Phantasy Star Festa 2016 Online Event [Web Panel Rewards]

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Sega is holding an online event to commemorate Phantasy Star Online's 15th Anniversary! Starting February 10th, players can collectively earn points to unlock panels on the event's official site. Points are earned by defeating specific bosses that appear in quests targeted for the event. Achieving the score indicated on the web panel, unlocks prizes which will be distributed on March 16th.

PSO2es players can also earn points for the event by playing in specific quests. More details can be found in the PSO2es Guide.

Web Panel Event

  • February 10th ~ March 9th

Limited Quest: Chaotic Darkness

  • February 10th ~ February 24th

Limited Emergency Quest: Where's the Chocolate 2016

  • February 10th ~ March 9th

Boost Reward Period: PART 1

  • March 16th ~ March 23rd

Reward Item Distribution Period

  • March 16th ~ April 6th

Boost Reward Period: PART 2

  • April 13th ~ April 20th

Character Creation Contest

The Character Creation Contest tasks players with dressing up their characters in one of these three categories :

  • Casual Fashion: Come up with a casual style of something you'd see on Earth.
  • SciFi Style: Put together a space themed outfit.
  • Adult Charm: Submit a style that appeals to adults. Something sexy, something elegant.

The contest requires two screenshots, one intended for the contest, and one with the player id. Mags, weapons, units, symbol arts, NPCs, other PC and enemies should not appear in the screenshot.  Your character creation file will also be required for the contest with your character in the state it appears in the screenshot. More details here.


Illustration Contest

The Illustration Contest is seeking artists to draw their favorite characters or scenes from PSO2 the Animation. Please be aware that works selected for the "Grand Prize" will receive an Original Parka sent to the physical address of their SEGA ID. The artwork must be 1280 x 720 and no larger than a 1 MB JPG. More details can be found here.


PSO2 Video Contest

The PSO2 Video contest is looking for players to submit a video in one of the 5 categories:

Lobby Action ( ~ 1 min) (Examples on Nico Nico)

  • Perform or illustrate a lobby action you'd like to see implemented in the game.
  • The submission that wins the grand prize will be implemented in the game.

Interesting / Amusing ( ~ 5 min) (Examples on Nico Nico)

  • Upload something interesting with PSO2. 

Super Plays ( ~ 5 min) (Examples on Nico Nico)

  • Captivate your audience by submitting your Super Plays. (i.e Your fastest TA clears, or how you defeated a boss in a slightly different way, etc.)

Sound (~ 5 min) (Examples on Nico Nico)

  • Create a video performing music from the PSO Series. You can even make your own arrangements or original compositions.

Explanation / Commentary ( ~ 10 min) (Examples on Nico Nico)

  • Create a video where you explain various features of the game, such as how to use a weapon, or how you defeat an enemy, or other bits of trivia.

The winning entries for the 'The Grand Prize' and 'Producer Prize'  will be shown on the ARKS Lobby monitors. In addition, the lobby action that wins the 'Grand Prize' will get implemented into the game.

Tags Required
Lobby Action  ロビーアクションコンテスト部門
Interesting おもしろ動画部門
Super Plays スーパープレイ部門
Sound サウンド部門
Explanation 解説部門
Video Contest 『PSO2』動画コンテスト2016

Submissions require two tags, one for the contest category, and the other listed in "Video Contest."  More details can be found here.


Contest Schedules

Character Contest Entry Period

  • February 3rd ~ March 2nd

Illustration Contest Entry Period

  • February 3rd ~ March 2nd

Episode Contest Entry Period

  • February 3rd ~ March 2nd

Video Contest Entry Period

  • February 3rd ~ March 16th (Extended)

Bal Rodos LQ

Normal Hard Very Hard Super Hard Extra hard
1 Points 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 7 Points
Qualifying Bosses
Rockbear Fang Banther De Malmoth Snow Banther Caterdra'n
Vol Dragon Quartz Dragon Goronzoran Dragon Ex Vardha Soma
Org Blan Bal Rodos Biol Meduna Rheo Madullard Dark Ragne
Zeshrayda Blu Ringahda Decol Malluda Codotta Idetta Falz Hunar
Falz Angel    Dio Hunar Plosiorgles Diabo Igrithys Gal Gryphon

Rare boss variations will also count towards the event.

Euclita Chocolate 2016


Normal Hard Very Hard Super Hard Extra Hard
1 Points 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 7 Points
Qualifying Bosses
Fang Banshee Snow Banshee Caterdra'n Vol Dragon Dark Ragne
Wolgahda Blu Ringahda Codotta Idetta Falz Hunar Dio Hunar
Falz Arms Doppleganger Apprentice Diabo Igrithys Gal Gryphon


Rare boss variations will also count towards the event.


PS Festa 2016 Web Panel Rewards

Panel Item Reward Boost Reward  
Panel #1 1000 FUN Ticket

2x FUN
Login Stamp +1 Bonus
(3/16 ~ 3/23)

Panel #2 5 Rappy Medals

Panel #3 3 Casino Coin Passes

Casino Super Boost
(4/13 ~ 4/20)

Panel #4 5 PSO2es Revival Meds  
Panel #5   Recycle Shop
Exchange Rate Discount
(3/16 ~ 3/23)
Panel #6   +150% Meseta / +150% EXP Boost
(3/16 ~ 3/23)
Panel #7 3 PSO2es OP Meds  
Panel #8 Evo. Device / Draco  
Panel #9 +100% Tribooster
Free Salon Pass
Color Change Pass
Panel #10 Rappy Medal (x10)  
Panel #11 *Sakura Kagura (Tact Camo)  
Panel #12 Lambda Grinder (x50)
Photon Booster (x3)
Grind Success (100%) (x3)
Ability Affix. Success +40% (x1)
Panel #13 Quna Stage (Room Item)  
Panel #14   PSO2es +200% EXP Boost for Arks Quest
(3/16 ~ 3/23)
Panel #15   +150% Rare Drop Boost / +150% Rare Enemy
(3/16 ~ 3/23)
Panel #16 Mascot Necklace (x1)  
Panel #17   +10% Item Grind Success
+10% Ability Affix. Success
(3/16 ~ 3/23)
Panel #18 Rappy Medal (x30)     
Panel #19   +100% Challenge Mile
(4/13 ~ 4/20)
Panel #20   +20% ~ 100% Rare Drop Boost based on final score.
Demise, Progeny, Ult Lillipa, Ult Naberius
(3/16 ~ 3/23)

※For every additional 500,000 points, Panel 20's rare drop boost will be raised by 20%, up to a maximum of 100%.

You'll need to clear either Chaotic Darkness, Darkness from the Chaos, or Where's the Chocolate 2016 at least once to qualify for the items listed on the Web Panels.



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