PSO2 JP: Battle of the Transcendentals (10/9/2013)

Today's Update

Hard Drive Wiping Compensation

  • Some players who filed for compensation will see 10,000 AC applied to their account. Players who have not yet received compensation should wait for the next round of hand outs once the staff completes their investigation.

Class and Weapon Update

  • Level 65 cap for players and support partners
  • Level 45 Subclass EXP cap.
  • New Skills and Lv 16 Photon Art/Technic Disks

Field Update

  • New Emergency Quest: Brave Border Break | n:1  | h:20 | vh: 40 | sh: 50
  • New Super Hard difficulty added for Forest through F. Continent, and all urban / Dark Falz emergency Quests.
  • Super Hard requires level 50+
  • New Rare Enemy タガミカヅチ Tagamikazuchi
  • New Interrupt Events, Client Orders, Daily Orders, Team Orders, and Items.

System Update

  • Added a function in options to automatically pick up meseta as you approach it.
  • New Latent Abilities. Added latent abilities to some pre-existing weapons.
  • My Room Shop lineup updated. (Some Items temporarily removed from the lineup and will be re-added sometime in the future.)
  • Black Rappy Suits are now accepted in the Recycle Shop.
  • The following premium Drinks are available: Shifta Drink Premium, Deband Drink Premium, Guts Drink Premium, Photon Drink Premium.
  • Photon Art and Technic disks that drop from rare bosses/enemies have a low chance at dropping from their non-rare counterparts. However, they will drop up to level 10 disks in this situation.
  • Improved the Photon Art and Technic disk drop rates for rare enemies and bosses.
  • Adjusted the max frame rate for the "Unlimited" setting in the Launcher.
  • An exclusive message will display when cancelling an unregistered item trade password.
  • Amended some explanations for the item trade password registration screen.
  • Corrected the explanation for Braver skill "Rapid Shoot"
  • The quest counter terminal will now allow you to accept a quest if an NPC Partner Character does not meet the requirements for that quest.
  • You can now summon partner characters in Extreme Quests.
  • Added an ON/OFF switch for Partner Character battle participation in the Quick Menu.
  • You can now receive an item from Franka based on your friendship rating.
  • Franka's clothing has changed.
  • Voice Chat Commands; type "/vo1" through "/vo12" to play different voices.

Voice Chat Commands

  • /vo1 = SATK Voice Clips
  • /vo2 = RATK Voice Clips
  • /vo3 = Forward Aiming Technics
  • /vo4 = AoE and Recovery Technics
  • /vo5 = Minor Damage
  • /vo6 = Large Damage
  • /vo7 = When Revived
  • /vo8 = Incapacitated
  • /vo9 = When using a Photon Blast
  • /vo10 = Special Action
  • /vo11 = Charged Attacks
  • /vo12 = SEGA! (Not available for all voices.)

System Update (Continued)

  • The Lillipa Treasure Hunting Emergency Trial will now focus on the spawning Lillipan when the trial starts.
  • The rare drop rate will increase based on the boost enemy stage in Super Hard quests and beyond.
  • The Beauty Salon will now display a message for some support partner behaviors.
  • Adjusted the contents for the Friend Partner Registration guide and help menu.
  • It will now display a message when sending an item to storage obtained through a present box room item.
  • It will display a warning message when you do not have an item that can be stored away through a present box.
  • Made changes to the Thanks Festa 2013 icons so that you can know what color the shorts are.
  • Abbreviations for Quest difficulties will show up in some party info screens. (N/H/VH/SH)

Balance Adjustments

  • The skill points required to acquire certain skills from the Force Tree has changed. This includes Photon Flare, Photon flare After Burst, Photon Flare Advance, and Ice Mastery 2.
  • Because of this, they will distribute items that can reset all skill trees at once.
  • The distance the attack reaches for "Sacred Skewer" has increased.
  • Anti's effective range has increased.
  • Relaxed the requirements to equip some units.
  • Increased some equipment set bonus effects.
  • 11 star unit defensive stats has increased.
  • Relaxed some enemy's attack power.
  • Relaxed the difficulty and adjusted the Ring's HP for Nove Ringadarl
  • Relaxed the difficulty and adjusted the HP for the rare boss prefix forms of Orgkeratos 狂浪獣オルグケラトス and Orgblanc 狂浪獣オルグブラン.
  • Relaxed the number of enemies needed to complete Koffee's client order for the Subclass trial.
  • Increased the number of synthesizers for Jan's client order "Attribute Grind your Favorite Items! "
  • Adjusted the EXP Clear Rewards for Quest Completion Daily Orders.
  • Shortened the respawn times for enemies during a PSE Burst
  • Relaxed the difficulty of some emergency trials.
  • Advance Quests will now drop red versions of the Katana and Bullet Bow.
  • The Falz Hunar emergency trial in the second area of the "Towards the Depths" emergency quest will no longer changeover.
  • Relaxed the difficulty and adjusted the Dragonkin Magnetite that spawn in the very hard version of the Dragon Sanctum Time Attack Quest.
  • Relaxed the difficulty and adjusted the shell flowers that spawn in the Coast Exploration quest.

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