PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (7/2/2014)

July 2nd Maintenance

July 2nd Patch

  • Launcher: Version 02.02.00
  • Client: Version 2.0601.1
  • Patch Size: 141 MB PC / 31 MB Vita

Certification Emails Not Arriving

  • A correction for this bug was carried out on July 1st @ 17:30 JST. They confirm that the emails with the certification keys are arriving correctly. They are truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.


  • PSO2es is currently suspended.

Maintenance Contents

  • Extended the expiration date for 15 days for Premium Sets, Extra Storage Slot 1~5, My Room Access, My Shop Access, Client Order Cap Expansions.
  • (For items that expire no later than July 2nd, they will be extended 15 days from the point in time they expired.)
  • (For items that don't expire as of July 2nd, they will be extended for 15 days.)
  • Extended the expiration date for some campaign items in the Visiphone.
  • Distributed items to accounts as compensation for the temporary service interruption caused by the DDoS attacks.
  • Performed countermeasures in which Error 107 may occur when starting up the launcher.
  • Performed countermeasures in which Error 630 may occur when switching blocks.

Tanabata Festa

Lobby Rotation

  • Tanabata Lobby until maintenance on July 30th.

New Emergency Quest

  •  闇へのいざない The Beckoning Darkness
  • This is a pre-scheduled exclusive quest. Check the calendar for the scheduled dates and times.

Extreme Quest Update

  • Forest and Dragons Stages 61 ~ 70.

New Interrupt Event

New Items

System Update: Arks Ship Tournament

  • Earn stars with your ship's alliance and gain glory!
  • Round 1 begins July 4th @ 12:00 JST


Prize Shop

  • Arkuma will be selling items in his Prize Shop.
  • Sales Period: July 4th @ 12:00 ~ July 30th @ 0:00 JST.




Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

 Eastern / Central / Mountain / Pacific / Hawaii

São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan


Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • If you are using a mobile device or an external application, please [sync] the calendar after maintenance has ended.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with their start and completion times as separate entries.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.


Campaigns and Extensions

7/1/2014 11:00 JST

  • Premium Set expiration details clarified.
  Compensation for All Users
Date July 2nd Maintenance
  • (30x) Advance Capsule d
  • (30x) Advance Capsule e
  • (30x) Advance Capsule f
  • (10x) Extreme Passes
  • (2x) 1000 FUN Tickets
  • (4x) 100% Triboosters
  • (10x) Excubes
  • (2x) (100%) Grind Success
  • (1x) Free Salon Pass
  • (1x) Color Change Pass


  • The Free Salon Pass lets you edit AC content from the Makeover Counter. This item is different from its AC counterpart in that Premium Set users are unable to re-edit their customizations. (In a typical scenario, Premium Set users with the regular salon pass can re-edit their customizations for a period of time.)
  • The item's name for the "(100%) Grind Success" was published incorrectly in the previous report, and has now been corrected.
Login Stamp Period July 3rd @ 00:00 ~ July 17th @ 23:59 JST
Boost Content Login Stamp +1 Bonus!
Boost Event Period (Between Maintenances)
July 9th ~ July 16th 2014
Boost Content +50% EXP for All Quests!
+50% Rare Drop Boost!



  • Items that are valid for a period of time, (Premium Sets / Extra Storage) will be extended for 15 days.
    • To be addressed on July 2nd's Maintenance.
    • [Premium Sets], [Extra Storage Slots 1 ~ 5], [My Room], [My Shop], [Client Order Cap Expansion] will be extended for 15 days.
    • An extension will also apply to items that expire between June 19th ~ July 2nd's maintenance.
    • Items that DON'T expire as of July 2nd will be extended for 15 days.. (※)
    • In addition, items that DO expire by July 2nd, will be extended from the point in time of expiration for 15 days.. (※)
  • Item Design Contest
    • Extended until July 23rd @ 16:00 JST
  • PSO2 2nd Anniversary Illustration Contest
    • Results posted late July
  • PSO2 2nd Anniversary Character Contest
    • Extended until July 9th @ 16:00 JST
    • Nominees posted early August
    • Results posted mid August
  • PSO2 2nd Anniversary Character Portrait
    • Extended until July 23rd @ 16:00 JST
    • Results posted late August
  • Interlocking WEB Mission
    • Extended until August 27th Maintenance
    • Mission 1 Reward Schedule: July 23rd Maintenance
    • Mission 2 Reward Period: July 23rd ~ July 30th Maintenance
  • Buy AC Campaign #11
    • Extended until July 9th Maintenance
    • Rewards posted early August
  • Spend AC, Get Item Campaign #9
    • Extended until July 23rd Maintenance
    • Reward period Mid August
  • Sonic's Birthday
    • Extended until July 9th Maintenance
    • Rewards posted Early August
  • Webmoney Campaign #10
    • Extended until July 13th
    • Details: You will be entered into a drawing for Webmoney points if you purchase 3000 AC with Webmoney between May 30 ~ July 13th
    • Rewards posted Mid August
  • Client Order Campaign #56
    • Extended until July 9th
    • Rewards posted July 16th.
  • PSO2 Live Broadcast #21 Secret Phrase
    • Phrase: かんしゃさいたろう
    • Extended until July 9th
    • Rewards posted at an unspecified maintenance.
  • PSO2 x PSO2es Interlocking Campaign
    • Reward posted early July.
PSO2 New Registrations Campaign #9
Campaign Extended until July 23rd.
Qualifying Period Prize Date
June 11th ~ July 2nd Mid July
July 2nd ~ July 9th Mid July
July 9th ~ July 16th Late July
July 16th ~ July 23rd Early August
Welcome Back Go! Go! Campaign #2
Campaign Extended until July 23rd
Round Target Achievement Period Prize Date
1 June 11th ~ July 2nd Mid July
2 July 2nd ~ July 9th Mid July
3 July 9th ~ July 16th Early August
4 July 16th ~ July 23rd Mid August

Campaign Visiphone Expiration Extensions

  • Compensation for the Extreme Quest: Tundra and Mechs Bug
    • Expires July 9th @ 11:00 JST
  • 5/23 Special Maintenance Compensation
    • Expires July 9th @ 11:00 JST
  • 5/25 Connection Issues Compensation
    • Expires July 9th @ 11:00 JST
  • Client Order Campaign 12
    • Expires July 9th @ 11:00 JST


146 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (7/2/2014)”

    1. to helva- they always say don't try to connect during maintenance lol. this isnt anythign new

  1. ho my days, why they not saying much about the ps vita error 249…
    this is BS …. its going to suck if i cant connect in the morning for the update…

    1. Cheeky Ik how you feel, haven't played in nearly a month, I really miss my team and friends their badly and all because of damn error 249 for vita players, hoping they really fix everything and I could log in wednsday, or else imma lose my sanity and probably think of destroying stuff…..just fix it Sega JP don't be sega NA

    2. OMG wtf? ive been playing pso2 on pc for well over a year now, I just decided to format my vita and sacrifice all my american game saves,and I got PSO2 all set up and when I TRY and choose a ship on Vita without fail EVERY time I get the .249 code… Is this happening still for ALL Vita pso2 players?? Guess I picked the wrong time to turn my vita japanese and play pso2 on it? Or is this something fixable? Are the servers down for vita? argh! I want to start breakin stuff too….

    3. Yeah mate, same problem so far. I bought a 16 gb only to play pso2 and i found server dead for vita. Arghhhhh! lot of angry. Idk what else to do ;/

    4. Clarrisa, use trial version of ping zapper on your pc. When you download and install it, add PSO2 to the list. Set the launcher to tweaker, set the game to PSO2.exe. Set the Server to your exact location, and set the tunnel to manual: Tokyo. Save the options. Run the game, select your ship, login like normal. downside to this is that unless you have full version, it will disconnect you after 1 hour of play XD…but it's a way back on at least.

    5. Boss? is that you? I'm scared out here, the world is mean and lack climate control >_<;;

  2. Error 107 not appears if i lauch the game using pso2 Tweaker of couser I using VPN to connect to servers or i get a error code when i trying to login

  3. Did they turn on the update servers yet? Or is it just Tweaker not connecting to it? My friend didn't have any luck trying on updating his client (using the original launcher), I'm just concerned we won't be able to do so soon…

    1. I'm concerned about we being able to udate, not when the update takes place… My friend has an outdtated client (goes back to around January) and he decided to come back to PSO2 shortly after the attacks began. Haven't luck on connecting to the update server…

    2. Try using the tweaker, some people have been able to patch with it despite receiving 107 errors on the official launcher.

    3. Yup, that seems to be working! ty 🙂 For those whose Tweaker doesn't respond when you tell it to update as soon as it opens, I simply selected no for everything, uninstalled the english patch (which took longer than usual) and selected for it to check for PSO2 updates on the round orb. It started checking files and patching right away.

    1. USE VPN and u wont get any error 249 or 107………. launch the game using PSO2Tweaker. I playing righ now 😀

  4. Anyone know if we can update everything now or do we have to wait until tomorrow? Usually you only have to wait right after clock hits 10 PM and rerun tweaker and update game.

    1. well i gonna wait untill tomorrow for make sure everything , then i gonna update . So i dont miss any part of the game

  5. Well, I sort of suspected that this maintenance wouldn't do anything for my own connection as it still does not even reach Japan. In fact, it doesn't even leave the ISP's IP. I hear it has something to do with ISPs blacklisting IPs due to events like these but my knowledge on these sorts of things are rather limited.

    In any case, it might be a bit soon to panic about an IP Ban, as we still don't know at all how things will turn out, but seeing that this was the maintenance everyone was waiting for…the panic train might as well come anyways.

    1. Again, I suspect it has something to do with certain ISPs and blacklisting IPs affected by the recent DDoS attack. If you go to the command prompt on your computer and type in "tracert", you'll likely notice that your connection doesn't even leave the states.

      I don't know at all if it's an IP Ban or not, but we should at least wait until a decent amount of connections are even able to leave the states.

  6. im done, sooooo much BS… now i cant connect at all…
    im the first to jump on the panic train….. 🙁
    all that hard work OMG…..

  7. Still getting 107'ed at patcher and 249'd after using tweaker, as a WOW (Wide Open West) user in the US… so it's not completely fixed yet '-'

  8. Confirmed IP BLOCK only japan able to login… Dam I dont like to use VPN … I still able to login using VPN. If u dont use VPN u will get error 249 😀 in login. Well Mmmm VPN for now on =_=..

    1. I don't think it's IP Block. my friend can connect with PSO2 page and server (we're from spain). so i think it's just a server error

    2. Again, don't assume things too quickly. Over at PSO-World people have reported being able to log on again, and apparently B-20 is filling up once more.

      I'm still willing to bet it's the ISPs…

      Now if Comcast would just…

    3. VPN? Do you mean for example pingzapper? Or u recommend something else? i got interested in pso2 since friday and since friday i am trying to play. ;_;
      please help…

    1. Well if they didnt IP BAN us i put it to a test i Hide IP and seems that i couldnt get on main website before now i can with hide IP We pretty much did get block out……

    2. If they banned us, they did so to look completely different from SEA ban… Our ships usually show as unkown instead of "off service" (or something similar). Also, I once got into game w/o VPN and ships were appearing online, but I got 249 regardless. This is not IP ban, It's bc of the measures taken towards the DDoS attacks (same reason why EVERYONE has been having issues connecting to the game, even japaneses…).

  9. If tweaker freezes and doesn't get the updates to the game, use default JP launcher to update game then patch back to English using tweaker and run game on tweaker. Make sure to disable item translations.

    1. I wish Talktalk would hurry their asses up and unnull the connection already, anyone else on talktalk here in the UK?

    2. I have no idea. I just hope it won't take too long. It seems that more and more people are able to get in game now so maybe it won't take much longer.

    3. phoned talktalk up and hopefully got the ball rolling, after doing all the bs they could not contact and hopefully (touch-wood) its helps in moveing there asses or i was kindly fecked off 🙁 if more people phone them might get it done quicker

    4. Hopefully it will actually make a difference. Unfortunately i can't call as i am not the bill payer.

  10. I live in Nebraska USA and have always played Pso 2 from here, I use Time Warner and I am now patching and able to access the site without any issues. I don't know what's going on with you guys but on my part I've never touched a Vpn nor any other program to get on. I've only tried to start Pso on each until today in which it started patching.

  11. I don't think there is an IP ban in place at all, after doing several tracert commands to PSO2 ship servers, I have found that the data is being sent backwards and forwards between two servers run by a Japanese ISP. Here is one of the many tracert's I've ran over the past few days. Even though the amount of hops is set to 99 and it's at 40, I waited and there was no change to the loop. I think that because of the DDoS, these ISPs have also suffered and they're trying to fix what is broken and prevent it from happening again. Error 249 is not an IP ban, IP bans are in the 800+ range, 249 is an error message simply put to say there is no connection to their server, I think it is the same as error 107 in the Launcher.

    A VPN seems to bypass the broken/closed servers, although it does seem to fix the problem, it doesn't allow me to run the game fully due to the severe lag I'm getting from the VPN, the ping from most Japanese VPNs seems to be around the 400ms range which is severely less than if the normal servers were up.

    All I can say is to wait it out, I don't think it's fixable on Sega's end as they don't have access to the ISPs servers. If there are any questions feel free to ask. I am notified by E-Mail when I get a response.

    1. Thanks for the detailed response
      I have recovered a bit of hope and will wait a few until we(i) can get back on in a few days-weeks time(hopefully)

    2. I think that error 107 and error 249 are the same errors, one for the launcher and the other for in game (bypassed launcher). As the data is thrown continuously between two servers (Not owned by SEGA) all we can do is wait.

    3. If it's the waiting game, then gah. I'm hoping to be able to nab the compensation items before they expire. Those items are almost too good to pass up.

    4. I know that the items do have an expiration date and I think it'd be wise to use a VPN (PingZapper) to get the items, this will keep them in the inventory even after the expiration date.

    5. Xie, I'm guessing you extracted the IP from this list?

      In which case, if you ping the actual hostname, not the IP, you'll find the IPs have changed. They're now grouped up in 1 major IPrange along with the site.

      Site >
      Ship1 primary >

      In which case if you do that, you don't get thrown in the indefinite loop like in your trace. You'd probably not even leave the UK… I know I don't leave my ISP's network even.

    6. Thank you for this information, I am aware of the IP change but even after using VPNs to test from various locations (i.e. USA, South America and Europe) the data occasionally doesn't leave the country, some areas it does and still gets thrown between the loop sequence.

      I still plan to search into this and see why on occasion I can connect to the main site. Usually I cannot connect but a few times I've been able to connect to the site, even if its just for a few seconds.

    7. I can enter only if i click their link through the pso2 wiki jp website. Not sure how that makes sense but there you go.
      (takes ages to load, but it does)

    8. hi there guys 🙂 well mmm i check my gmail lokking for some info about the game or if sega send something and i yes i found a email.

      they send this (is just a bit of the email that bring a big info about the new events and all of that). well check it

      ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽

      Phantasy Star Online 2 communication 2014/7/2

      △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △

      This time, I will inform you further news in regard attacks by third parties unspecified.

      Attack by an unspecified third party has not been confirmed now, we have resumed the service of "PSO2" except for some services (Friday) from 16:30 around June 27.
      Your time would take to resume service, did not apologize.
      For details and other issues that are currently known, please check at the announcement of Player's site.

      and they put a link to see more info about this.

      what do you think about it.

    9. I think that when they reopened the service, they didn't expect there to be another server which isn't owned by them to be malfunctioning. That said server is why most people cannot connect as the data needs to pass through these servers. As I stated before, even some Japanese players cannot get on, when I used a VPN (PingZapper) to connect, the lobbies were very scarce and had about 20 people at most.

      The E-mail was just as simple message to say they've reopened it on their end and that the DDoS has stopped.

      I will test for way around the broken server whilst also posting updates about the Japanese ISP who owns the said broken server.

  12. – Hi ! I'm french, i live in France (EU), i used "PSO2 Tweaker" but i have a problem:
    – I don't use VPN gates because I don't wan't used this.
    – PSO2 Tweaker indicates "PSO2 server appears to be: OFFLINE", even seeing that, I decided to launched the game to check the status of ships, but the ships appear in gray. I tried to connect me (Ship N°6), but "Error N°249" appear.
    – I try with Official Launcher of PSO2 and i have "Error N°107".
    – I don't know if it's because of some program (like CCleaner, Spybot – Search and Destroy, Malwayrebytes).
    – I use a "Remote connection" (i don't used a "Wired connection").
    – I don't know if i should wait again, or if the problem is finished, but please, if you have any solutions to connect, help me. I want playing ! >_<

    Mitsuno Kagami, Newman (F), Ranger Lvl 51 (Main class), Force Lvl 24 (Subclass)

    1. Unfortunately there is a server in between most people and the Sega server for PSO2 which is currently looping the data between two of its servers, until the Japanese ISP responsible fixes the issue, no one on the other side of the server is unable to connect, some people in Japan are having the same problem, the only recommendation I can give is to use Pingzapper, it does allow PSO2 to be ran through a secure VPN for games only so bank details are safe, I wouldn't buy any AC whilst the servers are inaccessible without the use of a VPN.

    2. Many people want to play, but know what? [No. 107]. No worrys SEGA is fixing your issues at the "speed of sound".

  13. Well I'm out of luck because my ISP is obscure and shows as a totally different name than it's own. Choice Cable Tv. and it appears as

  14. I'm still getting Error No.107 every time I try to launch the client. What should I do? I'm at a loss here!

  15. I was playing just fine before the update Tuesday night and I updated just fine through Tweaker on Wednesday morning. But whenever I try to play the game now it gives me the 249 error. Did something get screwed up during maintenance? It's frustrating because I was able to play without any issues and I figured I would continue to be able to play okay until they fixed all the issues, but apparently not.

  16. This game is dead.

    Read it and weep, "The english patch team will stop working on it. I speak of the core english patch team at, who will likely no longer provide effort towards the patch. Aida may or may not continue working on things."

    RIP PSO2

    1. That is completely taken out of context. It was a conditional statement where if the problem persists permanently, the community will die off which can lead to the English patch team to stop working on it. There are no direct quotes from the patch team nor Aida saying that they will stop.

    2. How did this even get trough banhammer check? That post is biggest heap of brahmin drop and reading trough it sadly wont give you Expert Excerement Expediter perk

    3. Except you failed to read the whole thing. Especially the beginning part where it starts off at "If it is indeed permanent, what does it mean for other parts of the community?" What you said from that post will only.. or rather may only happen if the connection problem persists (due to all Japanese connections being fixed, but those outside who still have issues not being fixed.)

    4. @LOL – Let me show you something Xie sent earlier:

      "I think that when they reopened the service, they didn’t expect there to be another server which isn’t owned by them to be malfunctioning. That said server is why most people cannot connect as the data needs to pass through these servers. As I stated before, even some Japanese players cannot get on, when I used a VPN (PingZapper) to connect, the lobbies were very scarce and had about 20 people at most.

      The E-mail was just as simple message to say they’ve reopened it on their end and that the DDoS has stopped.

      I will test for way around the broken server whilst also posting updates about the Japanese ISP who owns the said broken server."


      "Unfortunately there is a server in between most people and the Sega server for PSO2 which is currently looping the data between two of its servers, until the Japanese ISP responsible fixes the issue, no one on the other side of the server is unable to connect, some people in Japan are having the same problem,…"

      The blog entry you posted doesnt mention anything like that and only blames SEGA for causing these issues. Sure, SEGA doesn't have to give a f**k about us, but it's not they're fault that you can't connect.

      Some people experienced, that they're connection isn't even leaving they're country and don't reach SEGA's servers at all. How is that SEGA's fault? idk

      Stop depressing the mood of the community. Wait until those servers are fixed and see if you can log in. Nothing else can be done here unless you use VPN.

  17. I've been logging in a couple of times using vpn and the login history has been saying my ip address is the same, but the vpn is giving a new ip address. I only had received verification mail once. Am I safe or should I stop using vpn?

    1. VPN effectively changes your IP. You're safe as long as you don't spam the VPN. Try logging in for say..2 hours (connecting via VPN twice a day) so that that your IP doesn't jump all over the place, inviting suspicion, leading to automated temp ban.

    2. You can either wait a bit more or find a dedicated PAID VPN that gives you your own IP and is static, however, those are some what costly. As high as like 100 USD/Montn.

  18. Listen people, I don't think that Aida and the team will stop working on the patch, ISPs have temporarily blocked access to the site and the IP range associated with it, this means that there will be no access until those ISPs know the DDoS attack has ended. Errors 107 and 249 are virtually the same as they say there is no connection to their servers.

    The best thing people could probably do is hammer their ISPs to unblock the website and IP range. I am going to be doing this today with VirginMedia(UK) and I'll see if I can get a status update out later.

    Some people in Japan get the same errors we do and Sega is possibly working with Japanese ISPs to reopen their services fully. With Episode 3 on its way in August, I can guarantee that Sega will not close the game permanently, they will make workarounds when so much money is at stake.

    1. Thanks for your work here Xie. Telling my friends about what you found out lightened up the mood of some friends that i told about this.

      I'ts annoying that I still read comments like "PSO2 is dead" or "OMG we're IP banned!"… Some people should start reading and thinking before trying to spread despair. Or maybe that's the only purpose idk.

    2. I had an impression that I'll not be able to connect and play this game anymore, even though I'm using a VPN or PingZapper, unsuccessfully. I am almost want to give up and thinking on restarting all over again in the SEA server. But thanks to his news post you make, you gave me a bit of hope that I will be able to return to PSO2JP in the future. Because you are one of those people that can describe and explain what's happening down the ISP line and that everyone has the same problem as me.

    3. Thanks, I wouldn't want anyone of the English speaking community to switch to another server which is far outdated, it would ruin the already set up community we have.

      I am going to make a post of PSO World's Forums regarding the link that was posted earlier/yesterday about the closure of the Patch Team, it seems to be causing a bit of dispute amongst people and I think that it will help clear the air just the little bit more we need.

      I will post a link to the post so you can see directly if there is any closure to the English patch team.

  19. Those DDoSers should get lost in the abyss of despair.
    If none of those pr#x decided to DDoS PSO2, none of us would have to go through this bs.

  20. OK people, I contacted my ISP (Virgin Media UK) and I can confirm they have temporarily blocked the IP range because of the DDoS.

    If people could just get in contact with their ISPs then the block may be shorter than without people contacting them.

    If you are unsure if your provider is blocking access, go to the command prompt and type "tracert" without the quotation marks. If all you get is "Request timed out" or the data doesn't even leave the country, then it is most likely that your ISP is blocking access to the IP for PSO2 JP.

    Virgin Media UK want to be contacted over the phone, not live support so their number is 150 from any Virgin Phone line. It may help to lift the block quicker if this was done by numerous people.

    1. @Xie the Avaricious Nice, I'm a Virgin Media user, too! So did you phone them, and what else did they say?

    2. I have not had chance to phone them but I was on live support and they said I'd have to ring them, they said it shouldn't be much of a problem since it isn't illegal in any way. Since I am not the bill payer I couldn't ring them. The best bet would be for everyone to ring up their ISPs as they're all connected anyways.

    3. What a lovely coincidence. Did the same thing today, same provider. I have hope in my heart 😀

    4. I wonder if anyone has done this with Plusnet yet.. I can access the site now, but only the main page, can't access any other part of the site and I still can't connect to the servers, but I have a feeling it should all be working again soon, so lets hope 🙂

    5. Thank you for the update. I can also confirm that I can access more often now, either the ISPs are doing leak tests (see if there is still a DDoS) or Sega is moving the IP range to an unblocked one.
      I will do a couple of tests whilst I can access the mainpage to see what is going on.

    6. Any further news on the Virgin Media front? Have you phoned them yet or had any further contact?

  21. Has anyone contacted AT&T in terms of PSO2 yet? I'm not too skilled on how to explain all this mumbo jumbo to the people I talk to, so if we could get the ball rolling on that end, it would be wonderful.

    1. Att User here as well, but im probably not the right person to make that inquiry either

      sad the pingzapper route didnt work for me either

  22. Yesterday we had brief access to the main site (, unfortunately, that temporary connection is no longer there and it has been blocked again, I urge everyone to get in contact with their ISPs and explain to them that the whole IP range is blocked. The best thing to say would be "I've done multiple tracert commands and I have found that I cannot access PSO2 due to the connection not passing through your servers as it appears to be blocked by you." From there if they say "goto cmd…" tell them you already have tried that and it isn't working.

    1. What's the url of the virgin media contact/direct chat page? And what kind of things should I ask them/provide? And have you had further contact with them; are you planning to phone them? Cheers.

    2. I have tried live support a couple of times and it's had no luck, they always say ring them at 150.

      You should tell them that you have done multiple trace route and ping commands and you can see that the data is not going through as expected, if they ask you to flushdns or release + renew through CMD, tell them you have already tried and that the problem is on their end.

  23. Contacted my ISP (COX) again, seems like they have no clue what's up. They just decided that I should have a technical appointment which is like 60$ . They did say they're not blocking my IP from accessing the site. I'm guessing sega or I should say PSO2 is blocking my ISP at the moment.

    1. Same problem as the PC version. PC users using the official launcher get the Error 107 because there is no response from Segas servers. because there is no launcher for the Vita version, you get the ingame error for the same issue which is number 249. if you use the tweaker on pc, you get the same error as the vita version.

    2. The PS Vita version is suffering the same problem as the PC version, this is because ISPs blocked access to the servers where PSO2 is hosted from so they could protect themselves.

      Because of the block, neither the PC, Vita, Android or iPhone versions are able to connect as they must pass through your ISP first.

  24. Has anyone contacted Comcast/Xfinity to see if and the servers were blocked?

    If not, I will call them to see what's going on. I did find out that the original IP Addresses on the game servers were changed.

    1. I contacted Comcast, but am still waiting for a reply. I went in person and showed them a printed copy of my tracert, which timed out for 25 pings. Told the person that saw me what was up, he agreed that it was probable that they blocked it, and said he'd get report it to his supervisor and the security team.

      I'd recommend you contact Comcast anyway. The more people contacting them about it, the more likely results will happen.

    2. Thanks, will do, try to do tracert on the game servers to and report those in as well. I think the game server names are

      Check on the server staus site for pso2 servers

    3. Here are all of the IPs for a PSO2 Tracert, I would suggest that you show them the ones linked to the main website and the ship you play on. – Main Website – Ship 1 – Ship 2 – Most EN Players – Ship 3 – Ship 4 – Ship 5 – Ship 6 – Ship 7 – Ship 8 – Ship 9 – Ship 10

      All of the IPs inbetween are the blocks but they must first connect to these IPs in order to gain access to that particular ship.

  25. I also found out that I used a extension on chrome to find a way to connect to the site and apparently ever since found a way to access the site again, I turned it off and restarted my laptop and accessed the site without the extension on and it connects to it like it works again, I think extension fixed my route on my chrome but when trying to use "/tracert" to find the site….no good. So its really interesting if I say so myself. :/

    1. extension is for chrome only, it will only ever effect chrome and not anything else on the windows system, unfortunately. You probably could still access the mainsite due to having the file cached as all html files are saved temporarily.

    2. I did have that cached, but its gone but I was ableh (lol) to access the download and was able to get the inastaller again
      but I did not want to redo the whole download since I cant quiet get access to the download servers

    3. I will send a list of hops of my traced routes. Didn't receive info at hop 5

      "Tracing route to []
      over a maximum of 30 hops:

      1 5 ms 2 ms 2 ms Comcast []
      2 9 ms 8 ms 11 ms
      3 9 ms 24 ms 11 ms []
      4 14 ms 15 ms 15 ms [6]
      5 * * * Request timed out.
      6 * * * Request timed out.
      7 * * * Request timed out.
      8 * * * Request timed out.
      9 * * * Request timed out.
      10 * * * Request timed out.
      11 * * * Request timed out.
      12 * * * Request timed out.
      13 * * * Request timed out.
      14 * * * Request timed out.
      15 * * * Request timed out.
      16 * * * Request timed out.
      17 * * * Request timed out.
      18 * * * Request timed out.
      19 * * * Request timed out.
      20 * * * Request timed out.
      21 * * * Request timed out.
      22 * * * Request timed out.
      23 * * * Request timed out.
      24 * * * Request timed out.
      25 * * * Request timed out.
      26 * * * Request timed out.
      27 * * * Request timed out.
      28 * * * Request timed out.
      29 * * * Request timed out.
      30 * * * Request timed out.

      Trace complete."

  26. Just phoned Sky Broadband and got transferred to their Technical Support. I gave them details, and said I can access the site fine with a proxy, but not without. I also told them the results of a tracert (which times out immediately after hop 1).

    Sky said that they definitely haven't blocked access to either or the IP for the game servers and that the problem must be at the other end. I'm still not totally convinced they knew what I was talking about but I wanted some clarification direct from the ISP.

    I suppose all we can do at this point is either use a VPN (and risk a ban) or wait.

    1. Most of the time if they do not know what is going on, they wont admit it and blame the other end, especially since it's in Japan and there is no proof that it is broken on their end. If it was on the other end then we could at least connect up to a certain point via tracert commands.

    2. Yeah I agree. You just get the same response over and over again by calling them. Even after I explained that the tracert isn't leaving my router they still insisted it was on Sega's end.

  27. I can access and pso2 game without problems since 4-5 days, tho I know some of my friends that cannot log without using a VPN. I couldn't access around a one week ago. I can't log in pso2es tho for AC :X. I'm from Italy using Telecom ISP.

    1. If you were to access the es version, I would refrain from buying AC till the servers are fully operational as when buying AC the transaction can fail, this means Sega keep the money and you get nothing, being outside of Japan they offer no help.

    2. Yeah in any case gonna wait probably episode 3 for ac at this point… unless they postpone it <.< where will renew premium and make a new char. Wish ppl with error can come back soon online tho. Specially friends.

    3. Italy here too, can't connect to both the website and the game servers since the end of the DDoS attack.

      I've tried to traceroute some of the game servers/website IP addresses only to find out that:
      1) I get into an infinite loop while tracing Ship 8's IP address.
      2) I can't even get out of my ISP's network while tracing Both Ship 2's or IP addresses.

      I'm an Infostrada user btw. 😡

  28. I really do hope more ISPS are unblocked this upcoming maintenance. I really do hate using a VPN which is extremely risky, but I'm only doing it to finish my 10★ grinding so I can get my 500 title reward. When that's completed I intend to wait as long as possible.

  29. I think everyone should check their cmd prompt and see if there's any foreign addresses on your computers. Also Check the devices on your routers and see if anyone is connected besides yourself and the devices you own. I was bored and decided to research abit to what just happened and i believe THIS is a work of a hacker that used a DDoS method using everyone's computers. Check this because I just found out that someone was spoofing my internet and I had to kick who ever it is off my network. You all probably need to get your IP Addys switched and your passwords to your routers changed. I don't mean to scare anyone with this but with hackers being online and attacking everyone and everything you CANNOT be too careful. You ALWAYS have to be careful.

    1. A DDoS is using multiple computers, this is a Distributed Denial of Service. A DoS is with a single computer, this is a Denial of Service. I think that the person who posted as Aida and claimed to release the Nude-mod, as warned on the Tweaker Launcher, was responsible for the DDoS attack as they could have easily planted a virus within their code to activate a specific set of commands within a hidden windows user when the Fake Aida activated it from his/her computer.

    2. Question for everyone! Who has a in their netstat? AND is it a Null address or something else? Does it have something to do with the ip address of the PSO2 Servers? Because i have quite a few of them in my netstat -ano.

    3. I've just checked my Netstat whilst loading, fortunately, I did not receive any nulls, I think your router may block certain ports that are used to keep data rate at a maximum and usage at a minimum.

      When loading, my Netstat shows that the Synchronise request was sent but it wasn't receiving an acknowledgement, this means that something is being blocked somewhere. I still think ISP representatives on the phone are clueless that it's being blocked by them but I will continue to do tests.

    4. I don't think you can check via CMD, it would be best to check through your router config, it is usually or, most newer routers use the first and have an easy on screen display where you should be able to find the connected MAC addresses. BTW you cannot change your IP without changing your ISP or using a VPN, your ISP sets your area an IP range which you stay in if they don't change it and I doubt they will change it for one person.

    5. Can you tell me how I can use cmd to check if some foreign IP is on my computer and router? I recently changed my MAC address on the router to my laptop's IP but lately I've been getting kicked off the internet for like 10 seconds and then I recover my internet…..for someone like me who is into computers to have an issue like that is getting me pretty annoyed :/

  30. Anyone using Optimum Online call about any problems? Haven't been able to access the main site or the game itself. x.x

    1. Apparently another person (Daiyousei) from the pso-world forums tried calling them. The guys at Optimum said that the same thing is happening for everyone in their range.
      Try waiting for the next maintenance and hope it'll work after that. I just started playing an hour or so right before the previous maintenance and played without any problems. It wasn't until the 7/2 maintenance that I, and almost everyone else stopped being able to connect to the game. So yeah, cross your fingers. If not by the upcoming maintenance, then hopefully by the end of this month the connections will be restored. Otherwise…..start looking for another game.. T_T

    2. Good to know. I'm optimistic, until then it's either laugh at Borderlands 2's humor or play Warframe and read the drama about the supposed PWE acquisition.

  31. What exactly is the issue? Because im confused
    Our ISPs are blocking access to PSO2?
    PSO2s DDoS protection is giving certain people issues?

  32. Well I hope it isn't anything serious. I had to tell me internet service provider that someone was on my router, which this person was. When I got him off, got a new password and new name the same guy poped back on. But now he is not on anymore.

  33. Just checking through my router connections and I've found that some devices are registered as unknown. Use this website to lookup the MAC address vendor. I used it as the Xbox shows up as Unknown Device. Not all MAC addresses show up as their actual vendor, for example, Nintendo use Taiyo Yuden branded chips. Now TV boxes use Roku, as that is their main vendor for the box. If you look and find something amiss, block access to it then check your devices to see if they all still work. DO NOT POST YOUR MAC ADDRESS HERE.

  34. Called up COX communications again, not surprisingly, they said it's not on "their" end; saying it's on SEGA's end. So much BS just pouring out really. Also, just a really bad theory that no one loves and truly hate of mines, I suspected that SEGA told most major ISP's to block them so it prevents Western players from joining. However, theory is countered because some Japanese players are still experiencing same issues. So honestly, it's just a blender of a mess.

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