PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (8/6/2020)

Sega has announced an Emergency Maintenance at the following time:

  • 8/6/2020 @ 16:30 ~ 22:30 JSTĀ Completed
  • 8/6/2020 @ 3:30 AM ~ 7:30 AM EDT

Maintenance Contents

  • To correct an urgent problem

Maintenance is expected to finish at 22:30 JST. However, depending on the situation, it could end earlier or later than scheduled. They are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and will consider some form of compensation. Details will be provided in the future.

6 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (8/6/2020)”

  1. The bug is. Allowing player that doesn't clear the shiva quest with S rank but clearing it on casual to actually unlocking the true ending?

    1. Hardly, because in my first attempt I had to leave the game, returning from the last save, thus preventing me from getting an S. I had to re-do the whole thing to be able to see the true ending.

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