PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Etoile Operation

Etoile Operation
(Until 1.22.2020)



エスタテリザ[Ou] | Esta Teresa [Ou]


エスタテリザ[Ba] | Esta Teresa [Ba]
エスタテリザ夜[Ba] | Esta Teresa Night [Ba]
エスタテリザ雪[Ba] | Esta Teresa Snow [Ba]
エスタテリザ海[Ba] | Esta Teresa Sea [Ba]
エスタテリザ雅[Ba] | Esta Teresa Elegant [Ba]
エスタテリザ影[Ba] | Esta Teresa Shadow [Ba]


エスタテリザ[In] | Esta Teresa [In]
エスタテリザ海[In] | Esta Teresa Sea [In]
エスタテリザ雪[In] | Esta Teresa Snow [In]
エスタテリザ陽[In] | Esta Teresa Sun [In]
エスタテリザ桜[In] | Esta Teresa Sakura [In]
エスタテリザ紅[In] | Esta Teresa Crimson [In]



煌蝶春風[Ou] | Lustrous Butterfly [Ou]


煌蝶春風[Ba] | Lustrous Butterfly [Ba]
煌蝶春風 紅[Ba] | Lustrous Butterfly Scarlet [Ba]
煌蝶春風 影[Ba] | Lustrous Butterfly Shadow [Ba]
煌蝶春風 陽[Ba] | Lustrous Butterfly Sun [Ba]
煌蝶春風 海[Ba] | Lustrous Butterfly Sea [Ba]
煌蝶春風 雪[Ba] | Lustrous Butterfly Snow [Ba]



椿輪春明[Ou] | Budding Camellia [Ou]


椿輪春明[Ba] | Budding Camellia [Ba]
椿輪春明 桜[Ba] | Budding Camellia Sakura [Ba]
椿輪春明 葉[Ba] | Budding Camellia Leaf [Ba]
椿輪春明 空[Ba] | Budding Camellia Sky [Ba]
椿輪春明 月[Ba] | Budding Camellia Moon [Ba]
椿輪春明 雅[Ba] | Budding Camellia Elegant [Ba]



ヤヨイシュガリー[Ou] | Yayoi Sugary [Ou]


ヤヨイシュガリー[Ba] | Yayoi Sugary [Ba]
ヤヨイシュガリー空[Ba] | Yayoi Sugary Sky [Ba]
ヤヨイシュガリー紅[Ba] | Yayoi Sugary Crimson [Ba]
ヤヨイシュガリー陽[Ba] | Yayoi Sugary Sun [Ba]
ヤヨイシュガリー葉[Ba] | Yayoi Sugary Leaf [Ba]
ヤヨイシュガリー影[Ba] | Yayoi Sugary Shadow [Ba]



エスレフィクス[Ou] | Es Refix [Ou]


エスレフィクス[Ba] | Es Refix [Ba]
エスレフィクス夜[Ba] | Es Refix Night [Ba]
エスレフィクス雪[Ba] | Es Refix Snow [Ba]
エスレフィクス葉[Ba] | Es Refix Leaf [Ba]
エスレフィクス雅[Ba] | Es Refix Elegant [Ba]
エスレフィクス影[Ba] | Es Refix Shadow [Ba]


エスレフィクス[In] | Es Refix [In]
エスレフィクス夜[In] | Es Refix Night [In]
エスレフィクス雪[In] | Es Refix Snow [In]
エスレフィクス葉[In] | Es Refix Leaf [In]
エスレフィクス雅[In] | Es Refix Elegant [In]
エスレフィクス影[In] | Es Refix Shadow [In]


ソルリス・ボディ | Solis Body
ソルリス・アーム | Solis Arm
ソルリス・レッグ | Solis Leg


ライナー・ボディ | Liner Body
ライナー・アーム | Liner Arms
ライナー・レッグ | Liner Legs




Female Recolors

  • ハルチハヤ紅[Ou] | Haru Chihaya Scarlet [Ou]
  • ハルチハヤ玄[Ba] | Haru Chihaya Winter [Ba]
  • ハルチハヤ紅[Ba] | Haru Chihaya Scarlet [Ba]
  • ハルチハヤ藤[Ba] | Haru Chihaya Wisteria [Ba]
  • 淑花絹羽織 影[Ou] | Perennial Opulence Dark [Ou]
  • 淑花絹羽織 鋼[Ba] | Perennial Opulence Steel [Ba]
  • 淑花絹羽織 冬[Ba] | Perennial Opulence Winter [Ba]
  • 淑花絹羽織 海[Ba] | Perennial Opulence Sea [Ba]
  • 浪漫義士羽織F月[Ou] | Romanticist Haori F Moon [Ou]

Male Recolors

  • 浪漫義士羽織M月[Ou] | Romanticist Haori M Moon [Ou]
  • 浪漫義士袴 玄[Ba] | Romanticist Hakama Black [Ba]
  • 浪漫義士袴 茜[Ba] | Romanticist Hakama Rubia [Ba]

Female Voice #204 (CV: Akiko Yajima)

  • 女性追加ボイス204
  • 女性C追加ボイス204

Male Voice #170 (CV: Shouta Aoi)

  • 男性追加ボイス170
  • 男性C追加ボイス170

Lobby Actions

  • 577「エトワールポーズ」 | 577 [Etoile Pose]
  • 578「独楽回し」 | 578 [Spinning Top]


  • ハルチハヤヘアー1 | Haru Chihaya Hair 1
  • 編みこみハーフアップ | Braided Half Up

Mag Device

  • フードデバイス/射撃 | Food Device / S-ATK

Grind Support

  • 特殊能力(打撃&PP/2) | Add Ability (Strike&PP/2)



Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
10 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver]
15 times Bonus Key Kazuchi Assault
30 times E Operation Ticket
40 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
50 times EX Tri-Boost +200%
60 times E Operation Ticket
120 times E Operation Ticket
Gold AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
2 times PSZero Memory
4 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
6 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
12 times E Operation Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

※E Operation Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.
※EX Tri-Boost can be used together with other boost items. Duration effect is 360 minutes.


FUN Scratch

NIGHTS Music Disc

  • Dream Bells



  • ショートアフロ | Short Afro


  • ハンニャのおめん 赤B | Haru Chihaya Hair 1 
  • ニューイヤーボード | New Year Board
  • やっこだこ | Yakko Dako
  • イノシシノーズ | Boar Snout
  • ゴールドトライデント | Gold Trident
  • 頭乗せプレゼント 白 | White Head Present


  • 浪漫義士ステッカー | Romanticist Sticker

Lobby Action

  • 78「漫才」 | 78 "Manzai"

Room Items

  • おせちセット | New Year Set
  • カド・マツ | Kado Matsu

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  1. D:<<<<<
    Like seriously ive done this and it still wont say i finished the thing am i missing something D:<<<<<


  2. Just letting you know. There is a mistake here for the Fun Scratch listed:

    ハンニャのおめん 赤B | Haru Chihaya Hair 1

    But it is really "Hannya Mask Red B".

  3. Hello, since this morning I have a problem with the games. I did an emergency, but after that when I launched a map while loading the game it is cut off. Since when I connect, I manage to launch the application, I select my character but after while loading the games cut clean. Does anyone have the same problem by chance? I tried all the possibilities that the tweaker offers to repair etc but it changes absolutely nothing. I also tried to launch the game without antivirus, and with a VPN but it still doesn't change anything …

    1. You should really ask in Tweaker Discord, they have a dedicated troubleshooting section, where you can upload logs and stuff.

    2. @Tekae I've been dealing with this the last few days off and on; there's a pinned message in the discord about a bug related to the item translation plugin. If you disable the plugin the error should stop. I'm sure they would appreciate any extra feedback regarding correcting it if you happen to follow the steps on their pinned message and submit the appropriate log files. Otherwise you'll have to play in JP for the time being!

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