PSO2 JP: New Limited Quest and Story Arriving February 24th

~ February 24th, 2016 ~


EP4 Story Event

New story events arrive on Episode 4's Story Board, continuing from the shocking developments that unfolded on Earth. This time we'll finally get to meet Kohri, Hitsugi's fellow classmate. Scenes will include Hitsugi, Kohri, and Al in an outing on the streets of Tokyo, along with the trio heading to the baths for some much needed relaxation.


New Limited Quest

Our newest LQ follows the same structure as the current Limited Quest, with players gathering quest points to increase the chances of bosses and rare Emergency Trials. Enemies that didn't appear in Chaotic Darkness, such as Gigur Gunnegam and Falz Dourumble, can be encountered in this quest.


PS Festa 2016 Bingo II

Cherish Mag Device
進化デバイス/チェリシュ (Evo. Device / Cherish)

A second PS Festa 2016 Bingo card is on the way, with objectives involving the recently added aspects of Featured Quests, as well as the player's advancement on the Story Board. Clear four lines of objectives to receive the Cherish evolution device for Mags!

All-new client orders will be available from Xie in addition to those currently available.


TOKYO Heroine Selection (AC Scratch)

ファニーパーカー [Ou] \\ F Parka [Ou]フリルスカート[Ba] \\ Frill Skirt [Ba]キュート1[In] \\ Cute 1 [In]
ファニーパーカー [Ou] ✪ F. Parka [Ou]
フリルスカート[Ba] ✪ Frill Skirt [Ba]
キュート1[In] ✪ Cute 1 [In]

Dress your characters up in all of the trendy layered fashions worn by Hitsugi, Kohri, and Al.


ショートジャケット[Ou] (Short Jacket Knit [Ou])フレアスカート[Ba] (Flared Skirt [Ba])
ショートジャケット[Ou] ✪ Short Jacket [Ou]
フレアスカート[Ba] ✪ Flared Skirt [Ba]
フラワー1[In] ✪ Flower 1 [In]
Knit Duffle M
ニットダッフルM[Ou] ✪ Knit Duffel M [Ou]
ハーフパンツM [Ba] ✪ Half Pants M [Ba]
ファンシー1[In] ✪ Fancy 1 [In]
Off shoulder Knit Pic
オフショルダーニット[Ou] ✪ Off Shoulder Knit [Ou]
ショートデニム[Ba] ✪ Short Denim [Ba]
ボーダー1[In] ✪ Border 1 [In]
ぶかぶかTシャツM[Ou] \\ Baggy T-Shirt M [Ou]
ぶかぶかTシャツM[Ou] ✪ Baggy T-Shirt M [Ou]
ぶかぶかTシャツF[Ou] \\ Baggy T-Shirt F [Ou]
ぶかぶかTシャツF[Ou] ✪ Baggy T-Shirt F [Ou]
カジュアルニット帽 \\ Casual Knit Cap
カジュアルニット帽 赤 ✪ Red Casual Knit Cap



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