • Ease the acquired skill points for Tool Mastery and Gear Type Skills. (An item that will reset skill points on all skill trees will be distributed.)
  • EXP correction changes when enemy and player levels are far apart.
  • For some item collecting Emergency Trials, they will ease the range in which the items appear on the field, as well as, reduce the number of items you must collect when there's too many people within the trial.
  • A confirmation window when selling 7 star or higher items.


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