PSO2 JP: August 1st 2012 Update, Patch Notes

Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan updates today with the new Summer Festa lobby and Fang Banther Emergency Quest.


Summer Festa Lobby

  • August 1st through August 29th, 2012.

New Enemy

  • Fang Banther, Fang Banshee, and Summer Rappy

New Emergency Quest

  • ファングバンサー討伐 Subdue Fang Banther

New Client Orders

New Items

アドラステア Adrastea (Launcher)


セイテンバイセ Seitenvaise (Rod)


スペース・ツナ Space Tuna (Sword)


ヤークトシリーズ Jagd Series (Unit)

Please note that the Summer Rappy and the Space Tuna are available for hunting until August 29th.

Maintenance Notes

  • Corrected a bug where some Rappy Mini Doll item codes weren't working.
  • Performed some Load Reduction measures for My Room

Patch Notes


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