PSO2 JP: August 2012 Item Code Distribution

Item Codes will be distributed to those who met the conditions of the following campaigns.

Special/Emergency Maintenance Compensation

August 1st @ 16:00 JST

  • 500 FUN Ticket (Registered before July 23rd)
  • 1 Day Premium Set x5 (Bought AC before July 23rd)

New Registration Campaign

  • It was discovered that the codes for the Rappy Mini Doll do not currently work in game. The problem should be corrected after tonight's maintenance. 

August 1st maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, it's Tuesday and that means tonight we will undergo our weekly scheduled maintenance. Maintenance begins tonight at 10:00 PM EST and should last until 4:00AM but they may finish earlier than that. Please also note that we should be getting our first Crystal Dragon Update tonight. We'll have details about tonight's update when  it becomes available at the site. Since there were some confusion over the update schedule, here's whats currently planned so far.

August 1st:

  • New Boss: Fang Banther and Banshee
  • Summer Festa Lobby
  • Summer Rappy
  • Summer Vacation Scratch (Swimsuits and such)

August 8th:

  • New "Dragon Lands" (floating continent) field
  • New Boss: Quartz Dragon
  • New NPC: Michela

Late August

  • Story Quest Update and More..



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