PSO2 JP: Imperial Guardian Update (4/10/2013)


Easter Lobby

Easter Lobby

  • April 10th through May 15th, 2013

Class Level

  • Level Cap 60

Skill Tree

  • New skills added to all classes.

Dragon Altar

New Field

  • Dragon Altar

New Quests

  • Free-field : 龍祭壇探索 Dragon Altar Investigation N:0 H:20 VH:40
  • Arks Quest: 龍祭壇平定任務 Dragon Altar Subjugation Mission N:0 H:20 VH:40
  • Arks Quest: ソル・ディランダール討伐 Subdue Sol Dirandal N:0 H:20 VH:40
  • Arks Quest: ゴロンゾラン鎮圧 Subdue Goronzoran N:0 H:20 VH:40

Other New Stuff

  • New Client Orders
  • New Daily Orders
  • New Team Orders
  • New Interrupt Event

New Items

New Latent Abilities

  • Added new Latent Abilities and added some to existing weapons.

AC Shop

  • Added Sub-Palette Expansion Ticket

My Room Shop

  • My Room Shop lineup updated

Other Changes

  • Grind locked equipment in all menus of the Weapon Lab
  • A confirmation window shows up when selling 7 star or higher items.
  • PSN Online ID entry added to Arks Card
  • Grind Risk item names have changed.
  • 強化リスク減少(-1)> 強化リスク軽減(+1)Grind Risk Reduction (+1)
  • 強化リスク減少(保護)> 強化リスク軽減(完全)Grind Risk Reduction (Complete)
  • Added the option to leave the party and return to the lobby from the Camp Ship.
  • Emergency Trial chat shortcuts are enabled. Type <et1> <et2> or <et3> to say the currently active emergency trials.

Chat Window Changes

  • Even if you hold the backspace key and erase every letter, the chat window will remain open.
  • Once the chat entry field is empty, press the backspace button to close the window.
  • When you press the down arrow key in the chat window, it will go to the last selected button underneath.
  • By pressing the up arrow key when the cursor is selected on one of the buttons below the chat window, it will move up into the chat entry field.
  • Reduced the amount the chatlog scrolls when the [page up] or [page down] button is pressed.

Lock-on Target Switch

  • Added the choice to disable the right analog stick from switching targets in the options menu.

And even more changes

  •  In the Arks Lobby, the overhead text will disappear for players in a party when they're a certain distance apart. This also applies for NPCs as well. Other players' overhead text will gradually fade out the farther away you are.
  • Changed the initial cursor position at the Terms of Use window when the game starts.
  • Lottie, Hilbert, the sales clerks for the Photon Drop, EXCube, and Pyroxene shops now have exclusive voices.
  • The "Quest Quick Information" area displays the number of people participating in a quest.
  • Increased the energy tank's explosion damage in the latter half of the first area of Marathon Practice Lillipa.
  • It will now display information about the selected Matter in the Matter Board selection screen.
  • Added explanations for "Patty&Tiea" "Zig" Melphonseena"and "Gettemhult's" location when progressing through the Matter Board.
  • Changed the icon designs for Hunter's "Guard" "Just Guard" "Guard Stance Poison" and "Guard Stance Burn."
  • Changed the icon designs for Gunner's "Aerial Advance" and "Chain Finisher" skills.
  • When you perform the Guard animation with the "Wing Spada" sword, the coat of arms will now face the front.
  • The Enrollment History will display the creator of the team.

Enemy EXP Adjustments

  • Made adjustments to the EXP correction when enemy levels are far apart by raising the minimum value. (Japanese players reported the minimum value is now 25% instead of 0%, which means it was corrected -75%)

Zonde Changes

  • Adjusted the damage modifiers for Zonde

Client Order Changes

  • Eased the difficulty for Ohza, Lisa, and Marlu's Skill Point Client Orders.

Hunter Skill Adjustments

  • Guard Stance and Guard Stance Up is now percentage based.
  • Fury Stance, Fury Stance Up, and Fury Stance Up 2 are percentage based.
  • Enemies prefer targeting warcry users.

These changes also apply to Guard Stance and Fury Stance related latent abilities

Skill Tree Changes

  • Relaxed the skill points needed for Gear Type skills and Tool Mastery
  • An All Skill Tree Reset Pass 全スキルツリー初期化パス was distributed to each character in the special storage box.

Emergency Quest Changes for Volcanic Guerrilas

  • Removed the enclosing wall interrupt events making it easier to progress.
  • Adjusted the maximum size of the area making it easier to meet other players.
  • Adjusted the appearance rates for interrupt events and enemies.

Interrupt Event adjustments

  • For some item collecting interrupt events, reduced the number of items you need to collect and reduced the range in which the items appear on the field if there's too many players within the trial.

Scrolling Message Information

  • After the April 10th maintenance, they have confirmed a bug where the HP Gauge and Character information show strange values. Players afflicted by this bug should perform a file check to see if this corrects the problem. Sega is aware and currently investigating this issue.



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