PSO2 JP: Maintenance (7/9/2014)

July 9th Maintenance


  • PSO2es is currently suspended and is planned to resume in mid-July. The next follow-up report is scheduled for July 15th @ 15:00 JST (2:00 AM EDT).

Maintenance Contents

  • Delivered campaign items for:
    • Welcome Back Go! Go! Campaign #2
    • New Registration Campaign
    • Heretic Queen Bug

Sega has completed addressing Error 107 and Error 630.


Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Pacific / Hawaii

São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan


Boost Events Until Next Maintenance!

  • +1 Login Stamp Bonus
  • +50% EXP / +50% Rare Drops for all quests

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • If you are using a mobile device or an external application, please [sync] the calendar after maintenance has ended.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with their start and completion times as separate entries.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.


Client Order Campaign #57

Client Order Campaign 57

Clear Revelle and Io's client orders to receive some prizes!

Campaign Period

  • July 9th until July 23rd's maintenance.

Qualifying Client Orders

(1) Clear Revelle's client order 「マイルドマイルド・マーダー・V」 Mild Mild Murder V to receive:

  • +50% EXP Booster (x2)
  • Liliparium S (x1)

(2) Clear Io's client order 「ジャストアタック特訓・VIII」 Just Attack Training VIII to receive:

  • Grind Risk Reducer +1 (x2)
  • Grinder (x20)

Prize Distribution Date

  • July 30th at the Visiphone after maintenance.

114 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Maintenance (7/9/2014)”

  1. I was just able to start the launcher without getting error 107 not sure if its the same for anyone else

  2. I'll wait and see.. I doubt I'll stop using my solution to connect even if they open everything back up. Seeing the other geotagged commercials they have in the lobbies is much nicer when it thinks you're on home turf.

  3. Yeah I still can't get on, well this is b.s. I was looking forward to having my ISP finally be unblocked but looks like I still gotta risk it using a vpn.

  4. So is SEGA slowly unblocking everyone every time there's a maintenance?
    If so then I guess I'll just wait more…

  5. So im taking it were pretty much done and cant get back on? i dont plan on switching my ips nor using vpn, sigh and i put soo much time into the game too oh well you win some you lose some -_-

    1. uh, no. I cant believe people are still in denial that this is on sega's end. Good god.

    2. uh no – it's not all on Sega's end cause i'm on time-warner isp here in the usa and have been able to connect and play just fine for almost a week now…

    3. that's exactly what on sega's end means. they block some ip ranges and some others not. like my german isp's range and time warner's but not yours. makes it on sega's end.

    4. most everyone else disagrees — it is what backbone your ISP uses that is denying the traffic – not Sega. look, i'm just telling you what i have learned from people who know about this kind of stuff.

  6. Just got off the phone with cox after 35 minutes of speaking unfortunately nothing was done about it. The guy insisted on sega being at fault since he attempted to run a traceroute/ping "outside the COX network" and it didn't work. He even did it on a different computer and it still didn't work. I asked if COX blocked pso2 he insisted they didn't. I guess it's vpn till banned from game for now.. good luck my fellow COX ISP users..

  7. I have Verizon and I was able to update this morning through the launcher. Tweaker still says the servers are offline but when I start the game up, everything seems to be working. No 107 or 249 errors. Though it seems to be that plenty of people are still having connection issues so it seems like only certain companies are able to get through still. I'm thankful for Verizon being awesome right now but I feel bad for all the people who can't play.

  8. Here's an update on my own status as an Optimum Online user: While logging in normally using Tweaker, I was still facing facing the 249 error. But, after using Pingzapper, I was able to login normally. So, for other Optimum users, go ahead and try to use Pingzapper but make sure you turn it off right before you input your password/hit the login button. Best of luck to the other Optimum users.

    1. You should select SEA region when creating a PSO2 profile in pingzapper – that then let me choose Tokyo1 as where to ping from which let me login without any problem.

    2. *Correction* — I have been informed that choosing Tokyo1 no longer works but choosing "Sao Paulo" instead should still allow pingzapper to work with PSO2.

    3. I just called optimum and they said they will bring it to the network people and such and i also had a live chat, they first marked it as the site is the issue, once i mentioned time warner and others had no issue and I told them I might have to switch they immediately said they'd work on it… Cross your fingers they do something!

    4. This method worked for me – but since time-warner can now connect normally I don't need to do it – but it did work great – much better than vpn – when I did use pingzapper a week or so ago.

  9. Well i still got error 107/249 ,and i can't connect to website as well. Do any1 know how to dealing with them since Sega say it is already fixed. I know it is a ISP problem but i contact them and they keep on like don' care. Well i using Belkin comcast , living in CA state of NA.

    1. Comcast user as well, I've contacted them about it a few times previously and had the same results until a few moments ago. I asked to speak to a supervisor and mentioned that
      1: I am able to take my laptop to a neighbor with Verizon and connect to the game via that ISP,
      2: I have run a trace route report and it shows the connection not even leaving Comcast servers I can tell the issue is through Comcast internet.
      3: Since I am paying monthly for the game (doesn't matter if this is true or not in your case, it just reinforces the point) and as I do not want to pay for something I can't use I will cancel Comcast services and intend to switch to Verizon if the issue is not resolved promptly.
      I was speaking to a supervisor named Ted who had some familiarity with the game so I would recommend asking for him specifically if possible as it seems like he took my complaint seriously, however I was given a wait time of 24-72 hours for this issue to be resolved and haven't had any success connecting yet. Will report back if there is any good news, and if more Comcast users are able to get through to a decent supervisor with these points hopefully we have a better chance of success…
      If not I suppose it's just time to switch ISP, I damn well hate Comcast anyway

    2. I'm a comcast user U.S in east coast and still get 107 on the launcher and 249 with tweaker. But is this really the fault of our isp's or more like Sega being totally unprepared and totally incompetent and handled this whole attack really really poorly.

  10. Nope still can't connect. Well we can just say now we are all doomed! to never play, i'm a little sad.

  11. Nothing has change for me, cant connect to the pso2 site and im still getting error 107, and besides in my sega id account it says There's no service currently registered. Guess ill have to look for a new game to play 🙁

  12. I was able to access the game without error 107 and 630 from last Saturday, July 5th.
    Also I played game this morning (July 9th, 7:00 AM ~ 9:45 AM).
    But now I cannot access to players site and getting error No. 107 for game.

    Hopefully this is temporary and they will fix it during their working time…

    1. yeah i was also able to play this morning just fine but literally like an hour later after i logged off it wouldnt let me connect anymroe again and just started giving me error code 249 again 🙁

  13. This sucks so much. I knew having Comcast was going to horribly screw me over one day. I've put so many hours into the game so I'm really disappointed in Sega for not unblocking everyone, especially with Episode 3 right around the corner. Although it's not entirely Sega's fault. If that ddos never happened we would all be happy Arks. Well, I guess all I can do now is hope that it magically gets unblocked, or that a NA/EU version of the game gets launched. Until that time, have fun people who can connect. I'll miss you 🙁

    1. No one, or a small number of people will play the NA/EU version due it Sega of America lack of providing content update. That and it will be far behind.

    2. Well, I will have to at this point, can't play the jp version anymore. Any pso2 is better than no pso2 am I right?

    3. at this point, its like 99.99% possible that ip block is going to be implemented when local version of pso2 ever gets released

    4. i'm actually with you there. the only thing im pointing out is IP block. even i dont believe local version will come.

  14. I am in US and I was able to play game from last Saturday July 5th.
    Also I played game and able to connect to players site this morning (July 9th, 7:00 AM ~ 9:45 AM).
    But now I cannot connect to players site and getting error No.107 for booting the launcher.

    I hope this is not for purpose and they fix this as soon as possible…

  15. I've heard that the compensation items have an expiry date if you don't pick them up… but I haven't seen mention of what that date is… Can anyone confirm/deny if that's the case, and when it is? I don't mind waiting it out longer except for losing out on those.

    1. The compensation for the temporary service interruption caused by the DDoS attacks will expire after July 16th's maintenance if you haven't picked it up from the Visiphone.

  16. So I just called Optimum and they told me they can't support or do anything for me because it's foreign so I just basically have to get over it… Spent so much money on the game and they said "Sorry unfortunately we cannot help or support you going to any foreign sites or games."

  17. From the looks of things, this is a deep issue and Sega has no idea. This was a professional hit and I don't think this was done by some petty person either. The maintenance didn't even make an impact to the damages done. It doesn't help that Sega's profits are usually low as well. With PSO2 having issues, they won't make as much money and ANYONE can clean house.

    1. I was on the phone with AT&T for about 2 1/2 hours, while they tried everything from opening up ports to rerouting their way to IP, and they couldn't do it, telling me that it was a problem with the host site, or the backend providers that usually allow access to the PSO2 IP.

      So the backend provider's probably severed some connections temporarily due to the DDOS attacks.
      If you research the subject, its actually quite often backend providers due this for security reasons.

    2. Cool, I appreciate the info. I'm using a VPN in the meantime. So just a waiting game until then, huh?

  18. After the DDoS, I could connect (within a few tries) up until the 07/02 maintenance.
    From then on, I could connect only by using a VPN (otherwise I would just get an error 249 and my tracert wouldn't even leave the country before timing out).
    Now, after this last patch, it's working just fine. My tracert still does time out, but this time it at least reaches Japan. I can connect to the site and the game normally, though.

    I live in Brazil, and I'm using NET.
    I think it's just a matter of time. Everyone will probably be able to play before episode 3 comes out (and I sure hope so, it's really sad seing a deserted ship 2).

  19. Look guys, this is not SEGA's fault. This is a confirmed ISP problem. If you've done enough searching you'll find evidence of this. Certain ISP's can connect and some can't. Verizon has fixed their end and confirmed it was their fault. Comcast is working on theirs as we speak. This problem will be fixed but with time as it is not an easy fix. Give them just a little more time and possibly contact your ISP with the problem to help.

  20. From the looks of things (PSO-W, PSO2 Reddit and here), looks like things are slowly returning to normal since a handful of people with specific IPs are able to connect now. Still unfortunate for some of us who still can't connect, me included.

    Our only best bet for now is to continue waiting since the problem itself seems to be slowly resolve by itself. Eventually, we'll all be able to play PSO2 again without VPNs or PingZapper.

  21. I've pretty much given up on SEGA/ISP fixing this issue. (With Bell Canada, and they haven't really given me any support whatsoever.) So right now, instead of going, "Awwwww, I quit." I'm just going to use a VPN. Because I really like the game, and sure as hell is this going to stop me.

  22. Does anyone know the status of the ISP "Suddenlink". If not what do i tell them and how do i ask them to fix the problem

    1. Suddenlink doesn't work without use of a VPN right now.

      From what I've noticed traceroutes in the Suddenlink network to (or any IP in the PSO2 subnet) end up with an endless amount of hops in the Suddenlink network.

      Run a command prompt (cmd) and run the command tracert pso2 > pso2tracert.txt

      It'll save the traceroute to a file and you can pull that up when you go to call or submit a virtual ticket. It'll be saved in the directory where you ran the command (Usually Users/ProfileName if you didn't run it as an Administrator Prompt).

      Do note that Suddenlink is a smaller ISP so be prepared for them not to know what's going on or to even help at all.

  23. To those who use free VPNs please do not do anything stupid on pso2 the reason is because if someone reports you all players using that same VPN get fucked as well.

    Thank you

    -Maxwell (マクスウェル) Ship002

  24. If i am to call my ISP what info do i need to provide them in order for them to check if the block is them. like IP i need to give them and website?

  25. To answer your question Carlos , you should get the IP address of and the ship you use. You should also have run tracerts/pings before calling them, that way you can give them that information right away.

    Here's the list of IPs thanks to XIE THE AVARICIOUS – Main Website – Ship 1 – Ship 2 – Most EN Players – Ship 3 – Ship 4 – Ship 5 – Ship 6 – Ship 7 – Ship 8 – Ship 9 – Ship 10

    1. That's because you're not a Japanese customer. There service is for Japan, therefore, as far they're concerned, as long as their legit customers can connect, the problem is solved.

    2. dont think that you "deserve" to play the game. you only "want" to play the game.
      SEGA JP in the other hand will always make japanese players, their real market, their priority and wouldnt mind to leave you to rot.

      VPN maybe you're only chance… a paid one to be more precise

    3. "Leaving us to rot" definitely isn't correct. Although, yes, we're not "supposed" to be on the game, do you realize how much money SEGA makes from us as well? Sakai has even personally acknowledged that we're on the game's servers, and you know why they let us stay on? Because we're customers. We make the company money.

      Why would they just blatantly stick up the middle finger to us? All it is is that they've finished working on the errors to the best of their abilities. They've done all that they can on their side. Just think of this from a business standpoint before you all go, "SEGA hates us!" or, "SEGA doesn't care about the English players!"

      They make money off of us so why wouldn't they care about us? That's like them telling us that they don't care about the money they get. (Which we all know would be a lie, LOL.)

    4. … do you realize that you're pinning hopes on one man inside a company? he might want all of us to play, but SEGA is the backbone of the show. even Sakai cant stop what SEGA JP wants. SEGA JP is meant for Japan, right? not international.

      SEGA JP will always handle Japan. that's why there is a regional office and sorts. the other local offices of SEGA should be the ones who have to bring this (but God knows why they haven't) to outside japan.

      i think the money is irrelevant at this point. though its true that SEGA JP makes money out of international players, they wouldnt care if they lost that share. They IP blocked SEA since they have their own server. if SEGA wanted money, they would have kept it open and get money from SEA players wanting on the JP server.

      it's far from "Sega hates us" and all that crap. i just believe that SEGA JP is loyal to its true customers, Japan. anything outside is irrelevant.

    5. @None4You: I can assure you that Sega is most definitely interested in our business, elsewise they would have enforced the non-foreign-play clause years ago, regardless of Sakai. But here's where you're right, they're loyal first and foremost to their #1, the local customers, and since there's a clause that says we technically shouldn't be playing, they have no obligation to waste the time, effort, or resources helping us reconnect. I think you vastly underestimate the market share we foreign players have in the game, even with the SEA region locked out.

    6. im not underestimating foreign market, i'm saying its irrelevant of their goals. the current issue that people cant connect via various ISP is proof. they didnt do ip block but they didnt fix connection issues outside JP. its not really foreign ISP fault either since they were always runnung normally. these ISP dudnt make changes to their services when PSO2 went back from DDoS

    7. Incorrect. They've let us stay on there because there was a Japanese fan backlash when the ToS was changed. In a way, the JP players stuck up for us, notice it was never stated why the ToS was changed (either an IP block was considered or it was indeed for legal reasons) with Sakai simply saying we can stay as long as we don't cause any trouble.
      I'm not in the boat of people saying Sega hates us or Sega doesn't care, but Sega doesn't have our numbers (official anyway, because we all take different routes to get AC but in the end, they're thinking it's a legit JP citizen paying for AC), and PSO2 is doing very well in Japan as well. Simply put it is possible Sega ironed out the issue for Japanese ISPs and calling it a day, and no one can really blame them for it. We were never meant to be there, we all registered with the knowledge that maybe one day we would be barred from playing. Sega really doesn't owe us anything.

      Last post.

    8. All the internets to you fine sir, that's quite possibly the most informative response to these server issues anyone has provided. And it also explains quite a bit as to why things are so sloppy for us over here.

    9. nice find on the connection issue (though I'm in SEA, and that instantly warrants me to use VPN)
      i'd like to see that information about the Japanese backlash if you still have any info about it, cant seem to find any.

      lastly, as much as i read your post, the last part is generally a sugar coat of "Sega doesn't care". seriously, it's not "it doesn't care" at all IMO, its more of "its irrelevant" for them

    10. They have completed addressing the issue as it is not on their end and they cannot do anything about it. The issue lies with your ISP and it would be best to phone them up and explain that there is no longer a DDoS attack on PSO2 and please could they unblock it.

  26. Okay so i tried using the item translation for the first time.
    Now i am back to error 107/error 249

  27. Well is Ip Block for america but not a limit for me im using hotspot shield elite a paid version $30 for one year and hv regions Japan, Asutralia, United State, United Kingdom very fast connection no discconections. I hv to launch the game using PSO2 tweaker to launch the game. If i lauch the game using the official icon game launcher i get error 107. ALL good very happy i dint miss any events from the first day 😀 u cant try .

    1. There is no IP ban in place apart from SEA (Sega Entertainment Asia) Regions. This is because they now have their own version of the game.

      What you are using is a Paid VPN connection which VPNGate will offer the same apart from the protection. I've found the free Hotspot shield to be unreliable so I didn't even consider buying the full version.

  28. I have decided to stop waiting and use a VPN to get my items, the reason is because it doesn't look like my ISP will unblock it before the reward expiration date. I think Virgin Media (UK) will unblock it next Friday. It seems they are doing tests and I can regain access to the main site temporarily to see if the DDoS has diminished/disappeared. I cannot guarantee that it will be up by then or be up for everybody but it seems like a logical estimate.

  29. It would be great if those who have COX as their ISP, if you could call/email them about PSO2 then they would look further into the situation. Every-time I call them, they say some B.S like "oh it's a server in japan well it could be a problem on their end" or "with servers in other countries there could be a problem with connecting to it because of multiple connections passing through".

    So the more people who call the ISP the better because sooner or later they'll give in and speak with their boss and hopefully get this situation resolved.

    1. From what I've been hearing, it's on Sega's ISP end, They haven't announced the new IP to the international backbones or something.

  30. I dont wanna brake any hopes but maybe this info might be useful. I'm a player from Chile (South America Country) and i got the 107/249 errors before the last maintenance. Thanks to Xie and the others guy info i tried to contact my ISP to solve the problem but as to be expected they didnt got a clue. And now after the maintenance i can log in again without any problems. Same happens with so many others ISPs. So after seeing these events i think the "ISP Blocks" comes directly from SEGA and only they can fix it. I know its horrible but you just need to wait

  31. Ever since the 07/09 maint I was able to log in the game, but as of 07/11 I started getting the 107 erros again. Anyone having the same bs experience?

  32. error 249 is unable to connect to the server. error 107 a launcher connection to the server error.

  33. Anybody from U.S east coast that uses comcast have any luck calling comcast to see if anything can be done per chance? I'm on the edge to do it – but dealing with there help service is god damn painful.

    1. i used to be a lvl2 tech support for east coast comcast (outsource, just like any phone support in america) and i'll tell you right now they'll just push you off. the thing is that's more of a back end resolution and phone support is not allowed to support those. there is no issue with the service they are giving (internet properly works) and will just say it's the game's server's fault (which it is, since SEGA using unusual routing that works 100% in Japan). even escalating it to manager wont help.
      you might as well try email support since you can probably try to send the traceroute data, but i doubt they'd fix it as it's more of regional problems rather than real internet problems.

  34. Me get everytime : error 107

    Offline for a month and still cant play… lv70/lv70

    I feel like i get scammed and banned by sega, maybe i ill lost account forever.. Got 1570 hours of PSO2…..

    Error 107 from france i was very active…

    I asked a team member i got on facebook he japanese, live in kobe and he is very online maybe he go ask in japanese pso GM if not i think i ill be never abble to log again… oh my bad i sad about this game..

    1. you should have been prepared for that from the start, we arent't part of the people that SEGA JP will support. the issue is fixed soley in japan, and they dont have to do more.
      if you contact sega, they'll just push you that they dont support foreigners

    2. Being in mind website is inacessible too. However, the android version of the game is running fine.

  35. Well hello everyone i saw the bar was full so i tried again one time without VPN and one time with VPN and it still dont work. Hope they fix it someday im losing my hope that i can continue the best story i ever played.


    1. Miku! dont give up!1 Q- Q

      as much i dont like using VPN, it is now a thing that you have to use if you want to log in. it is becoming the norm and Sega needs to fix the issue regardless…

      but dont go Miku!

    2. Miku you cant give up, your show start soon and Megurine cant sing alone. What about all those ARKS and more important, what about kick the Quna´s ass off from stage!

  36. none4you your a meanie !! i nice player ! people from ship 10 loving me !!

    No way if i gaijin !!!

    I spended lot of time and lot of money purchasing alot of webmoney for AC…

    My pso 2 account is rich and i can afford anything like i bought a 100 billions staff, i have 5 mags and lot of stuffs (some of the limited very rare costume.. and more things). Now i sad i cant play but im trying with the tweaker.

    I saw on another forum that error 107 is a launcher error so to fix it without a VPN i learned from aida (very respected pso member who also promote this stuff) to use PSO2 Tweaker. i downloaded it hours ago and it still updating the game. Things i cant do since i have error 107 so i think after tweaker update the game maybe i ill be abble to launch it. Aida saying it work 100% with tweaker.

    Actually have low connection since im not anymore in optical conection (was at 100Mega) now im on neighbourg wifi so you know what i mean it like 200kbs go take like 10 hours to update cuz tweaker is like pso 2 launcher checking all files (actually 2930 files !!!)


    1. i was always using vpn (for ping) so i never experienced the 107 (i'm in SEA so i'm blocked)
      doesnt matter if the whole population loves you, the ToS states it is Japan location only. SEGA JP can still screw us if they need/want to.

    2. Ship 10 is chill towards all foreigners for the most part, so you're not special :v
      And Tweaker does bypass Error 107, but that's about it, you'll still get walled by 249.

  37. I can now launch the game thanks to tweaker !

    But when im in i see all ships offline… and get error 249 now…

    Sega is so annoying..

    1. i do always encounter that if im using the launcher to play the game and the very reason is that im from the SEA region so 249 is a common error for us in SEA region.
      You sure you're not from any country that were IP blocked by sega?

    2. SEGA only officially IP blocked SEA. the reason why others outside SEA cant connect is because SEGA JP's countermeasure for the DDoS is not "compatible" with other ISP providers. they are not "blocked" but they technically "cant find" the server.

      and this wont get fixed because it's not an issue inside Japan. and like any other engineer: "if it's not broken, dont fix it". bottom line, if it works in japan, it's good. foreigners have problem? screw them.

  38. What should i do if i were to contact my ISP about this connection issue, i just want to play again :/

    1. around 50/50? you might as well try the email support and send them the traceroute to

      phone support is either lacking and underknowledge, or trying to get you out of the phone ASAP. this issue is more on their back end making their routing parameters compatible with SEGA's server. (which i even highly doubt they will try to, since it's not a standard security procedure)

  39. Ok ty all for your answers !

    So i need use vpn… its the only option (@ neon : im french).

    Goodbye everyone 🙁

  40. when these DDoS started.. I deleted my pso2 and tried to redownload it, but the site was down so I couldn't.. it is now july 25 and the site is still down.. is this happening to anyone else? T-T

  41. I'm can't get on PSO2. But getting Error 249. I'm not from SEA at all. I'm from USA. I really don't understand how I got blocked out

    1. Goddamn.

      Either use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) client, argue with your ISP, or just don't play.

      Only through using a VPN can you play, unless you successfully resolve the matter with your ISP.

      You got "blocked out" because SEGA/PSO2 was attacked a while back, resulting in downtime when it occurred and them having since implemented protective measures.

      Those measures are why you can't connect easily like you could before.

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