PSO2 JP: Details for April 2013 Update

According to Famitsu Connect!On, we'll be getting an update on April 10th titled "Imperial Guardian."  This update will be raising the level cap to 60 as well as adding new skills to the tree. Information provided by Shougai (Japanese PSO Fansite).

Upd: Fury Combo Up (HU Skill) フューリーコンボアップ

  • When performing a series of Just Attacks, the damage given will increase.
  • This effect applies during the "Fury Stance" skill.

Killing Bonus (RA Skill) キリングボーナス

  • PP restores when defeating enemies nearby.

Perfect Keeper (GU Skill)  パーフェクトキーパー

  • R-ATK increases when HP is 100%

Photon Flare After Burst (FO Skill) フォトンフレアアフターバースト

  • T-ATK increases for a certain amount of time after the end of the Photon Flare skill.

Rare Mastery Techer (TE Skill)  レアマスタリーテクター

  • T-ATK increases when a Techer equips a 10 star or higher weapon.
  • Techer should be the main class.


 *The information provided is incomplete and we'll add more details to the list once it becomes available.



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