PSO2 (JP) AC Scratch: Scarlet Bullet

Scarlet Bullet
(Until 5.12.2021)


武偵高校アリア制服 | Aria's Butei High School Uniform
武偵高校アリア制服 影 | Aria's Butei HS Uniform Shadow
武偵高校アリア制服 海 | Aria's Butei HS Uniform Sea


武偵高校あかり制服 | Akari's Butei High School Uniform
武偵高校あかり制服 影 | Akari's Butei HS Uniform Shadow
武偵高校あかり制服 海 | Akari's Butei HS Uniform Sea


Lobby Actions

  • 26「ダンス3」| Dance 3
  • 63「アニマル」| Animal
  • 68「乱打」| Hitting
  • 80「ダンス17」| Dance 17
  • 111「ダンス21」| Dance 21
  • 153「ダンス31」| Dance 31
  • 154「ダンス32」| Dance 32
  • 185「ダンス35」| Dance 35
  • 187「掃除」| Sweeping
  • 206「ダンス37」| Dance 37
  • 211「反復横跳び」| Sidestep Drill
  • 277「ダンス39」| Dance 39
  • 290「銃を構える」| Gun Action
  • 490「樽遊び」| Play Barrel
  • 499「座る6」| Sit 6
  • 516「気を高める」| Raise Ki
  • 623「アスレチック」| Athletic


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
15 times Scarlet Bullet Ticket
20 times +200% TRI Boost
25 times Special Ability Protection (6 Slots or less)
30 times Scarlet Bullet Ticket
35 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
45 times Scarlet Bullet Ticket
55 times EX TRI Boost +250%
60 times Scarlet Bullet Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
15 times Scarlet Bullet Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.
※All of these items are untradeable.
※Scarlet Bullet Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.

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