PSO2 JP: In The Driving Rain 2

[In the Driving Rain 2] emergency quest will be released on May 21st! This quest takes place in the forest, where Darkers and Naberius natives spawn as level 70 enemies on Super Hard. The quest has been updated to use a multi-party area from the start, with a map that's easy to play in!

Roseo Parasol

Frog Rappies will appear on the field between May 21st through June 11th. They'll drop new items like Twin Machine Gun シャボンラッピーガン [Soap Rappy Gun] and Gunslash weapon camo 「*ロゼオパラソーレ」 Roseo Parasol.


Extreme Quest Expansion

Tundra mechs

[Extreme Quest: Tundra and Mechs] stages 61 ~ 70 feature varying combinations of formidable opponents. Expect rare bosses like King Varder or Tranzexia to appear. Clear all 70 stages to receive even more scarlet ores than ever before!


F. Continent Team Room

Skylands Team Room 2

Its beauty changes with the passage of time.

Islands of various heights float among a sea of clouds. Players can catapult and jump around the islands to enjoy breathtaking views and discover hidden passages.


Twinkle Splash AC Scratch

Officer Coat

オフィサーコート Officer Coat

Costumes to wear on a rainy day along with Quarry inspired outfits.

Aquaria Coat

アクエリアコート Aquaria Coat

Frog Rappy Suit

フログ・ラッピースーツ Frog Rappy Suit

PSO2 Novel

PSO2 Novel

On June 16th, PSO2 will release its very first novel titled "Phantasy Star Online 2 – Side Stories." It will go on sale for 1,296 Yen. Those who purchase it can receive some item codes, details will be revealed at a later time.

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