PSO2 JP: Illusory Onslaught Update Part 2

May 29th, 2013 Update

Event Lobby

Wedding Lobby pic

  • Schedule: May 29th ~ June 12th, 2013

Field Update

  • 極限訓練:森林と龍 Extreme Training: Forest and Dragons (LV 50+)
  • 特務先遣調査:遺跡 Advance Survey : Ruins (Lv 45+)
  • 特務先遣調査:市街地 Advance Survey: City (Lv 45+)
  • 特務先遣調査:龍祭壇 Advance Survey: Sanctuary (Lv 45+)

Rare Enemy


ゾロン・ゴラール Zoron Goraal


New Interrupt Event

New Client Order

New Item


デイジーチェイン Daisy Chain (Sword)


divine amaterasu

神杖アマテラス Divine Amaterasu (Rod)


New Weapon Camo

wedding cake

*ウェディングケーキ Wedding Cake (Partisan)



*ザイン・ザ・ジェミニ Zine The Gemini (Twin Dagger)

System Update

  • For a limited time, the ship transferring fee will change to (350AC)
  • For a limited time, characters who have recently changed ships must wait 24 hours before transferring to another ship.

Pyroxene Shop Update

Gunner Balance Changes

  • Expanded the range for Gunner skill "Zero Range Advance." (Zero Effort latent ability receives the same adjustment.)
  • Increased Perfect Keeper's strength
  • Increased Satellite Aim's attack range, and made it quicker to cancel through evasive actions.
  • Expanded the range Reverse Tap draws in enemies.

Patch Notes

  • Players who logged in from May 15th through May 22nd prior to maintenance will receive 10 extreme passes at the visiphone
  • Client Order Campaign 8 prizes have been distributed
  • Each character that has unlocked the Gunner class when maintenance started on May 22nd will receive an All Skill Tree Reset Pass
  • PSO2 Live Broadcast secret voice campaign prizes have been distributed to the storage box.
  • Once you clear the final Extreme Quest stage, you will now receive a catalyst item that can be used to trade with other stones. Players who have already cleared the final stage will receive the catalyst item sometime in the future.
  • An error message code will now display when the PSO2 application force closes.
  • Corrected the Attack PP Restorate skill


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