PSO2 JP: Livestream Broadcast 10 Recap

You can watch today's PSO2 Livestream at Nico Nico. We'll provide notes from today's program in the section below. Since some of the program notes are subject to change, please wait a few hours after the program is over for us to finalize the summary.

This post will update in real-time and is subject to change!
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Live Broadcast Recap

  • PSO2 will begin service in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and six southeast Asia countries in 2014.
  • They're going to hold a Thanks Festa Cosplay Contest on August 3rd.
  • Famitsu Cup takes place July 21st.
  • They're going to create a Thanks Festa Mook DVD (Mook is a portmanteau of Magazine and Book.)
  • Players voted for today's boost event; 79.7% voted for +100% Rare Drop Boost. This boost event will be applied July 9th @ 23:30 ~ 25:30 JST.
  • (Upd) There's a bullet bow PA that displays an indicator on the field where the attack will land.
  • (Upd) From the live footage, it looks like Bravers can perform a step attack with Bullet Bows. Step Attack can be seen in the skill menu.
  • (Upd) Snatch Step would then apply to Katanas instead. (But it may be possible to perform both types of step attacks?)
  • (EDIT) Snatch Step's description doesn't mention whether it needs a katana or bow, only that it gives S-ATK damage during the stepping animation.
  • Agito is back!
  • Photon Chairs!?



July 10th update

July 10th Update

July 10th Update

  • AC Scratch: 1 Year Anniversary Accessories and Support Item Selection
  • Extreme Quest Tundra and Mechs floors 41~50.


Heroes Summer Beach Scratch

 Hunter Echo

 Hunter Echo



Chinese Dress


Weekly Famitsu Angeharp

(Clarification) Item Codes in August 1st Weekly Famitsu that goes on sale July 18th.

  • Issue: 週刊ファミ通 2013年8月1日号
  • Bullet Bow Weapon Camo (Angeharp)
  • Triboost+50%
  • 500 FUN Ticket

Item Codes in Dengeki Playstation Vol.547 on sale July 25th

  • Katana Weapon Camo (Keikouto)
  • Triboost+50%
  • FUN 500 Ticket

Sega put the incorrect issue number on the slides, this has been corrected in red text above.


Episode 2 Adjustments

Episode 2 Adjustments

  • Login History
  • Subclass EXP up to level 40
  • EXP penalty kicks in 11 levels away.
  • Client Order adjustments (Some client orders are repeatable after 22 hours.)
  • Classes and Skill Trees will see some adjustments. (An All Skill Tree Reset Pass will be distributed.)
  • Quest Adjustments

About the Rare Drop Adjustments

  • Boss enemies will have a higher chance at dropping rare weapons that your class can equip.
  • They're not going to touch the drop tables of weapons outside of your class, so it will remain just like it was before this update.
  • Due to this change, it will be much easier obtaining rare weapons for your class.

Episode 2 Features

  • A Team Search Function
  • New Item Lab NPC Monica will appear on even block numbers.
  • New PAs for all weapon categories.
  • New Technics for all elements
  • ARKS Road System
  • Support Partners. Create one in the Esté Counter
  • Free Partner System
  • Read a recap of the story at your leisure.


Heroes Summer Beach

Heroes Summer Beach Scratch

July 24th Update

  • Bikini Swimwear Outfits
  • Okiku Doll, Fan, and Well.
  • Forest and Dragons Floors 41~50!
  • New Story Quest revealing Echo's new outfit.


PSO2 Start Guide Book

PSO2 Episode 2 Start Guide Book

POS2 Episode 2 Start Guide Book

  • On sale July 17th
  • Item Codes include a Pretty Parasol weapon camo, triboost+50%, and a 500 FUN ticket.


 PSO2 Vs Border Break Goodies

PSO2 vs Border Break Fan Items

PSO2 Vs Border Break Union

  • Goodies go on sale July 28th at the 2013 (Summer) Wonder Festival!


August Collab

MaiMai Green Collaboration

MaiMai Green Collab

  • MaiMai Green arcade unit and six music disks are coming early August.


Phantasy Star Online 2 Original Prototype


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