PSO2 JP: May 31st Maintenance Cancelled

As you may be aware by now, the special maintenance scheduled for tonight at 8:00 PM EST has been cancelled. Unfortunately, it will take more time to restore the AC page than they previously thought. They will continue to do their best to resolve the problem, however, it's still unknown as to whether they can complete the restoration work by the end of today. Please note the possibility that they may have to perform an Emergency Maintenance to restore the AC website.  If such an event is needed, it will be posted on the official site.

Due to the issue related to the Arks Cash website, the following services have been temporarily suspended:

  • New SEGA ID Registrations
  • SEGA ID Management Page
  • One-time Password Registrations
  • All Arks Cash related websites
  • Authentication Key Emails (When switching PCs)


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