PSO2 JP: August 7th, 2013 Update

Goodbye Borderbreak; Hello Beach Wars!

Emergency Quest

  • ビーチウォーズ Beach Wars
  • Available: August 7th through September 4th

New Client Orders

Xie Summer

  • Summer Xie Client Orders
  • Available: August 7th through September 4th
  • New permanent client orders for other NPCs

New Bingo Card

  • サマービンゴ Summer Bingo
  • Available: August 7th through September 4th

New Enemy

Mesetan bb

Mesetan (メセタン)

New Interrupt Event

New Items

Badge Exchange Shop

  • Added items that can be exchanged with an アークスバッヂ橙 Orange Arks Badge
  • Orange Arks Badges are distributed by the Development Team and are intended for those affected by the My Room/Mini Room bug.

New Fun Shop Items

  • フォトンチェア(全10色)Photon Chairs
  • リモデルームS Remodel Room S
  • リモデルームL Remodel Room L
  • シーナリーパス・砂漠 Scenery Pass Desert
  • シーナリーパス・凍土 Scenery Pass Tundra

Other Changes

  • When choosing a symbol art for your My Shop/Arks Card/etc, the title of the window will now say "Symbol Art List"
  • Added an entry when logging out to return to the ship selection screen.
  • When purchasing an extra support partner, the cursor will be placed on the "No" button by default.
  • In the Arks Road Rewards confirmation window, it will now display the number of reward items you'll receive.
  • Adrenaline and Rapid Shot's skill explanation has changed.
  • Some messages for the Space Gate has changed.
  • "Limited Time Client Order Administrator" will display over Xie's head.
  • Buffed Twin Dagger Gear's power rates.
  • Reduced the hitstop frames for Knuckles
  • Prevented the grass in forest and ruins from blocking some twin machine gun photon arts.
  • Aculpus will now have less HP. They will attack a shorter distance, and take more time setting up their flip attacks.
  • For Windiras, they increased the R-ATK damage to the head, and made them fly at lower altitudes.
  • Dagash and Dagacha will swim at lower altitudes.
  • Made it easier to aim at the weak point for Kaltagot and removed some unnecessary spots you can target.

My Room/Mini Room Compensation

  • Players who submitted a bug report will receive 22 Orange Arks Badges. You can use these badges at the Badge Exchange Counter to obtain several room themes.

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