PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Patch (4/19/2017)

Fight the Phantom God in a new Emergency Quest coming in today's update for PSO2!

April 19th Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 4/19/2017 @ 7:00 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 4/18/2017 @ 6:00 PM ~ 4:30 AM EDT

April 19th Patch

  • Launcher: Version 04.00.03
  • Client: ver. 4.0901.0
  • Patch Size: 1.4 GB (PC) / xx (PS4) / 726 MB (Vita)

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Patch Notes

Limited-time Ruleset

  • アークスBT2017予選 (Arks Battle Tournament  2017 Preliminaries)
  • Available until September 6th

Limited-time Client Orders

  • アネット (Annette)
  • Added new client orders for Bruno / Gene

New Emergency Quest

  • 新世を成す幻創の造神 (Phantom God of Creation)
  • We'll change the name to match the English Patch.

New Enemy

  • デウスエスカ・ゼフィロス (Deus Esca Zephyros) OR (Deus Esca Zephiroth)
  • We'll change the name to match the English Patch.


Partial New Item Listing


Story Board

  • Added new Story Board events


  • Added new potentials.

Style Catalog

  • Added the Style Catalog where you can like, browse, and share fashion styles with other players.

My Fashion

  • Added 20 extra My Fashion preset slots for Premium Users
  • Added a feature in which you can register Style Bookmarks into My Fashion presets.

Battle Arena

  • Added Skills to Battle Arena
  • Three skills will be shown at random at the start of the match.
  • Each player is allowed to choose one of these skills for battle.
  • Added new weapon categories: Jet Boots & Bullet Bows
  • Reduced the time it takes until Battle Matching is automatically cancelled.
  • Added an entry that explains the method on assigning Unions with Password Matches.

Battle Arena Skills

  • スプリント Sprint (Increases movement speed)
  • キュア Cure (Recovers HP)
  • スタンショット (Stuns the enemy for a limited time)
  • プロテクション (Provides resistance to status effect and reduces damage received.)
  • PPアンリミテッド (Reduces PP consumption)

Zieg's Emblem Exchange Shop

  • Added [Zeinesis Series Upgrade]
  • Added [Qliphad Series Upgrade]
  • Items known as クリファドフューズ (Qliphad Fuses) are required to convert Zeinesis into Qliphad
  • Added items to the product listing.

Battle Coin Exchange Shop

  • Added items to the Battle Coin Exchange Shop.

Treasure Shop

  • Updated the product listing of the Treasure Shop

Recycle Shop

  • Added items to the product listing of the Recycle Shop
  • Added a [Class Excube Exchange] category.

Other Adjustments

  • You may now [Perform a Shortcut Word] from the Quick Menu during LIVE stage events.
  • Added the ★13 rarity of the pet Rappy.
  • You can now hold up to 25 Pets.
  • NPCs will give you certain Lv. 17 disks as a present for increasing their affinity.
  • [Extra Tree Transfer Pass] will now charge Star Gems instead of AC
  • You can now see whether a Friend or Team Member hasn't logged in for a long while.
  • Changed the color of some attack indicators for Deus Hunas.
  • Laplace Demon will now have a set chance to drop items with the [Doom Break] special ability.
  • Added a voice for Xiera's transmissions in Mining Base: VR.
  • Added a survey feature that shows up when you login under certain conditions.
  • Setting the price of an item in My Shop will now change the color of the text based on its value.
  • Made adjustments so that the rendering of the character appears more distinct within the Preview window.
  • Adjusting the position of accessories will no longer make the arrow guides shrink below a certain size.
  • You can now compare the current Ring Skill with the one you are about to add, when embedding Ring Skills at the Item Lab.
  • Added whether a Lobby Action supports a [Reaction] on the descriptions of LA tickets.
  • Added tabs to filter through Comments with / without a Good Job
  • Expanded the history to 100 entries for Comments with / without a Good Job.
  • Adjusted the positioning of [Item Trade Proposals] option in the Character Menu.
  • Reduced the furniture space cost to 1 for the following items.
    • ウェスタンシェルフA
    • ウェスタンシェルフB
    • ウェスタンシェルフC
    • ウェスタンベッドA
    • ウェスタンベッドB
    • ウェスタンベッドC
    • ウッディシェルフA
    • ウッディシェルフB
    • エレガントシェルフ
    • エレガントシェルフB
    • クラシックシェルフ
    • クラシックシェルフC
    • クラシックシェルフP
    • ゴシックシェルフ
    • スイートシェルフ
    • スイートシェルフB
    • スイートシェルフC
    • タン・ス
    • タン・スB
    • タン・スC
    • チャイナシェルフ
    • チャイナシェルフB
    • チャイナシェルフG
    • ビンテージシェルフ
    • ファイトリング
    • ファンシーベッド
    • ファンシーベッドB
    • ファンシーベッドG
    • モダンシェルフ
    • モダンシェルフB
    • モダンシェルフY
    • 階段&ロフト
    • 二段ベッド




Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.
  • ARKS Leagues are typically 3 hours long. Check the event itself for details on its duration.


Battle Arena Boost & Client Order Campaign

Battle Arena Boost Event

  • +50% Earned Battle Coins
  • April 19th ~ April 26th

Client Order Campaign

Clear Klotho's Client Order 力戦奮闘の力試し・I before May 10th to receive:

  • SG40 Ticket (x2)
  • +100% Tribooster (x3)
  • Color Change Pass

Prize Expiration Date

  • Available instantly but expires June 10th


Buy Premium Set Campaign #17

Players who purchase premium set tickets will receive Bonus Keys and Casino Coin Passes.

Campaign Period

  • April 19th ~ May 24th  (Maintenance)

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Purchase a 30 Day Premium Set (1,300 AC) during the campaign period to receive:

  • +100% Tribooster
  • Casino Coin Pass (x2)
  • Tokyo Bonus Key (Silver)

(2) Purchase a 90 Day Premium Set (3,300 AC) during the campaign period to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster (x3)
  • Rappy Fever Bonus Key
  • Tokyo Bonus Key (Gold)

Purchasing different premium sets during the campaign period qualifies you for each of the respective prizes.

※Premium Sets must be purchased to qualify. Using previously acquired sets will not count towards the campaign.

Prize Expiration Date

  • Available instantly but expires June 24th


New Registration Campaign!

 Newcomers to PSO2 can receive a pack of beginner items by registering a new Sega ID and playing the game within the campaign period!

Campaign Period

  • April 19th ~


  • 3000 EXP Ticket (x5)
  • Evo. Device / Red Puyo
  • Rear / Fresh Aura
  • Half Doll

PSO2 accounts created prior to the start of this campaign do not qualify for the prizes. The campaign specifically targets new registrations for PSO2, not PSO2es.

Prize Pickup Expiration

  • Available instantly

223 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Patch (4/19/2017)”

    1. you realize almost every 12 person boss from the last few years has had something like this, right? magatsu and odin both had insta-fail dps checks, pd and mother both had party wipe dps checks.

    2. Some people complain that EQ are so easy because, besides Mining, there are no actual chances of losing them, so there is no amusement. Some people, like you, complain just about the opposite when they deliever something that satisfies the first group.

      Mining requires strategy, now this one requires skill, to both parry and attack properly in the windows the boss gives. To be honest is the final final boss of an EP, it's fair that it has some kind of mechanic to it and I believe it's interesting because it adds a stress factor that makes it fun. Of course none likes to lose, but the satysfaction of winning is there too. Plus it's just for now on the very first few runs. As soon as everyone learns how to fight properly it will be more likely to win, so.

    3. Or you know… any class. The dps check is very tame and every class has their advantages, Braver being able to keep up with the core when he is sweeping the stage, fo getting compounds off when he is KO'd, bouncer (DB anyways) having ppc and kestral 0 for their usual pretty good dps, Ra seem's like itd be awkward, Gunner gets chain which remains just as good, Hunter has a partizan or WL or sword with OE.

      I fail to see your issue, you run guard stance or something?

    4. Su damage output is nerfed tho, dunno what are you talking about. I've been doing PUG with HuFi and only failed one time when there's no Te or anyone casting Zanverse.

    5. :U
      Summoner is fine(hurting a bit but doable) but Fighter has a hell of a time. Once again, instead of fixing the problem directly they just make it hell for the "OP ones". Hunter is way better off for this, if only for things like Guilty Break and easily being able to follow up on it.

      I was in a TMPA who managed to clear the DPS check with more than a minute and 30 seconds to spare. I can imagine anyone who likes it probably only TMPAs.

      I still find it stupid that the 12 man has it, especially with all the pugs. And it being at the last stretch also means that everyone wastes all that time for nothing… it's especially sad when you realize that players who are struggling to finish the DPS check also have to take longer to get through so they're runnning 30 minutes and up.

      It's no wonder people are not even caring about the potential bans from leaving a full MPA.

    6. I personally dislike how they made it unsoloable, probably their push to make people go to 80 and attempt soloing garcia already, I mean… we already have groups of 4, usually GuHu and such doing big deus now and clearing it.

    7. It's disappointing, because this is a game where people were already trending towards DPS as god, and now this EQ makes that concrete. Anyone as support or tank is now completely useless in this EQ. They can cost a party the run. It's another nail in the coffin, to me…

    8. "support" and "tank" were always trash in the first place. This game is NOT designed around the tired old tab-target trinity paradigm and if you try to apply it anyway you frankly deserve what you get.

      PROTIP: square pegs don't go into the round holes and vice versa.

    9. Yep, healers and tanks are babbysitters of retard design MMOs, made purely so that DPS kiddies can enjoy game despite being retarded and unable to defend themselves.

    10. @RANDOM I want to agree with you here, but the problem is that Sega has implemented them. Why would they add options that are focused on (a) personal damage reduction, (b) party damage reduction, (c) manipulating enemy attention and targeting and (d) enhancing party healing output, if their design is to be avoided at all costs.

      I just think that Sega added them for flavor, but later on abandoned any quest design based on those non-dps options because the majority of the players avoid them. How many times did you stop in a quest because Protection popped up? Escort? Gesture? Most times I guess the majority avoided them (or killed the Lilipans themselves for the lolz). But you stay for Attack, Duel and Unite. And the reason is that the latter ones are quick dps ECs, the former ones are slow half-dps ones.

    11. I've yet to see an MMORPG that didn't have skilltrees chock full of more or less grossly subpar options. Hell or just CRPGs in general for that matter.

      Just because the designers gave you the option doesn't mean it's any good; look at Braver/Bouncer Mag…

    12. Ya know what I love about this conversation with English players? 95% of them appear to react like Mr. Random. That since I play almost nothing but tanks, I'm garbage, don't deserve to play the game at all, and several have actually told me to kill myself. Meanwhile, the Japanese community puts the class to use and makes it work, and it's thanks to them that I've learned to not only be a tank, but not have awful DPS. A support still has enough SP to spec into an element for damage, as well. Those classes are NOT common, even in the Expert blocks with Japanese players being more common, but having just one tank and one healer in a party FULL of DPS types can make a HUGE difference.

      Remember, if you call it a crutch, you both fail to understand it AND are an elitist player.

    13. @Random
      Support is trash? I bet you never played a properly build and geared TeBr yet. They can get all the important support skills (shifta strike, deband tough/cut, super treatment and wind mastery) and can still deal good damage with wand smack or nazan. You can also abandon wand related skill and get Light mastery for Banish+Ragrants/Barantsion combo. This is not counting overall mpa damage increase from shifta strike and zanverse.

    14. @ random – You're completely looking at things in re to fighting Dues Esca the wrong way … Damage is paramount in this game yes, especially against this boss. However, support and dmg resist are in no way useless esp if you know where you should get them from.

      You can definitely perform with great dps alone but a techer's shifta, deband, and zanverse really make a difference here. Shifta, needless to say, grants 20-25% more dmg to any player that gets it. Techer's deband can save you from Dues Esca's attacks, ones that would've otherwise killed you.

      And for the record … Support and damage resist were for the most part trash UNTIL episode 3 came out, when they added shifta strike and deband toughness, rearranged the layout of the skill trees, reduced the # of sp for max massive hunter, removed the chance rate for all the flash guard skills, turned territory burst from passive to active.

      @Kyaa~st – I don't agree with your opinion at all. The way you talk suggests that you yourself would never take damage or killed in the Phantom God of Creation EQ; that the mpa you're in will always be perfect; and always get things done 100% of the time. Whether you like it or not, defensive buffs (referring to deband cut and tough here) and healing have purpose. I will agree that players shouldn't let themselves get hit in the first place, but the FACT is it happens.

      @ sgpr – Idk much about summoner but from what i hear, i think it's fair that summoner was nerfed. It really doesn't sense to me that they should be dealing dmg miles ahead of all the other classes to begin with.

      As for being a melee techer (i personally hate how melee techer works), I bet you can dish out some good damage on Dues Esca but … i cant help but find it ridiculously tedious. + I doubt you have access to compound techs which can deal a dent against the boss.

      ~That's all for now.~

    15. Well, of course Te's main job is spamming support techs and zanverse. Wand smacking and ragrants is just some side thing inbetween zanverse active duration. While it's true Te's compund isn't that good compared to Fo main, it still better than nothing especially for that last dps check part. And damn i forgot that you can't cast compund with a bow…it's been a while since the last time i played a non wand smacking Te. Banish+ragrants is still a legit combo for bossing tho.

    16. There is no meaningful "tank" role in this game, because there is no meaningful ability to direct damage at yourself and everyone's survival primarily relies on not getting hit in the first place anyway. Nevermind now that EQs are all about killing things ASAP before they cause too much trouble, not toughing it out – the Hell are you going to "tank" in say Mining Bases or Magatsu or even older stuff like Elder and Loser?

      Any halfway legit Hu combinations are just DPS with added ability to shrug off hits and keep hammering away, and Te main is just a DPS with access to good buffs on the side.

      There are genuine "support" builds like TeRa of course but those have little viablity outside organised premades that know what they're doing as they pretty much rely on the rest of the MPA for damage output…

    17. @SPACEX
      Read the post again, I said HEALER and tanks, not support, the game has plenty of support options and while Te is The Support and super useful, r-atk classes support each other as nicely, on non-EQboss stages Fo and melee provide plenty of support too, the former via compound bursts, zondeel and hitscan unlimited range techs (as well as afflicting bosses) and the latter via warcry and PROPER tanking which means standing in one place and negating boss attacks so that boss doesn't spin and jump around like deranged rabbit allowing other classes to do full damage.

      People love to talk about lack of archetypes when the game is not designed with babysitting in mind, it's personal ability first and supporting others second with different classes and different playstyles to fit the players ability and preference.
      If some player sucks and can't do damage or stay alive despite having at least simple mag 11* set and 60attr +30 13* (which is quite easy to get) then it's only his fault alone, he could try to get better or choose another class to play (like some melee with Hu sub/main with automate and MH, it's super newbie-friendly and doesn't require cooperation of other classes like r-atk weapons while allowing to learn how to defend yourself with parry), crying for (and blaming) tanks or healers like in shitty MMOs won't help here.

      There are tons of TD cases when scorewhoring retards rush in a huge blob to the first spawn leading to no-hp moths blowing up towers when they could provide support via warcry, zondeel, wb+EA walls/ships or simply guard tower in case of surpise buttsexes.
      There are cases in boss fights like mom where Ra wbs not winged dagger hand so that melee look at it like retards when it's the only one left, or wrong wbs on bosses, especially cubegatsu, or wb fights. There's also a Loser that is almost always killed by ranged classes because people can't let it rest after first arm and go for second arm instead of core during stun, because they are too proud to ask others how to defeat the boss properly.
      Normal trashspanking EQs too allow Te/Fo/Bo to speed up those immensely if they don't focus on their own meager damage.

      In the end there are quite a few support >options< but people just need to ask for another game so that they could be useful by dumping everything into defense without learning how to actually defend themselves or expecting to be jesus-tier healer and saving everyone (ofc from knockdowns too! as those lower DPS) so that damage never stops, nope, your game is on another server, Mario.
      I also want to point out that it's exactly because of reliance on personal ability and that there's no retard trinity that it allows one skilled and geared party to carry 8 chronic floorhuggers to victory.

    18. Okay, that was one huge-ass wall-of-text.
      Anyway want to add that actually on Desu getting agro actually helps ranged (and others that are smart enough to stay away from the blob) quite a bit as boss doesn't even target you unless you draw agro, which shouldn't happen with capable Hu warcry user or Gu. It allows to focus on damage and positioning as standing to the right of the main group gives clear view of core after hand slam or when golden shower hand returns, ranged can also shoot the core in between attacks when it's not on ground level, though this requires a bit of practice and learning attack animation.

    19. @ kyaa-st – HEALING COUNTS as support to me. Shifta, deband RESTA, and anti all count as support to me. You don't have to be techer to give support. Which makes perfect sense because resta has been considered a support technique since techer was added to the game. Healer = 1 form of support …. =/

      With that i don't see the point of re-reading what you said.

      The only thing i can agree with in your wall of text is that, players w. poor damage output/dmg avoiding skills should not be dependant on support (YES HEALING INCLUDED) and defensive skills; in-fact they should just appreciate them when they apply.

      Question: Was that ENTIRE WALL OF TEXT for me? I'm asking because half of it feels irrelevant to me.

      @ random – I never thought of taking hits as a refined role, but more like something useful that can save you if things get rough, or if you get in a jam.

      Question: So rangers, gunners, bouncers, and bravers should forget about skills like MH and automate? (I myself don't use MH or auto as melee br and yes ik you have KC as a melee BR but still …)

    20. Any jackass who can use techs can do that level of "support", it's not a specific "role".

      And where did that last paragraph even come from.

    21. @ random – Do me a favor of specifying which part of your comment is addressed to whom. And my paragraph to you was in re to this: "now that EQs are all about killing things ASAP before they cause too much trouble, not toughing it out". Can't I do both?

    22. The purpose of AM and MH is to *sustain offense* without having to take (as many) breaks to guard/evade, down a mate or just recover from knocks.

      They're support for DPS output, not "trinity" tanking.

    23. That's one purpose, not THE purpose. Are you kidding me? As ranger/hunter i use that to take hits and dish out damage yes, but that's not all they're there for …. What you're stating does not refute the fact that they're used for survival at all …. >.> get serious …

    24. You're clearly not following the logic here. Which is that the Hu survival skills serve the purposes of DPS by keeping you in the fight and on the offense, not classic MMO meatshield "tanking" (which has no business anywhere near this game).

      Hu combinations are not "tanks", they're "tough DPS" (ie. the opposite of LB Fi and similar high-risk glass cannons).

    25. @ random – That's your logic. Not THE logic. The logic is, skills like automate and MH inevitably make you harder to kill and therefore increase your survival. And in regards the purposes i mentioned before, those skills inc survival and allowing you to dish fight harder, they go hand in hand. What you're saying in no way refutes that fact.

    26. Merely staying alive isn't worth squat in EQs (and makes for unnecessarily time-consuming solo content too) if you can't also bring on teh deeps, note.

      As such resilience is quite subordinate to the demands of the offense unless you intend to be a deadweight. Which is why nobody in their right minds uses Guard Stance, a skill for the archetypical Trinity tank class and as such horribly out of place in the design paradigm of this game.

      Which is the whole point of the argument. You CAN make the classic "support" and "tank" classes in this game; they're just both unnecessary and essentially undesirable if not outright unviable.

    27. @ random – You know, i said "hand in hand" for a reason. I never said that skills like that we're solely for staying alive, nor did i suggest that "staying alive and nothing else" is better than "staying alive and dealing good dmg" And staying alive means a lot; You said so yourself "Your DPS output drops to el zippo nada when you’re dead you know."

      I think you should re-read your own comments before continuing this because no matter how you slice it, those skills help you survive. That, and you're starting to contradict yourself. If you dont believe me, re-read my first paragraph. re-read the last thing you said.

      And saying "survival skills" already implies that they're made to help you survive (which again is not the only purpose). Idk how to explain that any further. =/

      Hunter is inevitably a class capable of tanking and those 2 skills for the most part are all you'd need to pull that off.

    28. The topic was always "tanking" in the general MMORPG class-role sense, not merely staying alive which is a minimum requirement for *anyone* regardless of how exactly it's achieved…

    29. @ random – I already GET that. I already understand that there is no strong definitive role for being a dedicated tank. Idc about that … Defensive skills at best are a lower priority then dealing good/high damage.

      What i WANT to know, is why you keep arguing that the ONLY purpose for AM and MH is to fight harder and not have to stop to dodge, block or heal, when the fact is, (the one ive been consistently trying to get across, unfortunately to no avail) is why you can't see that those "survival skills", as you referred to them, have the other purpose of helping the player SURVIVE.

      And DON'T even talk to me about what the topic is. I'm fully aware of what I'm arguing. YOU'RE the one who tried to refute something I said re AM and MH.

      If i didn't know any better, i'd say you have nothing left to say about this and want to argue about something else (e.g. what the "topic" was)

    30. @SPACEX
      That wall-of-text about pso2 support philosophy was for you and anyone bored enough to read it.

      Healer is subcategory of support, support doesn't mean healer but healer means support. That wall-of-text was to show that there are plenty of way to provide support to MPA without sticking to dedicated healer/tank role which is redundant as the game is not designed around the whole babysitting DPS concept.

      In PSO2 everyone is DPS (even Te because zanverse is top dog, but you can't use zanverse and resta/megiverse so even here to heal you spend time healing instead of DPS), everyone is capable of self-healing and everyone has tools to avoid damage which is different from retard trinity where only tanks can effectively mitigate damage and only healers can effectively heal and only babbies that cant survive without tankXhealer babysitters can do reasonable damage.

      You can say that in PSO2 everything is done to do more damage because damage leads to victory (unless its TD where you also need to protect towers), if a skill helps you survive longer it does so you can do more damage, if you can stay alive without skill, you can instead pick other skill to do more damage, movement stuff lets you get to enemy faster to do more damage.
      It's not as stupid as it sounds as there are tons of mechanics and metas involved but it's how the game designed and I like it that way as no one gets the short stick.

    31. @ kyaa~st – Tell HIM (random) that, not me. That last paragraph you said is exactly what I'm trying to say.

      "And in regards the purposes i mentioned before, those skills inc survival and allowing you to dish fight harder, they go hand in hand." (Statement I, myself made earlier)

      As for the second section in your comment:
      "Healer is subcategory of support, support doesn’t mean healer but healer means support."

      That i have always been thinking.

      And what you said eariler:
      "Read the post again, I said HEALER and tanks, not support, the … full damage."

      You say "healer and tanks, not support" when healer is already one from of support, as i have said previously and you very recently. Which is why i had to point out that healer is one form of support.

      "HEALING COUNTS as support to me …. Healer = 1 form of support …. =/ " (Quoted by myself earlier.)

      Already said that "Healer is one form of support". Which was meant to imply that healer subcategory of support.

      And since you neutralized things and tied it together nicely. I'm going to stop commenting … no matter what random says …

    32. Or Random could have just ignore what SPACEX says no matter what. Those wall of text is applied to SPACEX's logic alone just like Kyaa~st said. End of story.

      What Random said from what I read. IS not a stupid logic nor his logic alone. It is FACT and is the current state of the game.
      Note: "to keep sustain offense" even you accept the fact that you use MH to keep firing EA or SAT yourself. I presume EA/SAT right?

      Easy enough, If you are very skill player don't get hit at all, perfect guard every attack, have a good judge which PA/tec could position you well to counter and ditch dmg during boss mid attacking pattern.
      These player don't need to rely AM nor MH at all and could spend all point to pure DPS build. Depend on each player's play style and skill value.
      To make it a bit clearer.
      – Very skill player's perspective to AM MH is junk and not useful for them at all.
      – above average player's perspective to AM MH is useful in many many individual play style.
      And eventually those average player when they're starting to don't get hit at all or don't have to relying AM or MH anymore will dump these skill out of their tree because it is useless for them.
      Me? I'm not that always hardcore. Depend on which room I get in and stress level I want to achieve. With AM MH it will be casual game.

      @SPACEX good job at luring me out of a hole to post and eat your stupid logic wall of text. Next time you better USE your own word not quote other word then later said like "yeah I think that too" to cover up your mistake.

      "You’re clearly not following the logic here."
      If I translate this in another way not polite/nicely as he is. IS
      "You're clearly speaking non sense" SPACEX and failed to comprehend all of other people trying to reason with you.

      There is nothing wrong with you first post. Reasonable and fact proved. No need to continue this stupidity level of logic game.

    33. Personally, I can't believe you guys fed a troll for this long. I'm also, unfortunately, not surprised that there are so many of you who can't wrap your heads around Guard Stance users and true tanks like myself. I have four characters. Four. ONE of them is pure tank, all flash guards, Guard Stance, etc, etc. Guess what? He IS useless in boss-type EQs. But not in TD. And certainly not in the ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME that has nothing to do with EQs. But, then, you know, I have three other characters who can deal the crazy damage needed for stuff like Deus Esca.

      In reality, what you're arguing is something that has no need for argument. It is fact that people using Guard Stance have no place in the fight against Deus Esca. It is fact that the same characters can be extremely useful anywhere else. It is fact that DPS classes do not NEED a tank, but that with one things go much smoother.

      And the best part of it all is that the Japanese community knows this and acts on it. By no means are tanks COMMON anywhere, but they exist often enough in Expert blocks to make a difference when and where they are needed.

      You can "argue" all you want about the semantics of this topic, but the bottom line is that, just like any other game, you can discern developer intent by studying the mechanics. If the developer never intended Guard Stance, Absorption, Massive Hunter, etc, to be used to tank, then the class wouldn't have worked out to be as it is. The current tree and skills did not exist in the same way four years ago. Sega made it this way. So regardless of what anyone thinks, or how much I get yelled at for it, I'm going to use the Guard-type Hunter tree as intended and I'm going to do my job and do it well, and laugh at anyone who berates me when they die and need MY Moon to get back up.

    34. Do tell on what you base that claim of "tanks" among the JP community/in Expert blocks…?

      And with all due respect your attempts to mindread the devs aren't even Kremlinology because they're invalidated by the empirical fact of just about every class tree having a plethora of skills whose usefulness varies from "marginal" to "100% Undeniable Trash".

    35. @Xion
      While i'm not trying to defend zergrushing AM/MH user, i can't help to think that whoever think AM/MH as junk is either an elitist or someone who looks down on other people's build. Also, if you don't even equip a counter ring with your "always JG-ing" playstyle…i can assure you that your average DPS is probably lower than AM/MH user with the same player's skill and gear setup as you. This doesn't matter if you play as Katanaman, Fi or Bo tho. Taking S Atk Up over AM/MH is fine at all (especially if you're Bo or Te) but calling it junk is too much, no matter how skilled you are. My playstyle is dodging and guarding btw, because it makes me looks cool. AM/MH is there for when shid happens because i play mostly on PUG, like making sure i'm not downed when throwing moon etc.

    36. @sgpr it is fine don't worry. As long as people respect each other opinion or reasoning.
      Surely you and me and everyone else understand how AM and MH works AND is by all means not a junk skill for sure.

      That is why. I'm trying to put it this way.
      Very skillful player who doesn't have to RELY on AM nor MH at all doesn't NEED it. It is JUNK anyway by all mean to put 15 skill or more to something you would rarely use. Not absolute junk but nice to have in cause for a Fail-safe mechanic. Better spend to something else for more DPS if you are playing so confidently.

      "if you don’t even equip a counter ring with your “always JG-ing” playstyle…i can assure you that your average DPS is probably lower than AM/MH user with the same player’s skill and gear setup as you."
      Oh, you don't need such ring to perform that role. What essential for a melee class is to keep in attack range and ditch dmg non stop effectively. This is always true. In fact, most player who still have to rely AM/MH it is mean that you are not confident enough and need some assurance to stay on foot.
      This statement only means for such person who still need to have AM/MH as a back up and not stay aggressive but rather defensive play style. Still, your dmg will be lower than those who playing better at JG/close up/decision between to dodge or counter with PA which make you take no hit and land a hit/ and spend only pure dps build. Good combo and PP management is another thing to discuss.


      I'm sure that you never have seen such clip nor met a truly skill player says a pure sword HU/FI do a solo 12manEQ EX mode /Debut Odin/PD take no hit and keep biting boss til Boss dead like it was nothing at all? It is fun to watch them dancing around and learn their play style. You could copy their PA setup try and jump around to match their rhythm.

      Just imagine these player how much effort time and money to train, to keep grinding, practicing the same boss over and over again soloing. They move so fluid until no hesitation for time to think nor hiccup left. Instead of just dodging. They show you that you can counter with this or that PA while dodging at the same time and land some hard damage.
      Each time when they Uploaded their badass and show the world how to get job done, fan club arise, make other fellow HU/FI player ashame.

      Enough of daydreaming from me. What I want to tell is the world is big. You may think that you're good. Unless you met someone superior than you. You might want to strive getting better by learning from them, practice in person, imitate them. or you could just do nothing. Admiring them or jealous them and stay casual is another choice.
      But hey… I'm so sure that once you have seen such thing/clip/video show off of those real elite for the first time. Once you do made a comparison with yourself. I'm sure everyone might think the same thing. such as
      – Wow, I never thought doing this/that could perform this trick
      – Huh, you can dodge just like that?
      – This combo is cool! and you can keep landing hit safety.
      – I always dodge/parry this attack animation but never had a second thought that you could use this/that PA to counter and slip pass attack to perform another continue combo like that.

      Those kind of pro tips and trick you could learn from A NICE elite-person. Just watch them play for a chance. it's truly enjoyable and fun.
      Elitist who look down other? let them rot. Burn them. Kill it with fire.

      Not really relate to the topic but all of this talking make me recall my first sword HU/FI idol. I saw a duet performance video of Ex-soldier Cloud and Zack from FF performing same sword PA attacking boss at the same time standing near each other all the time. Beating Double? til it's dead. Hope to see it once again. The show is just like you have another mirror image doing the same attack. Shame that I didn't save those clip to my list due to my ignorant. The guy is my first idol. Later, I learn their PA tips and trick soloing boss.
      PS. I'm a Gunner these day. (Sob)

    37. Watch out everyone, Random is upset because he's bad and can't complete content, is losing an internet argument, and found his thesaurus again!

    38. Am i really stupid enough to contradict myself and keep posting … ? Apparrently i am …

      @ Xion – Much of what you said regarding AM and MH is true. Although i do believe even skilled players still have use for AM and MH. It doesn't always show poor damage avoiding skills.

      For the record, I used BOTH my own words AND what others have previously stated to prove my own point. If you don't like that, that's not my problem. As ludicrous as it was, i posted A LOT over this, so there's no way that everything i posted was the word of someone else. I had my own refined opinion from the get go.

      And I'm not having an issue w. WHAT random is stating, my issue has been, WHY it refutes the fact that AM and MH are skills (core of the argument here) for survival alongside being able to fight harder and not worry about hp. Yes players have the MH and AM set up with the intention of more opportunites for dmg, but its not the ONLY purpose.

      As i said before, survival skills, implies that they're skills that are made to help you survive. Without that factor, there's no point in getting MH and AM because there's nothing giving you opportunity to deal more damage.

    39. Way too much TL;DR in here now.

      Also Anon? Wherever did you get the silly notion I had any issues clearing Deus? For the record I've thus far run all but two of the EQs in the schedule (the flesh being weak and demanding sleep), and all but two of those were cleared on the first try.
      The exceptions, cleared on the retry, being the very first EQ where everyone was unsurprisingly still getting their bearings, and the second…
      You know that opening "duel" with Deus right at the start? I watched in mute horror as 3/4 of the MPA went down to a single AoE which kinda set the tone for THAT run… Spoilers: timeout.
      Got most of the same derplords for the retry and they'd gotten their shit together enough for a skin-of-the-teeth clear with few seconds left on the timer.
      So, yeah.

      Kindly stop projecting.

    40. Talking outta yer arse in a completely gratuitous attempt to start something I see. Back to troll school with you, that was both painfully lame and blatantly obvious.

      I think we're done here.

    41. What's obvious is your total lack of ability to play, coupled with your awful attempts at arguing with people. You are a small minded, angry, lump whose opinion of themselves has skyrocketed to astronomical levels, seeing yourself as the gatekeeper and final word of a community. The reality is you need to try fill the void of your worthless existence by trying to find meaning in belittling others.

      Do everyone a favor and actually be done here. Forever.

    42. See? Literally making shit up as you go without even pretending to pay lip service to some kind of factual basis (or having read the relevant discussion).

      That's just some depressingly low quality shitpoastan now.

    43. Nah. Shitpostin' needs to be false.

      Just remember, every time you speak up on here and say something incredibly insulting, stupid, or downright false, you will be called out. And you can choose to ignore it, or you can attempt to spin it back like you are right now, but it's not going to change the cold hard facts, and it's not going to stop it from happening.

    44. Oh man xD. This is the longest wall of text i've ever seen; and im in IT. I won't get respect for THAT, not from anyone else here.

      @ Anon – FACTS. Idk about random's playstyle but as for his demeanor on bumped, FACTs.

      @ Random – You act so appalled by other ppl's PoV that you go so far to needlessly insult them using an unnecessary amount of vocabulary … You truly are the quintessence of butthurt. At least you don't see me complaining vigorously about what you've said.

    45. Sure is a pointlessly high density of [autistic screeching] and asspulls Anon is producing here, wonder what's got him so riled up?
      I probably hit too close to some kind of nerve earlier and now he feels I have impugn'd his honour or something…

    46. I'm a gunner and love this eq. Also, I have seen a vid of duo gunners, just 2 players beat deus so ummm. …git gud. I am enjoying this eq WAY MORE than esca mom which was a snooze fest imo.

    47. It's called "DPS check". Daily reminder that Odin has one too.

      BTW I've been successfully pugging it since the beginning (bar the predictable very first run, but there was time for a second attempt so whatevs) with BrHu…

    48. "daily reminder" that even PD has one, except PD's isn't designed to make you hate people because having a shoddy room doesn't necessarily mean forced failure like odin's.

    49. PD is a "soft" check (quite so as you can simply cheese through the nuke with PB, Katana Combat and maybe even JB Backflips of Immortality). Odin and Deus are "hard" ones. (Also dunno 'bout you but I remember what Loser used to be like early on – timeouts for days because what is Mirage.)

      Endgame bosses at endgame difficulties requiring the MPA have their shit at least remotely together? Scandalous, I tell you! Back in my day…
      *cue MC walking away while Jean keeps droning on*

    50. Agreed. I love the new EQ, it's a whole lot of fun and and everything has a nice aesthetic to it. I don't know why they had to ruin it with that last part. They need to at least change his attack pattern so he exposes his core more within those 5 minutes.

  1. To weed out the noob a-holes who stack for HP/PP and don't affix for DPS. Maybe now people will realize that affixing for power is still a thing.

    1. Pure atk affix isn't that good on some class. Better have at least 100atk and put the rest on PP. I myself run a 140atk 15pp and it feels good spamming high damage PA.

    2. sgpr no points in s att up on hunter all power though % on both fighter and hunter +200 power on each unit and i hit harder with no weapon then all the players ive been stuck with on the new boss. there hitting only a few thousand on a week bullet with ther weapons and i can hit 10k plus with no weapons even on. :/

  2. "Added a [Class Excube Exchange] category."
    What does that mean? I can exchange my 200 hunter cubes for other class cubes now?

    1. they added a submenu to the recycle shop NPC wherein you can exchange three hundred class cubes for a single overlimit+1 item that is restricted to a single weapon type instead of being usable on any weapon type like the ones from the arenatrash. because kimura wants you to grind for six copies of everything you want +35ed if you get no good drops, instead of using those support items, because how dare you not want to farm EQs untill you hate them, and how dare you not want to take part in one of the most quickly community-ruining content types.

    2. But hey, now people can't complain about not getting +35 to get 80 unlock as all you have to do now is grind a mere 300 class cubes to +1 your weapon.

  3. all i know is in all three groupd i had noobs who cant even hit over 1 thousand on a week bullet. i was hitting 30k constant every non pa hit and the others where hitting like 300-700 i had crap teams. boost week ruined everything all the noobs who didnt even bother to get good weapons or have good trees just got to 7575 and messed every run up for me.

  4. Aaaaand from the comments here we've reached the point where:
    – Bosses are either too easy and therefore too boring because they are no challenge so that the "noobs" can get them done and feel good about themselves, or
    – Bosses are too extreme to the point where anything outside a fully premade ubergeared group will have their time wasted due to consecutive fails.

    Seems to me that people want all content, not part of it, to be tailored for them and them alone. Anything easier is for noobs and shouldn't exist, anything harder is for no-lifers and shouldn't exist.

    Those of you who can't (yet) do it on XH, why don't you agree to just do it on SH until you get a few more stats or nailing down avoiding enemy attacks? What about stop trying to pug it since you don't know what other players will be capable of, and instead do it with a premade group that you know and trust?

    1. I just have to get my level cap unlocked on my classes so i can get back to the expert lobbies. working two jobs kept me behind on that. but once im back in the expert lobbies bet ill be one happy mofo.

    2. Deus quest is kinda funny, because MPA could spend 20+ minutes on everything before dps check, which will make it absolutely transparent for everyone that they WILL fail this quest, but no one can leave without consequences.

      Quest appearing in XH blocks at all is sort of a mockery of XH population, because probability of people assembling in a deus-able party in there is miraculously low.

    3. I suppose you could view it as a less than subtle hint to GitGud™ on part of the devs…?
      ʅ ( • ε • ) ʃ

    4. Since you don't read posts youre replying to, I will elaborate on my own topic for the rest. XH deus difficulty seems to be misleading, because it should not be played at XH blocks, you can't simply pull it by outperforming 11 other players. However, there is no "expert" difficulty, so instead of XH being full of suboptimal runs longer than 5 minutes, its just people crashing against a wall and not understanding why, because two thirds of a quest are playing normally like they always did.

      If it had at least death count failure like on rematch, only then it would be a less than subtle hint.

    5. To be quite blunt if they actually don't understand *why* they keep failing then they deserve to keep doing so, and fully justify the implementation of the Expert blocks.

      But now you're just making arbitrary assumptions about what people think (or don't).

    6. The reason "why" you keep failing on XH is that you were put together with people that don't do enough spike damage, since having titles for +35 and 1-5 completed doesn't change how Deus quest work. And you deserve to keep doing so, not because you are not familiar with the quest or not adjusting classcombo to maron/banish/chain, its exactly and solely because you haven't left XH block.

      If the only purpose of XH block is to be a sump for "shitters" progressing from 70 to 80, then it should named accordingly, so to not confuse anyone. XH difficulty starts including quests on a spectrum way too wide.

    7. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      You should know by now the Japanese don't really go for blunt and fortright labels like that.

      Anyway as far as I'm concerned the non-Expert XH blocks are a septic tank for dumbshits who merely shambled to 70+ by mere mechanical repetition, getting carried and generally not actually engaging their brains and learning something about the game.
      A Purgatory, if you will.
      Redeem yourself of the sin of ineptitude (or, at the very least, shitty gear unfit for endgame content) and be free or stew in the Boschian shit pit with the rest of the manual-breathing idiots for the rest of your days.

    8. Sometimes I just can't tell if you're attempting to be sarcastic or completely missing the point – and forgetting what you just posted yourself.
      ʅ ( • ε • ) ʃ
      Though as an aside the Japanese have a lengthy track record of taking "etiquette" to absurd excesses to the point of actively hampering themselves; probably a cultural side effect of being stuck on an island for a few centuries with an idle and touchy warrior class that had the legal right to cut you to ribbons if they felt insulted…

    9. Wow, racist, insulting, and awful. You continue to show what an awful excuse for a human being you are. Why don't you re-read what you just said, realize you are completely in the wrong, realize you are also misrepresenting thing people have said in a useless and pointless effort to demean them, and jump up your own asshole?

    10. How is analysing well-recorded historical and cultural quirks supposed to be "racist", especially when biology is never even mentioned? WW2 already provides ample examples of the Japanese shooting themselves in the foot with that unwillingness to confront and admit uncomfortable facts.

      But I suppose knowing any of that would require you to have read something more… demanding… than Donald Duck at some point in your life so eh.

    11. Misrepresenting the history and culture of an entire group of people from one ethnicity is textbook racism. Since you have the reading comprehension of a ham sandwich, its no wonder you didn't know that.

    12. Anon doin' God's work here, pestering our friend rando over there when I couldn't be bothered to and neither could several friends of mine who are mildly keeping up with these comments… I need people like Random to exist to remind me that people like that are real and not just jokes made up on the internet.

  5. I've been to the last 5 phantom gods all of which were failures even with good teams, the boss itself isn't hard but the last portion is stupid and needs tweaked/nerfed down. I can only assume that I am not the only one having this issue with this new eq. It isn't like I am weak either seeing as how every time i get a chance to get some damage on him I manage at least 300k it doesn't matter what team i get with either whether they are really strong or not it still has lead to failure. It seems you need to be a pure dps endgame elitist party to really get past this guy which is rather uncalled for as not everybody builds for pure damage as well as we just had the boost event so there is a ton of new 75/75 players.

    1. I think I was in one of those with you. Bow-user, right? We had a support in there using a Territory Boost Resta CONSTANTLY in between attacks. I was on my RaHu, and I had a GuRa in my party using a chain build for burst whenever he held still. We had a great room going there. And we failed.

    2. Not to mention Banish Arrow. BrRa with Weak Hit Advance and Weak Stance is a thing, you know.

    3. sharp bomber type zero and banish would like to have a word with you. I am a Braver/Ranger building pure damage output with a falz mother bow and good armor as well my r attack stat reaches well over 3000 with a weak bullet proc a banish proc and sharp bomber or hell even master shot its VERY EASY to deal at the very least 300k damage in fact looking at my highest damage ive done was 1.2mil but thats breaking our damage barrier.. don't talk if you don't know anything k thx.

    4. lets see here.. roughly 60k per sharp bomber type zero you get two shots per banish, this isn't putting into the equation of a maxed out shifta(basic shifta is used) or the use of zanverse modifiers mind you, so right there is right around 120k then you factor in the easily done chase arrow, its easily done because after every attack he tends to do a attack of which you cant really do damage to him anyway or is using a prolonged animation, which those can hit in a wide variety of numbers from 15k or even 30k, this depends solely on if your rapid shot is up, so lets go with the average of say 22k here theres also the fact that you can fire off penetrating arrow after the 2 sharp bombers which hits roughly another 12k. so here lets add up this math yeah? Sharp bomber type0 is 60k x2 = 120k. Chase arrow 22k x2 shots is 44k. 22k x3 shots is 66k. penetrating arrow hits around 12k maybe a little higher. just by using 2 chase arrow your grand total is 120k+44k+12k=176k x2 since banish copies your damage 352k damage burst.

    5. "roughly 60k per sharp bomber" how? Is it 10* bbow? For 300k total you need 170k BA, I don't remember seeing BAs that weak.

    6. these statistics were taken without using all the major buffs we see like a shifta from a techer being full strength.. zanverse.. etc etc and damage taken from deus esca who resists weak bullet and has some pretty nice damage resistance to boot apparently seeing as how i usually do naturally 300k or higher on regular weak bullets or at the very least half that if they are resistant.

    1. no, no, this boss is the worst thing ever, and should be nerfed, 2 frame attacks with no anticipation, retardedly high hp, cheap deaths, and a time limit. Just terrible game design, and should have just been a private eq.

    2. What.

      Seriously, stop being bad. Deus telegraphs *everything* from miles away and half of its attacks are hilariously slow in execution to boot. If you're eating them at any regularity you frankly aren't paying enough attention.

      And oh my goodness – XH raidbosses having massive HP pools? Why, I never! This is quite unprecedented! I'll surely be sending the devs Strongly Worded Letters over this most *dreadful* mistake!

      Sorry Kakkoi mah boi, but your post there is a textbook example of Mad Cuz Bad™ and 100% natural sea salt.

    3. Parser data shows he actually has less hp than mother, Snake heads + his hp pool is roughly around 60mil.

      Mother = 72mil from core damage alone since arms dont contribute to her hp. Only thing deus has against mother though is that his core is about a 1.2* multiplier when mother is 1.5* and also has 15% resist to zanverse, and maybe other stuff.

  6. I don't see any reason why to nerf this boss. instead they should have just buff his HP and fix his swooping attack. So lame! as if any one would have die from that. A good PUG and organized team still gib it down so fast. His aura is so magnificient. Oh lord, the last boss. Down so fast. First debut EQ organized pt with 11/12 people still managed to get about 1 and 40 mins time left.
    Just do 3-4 times an average person could have memorized his attack pattern already. A bit too slow I must say. Most people who die during EQ or boss fight are certainly mass their button blindly and don't give a damn or don't know anything about timing attack pattern. I dare say so. For undergeared person or "I am at the peak of this class but still failed this EQ" well let them be.
    Remember, this is just a first few day. In Pug yes it will be hard because of randomness people join in. Just be patience and let people learn fixing their build or their crap gear or lame PA/tec playing style.
    But please stop the it's too hard please Nerf This! Even if it is hard for you or your teammate but that doesn't mean other would say the same. Get better, just like the other who can manage easily. If not, lower the difficulty.
    PS. Diva is life

    In my opinion, most of his attack is wide area but his motion and attack speed is mediocre. Even pre-boss luther is faster. During last dance Oh yes! please! in the stomach! with an open arm!
    People still failed…. my god. fix your build, PA, gear. especially your PA/tec spamming habit. Just save your PP and Power during. "Yes! Hit ME!" swooping arm one-two period. Here we goooooooo arks minna sannnn ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE andddddd I will swoop back one more time IS THAT OKIEEE?? TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and YES! please hit me in the stomach for free no grudge. Can't bring him down? Answer is very simple Overall room DPS is 性別 XXXX pathetic "the second student on the right is correct for this post" Go check Ellen Baker class.
    I have had enough fun?

    1. @Xion- One attack that REALLY needs a damage buff is his second form's wave attack, when he goes into the background. If the attack did like, say, 2k damage, it might be worth trying. It may only drain some moons but that can still slow the group down. At best avoiding the hits just saves some -mates.

      That's assuming whatever tech user doesn't heal themselves with the obvious resta or the people injured.

    2. They need to make that unavoidable via step dodge too. Because at the moment it just serves to be a waste of 50 seconds lol.

  7. I'm not seeing why people hate this boss so much. God forbid a quest actually pose a challenge for once. The time limit at the end is the only thing I could understand people complaining about.
    I think the EQ itself is way better than phantom mother. I'd say give it time, so people can adapt their playstyles, redo their affixes, and learn his moveset, then it'll be a piece o' cake.
    His 13*s aren't even that great anyway; I just want the Rappy pet.

    1. The red variants obtained through the fuses are arguably the best weapons in the game, bar 14*. The potential is 14% damage and Stats of an affix are doubled.

      What this means is that a +150 attack affix will be deemed +300, thus an additional 5% damage, this puts the series only slightly below a maxed out gixx in terms of damage but it is a constant. A very good series if you don't mind the stone grinding.

    2. True, but for those people that seem to really hate this EQ, the Astra and Gix are still viable options if you're not up for the fuse/CF grinding.
      I really like this EQ, so I'll still probably grind for the red rod and sword, despite saying I only want the pet.

    3. Isn't that 14% dmg boost and double affix stats is in a different potential? I remember reading it has 3 potential to choose, one of them need fuse or something.

    4. Yeah thats the new potential of the versions you need to trade in the fuses for. But it's well worth it if you get enough from doing the eq, since it can very much rival gixx at max damage.

    5. As new information came in this post is now obsolete, the potential is still the same but can be unlocked on Normal zenesis weapons as well, sorry for any confusion this might have caused!

      (If anyone knows the use of qluiphard or w/e they're called let me know, they can't just be aesthetically different can they?)

  8. I sincerely apologize for this long wall of text and feeding into it for as much as i have. It's just, hunter is my favorite class and I've used massive hunter, automate halfline, and iron will. That … and the fact that random never lets anyone have the last word in any of his back-to-back posts, kinda makes me want to break that cycle.

    1. I, for one, appreciate that there are people in the English community who are willing to support the argument.

    2. The English community fares between idiots that think they know something about the game but really don't and veterans who know tons but not truly everything because they haven't TRIED everything. Personally, I for one have had my ass saved in many a mining base from someone popping war cry just to take aggro off a tower and give breathing room but.. that's really the only major place its come in handy less someone is in a multi party with me and they are taking pressure off when i'm playing force or something other then that small margin the rest of the 95% of the game makes it unneeded and more of a hindrance than a asset to the team. Whats more unbecoming of a gentlemen is chiming in with sarcasm passive aggression and telling people to git gud like an elitist that people wanna punch in the mouth because nobody likes a elitist or a smart ass.

    3. What are you even trying to say here? I have AM/IW/NGU on my BrHu plus one point of Warcry *specifically* for TDs; that doesn't make it some kind of "tank" build.

      Those are simply survivability/utility features well affordable after the core DPS skills have been covered.

      Also I'd remind you that whereas in the original discussion chain I politely respected his declaration of withdrawal and, indeed, thereafter haven't even addressed him (despite him promptly failing to stick to it), here he *specifically* and gratuitously trash-talked me by name for no other reason than a textbook example of Butthurtius Acutis.
      That's just poor manners and, I think, amply merits some snide retorts.

    4. Oh right and MH of course, probably the single most universally useful skill in the whole Hunter tree.

    5. Yeah, you sure stopped talking to about him when he stopped. Go back and read your comments and the number of them directly attempting to instigate him into continuing your pointless drivel, and he made a post specifically apologizing to everyone but you for bothering responding to you in the first place.

      Go crawl back into your hole.

    6. If you look at the timestamps you'll note I barely wrote any posts at all inbetween, and none of those had anything to do with him (though I cannot vouch for how any petty persecution complexes might have led him to interpret).
      But you single-issue cranks universally run on "alternate facts" that don't exist outside your fevered imaginations anyway so par for the course I guess.

    7. You can spin it however you want, you're still wrong. All it takes is anyone reading through it for a few moments and oh whoops! There it all is, in the open.

    8. Do feel free to prove it, rather than just making vague and unspecified claims about it.

    9. Why should I wade through shit when your covered it? The trail is right there behind you.

      I'll borrow your own words again, "go back and read it for yourself."

    10. All you need to do is to let it go. Respect each other build. Any build has it role and specialize in their own way. You can't ask pure glass cannon build to moon down player much. They have less safe opportunity to help. Player who have AM/MH/RING is more appropriate to go for this job. And you need those elite player, glass cannon build to carry your ass too when DPS check situation arise. The KEYs is put a right person for the right job. aka a right build for the right EQ.

      Too low glass cannon build or dps class. suffer dps check and quest will failed.
      Too low or no supportive cause entire room has a weakness. Low Def, less healer or buffer.
      Too many sucker cause the room to carried a deadweight. barely pass or failed.
      Too many either elite player, glass cannon build and the room have little nice support cause things gib too fast and might cause some boredom. timing will get better and better when it is become daily routine for everyone than a boss challenge.

      Wording alone sometime is not enough to make people understand or following your point of view. It is language barrier. Unless you experienced actual things on the same page. But who cares when you stop being nice. Netiquette.

      HU is my favorite too. But something it is tedious to keep chasing empty air. Mob died before you could reach them with guilty break.

    11. @ Xion – When did i stop being nice? (i mean before this post) Quote me and show me. At least I'm not using obscene language.

      @ Random – You're the most butthurt person on here … I've seen several posts on what ppl think of how you comment on here so … even if it's not right; you kinda deserve what's coming. You comment a lot more on here than I do (despite what the quantity of recent comments say). If you don't like who you're talking to-to the point where you look down on them as if inferior you can stop commenting altogehter too … (and dw, im aware of my hypocrisy incase you wanted to say something about that too)

    12. Isn't there a proverb about whipped dogs whining the loudest or something like that?

      Because you sure are fitting that bill mighty fine right now Spaceboy. Obsessively and gratuitously ruminating on petty grudges like that, nevermind now well outside original context, is the very essence and definition of "butthurt"; and puerile screeching of "no u" does not somehow magically shift it onto the other party unlike you seem to think.

      Sheesh. Aren't people supposed to outgrow that silliness by the time they've stopped playing in sandboxes…?

    13. Might want to go back and reread you own comments to hear all about whipped dogs…

    14. You're not even trying anymore are you?

      Petty foolishness and sloth are SUCH an unsightly combination.

    15. You should stop arguing with a wall that will never learn. Just save yourself the torment.

    16. Why try when you do a wonderful job of proving all of my points with your pathetic existence?

    17. Hmm… I don't know what to say. but for normal/middle person when translating your word is seem hmm… a little bit too Crude?
      And what you are doing now is indeed doesn't look so nice.

      The problem is Language Barrier indeed. "But who cares when you stop being nice. Netiquette. "
      I should change it to "But who cares when People stop being nice" so that you don't take it as a direct insult.

      If I have to describe you in this recent issue er…
      SPACEX = A punk(Sorry, I don't know better wording) looking for a quarrel. Even there is no quarrel at all in the beginning but you take it as an offend/insult.
      RANDOM = An educated person who has too many dose of highly refined antigen to counter shit poster. His antibody is the next stage of human evolution.

      And what the hell with. Oh, other say this guy is a troll So WE all should perceive him as a troll. THIS, is indeed stupid logic. Ever heard of freedom of speech? Living in a hole/valve 101 (just like me?) or something? Good lord, each person have their own unique style of talking.
      Troll what I perceive is a person who ignore common sense, not being nice, no rational, reason can not get pass to. I don't see Random as a troll as many person did said ,but as a person who don't care a dim when shit storm approaching at him.

      Seriously, did you guy grown up enough? You guys take word from Random too seriously. If you take his word as an indirect insult, flaming. It will be bad word. If you don't take it as an insult, look it as a joke, let it pass away. Glean only good message. There won't be such problem.
      Hell, when he did contribute quality post or deep game insight. Those who called him troll, all of those gone. IGNORED. Can't contribute better than him right? This is another form of unawareness of jealousy.
      Most quarrel that pop up when RANDOM is a center. All I see in a past is.
      – No, I am right.
      – Yes, you're wrong.
      And usually those guy who can't win him a talk or better his reason. Run away with a common weapon in hand "You're troll" leave him.

      Really, he is really a real jackass sometime. I learn uncommon word from him a lot when people bit him and he always bite back very hard. Which I see it as funny.

    18. @xion – TBH a lot of people here can't ever form a competent counter argument so their response is literally "You are wrong you know nothing". Or "You're always wrong" followed by some insult.

      It's funny how stupid people are always ready to say some one is wrong without pointing out things.

      Combine that with how tense things do get when people actually start properly responding, it gets overwhelming, hence why, as much as I should correct the stupidity in these comments, I've just come to ignore them as late. It's stressful dealing with people who know nothing about the game, you correct them so newbies don't fall into an idiot's unintentional trap, and they spit venom as a response.

      Honestly this site being about information, it really shouldn't have a comment bar on the side. Maybe a link to commenting on a post, but it's clear that so many see this, consciously or subconsciously, as a way to spread their "words of wisdom" as well as berate anyone with a different opinion.

      It's done nothing but make jerks out of all of us.

    19. Allowing someone like that to think their actions are excusable and their words have merit is a problem. Even if they refuse to learn, continuing to shut them down prevents other people from thinking acting that way is acceptable.

      And they have not bite to speak of. Only access to a thesaurus, an armchair reading of a basics of debate book, and a poor grasp on reality.

    20. Psh, you're just green with envy because *your* paltry vocabulary is limited to what you picked up from the Three Great Men.

      IE. Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.

    21. Ooo, look, their pulling out facts that they can't possibly prove! That didn't take long at all. So now you are an asshole, a racist, AND a liar!

  9. Does his pet drop on SH? and does he drop ANY force gear? At all I need some much better gear because I just hit 70 and my damage is god awful I'm also wet tissue paper.

  10. This boss wouldn't be so bad if people wouldn't keep dying from his AOE every 2 seconds like seriously all his attacks are so predictable yet atleast 1 person dies on the frame check ones.

  11. Deus ESCA is the easiest, slowest, cheesiest boss pso2 has to offer. The attacks are slow and predictable. Rockbear 2.0. If anyone is struggling with this boss they should consider playing a turn-based or point/click style MMO, PSO2 isn't for you.

    1. I want to second that too. So slow. I, who is mabinogi heroes (Vindictus) solo player myself. Compare it between PSO2 raid boss with Vindictus raid boss is a joke.
      But I love PSO2 because it is more lean to casual game than Vindictus.

      One mistake in hero mode could get you to instant dead if life flare/Iron will is not triggered. You have to play it perfectly all the time. no room for error.

  12. I think the biggest problem with the new eq is the people that want to go into the EQ with babies first 13 stars over there i.e. revolutio series, aura series, and those ice based weapon series from the 2017 badges, hell I have actually been stuck with a few who were still using 11 stars and under, it's just not possible without being REALLY strong and coordinating properly since phantom god is literally DPS CHECK the boss. Usually I have to babysit a lot of players because they just keep dieing(seriously how do you people keep dieing to this guy? I can understand a flook or caught off guard but every attack is slow and telegraphed.) or their damage just flat out sucks so bad that it makes it blatantly obvious we are going to fail the mission of which people quit out. This is all lead by the fact we had that huge boost event prior to the new eq which let you jump to a duo 75 in a very short period of time mind you i am not from ship 2 so im not quite sure how you others are faring over there but where im at these kind of players are like a cancerous plague on the eq with damage so low that every time they swing i only see around 3k damage even on bravers. Mind you expert blocks don't seem to be having that struggle at all so of course they don't see much of a issue with the eq but even the expert blocks are plagued with these players just not as bad since how easy it is to obtain the revolutio and aura weaponry hell you could get one of those weapons maxed to +35 in a day if you wanted to just would take a bunch of star gems and its not like its some huge obstacle once you have that weapon to tackle the mission to unlock the blocks. Personally, I think they couldve done a much better job on deus esca instead of just making him just some massive gimmick based boss like that where he just instant fails you.

    1. I've seen people stuck in non-Expert XH blocks tell horror stories of MPAs full of *ungrinded* Noxes and, God forbid, even Dios. Babby's First 13* and other entry-level endgame gear (nevermind now if grinded to the level required to unlock Expert access) would be orders of magnitude of an improvement over such garbage.

      Honestly I think it's mostly just the shock of the paradigm shift; people tend to detest being abruptly shaken out of complacency. You go into Deus expecting to get carried like in previous EQs, you're gonna fail HARD – and you're just going to keep failing if you don't shape up. Arguably that bugger represents what the relatively easy access to increasingly potent endgame weapons since the introduction of the CF system has been *for*.

      The execution may be somewhat clumsy in details, but he's actually legitimately difficult endgame boss in that he WILL chew up and spit out MPAs whose performance isn't up to snuff.

      I'm actually curious to see if he's merely an outlier to give Ep 4 a proper boss fight or indicative of a more general shift in the devs' design philosophy; only time (and the next episode) will tell.

    2. Now THAT, I can get behind. A new Episode with the tone of "know the game and play well or GTFO." At least on XH. Calling it EXTRA HARD and not having it BE extra hard was… Interesting. But, like you said, we'll have to wait and see where it goes. Personally, I'm hoping there'll be another new class, and based on all we already have, it's looking like it might be a range-damage class of some kind… But if the Jet Boots and Daggers are anything to go by, we really can't say we can predict what they'll do next.

    3. But this genial design philosophy is just a mind trick – it works exactly as if quest had 15 minute limit total.

    4. It demands you step up to the plate and *deliver* during the last, whatwasitnow, four minutes. Doesn't matter how slow or fast you get through the previous phases; if your performance in the final stretch isn't up to par Deus-sensei WILL hard fail you and it's time to retake class.

      Case in point: just yesterday I failed a first run with an MPA that until then has displayed every indicator of being up to the task. Couldn't tell you why, probably just too many people being simultaneously off their game for whatever reason – I know I plain screwed up there a few times and wasn't doing as well as I should have.
      And this is *fine*.
      It's perfectly legitimate for an endgame raidboss at top difficulty to ruthlessly punish player mistakes; that's just something of a novelty in this game.

    5. Magatsu had a better timelimit representation, Odin had challenging gimmick throughout the whole quest, and TDVR required much more than a gear check for dps spikes.

      Sophistry aside, Deus adds nothing to quest mechanics, having yamato layout in the mob part. They tried to keep boss values up to ep4 gear, but forgot that XH was added almost two episodes ago, and that there is a difference between 20 element dio and +290/30 union.

    6. Just to roll with the hyperbole, anyone who goes into *any* XH EQ with a 20-element Dio sorta kinda deserves what's coming.
      Just sayin'.

      Expert block gating at least helps spare others from the fallout of that kind of nonsense.

  13. The main annoyance with the quest is the cheap deaths from one hit (yeah not everyone plays HU) and the fact that if your mpa lacks the dps, or disconnects, then failing becomes easy. I don't know why all these uber leetists can't get this through their head.

    1. Glass cannons have no business whining about being squishy. It comes with the territory.

      And punishing insufficient performance is kind of the entire *point* of DPS checks.

    2. And I don't know why you or other floorhuggers can't get +10 brisa or something similar and stay fucking away from the blob. Just try it, stay to the back and preferably to the right of the blob and watch out for golden shower. The only hard-to-avoid attack is multidick explosion 5 seconds after the timer starts.
      It's pretty shitty behavior to complain because you don't want to learn.

    3. cheap deaths..? he doesnt one shot at all if you have actually GOOD armor? hell even IDEAL from challenge mode survives it without much issue even if your a fonew

    4. I think he's mostly talking in regards to limit break with the snake heads hitting you immediately after he breaks the stage and the blinding light is gone where you have no reaction time… Well that's the only way i can think of anyways outside of worlds slowest giant sword slam for 800 damage that can be dodged blindfolded.

    5. Nvm, just read he doesn't run Hu sub or anything, which should naturally imply FiHu like I thought, ignore what I wrote.

    6. Because there is no sense of achievement in completing the quest with binary outcome, so gloating at people like you is the last remaining point of this show.

      Enjoy your community, friend.

  14. It's pretty shitty behavior to assume a player's understanding of the game without have played with them bub. I already mentioned that the eq can turn into ass when the dps isn't there because of the mpa or disconnects. No need to be a douche

    1. playing braver/ranger.. can take any and all of his attacks.. built for pure damage bow user.. second character force/techer only using ideal armor still survives all attacks other then INCREDIBLY SLOW sword slam seen coming from a mile away.. all his attacks are very slow and telegraphed… complaining he one shots.. first learn to dodge the attacks because they are absolutely braindead easy to dodge second get some good armor problem solved.

    2. or if your playing either braver or hunter main class just block.. you get more outta blocking with the katanas anyway

    3. What player are you? if you would mind spare me a mere 6mins Let me ask you with this clip video. If you ever played Vindictus or never is fine. fight start at 50 sec. Shit storm incoming after 3mins later.

      This is an average human reflex player. Do you get freaked out and died horribly unlike the person in this video? Watch it til it's end. You could judge yourself.

      If you can't stay alive.
      Oh, you just need to get better. Just like everyone else who did.

    4. There are 4 cases where I have died from full hp:
      1) (Deus Hunas): if he manages to permadaze you
      2) (Zephyros): When he splits the initial platform into 2 pieces and you happen to be there in the middle
      3) (Zephyros): Failing the 5min trial
      4) 630 (this is the hardest one to avoid)

      All other attacks can be survived with 1500+ defenses without any other passive damage reduction abilities. Mind you that if you do not restore your hp back to 100% within 10 seconds of taking damage, it's a tactics issue and not gearing issue.

  15. Day 5: finally almost beat him today had a few scrubs in the group made up with alot of damage from the bullet bow hitting over 300ks. Got to the point where we finally knocked him on his ass for the secondary dps check. Idiotic rangers didnt reapply weak bullet causing him to get up. Took a laser sword up the ass….. it hurt…. alot. Better luck next time maybe next time we will actually save the earth… for once..

    1. As far as I understand it, you need to get to the secondary DPS check during the 5 minute countdown. If the countdown hits zero during that time, it is an instant fail. So, gotta kill him fast!

    2. I suggest you play a ranger yourself and show them how to WB and PP management works. Sure, If you could take up the blame from being miss or not applying WB when needed, WB fight between ranger when more there are than one ranger in a room. It does take some pressure too when shit happens playing as RA role.

      Not to insult you anything but If you're playing ranger yourself it would be better for an entire room in which you could contributing more dps than the current you're now and can provide better correct WB placement than those who incompetent enough to take that job.

  16. I forget who said Bouncer Mag was useless and how, but here's a bit of math:
    80SA, 60TA, 60D on a mag. Bouncer Mag adds 50% of Dex to S and T attack.
    After Bouncer Mag, it's 110SA, 90TA, 60D. 110+90=200. Mag max level is 200. Which means I just got 60 free points of Dex. Remind me again how that's a bad thing, when all my damage skills, like my Element Stance, Rapid Boost, etc, are all maxed out?

    1. You do know that Dex does not increase dmg right?
      Only reduce a gap between min and max dmg you can dealt on each hit. Also increase little proc for critical hit. If you use ring which increase crit build dmg that is some gain for upper limit dmg.

      I wouldn't dare say Bouncer Mag is useless. But it is a loss of 5 skill point to spend such skill. It might look good for a heal support hybrid build.
      Better Go for 200 S-Mags/T-Mag or put some dex for equipment requirement. For a concentrate build. You're already lose 90 in S-atk from mag. That is a huge loss in dmg.

      If you don't mind you could paste your tree build and show other of how your Bo/?? perform.

    2. That's a terrible Mag to begin with and you're just reinforcing failure here (not to mention falling for a newbie trap).
      Dex is for all practical intents and purposes an useless stat, and more specifically not worth spending *anything* on. All you're getting here is an uselessly diluted stat spread for the cost of wasted skillpoints and a Mag that is 100% hot garbage, and doubly worthless for other class setups.

      There's a reason single-stat Mags are the meta you know.

  17. Not the best player, but after reading some of the comments here I understand the need for dps in this eq. However to get so bent out of shape is cracking me up. The lvl 80's can go to a block were they all are suppose to be able to "bring it' and the non 80's should take the eq as a learning experience and if they get lucky and clear hey good job, but don't forget it is a game and have fun while they learn and fig out what they need to do to get their dps up.
    I personally am doing my best and having a blast win or lose although I have completed a few times, but in my off time doing my best to get my hands on more Lambda to finish grinding weapons 🙂

  18. After reading some of the comments about the new raid boss I would like to point out this boss's is easy as shite if you bother to work on your character and learn your class it took me 3 runs only failed 1 run before I figured out how not to die granted I still do die when I mistake the timing on my s roll but seeing as I came from FF14 doing extreme Alexander this is a cake walk if you die it's not a wipe like Alex is the dps check isn't that hard if your not a scrub who loves hp affixes the only exception to needing atk would be techer support and only really need 1 per run if they know the job. Pso2 is the easiest mmo I have ever played stop whining like the babies you are and work on your character and practice the hell out of it.

  19. I hate to be the voice of reason and all but the arguing has literally devolved it's self at this state.

    Here's some controversy I'll post so people direct their rage at me where I will just ignore them: I kind of like this EQ now. I actually enjoy the fact that it has the DPS check. It's a bit simple but it also hurts you to die during it, no half dolls can save you from dropping the DPS because it's not about just avoiding a death. Yeah, bulkier classes should still try to revive your FIs, your SUs, your FOs, and your RAs right away after they die so they can unleash in the few seconds remaining after they get up. It helps to have bulkier friends who, while they are not lacking in DPS because of too much tank build, they still need your high hitters to pass.

    If anything, it really makes it a community effort. You can't just leech this dang thing, so I definitely take back any negative criticism I had before about it being a bit too much. My complaint is now nothing else for players to work on in the mean time atm other than some poorly under represented TD VRs now. Would of been good for those who are not ready to get better weapons while they have this "more challenging" EQ.

    And really, this EQ is what the game needs. Something that's not hard, but you can still lose. TDs were beloved till we had that rush of animers ruined our chances of completion…. and I can also imagine that left a major void this EQ filled.

    Now only if they kept up the idea of "can fail but not necessarily hard to beat" for future quests. And less whiplash of arks and free fields where you could fail on a boss by dying once but die a million times in the fields.

    1. Other controversy: Maron isn't burst damage(that's quick single hits that usually cost high MP/PP/SP that kill something instantly but not great for DPS in the long run), and it's not easy to charge at times, having to put yourself in danger to do so. Reason it was so broken for PD and Mother was the insane amount of rapid hit moves that charge maron nearly instantly(as well as easy times to apply CT, especially during mother, for Su/Gu who really does need a nerf :U ). It's not like anyone should ever be intelligent to program a check where maron only gains charge if half a second passes or something.

      Fi/Hu is still baby easy, with insane levels of DPS if you got better. It's no surprise they indirectly nerfed it via mother and deus with the way many of the targets move.

      That should get people on this subject and I will just grace with ignorance, even if some one is right in any of their points for a change lol.

    2. Oh this sounds fun, let me join in on this.

      FoTe has this EQ even easier than mother, with gimigid being rival DPS to ragrants, PP management is even more irrelevant as a fo. Every core section in the DPS check section can be barants'd too.

      But the best part is being able to uncharged namegid his core when he goes back into the scenary for about 100k.

  20. Hm, I read all your comments here and hey guys, maybe you forgot it's just a game xD
    Don't misunderstand me, I don't want to diminish the game or anything, but yeah, a game is supposed to be enjoyed and such. Hating inside the community won't help at all xD I just saw too much beautiful mmos ruined by their mean community. That'd be said if it would happen here, too.

    And anyway, about the new EQ: I really love it, and I really appreciate all the effort that Sega gives in every new update to keep the community engaged and entertained.
    And speaking of crazy builds, I usually run this EQ with a Te/Bo full support build, thanks to those 13* wind Boots. Maybe a support isn't really needed in this EQ. Maybe a very good MPA is enough to clear it, but hey, I should have fun in playing, too! And when I run this EQ with my usually "normal/meta" builds, I would have liked a Techer in my party.

    I just failed this EQ the very first time I tried it, but after that I always won (so far xD).

    In the end, I feel like TD4 is still the hardest EQ in PSO2, since it need good coordination in MPA. In that case I run my Fo/Te fire. I don't feel like Te/Bo would be useful in there xD

    And yeah that's all guys lol

    1. Support such as zanverse / crit field / Pp field te/bo is always welcome in boss EQ, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Zanverse users who actively buff the mpa with Shifta strike Shifta and Deband HP are the real MVPs.

  21. If only Sega would introduce more exclusive block for harder content that only premium player can get in. I know, it is a bit discriminate but will screen lot's of free player and tremendously increase EQ success rate for billing player who depends on quick join PUGs than a well organized party/team/room with class balanced.
    Thing is, most premium member usually have the same mindset in some degree that they are willing to work and pay for the game. Those who pay have MORE advantage to upgrade their character. Easy meseta, as you can sell stuff, do scratch and sell expensive stuff. Free player have to grind a lot more harder to be on par with premium.

    Free player usually have same typical setting such as
    – refuse to pay a dim
    – just for fun as long as no payment involved.
    – refuse to upgrade their gear because they don't have meseta, spend unwisely for fashion and lobby instead.
    – not properly learn game's mechanic well.
    – use an un optimized or hybrid build for specific EQ. They don't have AC to buy more skill tree slot or another Mag.
    – Carry intend. Ex. They go there for class exp not for EQ clear.
    – Equip very very' strong {element} of bad gear. Not optimized build and head for higher content EQ.

    **Do note** that I said usually and typically. Not every free player does. Their is good free player too but their life is hard enough to afford such. I have one of my RL friend who is just like that.

    It is ironic to say that the reason why people go premium is
    "to avoid non-premium block"
    is one of the main reason why they choose to pay.
    Do avoid new block that start filling as non premium has a high population rate there when EQ is getting to start.

    Don't get me wrong. Free player still able to win such EQ if only they are care to bother use in-game chat system and try communicate with other to make a well organized room and party. Premium player can do that too, even better.
    **This is another reason why SEGA encourage people to get a party by giving free tri boost buff for an organized party**
    ***Those who have a big very active team already reach salvation from this PUG randomness mess*** (So, what are you waiting for? Better than waiting for Sega introduce class balance room joining system or doing nothing)

    Be kind, don't kill me. I love to do quick join PUG (dogies too) when I don't have time to properly communicate with a team, being late or left behind.
    But but but, I hate to carried those kind of player who is too OBVIOUS that fit most bad category that were previously mentioned above.

    TLDR: If you don't want to failed on EQ. There is an in-game chat for A REASON.

    1. That would create too much of a social stratification. Freemium MMOs work similarly to societies.

      In a freemium game, the free players exist solely to boost the image of a large population of a game. If PSO2 was a subscription model game, it wouldn't be as large as it is today. With so many MMO competing against one another, it would be unwise to intentionally chase away and create a hostile environment for free players. PSO2 has enjoyed all the benefits of a successful freemium game, and there's no reason they would change it.

      Fashion is also a easy way for these types of MMOs to survive aging. It's also why Nexon games like Maplestory and Mabinogi even persist to this day despite their age. An AC spender will pay money for the scratch, they will sell hot fashion items to fashionistas, that money then is used to create high end 200-250atk gear. Those high tier players will then carry the fashionistas in tough EQs which they would otherwise struggle.

      While elite players may complain and despise lesser players. What would they do, quit? Most likely not, assuming the amount of time and money they invested to become elite players.

      You just don't need that many good players to keep an MMO functional. You just need the select few to become idolized by the mass who they can rely upon.

      On average, a random expert block (Based on ship8 results) will finish Deus Esca with 1-2 minutes remaining. I don't know the situation on other ships, but there doesn't appear to be anything causing the system to collapse.

      An egalitarian society will always make the population happy and healthy overall opposed to a socially stratified one. This is true for both game and real life. If it didn't occur to you, the top 1% of society isn't particularly adored or loved by societies that have a strong divide being social class.

    2. Yes, your point is very clear and I do acknowledge all of that.
      The real problem is. How, to appreciate both freemium and premium and keep them both happy.

      The only reason that sega never do such bold tactic or easy fix as I suggested because they have to maintain freemium and potential customer(As you mentioned very clearly above) . And it is very risk to implement such thing because there are many drawback later.

      However for a much much harder content. Sega have to create these kind of block sooner or later to separate those who eligible or able to handle new stuff or shouldn't be there at all. I wouldn't be surprise if they soon implement such premium exclusive block. If there is a high demand and feedback or survey for such block. Only then they will decided to do something about it.
      Now we have only such small scale as XH block with soft/stupid/very friendly requirement to enter for harder content.

      Only statistic data will answer most of the delicate question.

    3. Last I checked, there already IS a premium-exclusive block. Like, literally the last one on the list for the PCMR/Bloodbornestation blocks, which only shows up if you have a premium set active. If the richfags that actually give a shit about not wanting to play with the peasants aren't gathering there to set up EQs for Deus Esca / Deus ESC-A / Desu Oscar, then that's on them.

    4. It does, but doesn't have XH requirement implement just yet.
      And richfags that you mentioned most have a team and they regularly DO EQ/trigger outside of XH block privately and way more effectively organized party. Not just team, they do invite friend, friends of friends is welcome as long as it is not a player who has idiot's tag labeled. (Gears and build usually)

    5. You make it sound like it's entirely non-paying player fault that paying users can't get a free ride or at least get for some reason "superior" premium only party when at least half of the block is made of premium users.

      PSO2 is not freemium.

    6. Thing is most freemium is typically as I mentioned above. Yes, it is their fault to be like that and hop along to very hard content.
      **But it is not entirely all their fault. That is for sure. I have to make this point clear.** And no, it is not about free ride or anything. It is about who should be here and there for higher- much much harder content.

      The game very much need more in-game mechanic to organized better block allocation. And separate user who is still growing but not yet ready for such content. Exclusive premium block would be the last solution thing for Sega if they can't fix it.

      The game is keep on developing new content and these recent update the game starting to shift to appreciate more hardcore player than casual player. To keep the game interesting.

      The topic is most problem occur by joining quick PUG. Unorganized room and party. Which have a very high failure rate than well organize one.
      It is like throwing many dice at once. When joining PUG as of current game patch.
      – How many class and which class are there in the room.
      – Do they have RA or Tec or not, how many?
      – How much ratio between freemium or billing player in a room. Who is carry who. God/Sega will tell. (only with a statistic data can proved that)+(and I would dare say the latter. Because most billing player has more advantage in term of in-game incomes)

      It wouldn't be so hard to imagine about lots of free player who IS not properly do their homework and join EQ like Deus for 8-10 freemium
      and only 2-4 are billed player. Which surely have more Higher Rate to encounter HARD GAME than all billed player in the room, right? Talking about lower end equipment or good affix. A hybrid Mag for all class. Hybrid skill tree for ALL EQ.

      Sure, there are free player who is grind for better life and more hardworking than billed player too ie: playing more character fix daily income issue and more available skill tree from new character. Even more skillful. Much trained. In some point, they paid and step up to billed premium player to lower the grind and starting to support the game.
      But surely
      "Free and always free, No I won't pay"
      "Please carry me, I ran deus as BO/?? with ranger affix unit with a hybrid build for exp and drop sake. No, I don't have meseta nor AC to purchase proper equipment"
      "I'm lazy"
      "Nerf dat boss" + "People stupid to fight this hard thing"
      are highly populate that hard earn and hardworking good freemium person. Surely you heard all of these kind in many place.

      And for christ sake, Premium is very cheap… One bowl of ramen worth 30days premium. You can expect which kind of freemium player you would encounter. And it is not that hard at all to get AC from abroad.

      Again as I said before. Usually and TYPICALLY characteristic of free player.
      + in all MMO that operate with cash shop. is less advantage than billing player.

    7. That's both delusional and very egocentric. You have YOUR point of view which you consider The Truth while I think it's all bullshit as I met both paying and non-paying players who had retarded gear/builds or went for "tank" build and were absolutely fucking useless yet they believed otherwise (you can even meet those here). Blocks have AT LEAST 50% of premium players, that means usually more than 50% as premium players take up non-premium slots too. The shit you say about paying player having better gear doesn't mean better performance (and actually gear too) especially when non-paying payers usually have/invest more time.

      What you're essentially asking is for PSO2 to go pay2win so YOU can pay to fucking win to get carried, just die already.

    8. May be it is too hard too follow me because of my too long Wall of text and my redundant explanation style.

      I think it’s all bullshit as I met both paying and non-paying players who had retarded gear/builds or went for “tank” build and were absolutely fucking useless yet they believed otherwise
      "/end of quote"
      That is player choice. Too be suck willingly or not. no matter they're premium or non. And yes by the number, do YOU thing all premium would be all stupid like that? Surely very much lesser.
      Don't forget that I keep repeated many time. PREMIUM/BILLED player have more advantage from premiumship and from cash contents to grow way more powerful than non premium. (I could put and return your word here too, that you are egocentric and unable to think on the other side like this)

      Anyhow it is doesn't change the fact that billing player have way more advantage than free player. In every MMO aspect THAT is operate and has revenue from cash shop.

      And for you sum it up as P2W Get lost.
      I'm so sorry that you just didn't think more broader and deep enough. Maybe you didn't see all of my comment nearby and see my whole intention, yet. It is not wise at all for you to judge people with from that narrow mindset.
      "It's pay to win! close the door! shut yourself." Is a behavior of ignorant who refuse to learn more. This is not good. Oh dear.

      And for the record just how much people you HAVE MET to decide that? is the sample size big enough for such declaration that you're outright telling me a delusional and egocentric.
      With my observation skill, experienced things first hand, and insight base from statistically, I doubt so.

      I do met good and bad people too, just like you. Normal human being. Surely way more than you can imagine. I spend most of my time gaming , studied how economy works. For that I am confident To speak this honorable/horrible act and clarification of P2W thing. I'm not stupid enough to make up story or be delusion to urge people to outright kill me.

      I didn't expect this silliness coming from your at all. From your previous comment that wraps thing up nicely between SPACEX and RANDOM told me that you're better person than this.

      I'm sorry again if this is too crude for you. I would have try to put it more friendly but I have my standard.
      May God blast you. (Just kidding)
      Sorry for my English.

      "when non-paying players usually have/invest more time"
      PS. I did clarify this in nearby comment already, surely you miss that. Hope my wall of text won't bleed your eyes.

    9. Xion, I want to say that premium is irrelevant to victory, also it's not what you want (because it wont help) but the fact that you want is what I hate.

      My understanding of average shitter comes not only from Desu but from other EQs (and partially this comment section) as well – I've seen numerous times during TDs when well geared players blobrush fresh spawns letting a few moths or a single tower to destroy a base, I was doing as much damage with katana only (kenei+10(not 40)) FoBr I was leveling (I hate Fo) as your average player, I've seen parses and usually there're 1-3 ARKS doing way above average damage and 3-4 somewhere at the bottom, there were as much players that accepted critical class advices as there were ones that ignored, and etc etc.
      And I want to tell you – on average, they are all the same.
      It doesn't matter if you have extra meseta, unless you're willing to learn and improve, nothing will help you with getting at least basic gear (like free +10 brisa and some grinded 50attr nox, btw most new players don't even know about attribute or that you have to feed mag for 200atk of one type) or learning how to use class (instead of participating in wb wars or blocking specialized Te zanverse).

      So if you want more success rather than wishing for some useless prem feature there are 2 things you can do:
      1) Wait for playerbase to improve because it will happens as EQ is new and people adapt. Also not getting loot will force players to get better.
      2) Get a few people to run 4man party, learn and teach them core skills, get adequate gear and help to carry the MPA with your somewhat above average party because even if there are bad players, your average player actually does some damage so it doesn't take that much for victory. You yourself said to use in-game chat, so do it.

    10. @Kyaa~st
      To cut A stupid chase from you and me
      This pic should summary the position I'm in pretty well enough. SIGH… A well organized team room and party of friend and friends of friends.

      To put it more dumber

      How about Mr.A go 7-eleven or family mart.
      1. Bought 6 ice cream.
      2. get a gift code and top them up for lobby action.
      3. sold lobby for 40mils meseta
      4. get yourself good geared good affix in no time.
      Now Mr.A spend money and were deemed as a billed player. Not to mention AC scratch who sell lobby or expensive stuff too.
      Why is it not irrelevant to victory may I ask?
      As the person above gain easy money and able to quickly improve their gear if spend wisely.

      And most billed player typically have same characteristic to go for premium too for convenience sake and it is dirt cheap.

      You should go back and re read all of this page comment section and see all my contributed comment before repeating same redundant stuff to me and then check between how FREE-player and Premium or Billed player are really different.

      And do mind if I ask you that how much time it took to get money to affix let's say as high as 200atk 6-7 affix per unit.
      For hard billed player will it took longer that freeplayer who keep doing repeat same quest over and over? Get some burnout. Do they able to afford it? or is it just dream? Do it, you better do it! make the dream come xxxx.

      Do mind that if same skill player and class set. Room A everyone with average 180-200atk affix per unit compared with Room B average 60-90atk per unit. Which room contribute better dmg when pooling together. Do it irrelevant to victory like you say? Boss like PD, Double , Deus and many other are stunned , downed faster, or even out right GIB and cause less problem to MPA. Not irrelevant at all to victory. It won't help. Really???

      To sum it up. Premium and Billed player lead to more better geared than Free-member (Free member can't go premium block anyway)
      For Non premium and hard grind player, they have to grind their ass very much a long time to afford such. Only if they wouldn't be lured to purchase lobby or expensive useless fashion first.

    11. "Quote"
      "premium is irrelevant to victory, also it’s not what you want (because it wont help) but the fact that you want is what I hate."

      And since when I wanted premium block… I'm only told that only if Sega would introduced such block.
      it WOULD help premium member TREMENDOUSLY. To seperate and allocate player more effectively.
      Non premium will hate it sure. But that doesn't mean the end of the world. As you already said yourself THAT it is is irrelevant to victory. Much same reason that you and I are able to dig up how it is irrelevant to victory. And I hate to keep explaining same thing over and over again. But I do care.

      It is premium player's choice. To only stay in premium exclusive block or get down to non premium block to help or hell, even leech free player and non premium player.

      I regularly do PUG myself upper and lower block and acknowledge how terrible it is as of current patch. Ship2
      I even have a stack of excube about 6-8k as of now. play time is already over 4k hr. This should be enough for me to actually SEE how things goes on up til now.

      For TD it is very not accurate to judge people from dmg and rank. . There are keys player who have low score and low dmg too. Only finisher get most of the score you should know this. Their roles matter. Not only dmg itself.

      Last thing. Why would someone consider to call them self a new or green player? BUT able to pass the requirement and able to get in XH block with their lv 75/75 but physically can't handle late TD nor Deus with their current equipment. They shouldn't be there to leech specific High End EQ.
      Do they're really new player? No, most are free/non-premium gaijin player. As I have seen it over and over again. Continued to leech good player for fun , casual of their own specific reason.

      That really makes me want to beg SEGA to make ANOTHER salvation place for those who get tired to carry such being. Who is want more convenience time and efficient. Who is love to do on quick simple PUGs not with out right garbage PUG with instant lose gear's label that surely won't pass EQ by all mean and can't leave a room at all without punishment.

      AGAIN, I don't suffer any of this failed EQ thing but I do pity for those who cry out for better.
      And here I am, telling you guys how pro and con. We can brainstorm and have insight how PSO2 goes. Listening to other opinion. With due respect.

    12. I thought you were one of newer players as you wanted premium slack…
      Yes, 170atk is better than 70atk
      One is bum Orbit Ra with 70affixes (lets say affordable and newbie friendly Till the soul, shootIV, spiritaIV, staminaIV) brisa and Orbit and another is rich Ra with 190 affixed Orbit and 170 brisa, the rich guy does 13.7% more damage, meanwhile not knowing about attribute costs you -17.7% damage and not knowing how to play class and defend yourself costs you WAY MORE.
      It is NOT cream of the top that causes people to fail, it's not knowing the fucking basics that causes people to lose, those 13.7% won't do shit when your output is twice or thrice as low as skilled player with basic equipment.

      p.s. my cubestack is longer than yours!

    13. Just did Deus and granted. Nerf down to garbage boss on par with elder already. Only 8mins and a half then finished.
      Much cry for serious player…. He doesn't even have a chance to properly be any of threat now.

      PS. nah, :v most of my cube goes for ring +30%. hate to dig more jewel and wasted lambda.

      10-20% from dudu is still much more threat than Deus now.

    14. Many of the free players you see may be paying players once, but now are free because Premium is no longer worth it. CF is universal for both free and Premium players, and everyone has an equal chance of gear if they pay or not pay because the best gear is untradeable. Therefore, a Premium expert block would be no different than a regular expert block. The only wall that divides players should be a wall of effort and skill, not real money.

      Premium Offers:
      + 10-11* Weapon Exchange Passes
      + Shop
      + Room
      + Trading
      + Premium Block Space
      + More Crafting Slots
      + More Collection Slots
      + More Daily Fun
      + Better Drinks

      Back then, Premium was pretty OP. If you wanted that 10-11* for its affix potential, you had to be premium to buy it. You had to spend your hard-earned Excubes that only really dropped plentifully from TD, and when you had enough valuable stuff saved up, you'd spend most of your cubes on FUN Scratch to get My Shop 3 Day passes.
      If you wanted to Extend equipment (back when extended reds were god-tier), you needed a ton of liliparium or premium with alts, or you only had 2 slots. Also there wasn't that many rooms for EQs, and you had to join super early or all the SH rooms would be full.

      Now let's take a look at it today.
      – 10-11* weapon exchange (gone)
      – Shop (Excubes drop like candy now. Everyone has many cubes and Fun Scratch is cheap and on demand)
      – Room (Mini Room serves all purposes)
      + Trading (Useful, but not really necessary with well-timed shop listing)
      ~ More crafting slots (not really useful anymore since extending equipment is a waste of time for 12* units and 13*. I believe SEGA also said they would be hard-pressed to make more crafting content because so little people do it)
      ~ More Collection File Slots (With EP4 finish and 80Cap, there are plenty of ways to get SG. With some participation in Arks LQ Boost and story mode, you can get 5 total slots with 1400 SG. +2 with AC but 5 is usually enough for most free players)
      ~ Premium Block Space (Not very useful anymore. There are plenty of rooms now and many many expert blocks. Join an expert block 15 min before event and it will fill up, along with several blocks below you. If you are late, you still can find a group in a 20% filled last block because EQ only needs 12 people)
      – More Daily Fun (not useful since Excubes are plentiful)
      + Better Drinks (One of the best perks for Premium is just a 20% Exp/Rare drink. During Boost Week, 20% helps a lot for Bonus Keys and you get ~7.7m xp per Tokyo Gold. 20% Rare helps with CF % grind, and in general is a good thing to always drink)

      Basically to sum it up, Premium isn't as desirable as it used to be. The best uses of it would be to instantly hop into an XH Room after EQ for LQ grind, or to join a full block for Trigger. Drinks are good. That's about it. A block dedicated to people who can buy better drinks would make no difference in a block of people who can't buy those drinks.

    15. Thank for your reply afford! I did read all that. Yes, it is sad that premium values does drop a lot.
      It would be no afford at all/very easy for SEGA to implement Premium only XH block.
      BUT! SEGA won't do that. They do care non premium player too.

      But to implement such block it will undeniable that it will quick boost how premium works and will gain much more higher value and more demand for premiumship later on.
      Some player will surely hate it be cause it is too forceful. Only when SEGA fixed random pugs repeated EQ failure issued in non premium block. So that they won't complain about the change.

      But if people refuse to adapt at all. It is SEGA decision to pick which way is more long term profitable and more royal customer.
      Still, there are so many way and friendlier to fix stuff like class balancing system for each room for High End EQ. Than go Premium exclusive block.
      Only time will tells. Thanks for reading.

    16. Except you can't simply constipate hard enough to pull through Deus with entire multiparty of people with gearscore below the quota. So what you're basically suggesting is that your last resort to actually clear the quest is to pay up for joining the expert block.

      No amount of screaming in the chat, partymaking and other fantastic coordination bumble will increase your chances with Deus, if multiparty is physically unable to do enough damage.

    17. (Bow my head)
      You sum it up very nicely (Sob)
      Screaming won't help at all if everyone incompetent in that block. Right, some team still struggle to finish deus.

      Yes, it is another reason to pay and get away from non premium player.
      As of now it is fifty- fifty populate in each block. (when block is full of course).

      Only luck will tell you which type of player will your room most.

      And by TYPE is not just mean free/paid player. Too many factor. But Free and Premium is another main factor for PUG's repeated failure.

    18. Also, I forget to mention that there is a meta that.
      Higher block number means more success rate is true.

      People run away for lower number block for a reason.

      Because most premium do always trying to get there. Getting reserved block way ahead, get swap in there when some one there get DCed.

      Comparing with lower block that getting filled up when EQ is going to start does has a higher chance and higher encounter rate of non premium population. And these block has most failure rate than lower number XH block.

      Except during JP peak Hour it is a little bit more tricky. But you can see that most JP is almost always premium or billed because it is cheap and more promotion friendly to get AC than international player.

    19. till the day where premiums are mostly troll and bad players…

      remember than in certain area of this world, the amount of money someone has is inversely proportional to their brain (sorry)

      so prem only block is most likely a no-no (unless you wanna see good-for-nothings filling inside)

      unless you're saying our current state of being invaded by people who can't play + won't hear advices but they have OP luck to get to 80/80 in less than 2 weeks from 0/0

  22. I Recently reach 75/75 Br/Ra and have gotten 13* from mother CF 2 in fact. I may complain about boss Timer on last phase but i dont complain as bad sense to me this really helps me strive to be stronger and get into the expert block. Personally his attacks are predictable that i just counter them. But same time the Fail can be extremely discouraging and probably reason of complains. To me i believe we all have our ways. Ah also i really like this EQ sense again i pushes me to become better! it really helps sense im very looking forward putting gear to better situation and best part is friends/team even stranger from expert block has help me improve which im very thankful for! P.s-sorry not great english but i just thought i want point out that there was a boost so many new 75/75 like myself are struggling and i believe should be more ofa goal driver to get stronger.

  23. the point is pso ep 1 and 2 didnt need dps checks also psu or psp2 or psp2i didnt need them either. the new guy working with pso2 or whatever is destroying a beloved series

    1. I've played every game in the series, including the original SinglePlayer games and even the text adventure spinoffs for PSII. Only ones I haven't played are Phantasy Star Adventure and Nova due to never owning a Game Gear nor a Vita respectively.

      I've had no issues with any of PSO2's DPS checks, I forget they exist most of the time.

      You also have to consider PSO2 is much more fast paced and action oriented than any previous titles, it's not out of place.

    2. 1 side need DPS checker to show off their skill and their effort to get the best gears and other just want a casual gameplay to have fun with their friends without unnecessary trouble or obstacle like "need this enuf DPS to kill this thing" etc. I dont get it .. what you actually want ppl? this game doesnt design to be play on western style anyway.. aldy blessed by can play this without them constantly hunting gaijin anymore now right? shut up and enjoy watever SEGA give.. if dat not enuf play other game i know you have many other mmo in your inventory

    3. To fill the gap. It is to please Japanese audience and those who love Japanese stuff (Me too). Majority of The Japanese and those oversea always demand for more harder content according to the survey given. Now we get some. More are on the way.

      Haters gonna hate no matter what. whether the game itself or the anime.

      And if gaijin pissed majority of Japanese or royal customer. They would send complain and bad feedback to report SEGA in which until it is enough to catch their attention.
      This time, we won't just get only EQ-leaver punishment nor PVP exit ban offender. May the hunt begins. Surely a purge gaijin case is a NEVER. But specific case by case is much more considered.

  24. This is hilarious, everyone please keep it up.
    My favorite ones are the tank players thinking this is wow and how they are being blasted both by deus design and other players.

    1. Fun fact, my tank is so well built, I'm even out-damaging other melee users… I mean, granted, I'm using Fighter weapons, not Hunter ones, but still. When a TANK is doing 5k per tick with Straight Charge Zero and a DPS is doing 2.5 or 1k per slash with a katana, I feel pretty ok about my contribution… The ONE time I tried it with my tank just so see how he'd do. Every other time it's been on my Ranger so I could contribute Weak Bullet on top of doing damage, and even then I haven't beaten the EQ a single time. I keep getting people in the MP who have unupgraded gear and 10 stars and junk… :/

    2. While you're scoffing at the BR doing 1-2k damage, another BR spamming 100k Sakura-endos is scoffing at your 5k straight charge.

      But hey, at least #11 on the parse list is better than #12 right?

    3. Max was on reddit a while ago calling out people who made fun of his tank build. The reason his Straight Charge damage is so pathetic is he runs Guard Stance and plays as a HuFi… so he loses out on Fury Stance's damage as well as 10% if he has the Fi weapon rare drop titles. A quick look up of a video showing off Straight Charge Type-0 at Bal Rodos shows it should be a much stronger PA than it is for him.

      While I don't want to be too mean on this he simply refused to listen to any reason and failed to understand that PSO2 is not a trinity meta MMO and kept insisting that the only thing that could make him 'useless' is a gunner taking agro from him via showtime when in reality it's a build that's always useless because there is actually no room for a tank, this is a fact. There is a support role to be had in Ra(WB) and Te(Zanversing), DPSing is the main and primary role and even Sega made the Deus EQ in particular to make this role even more viable.

      Tanking though is in fact, not subjectively pointless, Fight me. You cannot take the damage for others as EQ bosses since even Elder will swipe through as much of the area as their programmed with agro only making them focus an individual on specific attacks, Warcry merely resets it and if the group your tanking for has any amount of DPS over you, the hate will go back to them pathetically fast. You're basically saving the top DPS from having agro for a minute or two, possibly even ripping the boss a mile away from them making their job harder.

      But I'm sure you read and skimmed over these facts and much more on Reddit, keep trying to claim your helping… but fact is your playing the wrong game if you wnat to tank.

      Pay attention. Please. And I did NOT "skim" on Reddit, thank you, I replied to almost every comment there.

    5. Hilarious.
      I really think all of the people here are saying these things to entertain me.
      No way people can be this bad.

    6. @MAX7238
      Maybe you and other might want to have a sneak peek of this?
      this pic took in my room date 22 21JST EQ

      Do you think your build and those current PUGness can afford this, In timely manner? As of now, it is to failed or not to be failed.
      All we can do right now is to find a good and trustworthy friend to play with. In big group. Share trick and tips and help other to get better, Together.

    7. 5k per tick. 6 hits per second. 5000*6= 30k per second. 15PP per second to sustain at 156PP means a little less than 10 seconds of that. He never stays down that long until the very last burst in the EQ. My failure that time STILL was not my fault. I don't need carried, I need a party that lacks a Techer dying constantly, a Braver hardly doing any damage, and a Ranger that keeps screwing up their Weak Bullet when my own teammate who plays Ranger keeps trying to correct it.

      Awesome screencap, btw, Xion. Would be nice to get into that party (and no, I don't mean with my tank. Again, that was ONE attempt just to test it, since it's basically guaranteed to fail right now. Narrowminded? Please uninstall.

    8. You deal one seventh of the damage of a real fighter.
      No wonder duos are clearing it while mpas full of special snowflakes like you are failing.
      You deserve to fail.
      You don't deserve to be in expert blocks.
      You deserve to fail a hundred times over, so you start playing like someone that wants to clear out of merit instead of being carried by someone else

    9. My friend showed me this and I just had to respond…

      30k per second is crap. The fact that you only hit 30k on a vastly over powered PA is scary really. At that point, if I was on my own hunter, each hit in a PA would be hitting over 30K. Hell, with WB, my sac bite powered regular attacks would be hitting 30k. It takes less than a second to swing.

      To top this off, the first 5 hits on straight charge do REDUCED damage compared to the 6th and up. So the reality is, you're doing less than 30k per second over the stun. Sure, it may come up to 29k at most, but, that's still just that much more scary.

      Mean while I could be hitting over 100k on Deus myself if given a WB. That's just ME. Multiply it by 11 and that's 1.1 mil per second compared to your 30k. And during that phase, there's Gunner's CTing and Braver's banishing. So when those bombs go boom, those 600k-1 mils along side all their other hits trumps your presumed 300k over those ten seconds.

      That's also ignoring your blatant disregard of Straight Charge's start up cost. 20 PP out the door, ASSUMING you got the custom to add no additional PP cost. Meaning it will only last about 9 seconds. so your best is not even 300k.

      A techer dying is not gonna slow the party down worth crap unless you're blatantly ignoring them(which I can imagine you are), the fact that they are literally boosting the whole party by 1.1x their normal damage and boosting their HP means they're doing more than you assuming everyone else can hit around 900k, basically adding 90k per person, 11x 90k = 990k. Wow the difference. And when they're there to zanverse, that added total goes even higher.

      And again, a braver recharging their PP is nothing to be upset about. It sure as hell wasn't their PA damage for a fact. Hell, just double checked that with my own braver. With only fury stance, I was hitting 7k with gurren with a katana with only 374 atk. So uh, yeah… That braver was definitely doing more than you given the speed Katana PAs come out. It's unlikely they were running anything lower than 500 atk on that katana by XH, and far more likely anything about 700.

      Oh, and don't whine about a WB mess up here and there. It makes you look like a whiny idiot who wants perfection. Hell, given the way you talk, it's probably the OTHER RA who was correcting your friend's WB. And even THEN, it's called working together to complete the EQ, something you don't understand.

      And if it was "just that one time to use your tank" why are you so upset over how you were "basically carrying this thing not your fault"?

      And it seems I'm right about the PP. It's probably worse since it's unlikely you managed a perfect +0 cost for something you clearly only were trying out.

    10. Funny enough about 4-6k is my 'basic slash' on a Katana, maybe you should stop trying to step on a poorly build Br to make yourself look taller than you actually are? Your also comparing a PA to a normal attack used to regenerate PP when their PAs which in itself is a big red flag to just how knowledgeable you are.

    11. Comparing a PA's damage to some one's attempt to recharge their PP with normal attacks isn't exactly showing up anyone with any simple knowledge of the game. I don't even hit that low when hitting non-elemental matching mooks in the back while using brave stance and not JAing… The MINIMUM I would hit with it while using it right would be 20k+ on each hit.

      Also assuming from your tank obsession, you probably don't have the PP for it to even last long, let alone have it TAJA'd and last long enough to be worth it.

      And Hu weapons are not lacking in damage. My team leader is doing over 500k with a proper Ignition Parry. I can hit over 200k with mine when not even hitting a weakpoint.

      You really just don't know the game. You come in from IDK…WoW or something, expecting the usual "I am tank so I don't have to worry about trying past keeping myself alive and pressing aggro buttons", and it just doesn't work here. I do feel like the game could use some factors to make it less of a DPS fest, but hey, nerf Deus so it really is just back to the usual "Just DPS more to save booster time" instead of "oh crap gotta actually try", so, not expecting that any time soon.

      DPS = less time fighting = less deaths. Simple as that. Also given I survive Deus off of 756 HP, my only deaths being attempts to charge maron, there's really no need for anyone to try to act like my big tough knight donned in pearly white armor. I got enough fury build hunters to get my back if I do go down too.

      But seriously, you can, you know, just stack extra HP while using Fury stance. Lose some S-atk and PP for extra survibility. No need to worry about MPA wipe attacks, one person can campship while the others wait. Plus, there's at least ONE Ketos user out there in the party, and they WILL use PB if things to crap. It's usually some "delicate force/techer/summoner" who's always left standing after a massive attack reviving everyone, not gambling on a 1/4th chance to die.

  25. Just in case English is your second language, since you appear to be missing the part that that was ONE attempt to see how my Hunter would do, here's a link to that passage explained in simple Japanese. I figure if you can't understand English, maybe you can understand Japanese since you play PSO2, right?

    1. XD Holy crap, the awful machine translation / continued refusal to understand or listen! So there IS another troll here besides Random! And here I hoped y'all were a dying breed.

    2. max, you are the epitome of bottom of the barrel trash complaining about whats underneath the barrel

      yes you definitely were a part of the problem that mpa failed and you have no business talking about how well other players are doing when youre this fucking ignorant

    3. And YOU CLEARLY aren't paying attention. NONE of you are. ONE ATTEMPT. I DID THAT ONCE. TO SEE HOW IT WENT. ALL of my other characters are DPS. THREE OF THEM. EVERY other attempt as been with those characters, NOT my tank. KNOCK. KNOCK. IS ANYONE IN THERE?! DO. YOU. SPEAK. ENGLISH?!

    4. are you guys serious right now? do you even read for starters like ever? he was testing something for starters and two since when did our community become such elitist assholes like this? yall should be a fucking shamed of yourselves for even flaming this hard at a guy seriously get a grip on yourselves its a fucking video game as bad as everyone whining OH MY GOD HE GOT NERFED ITS THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD THANKS SCRUBS BLAAAAHHHH -insert kill myself face here- let the guy play how HE WANTS TO PLAY is he bothering you? hell no he aint theres so many players on the ships you probably wont even meet up with each other!!! good lord grow up

    5. Except he was complaining about others player playing worse than him above as well… If you read his post he called out Techers for constantly dying and Bravers doing awful damage and acting like he was gracing MPAs with his presence beyond his tank, you can clearly see he he complained about MPAs he was in while on his Ranger. Then acted like he's not responsible for the MPA failing even though he knowingly took a tank into one which I cna't even fathom why… if his Ra didn't help the MPA the last thing I would test is a tank using an off-class weapon where even a gunslash would out damage it.

      If Max is going to be a asshole to strangers he MPA'd with and rant about them on various sites for discussion and be saltier than DarkSydePhil and be like "IT'S NOT MY FAULT I LOST GUYS, TOTALLY", he can take some abuse himself. All the pugs I've had in Expert blocks on Ship 2 have passed when my team didn't have enough people for a TMPA… I'm sure if he follows the "Lol SHip 2 is a joke XDDDDDD" this comment section generally has around Grand Prix like most of obnoxious usuals here, he's either on Ship 4 or 10…. which are "So pro" and can totally handle the nerfed version.

      Overall from what I can see, he's not willing to improve and acts pretty elitist himself and pretends that it's others who need to improve… not him.

    6. 1. Ship 2 was a joke.
      2. My Ranger that I said I used and complained about others with isn't a tank.
      3. You aren't in the MPA I was talking about, with said Braver doing about 5k per slash with a Sakura End Zero.
      Yes, I tried with my tank, and I am at fault in large part for the failure of that​ attempt. But, hey, when I tried again this afternoon with my own Braver (your 6k per slash sounds about the same), success on the first try because he's been nerfed into the ground……

    7. @max – He said basic attack, not PA. Your PA shouldn't be only 6k per hit.

      And my god the speed you at which you repelled is insane.

      Also, Ship 2…nah… Ship 2 was actually doing fine in expert blocks. Didn't fail any pugs personally, and generally I've only heard horror stories of "nearly failing" the EQ after the first day. Seems like ship 2 is fine. You're welcome to try on other ships though.

      And wow, way to show that people like you are the reason why Desu here got nerfed. So, what was the time left, 0:01 seconds? :U

      Seriously, your attitude now literally gives me no sympathy. So guess what, see me being a jerk? Gonna be a jerk :U

    8. Basic attack. The Braver I complained about was 5k ish per Sakura End Zero slash. I was agreeing with him that my own Braver did 4-6k per basic attack. But you go ahead and twist what I say to keep flaming me.

    9. I hoenstly don't want to be too mean, Check is right though…. Your acting as though using Fi weapons is somehow better for you in the long run than Fi weapons.

      Using Fi weapons with a Hu main means you lack 10% damage you would have as a FiHu using knuckles, you also lose access to all but a very few 13* knuckles that have Hu enabled. Your really better off learning how to boss DPS with Sword, Partizan, or even Wire Lances as a Hu/Fi for any DPS purpose.

      Hu weapons are not weaker, and you in fact should be using them tank or not, they are unwieldy if your not used to them like I am, but I have seen some incredibly good Hunters do things with Sword many will claim is impossible because sword supposedly sucks or something? I hate the weapon with a passion so this isn't bias injection, I main a Fo/Te.

      You really just come across as acting like you know the game well but you glance over basic things that are holding you back on even your DPS oriented characters and I feel it's hurting your play than you like to imagine.

      Even with 3.5k hours under my belt I try to learn new strats and improve old ones never trying to assume I 'mastered' anything or that I'm at my prime in any given class. You just give off the vibe that you feel your doing well enough and that it's only others who needed to improve pre-deus nerf which is a particularly toxic mindset that leaves you looking just as bad as anyone flaming you.

    10. Daku, you're proceeding with the mindset that you know me and what I know based on some comments I've made. I don't main knuckles, it's just the only damage value I remember from that one and only run. I main the sword, and I've recently taken up the partizan and wires in practice after leaving them be for far too long. Keep in mind that as a tank, I care the least about DPS and the most about keeping aggro and not dying. A Chainsawd was my best bet. The rhythm of attacking and blocking on it is perfect for Ultimate Quests, which is what my tank is made for. That and MBD, where Absorption is basically useless. I'm not going to try to improve my DPS on my tank, because that's not his job. I keep him the hell out of these big raid bosses. The one time I didn't was after I felt it was hopeless outside Expert blocks (used to be there, but never bothered to get copies of a weapon for the tiny increase from 30 to 35). You can judge me all you like, and I admit fault where it is mine, but the fact remains that I know plenty about this game I play on PS4, and I know what I'm doing. I don't answer to any of you, but it's very entertaining watching the English community you represent to me drooling on itself while yelling logical fallacies and absolutes at me.

    11. you need to learn how to read and grow up, susanoo.

      i know people can and will play their game how they want, but when they criticize how other people play when it's clear they know nothing and are doing poorly themselves, they deserve to be slagged off for it

      this other clown is literally posting dogshit dps numbers and claiming its good while talking shit about others, get fucking real

    12. @Max – That's because we KNOW you because you already spilled your guts out earlier, especially on reddit, as well as your type.

      You only mentioned that your basic hits do the same as Daku's because he mentioned them. Unless you're running some finely tuned gear like him with +35 Astra Katana, units that boost your atk and affixes that hit…I think he was 90 per each? All while having all the proper passives and stances in skill tree, you're not hitting that high. You saw a number, said it was yours, and act like we're gonna take random BS from a stranger who won't be able to prove it.

      And before you ask us to do it, yes, we will if you ask. You don't know how many arguments have ended as soon as I say I'm about to go get my screencaps, so I imagine that will be the same here.

      The fact that, as far as we know, you're on ship 4. You can't even talk about ship 2(which, as far as I've heard, had some excellent clear rates on expert blocks for Deus prenerf from everyone I know), and to top it off… PS4? That's kind of hard mode there :U No wonder the RA was having trouble landing those hits with a controller. God bless them really.

      "Keep in mind that as a tank, I care the least about DPS and the most about keeping aggro and not dying."

      And everyone already stated why this is a problem. When you claim this, you claim that you are playing the game wrong. You fell for Sega's stupid newbie traps. Why the hell things like guard stance are still in the game is beyond me, but given people are telling you repeatedly that you've been duped and ignore it and act like it should be praised, it's just terrifying. You effed up. It's not even your fault. It's Sega's. Let it go.

      "but the fact remains that I know plenty about this game I play on PS4," The fact you brought up your "tank" in a game focused on DPS and support, you don't. You think 30k per second is great damage on a stunned boss but it should be at least, being kind of generous for those who are having a hard time due to Sega's BSery over CFs, 90k. Our TMPA has some one that's lagging behind as well, but you know what? At least they realize they are and they're improving every run. They're trying their best and not acting like they know a game they're still new at. And hey, that being said, they're not dragging us down either. To boot, they're doing more than "Oh so pro Max".

      "I don’t answer to any of you, but it’s very entertaining watching the English community you represent to me drooling on itself while yelling logical fallacies and absolutes at me."

      You do answer to us though…

      And bumped, pso-w, and even reddit don't represent the English community. The vast majority of those actually topping DPS actually hate these sites tbh, often scoffing them.

      And yet even these people were in agreement with reddit over how arrogant you were. Funny how these "drooling logical fallacy spewing gaijins with their absolution" have no trouble clearing the EQ even before it was nerfed. If bumped can do it, so can you.

      To finish this, the coup de grace…. no one would be treating you like this if you weren't acting so high and mighty.

    13. @SFG I need to read and grow up? That's a laugh buddy obvious troll is obvious. Y'all are the ones here arguing over a video game bitching at one guy because he just wants to play a game as a tank. Who here has any right at all to tell someone how they should play their game let alone make use of their time that they MUST play a certain way? It's seriously like watching a bunch of 12 year olds bicker between one another and so poor in taste I want to throw up. Seriously, if this is how the English community is as a whole then I am glad to say I want no part in it its just downright disgusting and distasteful friendly advice is one thing but bitching at somebody and telling them THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD PLAY DO IT OR YOU FUCK UP AND SHOULDN'T PLAY THIS GAME or something along those lines is just stupid toxic and honestly very much from a elitist point of view. To be fair here, I have had my fair share of having to deal with people who are disasters in a MPA much worse then maxs damage output damage so low I am not quite sure how the hell they even manage to deal it that low.. then also times where I literally want to strangle my Techers and other magic styles for not using their buffs and zanverse same thing for hunters in a Mining Base when they pop warcry and hug the tower or just don't have it all meanwhile just randomly running around then you have those people who literally just die 24/7 then bitch later about how ITS TO HARD or NERF THE DAMAGE or some crazy stuff when in the end.. they just suck and need to get better. There is a lot and i mean A LOT worse players then just dealing with someone wanting to roll a tank because atleast hes useful SOMEWHERE and trying to be useful to the MPA meanwhile these guys dont give a fuck and just stand around mooching or doing whatever which in the end costs a MPA(well.. not so much phantom god.. over nerf is over nerf even so I have somehow managed to fail him recently due to the people listed above). I have played personally with max hes not at all a bad player playing a tank as a choice? Eh yeah ok, maybe not the greatest of ideas but I'm not going to haze him for choosing to play that way he does have other characters who dps just as hard as my characters so its not a big huge ordeal he is allowed to voice his opinion on the other players DAKU because he is indeed correct and is talking about some of these players who are just flat out a nightmare to team up with I am talking you go into a XH VR MINING BASE with an unupgraded set of red twin daggers kind of BAD. I came from ship 2 it was just as bad before the expert blocks released weaboos everywhere toxic players elitists the usual shit you'd expect as ship 2 is no diamond in the rough and still isn't. I transferred to Ship 4 which is one of the most populated ships as expected with more populations comes more leeches idiots and people who are just flat out bad the sad part is 80% of the people who are leeching doing piss poor damage etc. are wearing a english tag and speak proper english leading me to believe they are of this community. To end this because I am like seriously typing a book here and to be honest.. other then keeping up with the updates here I hate this site and most of the english community.. how do you figure that he was acting high and mighty? He simply stated a actual FACT of the piss poor dps he was dealing with as well as admitted that he was, indeed, also at fault in losing the mpas. Last I checked that isn't acting high and mighty. Here's a great idea. How about moving on from this flame war shutting the hell up and just simply have a friendly discussion over the game or other shit? All I see on here lately is whining flaming and bitching. Ain't gonna bother rechecking this as I am quite disgusted you all have a good day.

    14. It's only "high and mighty" because you think so very little of me and I assert that I am not as little as you think I am. I couldn't care less if you can prove it or not, but now no one can prove anything since he's been nerfed, HP, defense, and all.

      Also, yes, drooling over itself. The fact that you just revived the conversation to say dumb shit like "you fell for the newbie traps" and "why they're in this game is beyond me" kinda made me chuckle. Ever hear of Nioh? Game on the PS4? Recent. I bet you have. Well, hey, here's an example from Nioh that applies to PSO2:
      In Nioh, there are five weapon types. Some are better suited for some things than others. Axes have more hyper armor and drain more stamina to swing, katanas have less of both but swing much faster. What, then, are dual blades? My friend and I assumed they were like katanas… Until we read the Mystic Arts. Axes can do more damage in corruption, or more damage on the last attack that drains your stamina dry. Katanas can do more damage from behind or dodge for less stamina. Dual blades… Reduce the stamina used by subsequent attacks for a set time, OR reduces the damage taken after attacking for a set time. Both timers can be extended by continuously attacking.
      Which would tell us that developer intent would be for a heavy-type to use the dual blades, as they have less stamina, use more to attack, and don't get killed in one hit or even three, so they can make use of the Mystic Arts.

      Now look at PSO2. Fury Stance and Guard Stance. I don't think I need to explain much further to you. Tanks have a place. I have ONE tank. My friends, my team, the people I play with and whose opinions matter to me, actually ASK me to play him sometimes because it just makes certain mission-types simpler. It is developer intention to have a smattering of those kinds of characters in the overall roster. Just like support, though, they are less common than DPS. Because, again, based on skill trees, it is developer intent that MOST PEOPLE are DPS, as most SKILLS are dedicated to such. ONE good Techer is enough in an EQ. ONE tank is enough in a UQ.
      It makes sense to me, anyway.

  26. Ive beaten this eq playing fi/hu, and from my personal experience you should definitely do this from an expert block. Aim for Surprise Knuckle spam when you have the chance, otherwise aim to stay alive by dodging and such. You can get about 2 cast per sec if you have the gear, and with each cast im hitting around 13k x 3, so roughly 40k per cast and around 80k damage per sec and -40pp per sec(before limit break and low hp modifiers). In my opinion, straight charge isnt a good dps skill for this boss. During the dps check phase your mpa has to deal a good amount of damage (he has 30 million hp left here). One thing to keep in mind is during the dps check you will stay locked on even when he moves back, so keep something like a gunslash handy if you are melee to fire at his core when not able to dps otherwise to restore pp, as hitting him in general will give pp. If you dont feel comfortable dodging some of the skills he uses you could try useing the jumping dodge skill ring, this can get you above most every attack he has. Try to avoid being killed as best as you can as reviving you and others can waste a bit of time to dps him. Also another good thing to do is communicate with your mpa before if possible, like try asking questions or letting them know any info you might have, and keep an eye on chat for what people are saying (kinda what xion said). Good luck everyone, i know what ive said here is kinda all jumbled up lol

  27. RANDOMLY SUDDEN NEW QUESTION TOPIC. Anybody figure out if Zeinesis is stronger then the Gix weapons if affixed properly?

    1. Nope, but they are super damn close, they're like 1-2% behind even when both have around a 230 affix. Overall I'd personally say they're better since 2x pp and 2x hp on that affix also as well as being unconditional.

    2. Alrighty, appreciate the response. Looks like I will be going to pick up several copies of zeinesis for my Fo/Te

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