On May 15tth, PSO2 will introduce new content intended for high level players called "Extreme Quests."  Information provided by ShougaiPSO (a Japanese fansite)  as found in Dengeki and Famitsu magazines.

Extreme Quests

  • Available to players LV50+
  • You have to use an item called "Extreme Pass" to play the quest.
  • You can obtain one pass a day for free at the quest counter.

Extreme Quest Setup

  • As of 5/15, there's 1 ~ 40 Floors.
  • Each extreme pass lets you play 1~5 floors.
  • When you clear the first five floors, you can play the next set of floors. (Floors 6 ~ 10)
  • You can replay the floors you've previously cleared though this will still consume an Extreme Pass.

Enemy Condition

  • Each floor applies certain conditions to enemies.
  • Example conditions include "Increased Strength" and "Increased Resistance: (Lightning Techs)"

Floor Orders

  • Each floor has set goals called "Floor Orders"
  • For example: Defeat 10 enemies within 30 seconds / Defeat De Malmoth within 180 seconds / Destroy 24 parts of Big Vardha
  • When you achieve this goal, you receive "bonuses" (details below)

Extreme Quest Rewards

  • There are several rewards including new 11 star weapons.
  • The quest has separate drop tables and drop items
  • You can acquire brand new 11 star weapons here.
  • Items you pick up are temporarily stored to a "rewards list"
  • You can choose the items you wish to keep from the "rewards list" once the quest is cleared. However, the items you can choose from is based on the score you received.
  • For example, if you achieved a bad score, it could allow you to take only one "type" of item.
  • You could take "99 grinders" as one "type" of item.
  • Clearing floor orders increases the the number of items you can take back with you.

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