PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Airy Elegant Summer

Airy Elegant Summer

Airy Elegant Summer
(Until 6.22.2016)


Viola Flow Style


ウィオラフロウ[Ou] ║ Viola Flow [Ou]
(3 colors)


ウィオラフロウ[Ba] ║ Viola Flow [Ba]
ウィオラフロウ空[Ba] ║ Viola Flow Sky Blue [Ba]
ウィオラフロウ雅[Ba] ║ Viola Flow Elegant Purple [Ba]


ウィオラフロウ[In] ║ Viola Flow [In]
ウィオラフロウ空[In] ║ Viola Flow Sky Blue [In]
ウィオラフロウ雅[In] ║ Viola Flow Elegant Purple [In]


Vista Flow Style


ウィスタフロウ[Ou] ║ Vista Flow [Ou]
(3 colors)


ウィオラフロウ影[Ba] ║ Viola Flow Black Shadow [Ba]
ウィオラフロウ雪[Ba] ║ Viola Flow White Snow [Ba]
ウィオラフロウ桜[Ba] ║ Viola Flow Sakura Pink [Ba]


ウィスタフロウ[In] ║ Vista Flow [In]
ウィスタフロウ雪[In] ║ Vista Flow White Snow [In]
ウィスタフロウ桜[In] ║ Vista Flow Sakura Pink [In]


Long Cardigan Style


ロングカーディガン[Ou] ║ Long Cardigan [Ou]
(4 colors)


シフォンワンピース[Ba] ║ Chiffon One-piece [Ba]
シフォンワンピース空[Ba] ║ Chiffon One-piece Sky Blue [Ba]
シフォンワンピース陽[Ba] ║ Chiffon One-piece Orange Sun [Ba]
シフォンワンピース雪[Ba] ║ Chiffon One-piece White Snow [Ba]


ギンガム1[In] ║ Gingham 1 [In]
ギンガム1空[In] ║ Gingham 1 Sky Blue [In]
ギンガム1桜[In] ║ Gingham 1 Sakura Pink [In]
ギンガム1月[In] ║ Gingham 1 Yellow Moon [In]


Bare Top Dress Style


ベアトップドレス[Ba] ║ Bare Top Dress [Ba]
ベアトップドレス空[Ba] ║ Bare Top Dress Sky Blue [Ba]
ベアトップドレス萌[Ba] ║ Bare Top Dress Sprout Green [Ba]
ベアトップドレス雪[Ba] ║ Bare Top Dress White Snow [Ba]


バイカラー1[In] ║ Bi-color 1 [In]
バイカラー1桜[In] ║ Bi-color 1 Sakura Pink [In]
バイカラー1雪[In] ║ Bi-color 1 White Snow [In]
バイカラー1影[In] ║ Bi-color 1 Black Shadow [In]


Asteria Guarder


アステリアガーダー[Ba] ║ Asteria Guarder [Ba]
アステリアガーダー葉[Ba] ║ Asteria Guarder Leaf Green [Ba]
アステリアガーダー雪[Ba] ║ Asteria Guarder White Snow [Ba]
アステリアガーダー影[Ba] ║ Asteria Guarder Black Shadow [Ba]


Regle Straight Style


レーグルストレイト[Ou] ║ Regle Straight [Ou]
(4 colors)


レーグルストレイト[Ba] ║ Regle Straight [Ba]
レーグルストレイト雪[Ba] ║ Regle Straight White Snow [Ba]
レーグルストレイト鋼[Ba] ║ Regle Straight Steel Gray [Ba]
レーグルストレイト空[Ba] ║ Regle Straight Sky Blue [Ba]


レーグルストレイト[In] ║ Regle Straight [In]
レーグルストレイト雪[In] ║ Regle Straight White Snow [In]
レーグルストレイト鋼[In] ║ Regle Straight Steel Gray [In]
レーグルストレイト夜[In] ║ Regle Straight Night Blue [In]


Sharp Vest Style


シャープベスト[Ba] ║ Sharp Vest [Ba]
シャープベスト影[Ba] ║ Sharp Vest Black Shadow [Ba]
シャープベスト鋼[Ba] ║ Sharp Vest Steel Gray [Ba]
シャープベスト夜[Ba] ║ Sharp Vest Night Blue [Ba]



  • タクリディアローブ玄 ║ Tacridia Robe Mysterious Black
  • タクリディアローブ冬 ║ Tacridia Robe Winter White
  • タクリディアローブ夏 ║ Tacridia Robe Summer Blue
  • カムディラムローブ玄 ║ Camdilam Robe Mysterious Black
  • カムディラムローブ冬 ║ Camdilam Robe Winter White
  • カムディラムローブ茜 ║ Camdilam Robe Madder Red

Female Voice #117 (CV: Mika Kikuchi)

  • 女性追加ボイス117
  • 女性C追加ボイス117 (Cast ver.)

Female Voice #118 (CV: Saori Hayami)

  • 女性追加ボイス118
  • 女性C追加ボイス118 (Cast ver.)

Male Voice #88 (CV: Ryūsei Nakao)

  • 男性追加ボイス88
  • 男性C追加ボイス88 (Cast ver.)

Lobby Action

  • 235「出撃」 ║ Sortie (/la sortie)


  • カースドコートF ║ Cursed Coat F
  • カースドコートF夜 ║ Cursed Coat F Night
  • カースドコートF雪 ║ Cursed Coat F Snow
  • タクリディアローブ紅 ║ Tacridia Robe Crimson
  • タクリディアローブ月 ║ Tacridia Robe Moon
  • タクリディアローブ雪 ║ Tacridia Robe Snow
  • マリアージュドレス ║ Marriage Dress
  • マリアージュドレス空 ║ Marriage Dress Sky
  • マリアージュドレス紅 ║ Marriage Dress Crimson
  • ユーノーカリス玄 ║ Juno Charis Mysterious
  • ユーノーカリス雪 ║ Juno Charis Snow
  • カースドコートM ║ Cursed Coat M
  • カースドコートM夜 ║ Cursed Coat M Night
  • カースドコートM雪 ║ Cursed Coat M Snow
  • カムディラムローブ影 ║ Camdilam Robe Shadow
  • カムディラムローブ紅 ║ Camdilam Robe Crimson
  • ユピテルカリス影 ║ Jupiter Charis Black Shadow
  • ユヒテケラス影 ║ Juhite Cheras Black Shadow
  • カースドフード ║ Cursed Hood
  • 肩垂らしロングウェーブ ║ Shoulder Draped Long Wave
  • ハイライトなしB 大 ║ No Highlights B L
  • ハイライトなしB 小 ║ No Highlights B S
  • ハートアイ 大 ║ Heart Eyes L
  • ハートアイ 小 ║ Heart Eyes S
  • ストローハット ║ Straw-Hat
  • カムディラムハット ║ Camdilam Hat
  • タクリディアハット ║ Tacridia Hat
  • タクリディアイヤリング ║ Tacridia Earrings
  • マリアージュフラワー 青 ║ Blue Marriage Flowers
  • マリアージュフラワー 赤 ║ Red Marriage Flowers
  • マリアージュヴェール ║ Marriage Veil
  • カリスクラウン ║ Charis Crown
  • カリスティアラ ║ Charis Tiara
  • ウェディングネックレス ║ Wedding Necklace
  • ゴシックアンブレラ 白 ║ White Gothic Umbrella
  • ゴシックアンブレラ 赤 ║ Red Gothic Umbrella
  • シフォンコサージュ ║ Chiffon Corsage
  • シフォンコサージュ 白 ║ White Chiffon Corsage
  • シフォンコサージュ 黒 ║ Black Chiffon Corsage
  • クラス追加(ハンター) ║ Class Addition (Hunter)
  • クラス追加(レンジャー) ║ Class Addition (Ranger)
  • 属性変化(炎属性) ║ Attribute Change (Fire)
  • 属性変化(風属性) ║ Attribute Change (Wind)
  • 属性変化(光属性) ║ Attribute Change (Light)
  • 特殊能力追加(打撃&PP) ║ Ability Affixer (S-ATK & PP)
  • フードデバイス/技量 ║ Food Device / DEX


Bonus Scratch

Play this scratch a specific amount of times to receive exclusive bonus items!

(1) Draw the AC Scratch 5 times to receive:

  • Ragol Memory

(2) Draw the AC Scratch 10 times to receive:

  • Rico Die-cut Mat

(3) Draw the AC Scratch 15 times to receive:

  • Umblla Doll

(4) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 4 times to receive:

  • Second Generation KK Die-cut Mat

(5) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 6 times to receive:

  • Lucky Crepe

※Players can receive each item only once. All of these items are untradeable.


FUN Scratch

Phantasy Star Zero Music Discs

  • PSZ-月面:暗黒神殿
    • Phantasy Star Zero #13 [Crescent Serenade]
  • PSZ-月面:暗黒神殿バトル
    • Phantasy Star Zero #14 [Crescent Crusade]


  • 束ねロング ║ Bundled Long
  • ジュエリーヘアバンド ║ Jewelry Headband
  • ジュエリーヘアバンド 白 ║ White Jewelry Headband
  • ジュエリーヘアバンド 黒 ║ Black Jewelry Headband
  • ジュエリーヘアバンド 水 ║ Aqua Jewelry Headband
  • ホワイトフラワーリストR ║ White Wrist Flower R
  • ホワイトフラワーリストL ║ White Wrist Flower L
  • ブラックフラワーリストR ║ Black Wrist Flower R
  • ブラックフラワーリストL ║ Black Wrist Flower L
  • 手錠 ║ Handcuffs
  • タクリディアステッカーA ║ Tacridia Sticker A
  • タクリディアステッカーB ║ Tacridia Sticker B
  • タクリディアステッカーC ║ Tacridia Sticker C
  • ウエディングケーキ ║ Wedding Cake
  • 17「ベッド2」 ║ 17「Bed 2」


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23 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Airy Elegant Summer”

    1. I play as a cast male, and I can't understand why people are such conformists. An mpa looks like a parade of girls

    2. I'm fine with looking at my shiny metal ass, although my eyes are too focused on how cool my characters look like and you could just look at hentai or your fellow sheep's friend partner cards.

    3. Yeah, but in H-games my surrogate is a (usually faceless) generic male that plows all the ladies in my stead.

      There are no lasting bonds to be made and no npc ladies to romance in games like this so if I'm gonna spend loads of hours slashing through hordes of in a game with detailed character customization I'd rather spend it (usually) looking at finely toned female rear. Simple as that.

    4. Yeah I never really understood the whole, "I like to look at my character's ass all day" excuse… I made a hot male character because I love male aesthetics, but it's not even about ass for me. Even on my female it is all about the clothing/hair. But for me, most of it is looking at them fight and look cool running instead of running like a sissy little princess girl.
      That annoying running animation is why I cannot enjoy playing any female characters except casts with the hover animation.

    5. Agreed. I've always played as a female character in these games, and not because "I like looking at ass", I just feel more comfortable that way. I try to make my character look normal and average, but the run animation is too exaggerated to fit in with what I want.

    6. I had my reasons too for most caracteristics of my main char., After that yes, making a character as he/she looks great to us is the most important. Playing hours with a character we don't like his/her face is stupid (In that case play a game with any main imposed character x))

    7. In my case I think it's a matter of habit. Started with SFII when I turned out to be better with chun li than any of the others, and that trend continued in fighting games to the point that I'd pick the female characters by default.

  1. Starring hardly at the illustration picture, and still can not find what the different between Vista [Ou] and Viola [Ou] except for the color.

    1. I don't think there's any.
      To be fair it doesn't make any practical difference either so wutevar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Outer is exact same model, its just that overall costumes have different inner and head accessories, outer ought to have different name. They just seem to split colors between two names.

    3. The Viola Flow [Ou] has the letters KK (for Klariskrays) on the gold part in the middle. That's the only difference I noticed.

  2. So… I just used the Cursed Hood accessory and it's not in my accessory list. Anyone know what's up???

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