PSO2 JP: New Pet And Complex Bow PA Arriving In June

JP Version: Update – June 10th, 2020


New Pet: Glass

Get ready for a brand new pet hitting the servers in the next update. Glass, the most adorable little magician, is an advanced form of Redran. Notably, this pet comes equipped with faster laser and burst PAs than Redran. It even has a new personality known as "Genius" that makes it effective against bosses.


Pietro will also be updated with a new Client Order for Glass.


Cerulean Ballista

Introducing Cerulean Ballista, a Complex Bow PA for Bravers whose attack changes based on whether or not you use directional input. Choose between an attack that shoots bolts of arrows scattered across a wide area, or fire down a gigantic arrow that hits the enemy like a bolt of lighting.


Episode 6: Chapter 5

Omega once again finds itself embroiled in conflict. Shiva's forces have launched a surprise attack on Epicuent. Reunite with Margareta as she scrambles to defend her kingdom against this unfamiliar threat.


The substory of the successor class trio continues!


Pusoni Collaboration 2

Nekonomiya, Zekt, Dolce, and other characters from the Pusoni Comic, will appear in the lobby. Clear their client orders to receive their partner cards and [Puso Comic Memory 3]. In addition, characters from the comic will appear in Emergency Trials on Ultra Explorations.


New Bonus Quest

Available at Level 1, Bonus Quest Tokyo: Rainbow delivers even more Meseta, more EXP, and more rare drop opportunities. You could even acquire a Ability Transfer Pass and several Sage Crests.


Omega Luther UH

Incarnation of Knowledge and its Trigger Quest version will now receive Ultra Hard. Omega Luther in this version will be level 96. Coinciding with this update is the Ultra Hard difficulty for the 4 Player Trigger Quest [T: Rebirth of Desire for Knowledge].


The drop pool for Incarnation of Knowledge (UH) will drop new ★13 Atlas Units along with the egg of the new pet, Glass. In the trigger version of the quest, Time Reversal Stone Chronos will be easier to get.



Special Ability Factor Expansion

Special Ability Factors are finally coming to ★13 units! You can unlock this feature by grinding your ★13 units to [+10].


Atlas Ex and Austere-NT

Atlas Ex and Austere-NT series are getting Plus (改) potentials. These potentials require Meseta and lots of Luminmech Emer Fragment (閃機片エメル).


Austere Unit Upgrade

Zieg is fixin' to let you upgrade your Austere units into ★13 versions.  Due to this, your unit will have access to S-Class abilities.

These may also drop from Profound Darkness on Ultra Hard, so be sure to get your Solo T: Profound Darkness Triggers ready!


Come Closer

The Preview Window will now allow you to zoom in much closer than before. In addition, the camera can now be moved up, down, left, and right.


Gamepad Feature

A new update for the PC version will allow you to operate the gamepad even if PSO2's window is inactive.

Other Adjustments

  • Password Matches for Battle Arena will now allow you acquire Reward Scratches and Battle Coins.
  • The weekly Team Point cap has changed from 4,500TP to 50,000TP


Balance Adjustments

June 10th Balance Adjustments


Winners Design 7 Side A (AC Scratch)

Part one of this year's winning item designs scratch brings pretty and provocative cosmetics created by the imaginative minds of the players.




21 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: New Pet And Complex Bow PA Arriving In June”

  1. Only took them 7 years to get that preview box right. I don't have to expand the preview box so much to look at the eyes.

  2. Yuck, pso2 turned into the mmos it used to stand out against. And fuck Summoner, pretty much the start of the noobification of classes.

    1. Literally what?
      PSO2 was never as close to its roots as it is now in Episode 6.
      I'd argue it's the second best Episode after 3.
      If you joined during Eps 4 or 5 and now wondering what happened to the game – THIS is true PSO2, not fantasy or isekai nonsense.
      And if you hate sexy adult MMOs that encourage freedom of player expression go play Guild Wars 2 – it's heavily censored and policed, you will feel safe here.

    2. And as far as classes go – PSO2 was casual game from get go. Wanna go hard play Dark Souls or Monster Hunter.

    3. Summoners is All right, Nothing bad about it, There are a lot of player who not good with the other Classes,
      You like Guns? then Main Gu,Ra
      You like Animal and want it to fight with you? then go Summoner
      Why Limit your mind about Classes,
      And Porn thing?
      This is Fucking japan we talking about here there's no way you're able understand their Culture all the way round, Cuz You only looking at the Surface of it, Opinion is alright but literally Bust out you point to Stomp on it? It just ain't right–
      You and me we are just an Outsider who came to see their culture
      Stop Fussing about it or else get the fuck out of the Community there are plenty more games that fit your liking,
      No need to to Complain, Wanna focused on Fighting alone? Fucking Dark souls, And Monhunt series are awaiting for you.

  3. not sure what is the root of pso2 or "true" pso2…

    and lol about summoner noobification when they buff etoile and relax every timing ..right know i dont even watch the screen when playing etoile and they buff it but for sure my pets have hard time to stay alive and deal damage on divide.

    1. Space fantasy about killing evil space monsters and dressing up.
      And you didn't have to look at the screen since HU automate, meaning day 1.

  4. So I don't really know much about Summoner, but does that new pet make Redran useless? I'm assuming it will just do everything that Redran does but better.

    1. That's pretty much it, it's Redran's upgrade like the ones a few other Summons got. What kinda annoys me that those simply gota cooler looking version while Redran get's completely replaced. I mean it's kinda cute but I liked my Dragon 🙁

    2. Oh those pets were upgrades? I always thought they were just alternate versions. This makes a lot more sense now. RIP draggo boi 🙁

      if you have Wanda pet [not max rarity] and have jinga egg 14* for example.
      you can go to 'evolve pet rarity' and it will list Jinga as possible catalyst.
      But after upgrade, your Wanda will be replaced with Jinga.
      So, yup they're upgrades, and actually Wanda/Torim and Sally are more durable, while upgrades are more ATK oriented.
      Maron and Melon are questionable for me…I see lot of people with Melon. I prefer Maron though.
      Never liked matters to me too much…is it a poodle? is it a horse? poorse? hordle?
      Anyway I keep all of them fed and equipped with candies…though I don't play SU too much…
      also..when rappy reach max stats? I think mine already at 190…and still no red stats.
      tired of buying eggs from market 😀 wish we could feed at least 10 eggs without spending SG.

      I don't blame you though for prefer Maron, But please know this–
      Melon have the highest Defense Stats of a whooping 5300 or more and Melon Strike is "SPAMMABLE" meaning The Higher PP you have the more damage you can put out per second, Well..
      For Pressuring purpose, Because it's stun all any enemies within the AOE at Melon stage 3
      (There is also a Candy that Converts your Pets Defense Stats into Firepower, which make Melon the most Rewarding for having this Candy)

      I main both Melon/Maron So.. I hope this help you get some ideas.

      The Stun thing is Of Course, Always useless on bosses
      Cuz they're mostly have their own stun stage

  5. Lol no I'm not threatened by players using skin showing anime girls. But I don't like how weak the content get has been. Grinding for 4 months to get the best 15* on pso2 swiki is just similar to older mmos that relied on that boring type of grinding as opposed to getting new missions and such.

    1. Literally every Zieg 15* took a few months to get. Atlas ex, Lightstream, Liberate, and now Puras/Stil. What is this world you're living where it didn't take so long to make these 15*s as fast as they release?

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