Phantasy Star Nova: A New Energy? A New Class?

Gran Phantasy Star Nova

There's a team from the ARKS Special Planetary Search Unit, known as Alter. They were forced to make an emergency landing on Planet Machia, when their ship, the "Delta Valiant" came under attack. Since planet Machia has the peculiar quality of negating the use of "photons," the team will be forced to find a way to survive.

Considering how photons are non-existent, this game will introduce a new energy known as "Gran" (Grand). This energy can be seen gushing out in various places from the planet.


Phantasy Star Nova battle 3

Phantasy Star Nova will also release with a brand new class! Busters (Bu) are an all-rounded class, which according to Shougai PSO, can equip weapons in all categories—including "Piles". This class also has the ability to use skills from other classes.

A new weapon category will be introduced called "Halos." Halos are weapons that equip to the wrist of your right hand, but instead of photons, they fire Gran energy particles. In addition, they can produce "scaffolding fields" that lets players ascend higher to attack the Gigantes.


Yuno: A mysterious girl
Yuno (VA: Saori Hayami)

Yuno is a mysterious girl who teaches information about Planet Machia. She makes appearances as a hologram.


Raven VA: Daisuke Namikawa
Raven (VA: Daisuke Namikawa)

Raven, the Deputy Director of the Delta Valiant, displays talents in the field of Research and Development. He's also in charge of equipment repairs at the ship. 


Gigantes / Garation  Length: 40.77 Meters Height: 44.75 Meters

Garation is 40.77 meters long, 44.75 meters high, with blades that resemble a chainsaw.



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