PSO2 JP Service Relaunch Follow-Up Reports

July 9th @ 18:00 JST

Post Updates

  • Premium Set Expiration details clarified

At this time, they haven't confirmed of any serious issues, nor ongoing DDoS attacks on their end.

While checking on the stability of their services, they noted several problems with the various countermeasures they have in place. On July 9th, they stated they have completed addressing the issues below:

On July 9th, they completed addressing this issue due to the countermeasures implemented on July 2nd.

Sega has received reports that users are encountering Error 107 when starting up the Launcher. Under certain environments, this error seems to be occurring due to the measures that took place in response to the DDoS attacks. They are sorry for the inconvenience and are now working towards correcting the issue. If you receive this message, they ask that you try relaunching it some other time.

On July 9th, they completed addressing this issue due to the countermeasures implemented on July 2nd.

Sega has received reports that users are encountering Error 630 when changing blocks. Under certain environments, this error seems to be occurring due to the countermeasures they provided in regards to the DDoS attacks.

On July 9th, they completed addressing this issue due to the countermeasures implemented on July 2nd.

Sega has received reports where AC is not automatically credited into your account for the "Automatic AC Charging" payment plan. They are sorry for the inconvenience and are now investigating this issue.

In addition they proceeded to correct the following issues:

Sega has received reports that users are not receiving their authentication key emails when requested during the login process. Under certain environments, this bug seems to be occurring due to the measures that took place in regards to the DDoS attacks. A correction for this bug was carried out on July 1st @ 17:30 JST. They are truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

They will carefully push forward addressing these issues, while checking to see if there are no issues with the stability and security of their services. Support will take some time, and they ask that you wait for further correspondence. Further developments as soon as they arrive, will be posted in the support list at the official site.

As for PSO2es, Sega plans to resume service sometime in July. They are making preparations to release a new version, so an application update will be required. They will also consider releasing some form of compensation to all PSO2es users, and will discuss details at a later time.

The following services are currently suspended:

  • PSO2es Logins.

The next PSO2es follow-up report will be released on:

  • July 4th @ 15:00 JST



Campaigns and Extensions

7/1 11:30 JST

  • Premium Set Expiration details clarified.
  Compensation for All Users
Date July 2nd Maintenance
  • (30x) Advance Capsule d
  • (30x) Advance Capsule e
  • (30x) Advance Capsule f
  • (10x) Extreme Passes
  • (2x) 1000 FUN Tickets
  • (4x) 100% Triboosters
  • (10x) Excubes
  • (2x) (100%) Grind Success
  • (1x) Free Salon Pass
  • (1x) Color Change Pass


  • The Free Salon Pass lets you edit AC content from the Makeover Counter. This item is different from its AC counterpart in that Premium Set users are unable to re-edit their customizations. (In a typical scenario, Premium Set users with the regular salon pass can re-edit their customizations for a period of time.)
  • The item's name for the "(100%) Grind Success" was published incorrectly in the previous report, and has now been corrected.


Login Stamp Period July 3rd @ 00:00 ~ July 17th @ 23:59 JST
Boost Content Login Stamp +1 Bonus!


Boost Event Period (Between Maintenances)
July 9th ~ July 16th 2014
Boost Content +50% EXP for All Quests!
+50% Rare Drop Boost!



  • Items that are valid for a period of time, (Premium Sets / Extra Storage) will be extended for 15 days.
    • To be addressed on July 2nd's Maintenance.
    • [Premium Sets], [Extra Storage Slots 1 ~ 5], [My Room], [My Shop], [Client Order Cap Expansion] will be extended for 15 days.
    • Items that expire between June 19th ~ July 2nd's maintenance maintenance are also included.
    • Items that DON'T expire as of July 2nd will be extended for 15 days. (※)
    • In addition, items that DO expire by July 2nd will be extended for 15 days from the point of time of expiration. (※)
  • Item Design Contest
    • Extended until July 23rd @ 16:00 JST
  • PSO2 2nd Anniversary Illustration Contest
    • Results posted late July
  • PSO2 2nd Anniversary Character Contest
    • Extended until July 9th @ 16:00 JST
    • Nominees posted early August
    • Results posted mid August
  • PSO2 2nd Anniversary Character Portrait
    • Extended until July 23rd @ 16:00 JST
    • Results posted late August
  • Interlocking WEB Mission
    • Extended until August 27th Maintenance
    • Mission 1 Reward Schedule: July 23rd Maintenance
    • Mission 2 Reward Period: July 23rd ~ July 30th Maintenance
  • Buy AC Campaign #11
    • Extended until July 9th Maintenance
    • Rewards posted early August
  • Spend AC, Get Item Campaign #9
    • Extended until July 23rd Maintenance
    • Reward period Mid August
  • Sonic's Birthday
    • Extended until July 9th Maintenance
    • Rewards posted Early August
  • Webmoney Campaign #10
    • Extended until July 13th
    • Details: You will be entered into a drawing for Webmoney points if you purchase 3000 AC with Webmoney between May 30 ~ July 13th
    • Rewards posted Mid August
  • Client Order Campaign #56
    • Extended until July 9th
    • Rewards posted July 16th.
  • PSO2 Live Broadcast #21 Secret Phrase
    • Phrase: かんしゃさいたろう
    • Extended until July 9th
    • Rewards posted at an unspecified maintenance.
  • PSO2 x PSO2es Interlocking Campaign
    • Reward posted early July.
PSO2 New Registrations Campaign #9
Campaign Extended until July 23rd.
Qualifying Period Prize Date
June 11th ~ July 2nd Mid July
July 2nd ~ July 9th Mid July
July 9th ~ July 16th Late July
July 16th ~ July 23rd Early August
Welcome Back Go! Go! Campaign #2
Campaign Extended until July 23rd
Round Target Achievement Period Prize Date
1 June 11th ~ July 2nd Mid July
2 July 2nd ~ July 9th Mid July
3 July 9th ~ July 16th Early August
4 July 16th ~ July 23rd Mid August

Campaign Visiphone Expiration Extensions

  • Compensation for the Extreme Quest: Tundra and Mechs Bug
    • Expires July 9th @ 11:00 JST
  • 5/23 Special Maintenance Compensation
    • Expires July 9th @ 11:00 JST
  • 5/25 Connection Issues Compensation
    • Expires July 9th @ 11:00 JST
  • Client Order Campaign 12
    • Expires July 9th @ 11:00 JST


What About The Vita?

This section below is based on personal opinion and has nothing to do with Sega's press releases. We've been seeing a lot of questions about the Vita version and we hope to bring some clarity to the situation.

At this current time, the only major PSO2 service that is not online is the smartphone version. That being said, the majority of people outside of Japan will have an extremely difficult time connecting to the servers. If you can connect outside of Japan, congratulations, you are one of the lucky few who won't be experiencing any problems.

July 3rd Barely anyone from Japanese territories are reporting issues with error 630 and 107. Though Sega will continue to take measures in addressing the issue, there is NO obligation for them to have to have this corrected so players outside of Japan can connect to the server.

109 thoughts to “PSO2 JP Service Relaunch Follow-Up Reports”

    1. Im continuously getting this error as-well, everything is going to expire before i can even get on D:

    1. Are you aware that you run the risk of being ban by useing VPN? just making sure you know :3

    2. are you aware that players outside JP, shouldn't playing this game? just making sure you know :3

    3. You could very well just be a Japanese person playing on vacation or something do you really think they are going to track YOU down specifically for no reason with all the issues they are having in this game?

      Risks come with life that's the way the world works.

    4. You run the risk of being banned just by *existing within the game* if you are not Japanese/reside outside of Japan. Also, I know people in SEA territories who have been using VPNs since the initial SEA IP ban with no consequences (so far, at least).

    5. yes, but using the vpn has more risks than a foreign ip does. look at it this way, someone is cheating/hacking and gets caught. what is the natural reaction here? if you guessed "heavy scrutiny and possible bans for all accounts that connected from the same ip", you are correctly predicting a very likely scenario.

      while using the vpn itself isn't necessarily a major problem, you have no control over who else is using it and what they might be doing, and you run the risk of getting burned by their actions.

      i personally wouldn't recommend accessing the game from a vpn unless it turns out to be absolutely necessary (which for anyone outside of the SEA region, is unlikely in the long term)

    6. They can't really know if you're not a Japanese citizen living/visiting abroad, unless they started asking for official information like social security number or proof of residence. Though I can understand if they did, it's not like they think about Japanese living abroad, like other JP servers that indiscriminately ban overseas IPs.

      If they started banning people who lived in Japan and were not Japanese, that would be a racist/discriminatory move, since there are legal citizens of Korean, Chinese, even European descent.

      So it is understandable if you live outside of Japan and are Japanese, but if you live in Japan, and aren't Japanese, you still have the right to play.

    7. Yes, a few people have. free and cheap VPNs assign you shared dynamic IPs, Unless you get a good private dedicated VP that assigns you static IPs, you run the risk of getting banned.

    8. Same here. Vanilla Launcher or Tweaker, same thing, this doesn't work (Europe).
      I'm missing this game more and more everyday. (And I don't like the VPN solution too much, so… Heh.) The official website just refuses every try too. Why don't we all live in Japan, why. ><

    9. I be scared doin that too, lol. I missed bein on it so bad after I get off work. I did it twice, but in a try w/out vpn. I notice a lot of up players where online, I felt like a gaijin then lol

  1. the reason you guys are getting 249 errors is because you are using the tweaker, using the launcher gives the 107 error. I'm pretty sure that once that is solved, the tweaker will work, too.

  2. I'm not even able to get into the official website, is the website still affected as well or have others been able to get in?

    1. The site is fine, it's just that connectivity outside of Japan is virtually non-existent right now. It's random chance whether I can load it or not without a VPN

  3. Website still down, still error 249 with Tweaker. Using Comcast here on the westcoast. tracert to still coming back as 30 failed routing attempts.

  4. Actually no, 249 errors are occurring regardless of whether I use the tweaker or use a VPN to bypass the 107 error and then disconnect from the VPN after launching the game. It has absolutely nothing to do with the tweaker – in fact, the tweaker only serves to bypass the 107 error within the official launcher (which, by the way, is triggered upon first response from the launcher after the initial data request). For the record, 249 errors have been bypassed using VPNs.

    1. Error 107 on the launcher and Error 249 in-game are caused by the same problem, Error 107 is caused due to not being able to connect to the download servers and Error 249 is not being able to connect to the game servers, VPN completely gets rid of both of these problems

  5. That's all fine and good but youd need an authetication email from them if you wanted to use old account due to new IP. Which is down.

  6. I was just able to log in a moment ago normally (Sega launcher and without a VPN) from Australia for the first time since the attack. No 107 errors or erroneous maintenance messages displayed. I don't use Tweaker or patches so I don't know the status of them, but I can confirm that, despite having attempted using a VPN yesterday and not having been able to get the login password email from Sega, it let me in from my normal pre-confirmed Oz IP without a problem or needing additional information.

    The player site is still having problems. I am forced to reload it at least once to be able to read anything as it displays with the photos and buttons overlapping generally on the first try but it has been getting better since last night.

    .Hopefully more good news on the way for others waiting.

  7. Im still getting 107/249s, If i ping server it times out after laveng home/state network, Im from europe

  8. Im running the PSVita version and all I get is the 249 Error, havent seen any different ones since the ddos myself… Cant wait til I can log in finally.

  9. damm for now using the tweaker i get error 249- tweaker say all server are offline. Using the basic launcher get error 107. What is that mean ? i am from NA in CA state

    1. Maybe Sega is trying to find away to get rid of NA players without making it look like there doing it directly but rather indirectly with this 107 error.

    2. I'd say to just wait it out; we don't know everything about the situation at hand; only that many outside of Japan(and even some within) are encountering issues with the launcher and logging into the game. Keep in mind that servers are still pretty unstable right now, and some attempts at connecting don't even exit the ISPs' networks.

      In other words, sit tight and wait it out. Don't go spreading rumors as we don't know what the final results will be.

  10. so, ppl can now say whatever they want but SEGA is IP Blocking us, I live in Germany and I got IP Blocked, how do I know? well, I can't access the Homepage nor I can log into the game but when I got a JP VPN Everything started to work for me.

  11. if all of that are correct mean our NA group got IP block ? i try to load the main website but not work- say server stopped responding

    1. If this was the case then many people like myself who live in the u.s wouldnt be able to get on after a few lucky attempts..i believe at the most sega id just increasing the ping requirement for security purpose just until this now minor ddos blows over

    2. haha thanks god , you guy made me crying and laughingat the same time. But plz sega plz bring PSO2 back. I try to use tweaker-say server offline, and byass launcher say error 107.

    3. Believing the Arks-Layer team as it's written in the Tweaker, there is NO IP Ban… But they say servers are working too. That is true, but… I tried to connect normally with it near ten times (Living in EU), but nothing happened. Then I tried VPN… And I could play normally as ever, with no lag or bugs for more than an hour. The connexion failed twice after completing some missions so I gave up not to do "too much" for now, but I hope everything will be okay in the next days. After all, Sakai-san himself said he appreciated efforts of everyone out of Japan to play the game and enjoy it, right? So blocking everyone out JP would be… Sad. And a very bad idea.

      Wait and see, I prefer to think everyday I open the Tweaker that servers will accept everyone again when everything will be totally fixed. Oh, and no patch in the next maintenance, too. Somehow it would be a stupid idea, maybe.

    4. I Hope You Are Right and we wont get Bannes now because we tried a VPN….

    5. for me i not using VPN too risky, so the only way i do is checking every day. I check every singal day , every 2 hours by using tweaker- using byass launcher, and still got same error 107 for launcher, all server offline for tweaker.

    6. Not that I don't believe you, but is there an article regarding this that I could be linked to? I attempted searching for something of the sort to no avail.

    1. already said it a few comments back. there is NO BAN. im not in japan and not using a VPN, yet i can play without any problems beside getting kicked when changing blocks sometimes.

      Just relax guys and stop spreading rumors and start reading and thinking before talking/writing.

  12. What I need to know is what exactly is happening to the last 2 weeks of premium I paid for? I haven't been able to log in at all from LA and I'm not going to jump through hoops anymore for SEGA using a VPN. Did they put timed purchases such as premium and rental storage on hold during the week and a half the game was offline? Also now that the game is back up does that mean my premium is ticking away even though many users still cannot log in? I know a great deal of the users here do not use AC, but if anyone can answer my questions I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Also to answer your question, yes, premium will have been ticking away while the servers were offline and they are still ticking away now even though most people can't connect, I expect the compensation will also include the days the server has been on but has had limited connectivity

    2. Thanks for answering my questions. It will be interesting to see how they handle compensations.

    3. I believe something similar happened in PSU at one point when I was playing that a long time ago on the Japanese servers. It was only a day and a half's worth of loss, but they gave premium users an extra week or two off the time their subscription was set to end and extended events for another week.

  13. extenind all prem tickets/prem sotrage/my room/my shop by 15 days, if expired before ti sthey will address on maintenace day. lots of items as comp, including a makeover pass, 2 100% grind success items, so so so much,. and yet so little in regards to the players unable to , uh play.

  14. I wonder… Even when they open the update servers again, will we still need VPN to update? I couldn't connect to the game at all using my default IP, only with VPN. And about those compensations (OMG FINALLY A MAKEOVER PASS I'VE BEEN NEEDING THIS!!!), we'll have to retrieve them between a certain period? It's very complicated to login with the authentication code issue… Hope they solve especifically this soon. (Better to be able to get online and then dcing all the time than not getting online at all…)

    1. You won't need a vpn to log in after they fix all the isues like the 107 and the authentication key because some jp friends had to use vpn and they didn't get key also to log in, for the compensation i don't think there is a limit of time to get it

    2. Oh that's cool then. I was concerned that we had a limited time to get the rewards from the visiphone (idk, like a few weeks or so) and that makeover pass is sth I've been waiting for a year now.

  15. So what would happen if I were to log in with a VPN and buy premium before the maintenance? Would it get extended for an extra 15 days during the maintenance? The post doesn't indicate that it'll only apply to passes used within a certain time-frame.

    1. I guess they only extend those within the downtime-frame. Makes more sense, doesn't it? That's at least what I believe.

  16. Looks like it only applies if you had premium active during the down time. I'm more curious about the authentication code/email tbh.

  17. In regards to the authentication mail problem, switching your account email over to a gmail account seems to alleviate the issue. If you're somewhat desperate to play, and have no qualms using a VPN, this should get you back in game for a short while.

    As with all VPN access at the moment, it's a short term fix.

    In other news, I've been able to access the main website while off VPN for a grand total of three seconds. RNG even while off the game D:

    1. Already have a Gmail account and is the one I've used for sega from day 1. I did get an email which detailed compensation and the like but no authentication as of yet 🙁 Also i did use the ping zapper method to log on twice but didn't realise its pretty much like a VPN, so haven't bothered with it again through fear of repercussions. Good news about your log in success tho 😀 i weirdly manage to get onto if i open the site through pso2 wiki jp? No idea why. Takes an age to load, but it does.

    2. Could you share a little more detail regarding email switching? I seem to have used an old email which I have no clue what it's password is. Can i still switch email to another one?

    3. I think in order to change email you're going to have to log into your sega I.D account. Can you not use the "forgotten your password" link for your email? Probably easier. Just a thought.

    4. I can't my yahoo secret answer, which I made around 2005. So yeah that email is doomed.

    5. You can log onto the site with your sega ID, and you can change your e-mail without accessing the old one. They send the authentication email to the email you specify. If you'd like I can give a step-by-step, but google translate seems to work easily enough.

    6. yea im actually in the same situation and I don't know username or password for my email. if there is anyway please explain or show me. I uninstalled firefox for chrome so all my data for my saved emails with passwords are gone. so if you know a way 2 save my 2 awesome characters that would be great 🙂 other than that im doomed 🙁

    7. You will need the email currently linked to your SEGA account to access the login info.I can still write a guide, but how much it will help depends on if you can remember your email, I'm afraid.

      You want to head over to and log in with your Sega ID. (

      Standard login stuff afterwards, but you may have some trouble with the Captcha (There's help with that in PSUBlog's registration guide)

      If you get this screen, click the highlighted button. It's asking you if you'd like to change your password, and seeing as it's a bit of a hassle to do the second button skips the process.

      You'll want to click this button afterwards and proceed with filling out your information. If you can't remember your current account email, I can't really help you there.

      Now, unfortunately I can't access the page afterwards as I've recently changed my own email, but it should be easy to see where you would fill in your new account email. Hope this helps!

  18. Id imagine the issues causing the Error 107 and 249 is something that can only be fixed with a maintenance anyway. The only thing that worries me is its not just the game but the entire site has issues and i dont know if they are aware of that.

  19. Is the main website still on ? Because i try to go to main site it say to me server stop responding. that a website i try to go in.

    1. suggestion:
      hold windows key and press R. type cmd, hit enter. type "tracert" no quotes of course. hit enter. watch to see where it starts timing out.

      in my case, it runs into a wall trying to get from boston to new york, within comcast's infrastructure. I suspect that there may be things done on the part of various ISPs to curb the ddos thing as well, because a ddos isn't good for the infrastructure any more than the server being attacked. what to do about that… I'm not sure. I need to talk to a comcrap tech about it.

      either way, I thiiiiiiiiiiink that if it was sega blocking you, then you wouldn't have a problem untill the ping got to servers in japan. don't take this as gospel, though, because I'm not a network tech myself. 'tis merely a semi-educated guess.

    1. Thats a nice way to do that too, but i feel like this way is better :3

      currently connected to japan, you can choose to download the VPN software, or just follow the instructions to connect to the vpn without DL'ing anything 🙂

    2. This solution right here that SILENTNIGHT wrote about using pingzapper works perfectly! no lag, no disconnects. just make sure you put SEA as your region when setting up the PSO2 profile so that it will ping the server from Tokyo AND make sure to choose "restart tunnel" after selecting your ship, but before you put in your password. sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries for it to work – but once in you should be able to stay connected as long as you would like. i was connected for 6hrs yesterday using this method with no problems at all – yay!

    3. @SLAYME, did you set yours to SEA because that is where you are from? or does everyone have to set location to SEA??

    4. Hmmm, this software sounds pretty much better than the vpn I'm using. But, is there a catch somehow, like is this mask my ip properly and does it require a fee to make its use reliable?

    5. @Jenrya – it is the trial version – but that is all we need to get it to do what we want so – no, there is no fee. works great. enjoy!

  20. The compensation goodies that Sega put up are probably most justified I've seen so far, due to how much the DDoS fiasco had played out these two weeks. They giving out a free salon pass, which is lovely. Though, I still looking for the stability of the server to be up and good as soon the maintenance arrive. As a SEA player, I had already got the disadvantage, but hopefully this wouldn't get any worse for me and others to play in the future.

  21. so i'm guessing we did get banned right? kinda weird when using pingzapper the servers pop up when u set the country too east asia but when u load it regular with pso2 tweaker without using pingzapper the servers are greyed out and u can't log in

    1. It's not really a typical IPban/IPblock at this point to be honest. If you run a traceroute (cmd.exe > tracert, you'll see that your traffic gets null-routed before it reaches Japan. Chances are that backbone providers are null-routing because of the DDoS and simply haven't opened things back up yet.

      In my case I can't really know for sure since, being from the Netherlands, most of our international traffic passes through the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-ix). My ISP is partnered with them, so while I time-out on an ISP-node, I'm supposed to hit the Level3 servers of the AMS-ix right afterwards. I'm assuming that the technical staff of the AMS-ix is null-routing traffic before the main servers, but not sure. A friend of mine from Finland ran a traceroute and said it 'timed out after dsl' (not entirely sure if he means his modem or his ISP though).

      Why this is important though, is because by using Pingzapper (which is just a VPN service really), you're actually changing the way your traffic is routed. Really simplified, if you normally connect, your traffic could flow like this:
      PC > Router > ISP gateway > country node >
      country node > international node > japan node >
      datacenter node > datacenter router > server

      However, if you use a VPN, you're basically 'tunneling' your traffic towards a different server first, which then initiates the connection towards the game's servers:
      PC > Router > ISP gateway > country node >
      country node > international node > VPN;
      VPN ( > international node ) ( > japan node ) >
      datacenter node > datacenter router > server

      I hope you can see how this changes the flow of traffic and why some people can log in with VPN while they cannot regularly – your traffic simply flows differently and thus you don't get null-routed.

      I wouldn't panic just yet.

    2. No as stated many many times, there is NO IP BAN in force. Local isp's and the internet backbone providers employ software that monitors traffic and if traffic to a particular IP increases too much for too long ddos protection automatically kicks in and the packets get null routed to stop the ddos. It is then an automatic process that watches for the attacks to stop then after a given time – 48hrs to a week typically – the routes will be reinstated. Some people have already seen the blocks been lifted by their isp's.

    3. Actually makes perfect sense with the current situation, Halikus. That's something I came up with as well. No ISP or backbone provider would block traffic to a certain IP to help a company instate an IPrange ban or so. They'd just transfer the traffic anyway. If it were an IPrange ban we'd still be able to hit the Japan area and we'd be null-routed at the servers there.

      Sega is in essence only able to report the DDoS attack is not reaching their servers. That doesn't mean the attack is actually over. It could still be on-going, and until it stops (or shrinks to 'acceptable levels') legit traffic will get null-routed all the same.

    4. Have you even READ today's news?

      It says SEGA reports DDoS has stopped.

      Stop fear-mongering.

    5. Read my comment again please, and try to understand what I wrote down. Sega can only monitor their end, they cannot look into the backbone network to determine whether or not the DDoS has actually ended. The traffic affiliated with the DDoS (along with legit traffic really) is being null-routed by backbone providers and thus never reaches their servers.

      Does that mean the DDoS is over? With 100% certainty? No.
      For all you know the botnet is still trying to hammer the site and gameservers, but has all its traffic null-routed. Maybe on some parts of the world it has died out, and access is being restored slowly but surely.

      It's not fear-mongering, it's making sense of what Sega is telling their Japanese userbase along with what some people have been reporting on various sites (this blog, PSO-W, PSO2 sub-reddit, etc). Some people were able to log in normally again, meaning their traffic is routed through a route that's actually not being null-routed anymore. Others need to wait a bit longer for their route to clean up of DDoS-traffic.

      Re-routing your traffic through a VPN or SSH tunnel or so works, of course, because you can circumvent the null-routing being done. This is why people can log in on the game and visit the site with VPNs, but cannot do either without.

      I kinda doubt I'm fear-mongering. Where am I telling people that they're banned? Where do I point out they have to use VPNs? Nowhere.

      We just need to be patient.

  22. Is it just me or we still need VPN to connect? Have they reopened update servers or that'll be just when the new patch comes? My friend needs to update he's client outdated since january and we all need to update for the new patch…

  23. Damn it how do you guys get in the game, i used vpn, i logged on now i have to wait for a damn email to send an authentication and it still hasn't arrived. why are all these ppl playing what am i doing different? did you guys get the code from email? Did they even ask you to verify your location? I don't give a damn about ip bans fk that i just need to get in the game. I commented so many times in this useless blog and still no answers, cmon help a bro out!!!

    1. For joshua louis, + anyone else not getting email keys/ Have you tried checking spam/jink folders in email? that's where mine ended up once (using yahoo)

    2. First thing i did. No auth e-mail as of yet. Just an e-mail outlaying problems they're encountering and compensation plans. I'm assuming this email is supposed to be sent before you log in, and not as a result of trying to open the game itself?

  24. I need help getting into the game preferably without tweaker or a vpn but if a vpn is necessary then please tell me how to log in because I have no idea how pingzapper works nor do I have any files for OpenVPN japanese VPN servers. So I would appreciate it if someone could just give me a step by step guide as to get past the 107 launcher error(NOT TWEAKER) and the ingame 249 error I have been hearing about alot of people receiving.

  25. I still can't reach the JP servers to redownload the game or to even get into the game since I last tried…. When will this whole thing be completely fixed? D:

    1. I'd tell you a realistic answer, but the people here are in complete denial will come to your defense.

    2. If anything, I would like to hear a realistic answer. I haven't heard anything else with what's going on with the game so, you could do you're worst.

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