PSO2 JP & NA: Friend Invite System

The Friend Referral System

The Friend Referral System is perfect for introducing friends who have never played Phantasy Star Online 2 before! Through this system you can obtain ARKS Badge: Blue アークスバッヂ青. Players can trade these items in at the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop.

Both you and your friend will receive badges, when your friend hits LVL 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50! When there are multiple characters on your friend's account, it will be whichever character reaches those levels first.

Friend Referral Rewards:

  • YOU: ARKS Badge: Blue
  • FRIEND: Arks Badge: White (which can be converted into Blue)

Important Points

  • This must be the first time that your friend is playing the game.
  • Your friend should NOT have previously made any characters on any ship.
  • Your friend needs to join the SAME SHIP as you.
  • The referral code in this system will be your Player ID Number.
  • Please give both your Player ID Number and your ship to your friend.
  • You can find your Player ID Number in the guide below.


NA Version: Step 1

After logging into the game, click the Friend Referral System button to the side. This will display a message with your Player ID and Ship. Press [Yes] to copy this message to clipboard so that you can send it to your friend.

Ricardo 10491737



NA Version: Step 2

When your friend plays the game for the first time, they will be given an option to enter your Player ID. Give them the information from Step 1 so they can select the same ship and enter your Player ID.



NA Version: Step 3

Both you and your friend will receive mail once the invite is successful.


NA Version: Step 4

You'll receive mail when your friend reaches levels: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50. The development team will then send Arks Badge: Blue to the Pickup Storage.

Friends who were invited will receive mail telling them to claim Arks Badge: White. Head to the NPC Astarte who can be found to the left of the Gateway Ship entrance. Once you receive the white badge, you must keep them in your inventory in order for Astarte to convert them into Arks Badge: Blue and Star Gems.


You can find Arks Badge Blue badges in your Op Team Storage. From here you can send them to your inventory, and then trade them in at the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop! If you were invited by another player, you'll instead get Arks Badge Blue from Astarte (by trading in Arks Badge: White).


On the NA version, the Badge & Memory Shop is located on the 2nd floor of the Shopping Area. Speak to Nanon to trade in your badges.


Item List

The Badge & Memory Exchange has several items

JP Version: Step 1

Before you invite your friend, in the start menu after logging in and choosing a ship, there is a new menu called "お友達招待システム" it is the THIRD menu in this window at the time of this writing. You will see a window pop up as the screenshot above. This new menu shows your Player ID and Ship number in yellow font.

Tell your Player ID and Ship Number to your friend. You may copy and paste these numbers and email them to your friend. Press the blue left button to copy this information automatically.

It should come out something like this:


お友達がいるシップ:Ship02:ウル お友達のプレイヤーID:12345678


Step 2: Registration

This step is performed by the player who was invited. Log into the same ship as the person inviting you.

After you sign on you will see a menu similar to the one in Step 1. Press the top option "キャラクター選択" to choose a character, then choose キャラクターの新規作成 to create a new character.

You will soon see a window similar to the screenshot above in Step 2. Copy your friend's PlayerID as-is (the string of numbers they sent you), and paste them into the box. Press the left blue button 決定 on the bottom of this screen. You will then start the Character Creation process.


Step 3: Invite Confirmation

This step is intended for both players. You will receive an in game email informing you that the invite has been established.


Getting Badges

Check the Storage Box in the lobby and select "運営倉庫" Admin. Storage.

When your friend reaches levels of 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50, you will receive mail informing you of the accomplishment. An Arks badge will now be sent to your administrator storage. First select 受け取り専用倉庫 Receipt Storage then select 運営倉庫 Administrator Storage. 

Players who were invited will instead acquire White Arks Badge アークスバッヂ白 from Astarte. Head to Astarte in the Gate Area lobby. When you speak to her, click on [招待報酬] and from there you can claim Blue Arks Badge and Star Gems.


The Badge & Memory Exchange Shop is near the Recycle Shop.

You can trade in your Blue Arks Badges at the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop.


Item List

The Badge Exchange Shop Item list

Trade in the Blue Arks Badges アークスバッヂ青 to acquire exclusive items.


NA Version JP Version Price
??? ブレイド・ボール (Blade Ball) 5 Badges
??? フリィバイパー (Fury Viper) 5 Badges
??? ソリッドストレート (Solid Straight) 5 Badges
??? クリーンブラシ (Clean Brush) 4 Badges


NA Version JP Version Price
*Fame Flag *フェームフラッグ (*Fame Flag) 5 Badges
*Millionaire *ミリオネア (*Millionaire) 5 Badges


NA Version JP Version Price
Boater A カンカン帽A (Boater A) 4 Badges
Boater B カンカン帽B (Boater B) 4 Badges
Bun Covers シニヨン飾り (Chignon Decoration) 3 Badges
Jolly Ribbon ファニーリボン (Funny Ribbon) 3 Badges


NA Version JP Version Price
Headband: White 白ハチマキ (White Head Band) 3 Badges
Headband: Red 赤ハチマキ (Red Head Band) 3 Badges
Head Goggles ヘッドゴーグル (Head Goggles) 3 Badges
Spiral Glasses ぐるぐるメガネ (Swirly Swirly Glasses) 2 Badges
Heart Glasses ハートメガネ (Heart Glasses) 2 Badges
Star Glasses スターメガネ (Star Glases) 2 Badges
Cactus Chair サボテチェア (Cactus Chair) 3 Badges
Space Geyser 宇宙の泉 (Cosmo Fountain) 3 Badges

29 thoughts to “PSO2 JP & NA: Friend Invite System”

  1. Here is a Friend Invite Referral Code if anyone needs it.
    When you use the Friend Referral System to begin Phantasy Star Online 2, both you and your friend will receive wonderful items!
    Please input the following information during registration.
    Your friend's Ship: Ship 03: Thorn
    Your friend's Player ID: 10698424

  2. Star's Ship: Ship 03: Thorn
    Star's Player ID: 10730935

    I was hoping the rewards would be more my taste. Oh well, more stuff more better!

    1. Thanks AKINOSEI~
      I got notices every 10 levels you gained up to 50. Congratulations! I bet you're level 75 now, or at least close to it!

      Thanks anyone else who added me from this page. I play 12 hours on the days I don't work so you better believe I value anything being added to my progress. I also don't mind helping people so you're free to message me in game.

  3. When will the game ask me to enter my friend's code? I'm a new player and now I'm about to create a character but it did not ask me to enter a friend ID at the beginning

  4. I wonder if people ever got banned for abusing this system? As-in, make an alt account and keep leveling so that you get badges on your main ? Seems so easy to do, and you can sell some of the stuff back.

    Btw, great job with the site. It takes a lot of dedication to keep this up throughout the years (I've been there before, it's time consuming).

    Guess I'll leave my referral details here. It's for Ship 02 in NA. I don't see any specifically for the NA version, so there it is. Feel free to delete the post if this is not appropriate~

    PSO2 NA Version
    Ship 02: Ur
    Player ID: 10625592

    Thanks in advance, and enjoy your stay in PSO2.

    1. I don't know if you've been playing long, but those items acquired with badges are strictly cosmetic and of 0 value. I don't know the frequency, but just being in an active alliance confers enough badges to buy every item in the blue badge shop in a short time.

      Meanwhile, it's well known that playing a new character for less than 30 minutes provides around 1 million meseta and other valuable resources with just a little preparation. This can be repeated every 24 hours. Though really, there are so many less questionable ways to gain resources that these activities don't make a real influence in the economy of the game.

  5. Howdy tossing up my Player ID & Ship info for those looking for a referral from a new and active player.

    Ship: Ship 03: Thorn
    Player ID: 11097307

  6. what i'm more curious about is What are you wearing to become Topless like that?
    Was planing on changing one my alts into a Brawler basically and i wanted to copy that badass look, but there is no topless outfit available in the NA yet…atleast not to my knowledge, would still like to know What/How to make that happen.

    Also to follow everyone else.
    Ship 4: Ansur
    Player ID: 11105259

    1. 2 things.
      1: @Lostbob117 Oh so That's what they are called…too bad you cannot search for something you haven't activly seen…which in all honestly is pretty god damn stupid.

      2: Anyone else who decides to use my referal, feel free to send me a friend request, my account ID is the same as here (altho everything except the F and C is a capital letter, the rest is not)
      If there is anything i can do to help you with, don't be affraid to ask.

    2. They really need to add an Edit Comment option…

      My last comment i noticed i messed up with the name, said every letter except the F and C is a capital (big) letter, i wrote wrong, what i Meant was, ONLY the F and C is a capital letter, the other are lower cases (small) letters

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