PSO2: Emergency Maintenance (4/27/2018)

Sega has announced an Emergency Maintenance at the following time:

  • April 27th @ 10:00 ~ 16:00 JST (Completed)
  • ※Click the above link to convert to your timezone.

Maintenance Contents

  • To correct a bug in which a Special Ability Factor was not set for [Alta Feina]

Maintenance is expected to finish at 16:00 JST. However, depending on the situation, it could end earlier or later than scheduled. They are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and will consider some form of compensation. Details will be provided in the future.

Campaign item Distribution

  • April 4th Conqueror's Crest
    • Condition 1: 10x Conqueror's Crest
    • Condition 2: 10x Conqueror's Crest
  • Alta Feina Bug Compensation
    • +150% Tribooster
  • April 26th Sega ID Maintenance
    • +100% Tribooster
  • April 27th Emergency Maintenance
    • +100% Tribooster




14 thoughts to “PSO2: Emergency Maintenance (4/27/2018)”

  1. Emergency question:

    All those emergency maintenances we get since…start of ep4 maybe(?) are really due to "bugs" or plain incompetence? The word bug is overly used to say 'we don't test our stuff before launch'. Returner "bug" revival when please?

    More seriously it's really infuriating…especially that I bet they won't take the occasion to give us the 20 Crests we should have had wednesday from april 2 campaign -____________-" Also people don't affix this specific day (start of affix/grind boots 5%). Who knows, maybe there will be a "bug" where you get 100% fail…or the opposite :v

    /Salt mode OFF

  2. Yeah how dare living human beings working on adding free content to an already free game make mistakes and oversights!

    1. Hey F-U Max, Random has a point. We shouldn't be jerked around all the time. Emergency maintenance all day in this bitch son!

      This game stays "bugged" there is a "bug" every time content is added, just expect "bugs" always and you won't be disappointed by this game, well, yeah still, but for different reasons.

    2. Because they're asshole, do you think they have the time to test their own game in the details? Why the game is completely unbalanced ? they collect data only.
      They just want to inflate their numbers cheaply, even if the game becomes completely stupid (it's already the case).

    3. Yeah, how dare they affect morale in the long run, making paying players lose interest! Woops money amirite!

      As a premium player who gets home a little after every "emergency maintenance" comes up, I get more and more reason to just lose interest in the game. Obviously I know the game wasn't set up to be around my peak hours, but I've paid them over $100 throughout the course of my time here. That says a lot when I can just go and buy 2 or more full price games for the same price. This isn't the first time this has happened; it's after almost every regular maint and that's just ridiculous.

      Why waste my time and money if this is going to be reoccurring and just make it impossible for me to play because I don't 24/7 no-life the game? Like I said, woops money amirite?

    4. Then again the game is free to frigging play. Complaining about access to something that someone generously provided access free of charge is immaturity. Making a game isn't sit down and poof its new content. It takes hours of work to be done. On the programming side, ya ain't gonna notice each and every bug on a program that runs without errors unless its noticed and reported by a client. Try being a large scale programmer for once. We should even be thankful they work on it immediately and not tell us "wait till next game maintenance".

    5. "Free game"

      This game is one of the highest grossing games Sega had ever made.

      If you actually think we should be cutting them slack on the sole basis of it being free to play, then you seriously do not understand how and why this model works.

      I guarantee you that an ENORMOUS majority of the Japanese playerbase do not think the same way you do

    6. Most disgusting part is that most of these whiners aren't even Target Audience for the game. PSO2 is designed and released for the citizens of japans. Sega doesn't lock foreigners off, despite having full legal and moral right to do so, yet still they find the nerve to complain.
      Don't like it. don't play it. More so don't "donate" to it, since premium means and gets you nothing meaningful in this game since the removal of 10* trading tickets.
      You're only supposed to pay money to support developers for their fantastic game.
      Which PSO2 is.

    7. “Free game”
      "someone generously provided"
      "their fantastic game."

      In addition to the usual Captain Obvious, there are those who made the school of laughter here …

    8. People complaining about people complaining about state of the game, fanboism to the max~

  3. Ah, I was waiting for that obligatory complaint comment of an intellectual. You're doing everyone a favor.

  4. Bug is always bound to happen unless all the programmer involved is a super perfect human being. I'm not saying having a bug is okay but at least this one is way better than other game that i play *cough* Warframe *cough*. This game is 5 years old, the code is massive and probably a 'bit' messy at best. Remember how they said that the engine is already on the limit and adding even 1 Adv class per episode is 'hard'?. Honestly, this kind of bug is just a simple oversight and if this kind of stuff already made you mad, i suggest taking a break from the game or just simply stop playing it. Also, to be fair you get what you paid for, which is Ark Cash. It's never stated that you can control the direction the game went by throwing your money at them.

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