PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Oracle Collection

Oracle Collection
(Until 2.12.2020)

Oracle Collection

Lobby Actions

  • 551「クーナポーズ2」 | 551 [Quna Pose 2]
  • 552「リサポーズ」 | 552 [Risa Pose]

Cast Parts

  • アングリフ・ヘッド | Angriff Head
  • イオニア・ヘッド | Ionia Head
  • アングリフ・ボディ | Angriff Body
  • アングリフ・アーム | Angriff Arms
  • アングリフ・レッグ | Angriff Legs
  • イオニア・ボディ | Ionia Body
  • イオニア・アーム | Ionia Arms
  • イオニア・レッグ | Ionia Legs

Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 Times Head-Riding Accessory Set
7 Times Oracle Music Set
10 Times Oracle Music Set 2
12 Times Quna Panel Set
15 Times Parted Twin Tail GV
20 Times 329 [Quna Pose]
25 Times Oracle Voice Set A
30 Times Oracle Voice Set B
35 Times Oracle Voice Set C
40 Times ☆Xirys Robe F Set

※Players can receive each item only once.

頭乗りアクセセット | Head-Riding Accessory Set

  • 頭乗りルーサー | Head-Riding Luther
  • 頭乗りクーナ | Head-Riding Quna
  • 頭乗りハドレッド | Head-Riding Hadred

オラクル音楽セット1 | Oracle Music Set 1

  • Our Fighting
  • 永遠のencore
  • Try to take me again
  • もどかしくてmy dear

オラクル音楽セット2 | Oracle Music Set 2

  • 弾丸ショータイム
  • 滅殺壊塵射撃論
  • 双子星クオリティ
  • いざゆけウワサの情報通

オラクルボイスセットA | Oracle Voice Set A

  • 男性共通アフィンボイス | Male Afin Voice
  • 男性共通ゲッテムハルトVo | Male Gettemhart Voice
  • 女性共通メルフォンSボイス | Female Melphonsina Voice

オラクルボイスセットB | Oracle Voice Set B

  • 女性共通パティボイス | Female Patty Voice
  • 女性共通ティアボイス | Female Tea Voice
  • 女性共通イオボイス | Female Io Voice

オラクルボイスセットC | Oracle Voice Set C

  • 女性共通マトイボイス | Female Matoi Voice
  • 女性共通クーナボイス | Female Quna Voice
  • 女性共通リサボイス | Female Risa Voice

☆シーリスローブFセット | ☆Xirys Robe F Set

  • シーリスローブF | Xirys Robe F
  • シオンアップ | Xion Up
  • シオンメガネ | Xion Glasses
  • シーリスペイントF | Xirys Paint F

Support Item Selection

~ Until October 2nd, 2019 ~

Attribute Changers


Special Ability Affixers


Special Ability Affixers

  • 特殊能力(打撃&PP/3) | Add Ability (Power&PP/3)
    • Grace Power グレース・パワー = S-ATK+50 & PP+5
  • 特殊能力(射撃&PP/3) | Add Ability (Shoot&PP/3)
    • Grace Shoot グレース・シュート = R-ATK+50 & PP+5
  • 特殊能力(法撃&PP/3) | Add Ability (Tech&PP/3)
    • Grace Technique グレース・テクニック = T-ATK+50 & PP+5
  • 特殊能力(HP&PP/3) | Add Ability (HP&PP/3)
    • Grace Stamina グレース・スタミナ = HP+80 & PP+5
  • 特殊能力保護(5枠以下) | Ability Protection (5s or Lower)
    • Applicable to Affixing Lists of 5 Slots or Below
    • This Item is untradeable.


Grinding Items

  • 属性強化+10% | +10% Attribute Enhance
  • 強化リスク軽減(完全) | Grind Risk Reducer (Full)
  • 強化大成功(100%) | Great Grind Success (100%)


Mag Devices

  • フードデバイス/打撃 | Food Device / S-ATK
  • フードデバイス/射撃 | Food Device / R-ATK
  • フードデバイス/法撃 | Food Device / T-ATK
  • フードデバイス/技量 | Food Device / DEX
  • マグ支援枠拡張デバイス | Mag Support Slot Expansion Device


Scratch Bonus

Frequency Rewards
15 times Grind Success (100%)
25 times Ability Protection (6s or lower)
50 times Ability Success Rate +50%
75 times Add Ability (Mark Receptor)

12 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Oracle Collection”

  1. The new design for the scratch items on the site is amazing. Not only they are large and clear to see, but we can also copy the JP name with ease, which is a boon for lazy people like me!

    1. Now that you mention the copy thing.
      For some reason I cant copy ingame text and paste it somewhere else.
      I know that was doable (last year?), any solution? Very much appreciated 🙂

    2. @GRENDAN

      Sometimes it happens to me, and it fixes by itself. I really don't know what causes it or how to fix it.

    3. Ctrl+C will work if you hover over or highlight an item though it doesn't always work in some vendor or exchange shops etc. Inventory/storage and My Shop should be fine though.

      If you are referring to copying text from the chat box, you need to make sure that you press enter first to open up the chat dialogue otherwise Ctrl+C wont work regardless of highlighting the text beforehand.

    4. Thanks for the answer. I could swear this was different some time ago.
      Also I dont want to be negative but there are alot of other things that are somewhat strange ingame.
      I wish that I can understand japanese to tell SEGA what they could do better, but hey, even my english sucks in a way because it's not my native language. For example why did they not change the MyRoom options to put posters on the side of the entrance? No one can tell me some japanese guy didnt mention this some time (or years) ago. Here I go again taking everyone down with my negative aspects. lol

    1. Same
      few times I get online, there's nobody playing right before a large EQ
      I suspect western connection is mostly just down, possibly one of the lines is out.

  2. Finally back online and I could finally finish all the meseta making COs. I got scared for a moment that it was going to be a region ban but it was a server error like ANDRLCH posted above.

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