PSO2 Station! Plus #8 Recap

Secret Phrase

  • Say the Phrase 新クラス名はラスター in-game to receive the following items:
    • Large Sherbet
    • Dome Pool
    • Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Requiem of The Specter's Grudge
  • +250% Rare Drop Rate and EXP
  • Attend the concert beforehand to gain an extra +25% Live Boost


August 12th

  • SG Scratch [Roots of Darkness]
  • Shiva, Mitra, and Varuna costumes
  • The Photoner's Accessories, Hairstyles, etc.


August 12th

  • Acquire Camos of their Weapons
  • Luminmech Sword Camo
  • New lobby actions
  • Shiva's chair as a room good
  • Varuna's Weapon Camo and Lobby Action will be Scratch Bonuses


Late August Update

  • Summer Lobby Returns!
  • Matoi, Hitsugi, and Harriet will appear in the lobby in swimsuits
  • Obtain their partner cards and complete client orders from each of them
  • Obtain the new mag evolution device Occha


Late August Update

  • AC Scratch [Sunshine Summer Resort]
  • Get the swimsuits that the three heroines wear and more!


Late August Update

  • The "Rappy Mimicry" outfit returns from PS Nova
  • Variety of Acessories and Lobby Actions


Late August Update

  • Beach Wars return as a point collection EQ, defeat enemies around the map to gain more points
  • Matoi, Hitsugi, and Harriet will show up during emergency trials
  • New 15* Gunslash drop "Lumigny"


Late August Update

  • Revival Scratch [Oracle Collection 3]
  • Costumes from Episode 1-3 NPCs will return
  • Lobby actions "Katori Pose" and "Yucreta Pose" will also be available


Early September Update

  • AC Scratch [Arks Last Stand]
  • Costumes from the latest story update will appear


Early September Update

  • Eastern style outfits for both men and women
  • Sword/Partizan Lobby action


Early September Update

  • The final results of a story 8 years in the making
  • See the thoughts and feelings of everyone after the fighting has ended


Early September Update

  • New EQ "Primordial Glare of the Void"
  • The largest boss in all of PSO2!
  • Deal damage to its arms to drive it further down
  • Avoid attacks heading straight for the platform to avoid being instantly downed
  • What lies beyond the Profound Darkness…?


Early September Update

  • New ★15 series [Ayer]
  • You can also obtain the Ayer series by exchanging materials with Zieg
  • You can also upgrade Ayer weapons into the Cras series!
  • New ★13 unit series [Cras]


Oracle Moonlight Collection 9/9 – 10/21

  • Outfits just right for Autumn
  • Shrine Maiden and Gene Bunny Girl outfits will reappear in this scratch


SSSS.Gridman Collaboration!

  • Planned for October release
  • Items based off of the main characters will show up in game
  • Lobby actions based off of Gridman will also appear


New Successor Class [Luster]


  • The name of the Gunslash only class is [Luster]!


What is "Luster?"

  • The 4th Successor Class is a high speed action class that utilizes Gunslashes
  • Does not have access to techniques, however it will have support techs through special actions and class skills
  • Has three different battle styles. You can change to one one of those styles based on the weapon's element.
  • When used as a subclass, it enhances regular Gunslash combat


The Three Styles of Combat!

  • Fomel Style
    • A short range combat style with emphasis on offense.
    • When Just Attacking quickly, gain a sturdy effect for a limited time. (JA Advance)
  • Zandi Style
    • A speed oriented style
    • Increases certain PA's attack speed (Move Arts Enhanced)
    • Evading an attack will cause PAs to perform a chase attack (Dodge Advance)
  • Baran Style
    • A more defensive style
    • Enhanced guard points and range on certain PAs.
    • Successful Just Guards will decrease received damage and strengthen normal attacks (JG Advance)


Changing Styles Influences The Power of PAs

  • Baran Style
    • Enhanced PA range and guard points for Stay Arts
    • Gain +1 Voltage when Stay Arts hit.
  • Zandi Style
    • Move Arts attack speed increased
    • Gain +1 Voltage when Move Arts hit.
  • Fomel Style
    • Gain +1 Voltage when the supplemental attacks hit.


Class Skills

  • Luster Voltage
    • Gain voltage when attacks hit.
    • According to the amount of voltage you have, you'll activate various effects such as shifta and deband, increased attack power, and other effects.
  • Nonelement
    • Convert your elemental damage into R-ATK based damage
  • Weapon Resist Rule Out
    • Ignore enemy weapon resistances for certain enemies that have weapon resistances.
  • Sub Luster Gunslash Boost
    • Increases Gunslash power when Luster is used as a subclass. The power increase is based on the main class.


More Details…

  • Luster will only be able to use Gunslashes. It has access to three different battle styles, based on the weapon's element.
  • Luster cannot use techniques. Certain techniques can be cast from special weapon actions/skills.
  • Even when used as a subclass, the support effects from "Luster Voltage" will still apply to Gunslash.
  • "Sub Luster GS Boost" will also further enhance Gunslash gameplay when Luster is used as a sub
  • Luster will not have a class instructor nor will it have a training quest.
  • A class explanation, along with level cap and skill point orders can be found at Koffie.
  • Will feature a "Smart PA" system to assist you while playing.


New Pet

~ Coming October ~


New 12-player Emergency Quest

~ Coming October ~


PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest Improvements
    • Added an [EH Trigger] exchange to the EQ Quest selection screen
    • Added SH Trigger and EH Trigger to VH EQ Rewards.
    • No OP will be consumed on your first participation in EQ requests from N~SH.
  • Side Story Quest Released
    • Kazami no Tachi (9/2)


PSO2es Update

  • Harriet [Summer Vacation] (8/19)
  • Matoi [Summer Vacation] (8/26)
  • Cursed Slayer Gaen (9/2)
  • Hyper Sunlight (8/12)


PSO2es Update

  • Tranzexia EQ (8/27 ~ 9/01)
    • Receive 14* Aletheia and 13* Rate & Arion Series
  • Summer Special Quest Event (08/19 ~ 09/16)
    • Rewards include Bluesy Requiem [Summer Vacation] & Shooting Drive [Summer Vacation]



Premium Set Purchase Campaign 7/21 – 8/19

  • If you purchase a 90 Day Premium Set with AC you will receive the following items:
    • Sage's Crest (x50)
    • +150% TRI Boost (x3)
    • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
    • Lobby Action 607 [Clock Pose]


Road to Luster Campaign

  • Summer Login Campaign
    • From 8/20 – 9/1
    • Login to PSO2 everyday to receive boost items
    • After 5 logins receive a Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
  • Quest Link Boost
    • From 8/19 – 9/2
    • Clear the campaign quest to receive points and level up your quest boost
    • The linked quest will then receive a rare drop rate boost according to the boost level
  • Twitter Campaign
    • From 8/19 – 9/16
    • Based on the number of retweets on the campaign tweet, receive Luster's iconic weapon camo and various boost items


Road to Luster Campaign: Part 2

  • From 8/26 – 9/30
  • Clear ARKs missions to receive various materials to create rare items
  • Materials for "Lightstream Intenxion" and "Liberate Slash"
  • Materials for the "Liberate" series units
  • Login during this period to also receive a Tokyo Bonus Key Rainbow, EXP Gain +100%, and more!

What are your plans to buff Hero?

  • Hero Boost will receive a variety of buffs. Power will be increased to cap at 80%, the Damage Loss will be reduced to 20%, and Hero Counter will now recovery 20% power back.
  • Weak Critical will also be increased

Does breaking Execour's parts increase Module drop rate?

  • No

What of Emers and Grainnes?

  • There will be more ways to get them.


29 thoughts to “PSO2 Station! Plus #8 Recap”

    1. lol no, they said that PSO2 will still live side by side with NGS. So we might still get those seasonal EQs but we wont be having new story updates.

    1. They always make it a Twitter poll WAY before the Station even starts. The poll ends around an hour after the Station starts.

  1. Oh buff for Hr, why not just remove that goddamn damage reduction when getting hit, so ppl can play hr without any problem when getting hit.

    1. Because "Gunner" if you know what i meant,
      And I prefer it that way, So people will be aware of incoming attack and adjust their Timing to be more precise with Counter or just Dodging

    2. Cause Hero is a counter class and Sega loves to force a specific playstyle on people.

      I'm just glad it will be no longer crippling to the point of causing constant frustration and ruining your fun.
      The question is *when* we will get that balance update though cause I don't see a date yet >_<

  2. Final this years, i playing more unlit in time to farewell at next years 2021, i should be quit.

    I already play 5 years, this my character is 5th.

    PS: Hope players has good days at PSO2 NGS 2021, without me.

  3. There's some mistake here. Fomel only gain extra voltage point when the extra/additional attacks hit (accessible by holding down PA button like Hr PA), not from normal attack.

  4. Luster ..wonder what's the main stat going to be r-atk, s-atk or both? Not sure how to build mag&units for on the video weapons for Luster had R-atk stats.

    1. As explained in Live Stream, YSOK said that Shageki (R-ATK) or Dageki (S-ATK)
      Both are fine, Choose one to your liking,
      So basically he mean if your equipment has anything to do with R-ATK then just Keeps going with R-ATK
      Same thing to S-ATK if your Equipment is has S-ATK then just go for it,
      There is a skill available in Skill Tree that will Increase/Enhance Gunslash Damage output/Performance
      I guess Even T-ATK will be fine too, But YSOK didn't say anything about hougeki (T-ATK) so probably not

    2. Or you can goes Both R-ATK and S-ATK
      But keep it in mind that Gunslash is in S-ATK category, So you might have an easier time making Weapon OPs or Units Ops with S-ATK
      But again, There is Skill in skill tree that will Convert those stats in to one thing–
      Like how Etoile have skill that Convert T-ATK to S-ATK

    3. YSOK mentioned that Luster will have a skill similar to Etoile's Wand Special Ability Plus, in the sense that damage will go off of either S-ATK or R-ATK affixes, depending on which is higher. But he still "recommends" R-ATK affixes.

      A reminder that this is for the weapon only. And unlike classic gunslash, Luster's GS weapon icon is blue, plus the character used during the stream had 5110 R-ATK and 3536 S-ATK, which feels like big hints towards it being R-ATK only. So my guess is that YSOK "recommending" R-ATK means that units should have R-ATK affixes, but affixing weapons with S-ATK won't be an issue thanks to that conversion skill.

    4. @Z
      i'd say it's more of a Option in-between
      The Gun slash is both S-ATK and R-ATK and by Default Gun Slash has higher base on S-ATK
      There's a reason to why he made it so R-ATK is more Viable so When the R-ATK main palyer convert itto damage it would not falls behind S-ATK main player
      And YSOK preferred R-ATK Class like Ranger that he is Main, he's not recommending R-ATK
      He just recommended people to go with what available to them right then

  5. Oh GREAT, more fvc|<ing HR buffs yet, as if all the buffs until now were not enough.

    Photoner SG scratch, damn that was fast didn't really expected them to be released so early, Beach Wars finally got changed to how it was before. A a new Synchro-type Pet but upgraded? Another REVIVAL, Hell yeah, GS successor class. I'm liking where this is going except for one detail

    1. You sounds pissed, Need to get it out of your system? i can hear you out
      I like All the classes equally Just more prefer of how Successor is being played
      Hero Buff is actually really Needed if you thought Hero is still like how it it is first launch– Oh boy
      Maybe you're just being too ignorance Can i know the reason why? because the very first thing I guess either Hero is just too *EZ* and not *SKILL* not required or Just Hold Normal Attack like how they used to debate back in the day? I don't realyl get it, Luster with it's NEW and FLESH of what so called Smart PA that literally One button holding to attacks like how People with No-Brain playing Hero with No-Brain style and said just Hold normal attack
      Would it make Luster be better than Hero in any regard?
      Phantom about die? Just charge any Technique, Etoile is hardly dying anyway and really great spam-able
      Damage Burst on Dual Blades also Etoile Will,
      But you gonna keeps blindly Hating Hero as you always does anyway so why do i bother,
      If this pissed you off even more then– I'm sorry for not seeing the world like how you want to see.

    2. And yes the Buffs Hero got before is not enough,
      Close you heart, Close your mind, Not to acknowledge anything about Hero like how ever you want
      I don't care, You just pissed yourself off that way

    3. Cuz you're gonna keeps complaining and complaining and Gained more Hatred from that Which whenever you see something like this you're just keeps pissing off even more and more
      While i'm here to Congrats to all people that their Main Classes got new buffs and having fun together

    4. More Hr buffs when some normal classes are still gimped af and don't feel worth playing at all outside of their small niche *cough* Te *cough*

    5. I want Te Buff, Yes i do, like you do–
      But Hero got Buff is not the problem here is it?
      Te always been like that, If you wish to change it's Gameplay now Then how would it be like?
      Where the Main role is Full-Support should you be doing like how Phantom does or or really Strong on both Dealing damage and Tankiest like Etoile?
      Cuz you had *ahem* Options to use one as sub,

    6. Let's talk about how you want the Techer to be like
      1. I do want to know what's you demanding for Te
      2. Techer had it's role like that what should be tweak or change? —
      — Is it Better damage output or new skill or change it gameplay entirely?

      I just wanna know, How would you want the Class to be like/Play like
      Techer has really small People group of Player so SEGA didn't do much about it
      My Friend also Main Techer because He's not good with Fighting like how other Classes do
      And he'd Wish to play as Support which is Fit him nicely
      So what changes do you want for Support-Role?, Like i use to asked
      Is it Better damage in General or Change it entirely? or Where should you Buff the class? or what
      In any regard, I forsaken want to know so badly

  6. Translation correction that has to be done PLEASE:
    1) Under "The Three Styles of Combat!" Please for the love of god, correct them asap
    -Fomel should be
    "An offense oriented, close range combat style"
    "When doing Just Attacks quickly, enter JA Advance Mode and gain a sturdy effect"
    -Zandi should be
    "A speed oriented, assault combat style"
    "Increase PA attack speed on certain PAs by Move Art Enhance"
    "Upon evading an attack, enter Dodge Advance Mode and gain chase attacks to your PAs"
    -Baran should be
    "A defense oriented, long range combat style"
    "Gain extra range and guard points to certain PAs by Stay Art Enhance"
    "Upon successful Just Guards, enter JG Advance Mode to boost normal attack and reduce damage taken"

    2) Under "Changing Styles Influences The Power of PAs"
    -The gained voltage is not from activating PAs, it's increased by each hit you do. every single hit will increase the voltage by 2, and the specialized attack by the style will increase by 3 instead of 2, So for exmaple, in yoshioka's demo, the first move PA that he did gave him 6 voltage from 2 hits.
    -Baran Style should say "Gain +1 Voltage from hitting with Stay Arts"
    -Zandi Style should say "Gain +1 Voltage from hitting with Move Arts"
    -Fomel Style could say "Gain +1 Voltage from hitting with supplemental / follow attacks"

    3) Under "Class Skills"
    -in Luster Voltage, it should be
    "According to the amount of voltage you have, you can receive shifta/deband, increased attack power and other effects!"
    -add the line
    "Decide your weapon's element according to the style that you want to play!"
    in Nonelement please
    -in Weapon Resist Rule Out, there's nothing about it being a "limited time" skill on the slide, unless the data miner confimed it's a timed skill like photon flare…
    -for the skill Sub Luster Gunslash Boost, the word "sub luster" is also part of the skill name so please quote it too
    -add the line
    "When you set Luster as your sub class, the gunslash that were used until now would be easier to use too!"
    in Sub Luster Gunslash Boost

    4) Under "More Details…"
    -In the first point, please mention that swapping style is determined by weapon's element. Some people actually think that you can switch your style with a press of a skill
    "According to your weapon's element, your combat style will change within the 3 styles"

    Please make any correction if i got any info wrong

  7. At the zandi style's dodge advance part, the player will get a "wing effect" behind the character (same with the 3 blades from JA advance, that last a while and disappear) when they dodged an attack. When in dodge advance mode, there will be chase attacks that looks like the chase arrow of bullet bow, flying in from the side of the screen whenever you're attacking with PAs. So instead of saying "cause PAs to perform a counter", it should be "adding chase attacks to your PAs" (see more in yoshioka's demo when he switched to zandi with the S4 evasion training)

  8. Hmm wonder if the female Rappy Mimicry will lead to Japanese players making rappy versions of Chocolina considering FFXIII was more popular over there?

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