PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (4/26/2017)

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Maintenance will occur a couple hours earlier this week.

April 26th Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 4/26/2017 @ 8:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 4/25/2017 @ 7:55 PM ~ 4:30 AM EDT

April 26th Patch

  • Launcher: Version 04.00.03
  • Client: ver. 4.0901.1
  • Patch Size: 27 MB (PC) / xx (PS4) / 33 MB (Vita)


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Balance Adjustments

  • Reduced the HP and ATK PWR of Deus Esca Zephyros.

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(4) Clear the quest: 来襲せし虚なる深遠の躯 (Profound Invasion)

  • *ヴィタクラシェルブ (*Vita Crashelb)

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  • 新世を成す幻創の造神 (Phantom God of Creation)
  • 月駆ける幻創の母 (Racing the Phantom Mother)
  • 世界を堕とす輪廻の徒花 (Perennial Apocalypse)
  • 来襲せし虚なる深遠の躯 (Profound Invasion)
  • 採掘基地防衛戦:終焉 (Mining Base Demise)

※ Trigger Quests do not qualify for the campaign.
※ The campaign begins April 29th!


Prize Distribution Date

Late May


86 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (4/26/2017)”

  1. Again with this shyte! Is tiring to have to update each time for like 1hr+ for just 30mb updates! Why can't they patch the games like other companies do without the damn filecheck everytime?

    1. they dont include file checking everytime.. mine after opening launcher directly download the patch then done! no checking watsoever.. dont complain if its only on your end. and you think its easy to maintaning server as big as this? cross platform etc too. and if you really hate the game dont play it then.. less salt ppl like you on this game is better for the community

    2. It's not just an update, it's also maintenance. Maintenance by itself can take up 6-8 hours alone with exception to some known games that are out there to take longer to do maintenance (Vindictus… they always have "problems" and extend to like 12 hours or so…). And you have that cross platform of PC, PS4, PSVista, and smartphone (pso2es… while it isn't "the same game" technically, it still connects to the same servers/account data in order to play). In order to reduce time, they have the update patches, pre-patched and is usually available before the maintenance is done. And Maintenance is not just a filecheck. There are many things that happens during maintenance:
      gives some of the basic ideas of what happens, but the simply put way is that the servers needs down time in order to keep optimal functionality and then there's the updates in like firmware, OS, and whatnot… just like how you have updates for your windows on PC. A good portion of those updates in your Windows will ask you to restart your computer… unlike the you choosing when to do the restart, The servers are on a scheduled pattern, because having random maintenance would cause more problems for players than a scheduled maintenance.

  2. Deus Esca has been nerfed?! Well, shit. Let's see by how much and how this affects the community. Hopefully he wasn't nerfed into the ground.

    1. You probably already know by now, but yes he was.

      I used to be for nerfing Deus Esca, after many many failed attempts at beating him. And then I checked a random MPA member's gear. I was appalled; ungrinded, unaffixed, uncrafted full Saiki set. The only thing that saved him from being 100% terrible gear-wise was a +10 Invade katana, though it really was just +10 (i.e. no potential). The next guy I checked at least affixed his Saiki set to 3 slots (included Flict Arma, I believe) and grinded them fully, but if the former's more or less the typical XH block player then it's no wonder my MPAs continually failed though I tried my best. Now I think they probably shouldn't have nerfed him – sorry XH players – because it's ridiculous to expect to beat a level-appropriate raid boss with minimally upgraded gear.

    2. i think it was the 4man dues esca by the way, i dont think it was the normal 12 man one

  3. And now we get denied the pleasure of getting a challenging boss because some people are actually having a hard time clearing the EQ. Why not get rid of the DPS check instead while we're at it?

    1. Because it is tuned to XH block and not to the expert one. You've created the power offset by migrating to expert blocks to avoid "shitters", and now the average mean across lowest of the low now decides the power of public quest. Congratulations.

    2. That still doesn't justify nerfing it, we can still fail in an expert block. They should rething the requirements for access expert blocks then.

    3. I agree that expert block reqs gotta be redone (even though Kimura specifically stated that they won't be), but for the other stuff, people here mistakenly believe that game should cater only to highly dedicated players and enforce others to play like that. This mentality is what makes most people there go into blind rage, when it clashes with reality.

      In PSO2, broadly implemented stuff and focus of the every next update is aimed at everyone. There were much more things made specifically more challenging in the recent time, so if Deus rematch has the same outtake "extra" purpose as solo PD, that one probably will be more difficult.

      I already said before that its more of problem with all-enveloping XH difficulty that stayed for too long, but people were too happy to listen.
      Now it turns out game isn't actually revolving around expert blocks, no matter how long people ignore standard blocks.

    1. 999k damage limit already, and it also indirectly nerfed everything + chain that exceed 1m in a single hit

      when for non-light weak boss? (so every class went nuts)

  4. there someone complain have been fulfilled well ty for crying out Deus Esca so hard to beat now somehow SEGA listen and have a great game

  5. Cool. Previous Deus I did was a quickly thrown together 8/12 affair and we cleared it with two minutes to spare. Now it's getting a nerf. Thank you, complainers (and we know who fits the type thanks to the previous patch topic, so don't play dumb now)! You've made what was the only bone thrown to the Loser-era difficulty lovers into utter garbage. And for what? Just so you could clear it without doing any meaningful work or self improvements. You're such stars in this community.

    1. Very disappointing SEGA decision to nerf Deus Esca.
      What started as challenging and fun now become worthless eq again.
      Brace yourself, soon we will see a lot of noobs showing their Zeinesis sets butt.

    2. I agree. I complained about other players being garbage. And garbage players saod he was to hard.. I sat there the past few days gettin weapons to get my ass back into the expert lobby and for nothing now… Wonder how low his hp is compared to before….

    3. Originally had 60mil, now has 49mil. All 11mil HP was lost in the DPS phase, meaning the DPS phase is now about 19mil hp. Boss is now up there in difficulty with Elder, aka not even hard. As for damage reduction, overall he had about a 16% damage reduction on his attacks with golden thorns being a 70% damage decrease. He is so pathetic now…

      I don't remember PD every getting a damage nerf, I don't remember mother ever getting a HP nerf, nor do I ever remember Odin getting any form of nerf despite failing shit mpas often. So why did they do it for Deus? Who knows, Sega works in mysterious ways. Welp, looks like everyone is getting Zenesis weapons now, with a pot putting them almost on par with the damage of 14*s, where even is the achievement anymore.

    4. Funny thing is even with the nerf to deus XH blocks still fail it easily.

      Was forced to run a XH mpa just now since I was stuck in a 7/12 mpa on a full expert block that just wouldn't fill and the only open MPA was on a normal XH block. Even with my DPS being around 13-14k (which I'd believe isn't total trash for Deus but still could be way better) the MPA still floundered hard, not a single TE using buffs or zanverses, and our WB kept somehow missing his darn fat ball core and hitting either his arm or… his entire body (?!?)

      tl;dr : Nerf still wasn't enough for XH to not fail, run Expert only if you can. And if you somehow get forced to run XH… then it's better not to run at all.

    5. It was nerfed enough so that 1 to 2 players hitting at 20K+ DPS or higher can carry the entire MPA and be rewarded for it. If the MPA still can't pass the DPS check even when nerfed, well…


    6. 14k is really all it needed. Before nerf the MPA needed to have a total dps of 100k+. Even people on Expert Blocks failed because their average dps was like 7-9k. With time we started to understand the patterns and see openings so the MPA's dps honestly when through the roof. MPA dps at almost 200k with some people doing like 25-30k dps and the rest at about 10-15k

    7. I doubt it was just complaints
      like the loser when it was first released evryone despite being ships full hardly got the max to get True Falz Loser to appear so they had to nerf it.
      They compared the % of completion to % of fails and adjusted accordingly.

  6. I don't feel like a nerf was necessary. If anything, they should have increased that timer at the end by a minute or two. Other than that, it was fine. I'm not going to complain though. How much hp did they shave off of him anyway?

    1. The point is to overcome a challenge using as many tools as there are available or allowed. Handicapping yourself to bring a challenge is not always* something that brings satisfaction.

      * some like it, some don't.

  7. I think what people fail to realize is this is a casual friendly game, they have to cater to their majority, which is the people throwing them money.

    They can't appeal to only the hardcore players or the game would die, since it's such a small portion. this simply isn't a game based all on skill. if you want a game that requires skill for the hardest endgame content then you may as well go play FFXIV.

    i agree he did not need a nerf but at the same time i felt it coming, and i don't blame them, majority of players are pretty bad. and they have to scale it to them.

    PSO was just never known for actually requiring much skill.

    1. FFXIV need player's skill? I thought it only need good gear and pattern/rotation memorization…

    2. That is where the skill comes in, you can't just pug the games hardest content easily, people need to know their jobs, how to use them, and learn the patterns. in pso, you just mash weapon arts most of the time and you're good to go, by comparison i mean, you still need to know what your doing to some extent.

    3. Casual friendly game. Yeah, so friendly with PD hitting you for 1.2k and an extra boss that they say "only 5% of the player base will beat".

      Very caz game.

      And sorry, hardcore players are what keep a game going. It's all about whaling baby!

    4. lol, right, because PD certainly is needed to be done by every player, who can get the exact same drops (that matter) from just being in an MPA. Nothing in this game is "difficult" to the point that you need top notch skilled players, a solo player can easily get by with no team or party. ever, so long as they know where to go for Decent EQs. it's casual friendly.

      Money is what keeps the game going, hardcore players don't, sorry.

    5. Ok? The fact it exists in game to please players makes it clear it was meant for hardcore players. If it was a casual game, it would of been aimed at casual players. It's basic 1 = 1 math here.

      Do you even know what the term whaling means? It makes it pretty clear you don't know crap about MMOs if you don't…

    6. Well hardcore spending does count, so there you go, but that it self proves my point, if dishing out cash is considered hardcore, instead of strategy style fights,

      In the end casual players and hardcore players can have the same gear, There does not seem to be any separation. Hence the nerfing of dues. He is a complete joke now. so anyone can have the same gear.

      I mean i like this game but you can't deny what it is.

    7. @sacred-

      And no, trying to twist things around going "lol hardcore? Clearly pay2win". If that's not what you're saying, then it's coming off that way.

      Plus, it's natural that hardcore players are the ones sinking hours into things like affixes and getting multiple weapons up to +35. The vast majority of them also do try to learn how to play well.

      Doesn't mean they're good at the game, but the main point is they're actually trying to be ready for a challenge. Not everyone looking to pull through something rough is great. Even DSP tries and he's the absolute worst.

      And lastly, people were pulling through just fine in random pugs come day 3. People just needed time to adjust. IDK why people think that players are just incapable of handling something as simple as Deus because they failed once or twice.

      Hell, given the sudden sales of things like Ideal units for over a mil, people were learning and applying what they were learning. What's so wrong about the casual players getting a little more in depth? Hell

      Why do you think casual has to mean the player is awful?

  8. Wow reality, you just put all kinds of words in mouth, first: i know people were pulling through just fine, in fact i never lost a single fight vs him my self and it was all through pugging, after the update, the failure chance dropped in further, Never said he was hard, which boggles me why they needed to nerf it.

    second: no, i never claimed this was a pay to win game, in fact, i actually refuse to play those types of MMOs, i stay well away, pso2 is the ONLY f2p MMO i even bother with because you can easily get by without spending a dime.

    and last, Never said casual meant "awful" casual means you play these types of games part time, as hardcore spends far more time. but the fact that both sides can have the same gear. all you need is meseta and to catch the timed EQs (can pick when to come on)

    I'm not sure what you're trying to accuse me of here, my primary point is that this is a casual freindly game, because there is very little strategy in fights, and money is sunk into this game through mostly fashion. but it's a simplistic style game.

    1. And I don't even need to respond to push the point that it isn't. People are doing just fine with how "difficult" it is and it's not exactly "baby easy", or "casual" really. If anything, it's "normals". Really, everything you just said compounds the point that it was fine the way it was.

      And when you don't elaborate, I have to guess what you mean. If the words are missing I have to fill in the blanks. Again, I did say "If that’s not what you’re saying, then it’s coming off that way"

      Really, there's nothing wrong with things being a bit rough. PSO2 can handle a mix of both hardcore and casual. Casual players don't need maxed out +35 13* Zen weapons with Qhilphad's with 170 atk on them. The game is fully accessible(though I argue that things like the story mode need to be toned down because really, there's no excuse at all for that to be hard one little bit).

      Players are not denied victory during EQs just because they're not geared up. SH still exists for players to deal with a less grueling version of an boss, so it's not like they need to do everything to win.

      The moment you try to min/max really, is the moment you're not casual, so, going for all the fancy 13* instead of just enjoying a good boss is hardcore, whether they're ready for the challenge or not.

    2. I just wanted to ask, isn't the point of playing video games to have fun? Take it for what it is. It's a new boss that drops new gear. I see both sides of this argument of casual vs hardcore or whatever but at the end of the day…are you having fun with the game? If not then don't play and try a HARDER game. If so, then play till your heart's content. It's once people start griping and complaining about a nerf that actually lets more people have fun at the game and beat the boss that's when you need to look at the bigger picture. If you are raging about something so stupid as a boss nerf you should look at your priorities. It's just like complaining that summoners are OP. Its a PVE game, its not like their damage is hurting you. If our characters had PVP like other games then I'd see a reason to change damage calculation. If you want to go on and say I'm wrong and a casual go ahead. You won't hurt my feelings.

    3. I both agree and disagree. On one hand, you're right, a class being OP doesn't hurt others per se… But classes or characters being able to complete content too easily hurts the EXPERIENCE. Like, I was happy to be losing an EQ for once, my fault or not (since I'm basically a walking target here now), but when they nerfed him and we won on the first try with an awful party… I felt like it was an empty victory, and I felt kinda robbed… So, while it's true that it's kinda crazy to get so passionate about it, it IS still a valid discussion…

    4. @Max – This…you pretty much hammered the issue with the EQ nerf. Like, spot on. The dumbest thing is, we both might have experienced winning against the previous version, but so many who didn't, who were gearing up, getting ready, etc…who might have been excited to finally win…hell, imagine a whole TEAM thinking that… just to be denied that satisfaction.

      I just feel like a game like this, you need your mid ground. Hardcore players will still enjoy something where they finish with over 2 minutes left on the original deus run, while everyone else will be like "heck yeah" with only a second left. Hell, it must be invigorating to be on a run like that in my personal opinion.

      It's not for everyone to take on big challenges. But people shouldn't be straight out denied any form of challenge because others are unwilling to improve for something that's supposed to be "the hardest difficulty". It's like…SH is that way. If you don't want to gear up, you're not gonna need 13* weapons. If you want a 13*, there's Rev. Don't even need to touch XH.

      It does make me wish they would stop making big CFs like this XH only though. They REALLY need to reconsider it being like "wow this is pro wepons!" and more like "Here's your reward for doing good. If you wanna try harder, you get these fancy 12* units and items to make your weapon even more powerful you slaved over".

      The game may have a lot aimed at more hardcore, at least given the ridiculous amount of HP mother has, Solo PD, extra story quest Phaleg, "Solo LQs", original deus being planned to be more rough and only changed due to…what could only be expected failures for the first two days, it has room to let less active players still play and enjoy content. They should endorse that factor.

    5. I play for fun – not stats or bragging rights. That said I try to stay maxed out with the lvl cap and have multiple +35 13* weapons which allows me to continue to do high lvl MPA's without dragging the group down – seems only courteous. But for myself, I play for fun. 🙂

    6. The point of video games is indeed to have fun, but different people have fun in different ways. For some it is fun to just log in, do random stuff, chat, alt-tab while playing to respond to facebook etc. For others it is fun to spend hours theorycrafting and simulating to get 1% performance boost.

      The problem is that both the above groups (and everything in-between or even more extreme) expect everyone else to play like they do. So when we have players with different mentality enter the same group, we have those crying for elitists and those crying for leechers.

      Also, regardless if the game is PvE or not, if certain playstyles/specs are significantly better than the rest, it is detrimental to the fun of players. It doesn't matter if you play for fun or not, seeing that you are useless in a group and that you get carried removes the fun factor. Players want to feel that they contributed to their success, and not that they were gifted it.

    7. The problem is, people WERE having fun with the EQ. Lots of people.

      And then they took it away to make it a tireless grind. IDK why you would say "Well, nobody is having fun we might as well play another game" when they HAD it.

      Plus, if people are not up to stuff on XH, again, SH? That's the thing, they're not denied fun. If anything, it tailors the difficulty to what they want.

      Why do you think you're style of "beat up helpless boss" must beat out the majorities "have a little challenge"? It's sad when people talk about fun and neglect others like to have it to. It's egotistical, especially, when I brought up, again, SH's existence.

    8. It's fun to walk on for four leg while wearing bikini. Plus animal ears and tail wagging. Wait, why are you looking me like that?

  9. Well I'm only just hearing this today but thank god. Every single attempt I made at Deus ended a failure at the DPS check. All my team mates are playing on the expert blocks that I'm unable to access because I only returned recently and I've only levelled Braver/Ranger for Bow and Rifle main, so I'm still not used to having a boss chase me down while I'm trying to still do damage. I'm running a +31 Seiga Archer I got back when I actively played during Yamato so at the very least I was still pulling my weight from my perspective. Nothing pissed me off more than having wasted 30 minutes per attempt and blowing my RDR/TriBoosts. First two-four attempts sure, I'd expect failures while we're learning it but any more than that is just unfair. There's nothing challenging about having to hope others can pull their weight too.

    1. Or you could stop doing the EQ,go get better gear off another CF and come back to it later instead of being a leech lmao.

    2. How cute. Deus was my very first eq since coming back from before NT even existed, I pugged him in b11, and passed second try. There was absolutely nothing wrong with his difficulty.

  10. you guys never understand more hp is not hard boss right and if people not get good equipments how do they gonna do damage o.O

    1. Deus had less hp than PD, Mother and Magatsu and actually posed a challenge for once and rightfully so considering the zenesis series has the damage output of a pseudo 14*. The hp nerf was a bit unnecessary, especially being 10mil when he had only 60mil to begin with, adding insult to injury they also nerfed his damage by a fair amount too, exact value im unsure of but its quite a bit. People who are lvl 75/75 and still in XH blocks when they could have geared up with a +35 13* in sh shouldn't really be too surprised when they fail.

    2. HP isn't a true factor of difficulty, but it is one. While too much HP can create an unfun damage sponge boss fight, true. This boss on XH for even the expert block pugs I've been to feel like the opposite in which the boss just kinda drops dead without much effort which is basically a "That's it?" moment… as in less satisfaction. Don't even get me started on how my Team's MPAs just basically melts him.

      The attack nerf while values are unknown are also too much, he can barely even kill my Force/Tech whose only defense really is resist % on units with no HP/Def affixes. I think the only thing that can kill me in the EQ now unless I get really sloppy with my evasion is either the perma daze before the mooking section in his Hunar Farm or his Straight Pnnch in the final phases which does about 800 damage.

      And to think the nerf would wouldn't be needed if Sega made the sheets completable in Super Hard so people who couldn't handle SH for one reason or another could play outside of XH for those us of who wanted a challenge. But Sega has to moot any old content including difficulties around every turn.

    3. An example of bad hp was Magatsu when he was first released. His XH variation had like 93mil hp effectively dooming mpas without WB and still taking quite a bit of time for MPAs with one.

      I wouldn't personally say I'd go as far to have the Deus files SH doable, but I would say that SH should be able to have a rare chance of dropping zenesis like SH PD can drop invade.

      As for Deus' HP… We have to consider he IS the end Episode 4 boss and according to the story, a Ether negative clone of the earth dimension's God, so being such a pushover for the regular pub is quite sad to see, especially when mother MPAs can still cause more issues even 4 months later.

    4. @Pikachu – Rev sheets.

      Don't need maxed out Austere/third pot Zein weapons to do good damage. Hell, even some 10* with damage pots are literally enough. People also need some time to learn their weapons a bit more tbh.

      And sadly, the HP issue is based more on the last part. You had to really work hard to get him stunned and make sure he died at the end. I'm not sure the DPS check was the best solution to add challenge, but it added something that a lot of long time players wanted. It's kind of like TD, only it's, thankfully, less of a problem if some one is not doing much to help.

      It's not like people who are over geared can't help those who are undergeared, is part of the thing. I wish people would learn to help out those with less gear but still something respectable. Instead we got people just jumping in to leech and not really trying…which I don't see how that can be fun. Even Max, for all our bashings and explanations, you know, TRIED. He had fun TRYING.

      Again….SH, it exists. People need to remember they play games for the moments and excitement. People like being tested, just to varying degrees. SH offers the lower part of that spectrum. Too much focus on just grinding gear and it gets tedious.

    5. Rev weapons are a very decent starter 13* but the collection sheets are grindy as hell. Unless you know people who have previously stockpiled capsules for SHAQs that you can run with, you're going to have a bad time getting one, let alone three copies of one.

  11. normal 20, hard 40, very hard 55, super hard 70, extra hard 75, (expert 80/80,) that was what we needed, not keep 70 or 75 for expert, a new dificulty that require 80/80 and the way to unlock 80/80 with same requeriments as today, and same for expert block, so the nerfed deus can be xh 75/75, and dor expert the one that was before nerf as expert dificult 80/80, so that could keep both sides happy, expert could keep expert thingy and scrub can keep scrub thingy

    1. @Kiss- Honestly, they could just make a new version called "True Phantom God of Creation" that restores the original and gives like…say an extra fuse or two, depending on your time maybe?

      That way people are not denied anything, but it also gives those who wanna try the harder version a bit extra.

    2. @ Reality Check
      I agree. I had this thought as well as soon as the nerf happened. It would have been the perfect solution to this situation, catering to all players. Why they didn't do it is beyond me. I'm still secretly hoping they'll implement the two versions come next maintenance…

  12. Holy shit look at all these elitists. Fuck off, you still have your (supposedly) incredibly difficult rematch that comes after the EQ and that should be more than enough for you when it's released in early May. They just made it so that at least the first part is more friendly to the larger, more casual, player base. You need to remember that this game doesn't JUST revolve around the expert blocks.

    1. i don't think you know what elitism is if you think asking for people to do the bare minimum basics to contribute to an mpa is too much

      this didn't require 170atk affix power gamers, it required players to be able to do literally anything beyond dancing in lobbies. from what i've heard, people are STILL failing this eq left in right in regular xh blocks, because they can't do anything beyond dancing in the lobby.

      nerf the dps check again down to 10mil hp and they would probably still be failing it

    2. You must know that some team finish Ultimate Amduscia in less than 3 minutes, DF loser in less than 20 seconds and the same for the last wave of TD4 without ALS, THIS is elitism. The nerf on Deus was not necessary and you need to remember this game must deal with players like you and hardcore players.

    3. I top dps charts with 85 atk affix units and an orbit from before NTs even existed. How the fuck is it elitism to expect people with far better gear than me pull their weight?

    4. Yall ain't never gonna be able to control what others do or what gear they have in a random MPA – so instead of constantly complaining – why not just join a team that matches your goals/playstyle and play with them? Problem solved. If you join a random MPA – you have no right to complain – whatever happens, happens. Play with your team and you won't have these problems. If you're going to say: "But not enough of my team is online" – then join a different or better team – but all this complaining accomplishes nothing.

    5. Decisions like this make team play completely irrelevant. The problem is Sega catered to one side of the community (and yes, I realize 4-person version is coming out, but that's a whole different experience than playing with 12 players IMO).The only reason to bother with teams and organized play for Deus now is if you're one of those pretentious players who complain about having to spend a few extra minutes actually playing the game.

      Unfortunately the complaining has accomplished something. Making what was theatrically a badass boss with cool moves, music, voice and everything else die before its even registered as a threat. Sure its moves were telegraphed but at least we knew if we screwed up dodging it could very well mean death. It's boring now. Very boring. If the goal of a game is "fun," then the complainers have robbed many of us of this goal. A little bit of irritation is in order.

    6. @moo – Yeah… that's the thing. Like, even if you were to lose, yeah, it's a bit frustrating, but you got an experience out of it. I feel like too often, especially thanks to episode 4's "Just carry them" attitude, everything has been about the carrot on the stick with the community. One side got something different that they got to play for the fun of it, and the other side is upset that they can't always get a few fuses. And that was for the first few days.

      And the worst part, after the first run, nothing about the boss is BS, other than his stun lightning at the very very start of the EQ. And it's only bad because it usually means death and in that case, you would rather be done in one hit than hoping you survive. Otherwise, you know what's coming for every attack once you've played through it.

      He was telegraphed, the damage he did matched what he was doing. You get hit by a giant fist coming down on you, it's your fault when you see him winding up. His attacks were direct and he didn't just suddenly fly up in the air where any form of telegraph couldn't be seen by the way too close camera with a way too speedy attack that does 750+ damage. He didn't try to blindside the player.

      And he was still tough. Nothing like monster hunter, but he gave you a try and he even made it so you fail if you keep dying and thus can't DPS fast enough. He made death RELEVANT. He made trying hard to DPS actually worth more than "saving a bit of RDR" because you know, don't have 2,500 excubes sitting around in my inventory with the EQ giving me 30 more.

      But over all, he was mostly fair. I think that's the biggest issue. If mother was nerfed due to her massive HP pool and how if you didn't take down her HP enough during a phase she would continue the phase with revived hands that extended the EQ longer, I really don't think anyone would of cared. Mother wasn't exactly that great and her telegraphs ranged from ok to sometimes a bit too hard to tell, as well as her range being far too deceitful. Deus made all the hitboxes actually match what was shown. The only downside to what they've done is his collision boxes are too damn big(if you try to attack between the arm and the body to hit the core, you'll hit the arm instead…wasted many marons and guilty breaks on that) but you can at least adjust to those…they're usually only an issue for that last part of the fight.

      But this: " If the goal of a game is “fun,” "
      that's the golden factor here. It's what matters…and people are wondering why we're so up in arms about it. We're not on to grind our lives away. We're here for fun.

      And if fun gets in the way of one's tedium, then so be it. They should learn to play a game for what it's worth and not getting the carrot on the stick shouldn't be that miserable.

  13. Everyone complaining about Deus' Hp/Atk nerf.. and here I am wanting his droprate to get un-nerfed. Can't even fill my inventory with grind fodder anymore in a run since the nerf hit, let alone get 13* drops or 12* units. (Yes I do pop RDRs and Tris every run)

  14. They should make another game mode for pre nerf bosses or buffed bosses to cater to the elite players with strict requirements. While the casuals will go to the lower difficulties.
    We can never control how players should play or how they should be geared because not everyone spends the time playing all day. Everyone has different responsibilities in real life.
    Both sides are just as important no matter if one has more casuals or elites, the game should cater for both sides.

    1. @Kozart – It scares me that they haven't really. Just make a new difficulty that doesn't really do much than maybe add a small bit of DPS or extra quest clear rewards like extra fuses etc.

      That, and make SH work with these EQ sheets. I don't see the point of how they handle it, especially when they make bosses farmable for lower than level 50. No one is gonna get those sheets that early, especially with 10-12* weapons purchasable in shops now without passes.

      I don't see why players have to be forced to play the harder version. This separation would appease the different player bases so much ._.; Hell, Magatsu already technically does this. SH can get you a max of 70-80 Excubes compared to XH's 100. If you can manage 4 runs on SH compared to 2 on XH, really, you would gain more from doing SH.

  15. Had a question for someone who's more Affix savvy. Every now and then I stumble across a player with units that have.. for example the one i'm seeing now a piece of saiki rear that has Diabo Soul( t attack +35 dex +5 hp+30), Technique 3 (+30 t attack), Technique Boost (+25 T attack), and vinculum ( s r and t +20). Now added up all together it should be 110 t attack however the unit claims its giving a bonus of 160 he has the same abilities set up on his next piece of gear but instead of 160 it gives 150 I am rather confused on this as not only do the numbers not add up properly but the same abilities on a seperate piece of saiki don't add the same bonus. Can someone please explain in detail on this and if possible how this is done? Thanks.

  16. So, I'm just going to leave this here, massively late to the party, and then I'm never checking the comment section for this post again.

    Zephyros is easy. Yes, I mean before he got nerfed.

    Let me explain. ALL of Zephyros' moves are very heavily telegraphed, very easy to dodge, and he doesn't really fill the screen with a bunch of shit unlike Mother. At the same time, unlike Loser, his attack patterns are..pretty boring and uninteresting. The fight as a whole kind of sucks. The only thing that made the fight "Challenging" was the gear check that's at the very end.

    And that's kind of the problem. You see, a gear check isn't difficulty. Now, I know some PSO2 player just started screeching in his chair and bouncing in it(Careful, you might break it!), but bear with me for a moment, and I'll explain.

    In games like Devil May Cry, God Hand, Shin Megami Tensei, and..well, pretty much any game with good difficulty, what does changing it give you? Generally, it makes the enemies faster, stronger, have different moves, etc etc, right? Think about that for a moment, what does it mean?

    That's right, there's less room for error. Some of these games even go as far as to be one hit meaning death for the hero. Now, that ties into my previous point: Because Zephyros' attacks are so heavily telegraphed, getting hit by them isn't the issue with the gear check at the end, it's how much damage you can put out. And that's not really a challenge, that's just a contrived way to force people to grind up better gear.

    But why? First off, why even have the timer be the whole 60 minutes if any party that goes past the first, let's say 20, is screwed? Second, I've been in parties where Mother took 30-40 minutes(And before someone takes that as a cue to tell me to 'git gud scrub', that's on the MPA, not me, as my stuff is fully geared up), and it still felt rather tense and challenging. Zephyros doesn't have the same feel, as its attacks are, as I said before, pretty pathetically easy to dodge, not to mention I'm just dreading the final five minutes, because I know I more than likely ended up with a garbage team again.

    For people who say this is just a way to punish leechers: Then why does it have to punish the good players as well? That's kind of a stupid reaction, don't you think? A much better solution would be to require people to have a 13* weapon grinded up to, say, +20 before being able to do the XH version, that way there's at least SOME contribution.

    Thus, my final point is this: Zephyros' DPS check, gear check, whatever you want to call it, was a stupid, poorly planned implementation to give a pathetically easy boss a feeling of challenge when, in reality, he's probably on the same tier of difficulty as Elder. Of course, I know this is going to make some of the people who read this very, very angry, buuuuut I don't really care, cause I won't be around to see that. Bye!

    1. @dissenting opinion- Well, at least for some one I disagree with, you're not pulling crap out of your butt or just be derogatory. For that, I'm thankful.

      As for my disagreement, yeah, it's a DPS check. But it's still a skill check.

      Example: Big part of sword's DPS is landing a Parry Ignition with a JG. Those who pull it off could damage for 500k while those who are stuck just over ending will do 100k and still be attacking while the other person is using Ride Slasher, a move that, if you're aim is off, can do crap damage, but if it's perfect, it's the best damage when you can't manage a counter during parry ignition.

      Same goes with timing your dodges so you can manage to charge maron off of Deus' one lighting sweep attack. If you mess up the timing on it while trying to get the best charge will result in your death.

      And death means you're not DPSing. Not DPSing means you are at risk of failure.

      It finally means something that people like firesword are stacking that HP, because their DPS is active during that short period.

      As for the "punish leechers", I do agree that's not the right way to think about it. I feel like part of it is probably to discourage leeching though, rather than punishing. Kind of sad to drag good players down though.

      Only thing I disagree with full hardly though, is that "his attacks are pathetically easy to dodge". They don't need to be hellish to dodge. If anything, episode 4 has been awful about how it tries to hit players, trying to go for cheap shots and catching them too easily in a situation where they can do nothing despite no real warning about what is coming. Players are gonna get better at dodging certain attacks…and there's nothing really wrong with that, honestly.

      Over all, it's just that there's something demanding attention. The original run was never saw as difficult for even PUGs when I was in them. It was just that it was grabbing our attention for once. There's a line of "is there a challenge or not". It's like comparing TD1 to TD4. There's the difference between "You'll lose if you don't do anything" and "You have to try to win, but it's nothing that's gonna tax your ability". It's also nice to see a non-TD EQ give a lose status other than an hour.

      Also, I love how this one says everyone will be angry when it's ironically the only one that's just trying to use common sense and thought out logic. Those usually don't get the hate unless the person disagreeing is a blind idiot.

    2. Guilty Break have higher DPS than Ride Slasher tho at the cost of lower DPP. For maximum DPS when boss is downed a Guilty (wth slight jumping when releasing the charge) + Twister Fall (vanilla) is recommended. What's sad about most Sword user i saw on pub is they mostly spam Nova Strike which actually have lower DPS than Over End.

    3. @Hikomr – This is simply not true. Guilty Break is only used in combos to get back quicker to ride slasher… And Nova Strike is part of the "Wombo combo" for sword, spamming Nova into Rising back into Nova over and over for a general use TAJA…. Not to mention you should get off two nova's before you can finish over end…

      Twister Fall is just not good. I can't even begin to explain what's wrong here… Maybe it has merit in custom but I haven't seen it yet. you can compare the numbers here.

      Ride Slasher lv. 17: 2214
      Guilty break lv. 17: 1100

      Don't get me wrong, there's situations where you may be better off just spamming guilty breaks. But during a stun and everything, you're not gonna DPS well with those strategies…

    4. If you scroll down in the very page you linked there should be a table with DPS column here.

      Ride Slasher: 909 at lv.17 and max gear+charge
      Guilty Break: 916 at lv.17 and max gear+charge

      In the time you do 1 Ride Slasher you can do 2 Guilty Break or Guilty+Twister. What matter in DPS is how fast damage is delivered per second, total PA damage with each use is falls more to DPP (damage per PP).

      2 Nova: 3790 damage within 325 frame
      1 OE: 4125 damage within 298 frame

      with TAJA (only counting 15% boost from TAJA)
      Nova>Rising: 4206.5 within 308 frame (819.45 dps at 60fps)
      Stun>OE: 5219.75 damage within 330 frame (949.05 dps at 60fps)

      Of course this only apply if you have enough PP and can keep spamming it without interrupted by guarding/evading enemy attack. Btw, this is where the argument "Automate can increase DPS" come from.

    5. Forgot to add. Whoever read that comparison aboove, spamming OE isn't recommended because a good chunk of damage is coming from the last hit so using it on any other than downed enemy will probably get you less dps and there's a lot of better dps combo for a downed enemy.

    6. hikomr (since you didnt allow a reply on your latest comments just dropping here)
      those are horribly low dps numbers in your example like my god what are you factoring in cause my average is 60k dps or am i missing something.

    7. That is only DPS on paper based on PA damage multiplier alone not counting other multipliers from skill/potential/buff/weakpoint and attack stats. Well, it's not like Hu is known for it's DPS anyway.

      And there's a limit on how much a reply can be chained so that's not my doing lol.

  17. Hey y'all what would be the easiest and quickest method to gather xp for the skill rings? Tried riding quest figuring that should be a good method but the xp bar itself doesn't appear to be moving and if it is not by much at all.

    1. Skill Rings acquire a fixed proportion of the total exp you acquire as a character. Whatever gives your character more exp, gives rings more exp too. Just let them levelup as you do.

    2. My favourite way is just playing the game normally, whether DO, featureds , EQ or just levelling a char. I like to forget they exist on my person so I don't keep checking them every 5 seconds, works pretty well in my opinion.

    3. Ring grinding works just like leveling, after 75, you're only hurting your sanity checking the exp every 5-10 minutes. just pretend it does not exist while you play and it does go by faster in a sense.

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