PSO2 JP: New Power Update 1 (9/12/2012)

New Classes:

  • ファイター Fighter
  • ガンナー Gunner
  • テクター Techer

Consult the Client Order Guide to unlock these classes.

New Weapon Categories:

  • ナックル Knuckle
  • ツインダガー Twin Dagger
  • ダブルセイバー Double Saber
  • ツインマシンガン Twin Machine Gun
  • ウォンド Wand

New Photon Arts and Technics

  • New Photon Arts for Double Sabers, Twin Daggers, Twin Machine Guns, and Knuckles.
  • New Wind and Dark Technics

New Emergency Quest

  • 巨大機甲種・覚醒 Gigantic Mecha Awakening (N: Lvl1 / H: Lvl20)
  • 火山洞窟遊撃戦:  Volcano Cavern Guerrilla Warfare (N: Lvl10 / H: Lvl20)

New Items, Interrupt Event, Client Orders

New Weapons

ブレイクル Breakle


ジェイドラシオン (JadeRacion)


メッサーアゲート (MesserAgate)


ツインブレイド Twin Blade



ダブルセイバーレガシー Double Saber Legacy


ダブルレイピア Double Rapier


ケイン Cane


ツインバルカン Twin Vulcan

Daily Orders

  • Daily Orders are Client Orders that change each day.
  • Daily Order Guide Scheduled for Tonight

Friend Invite System

  • When you invite a friend and play on the same ship, when they reach at the 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 level marks, you receive badges you can exchange for weapons and items.

Set Bonuses

  • If you equip a certain weapon with certain units, you can see an increase in stats.

Additions and Changes

  • When searching items in My Shop, regardless of differences in whether you use katakana/hiragana, halfwidth/full-width, uppercase/lowercase, roman numerals/alphanumerics, you can still look up the related item in the My Shop Search menu.
  • Either from the Main Menu or Storage screen, Shop screen, Item Customize screen, etc, you can copy the name of an item within the item list to clipboard by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+C.
  • For any condition where you can't equip or use an item based on your race, gender, stats, etc, those icons have now changed.
  • Made it easier to know the differences between matter events and other events as well as whether or not it has been read.
  • Added Badge Exchange Shop and changed the Recycle Shop. (Recycle Shop Guide Later Tonight)
  • You will now see an icon when the Mag's energy is 0%
  • Added Normal Difficulty quests for Mines, F. Continent, and Tundra
  • For some hard difficulty quests, eased the conditions you have to be to accept them.
  • Because rare items for the new weapon categories were added to each enemy's drops, some adjustments were made to the previous weapon category drops.
  • For Clessida and Franka's item collecting client orders, changed the amount of time it takes to redo them from 24 hours to 168 hours.
  • Relaxed some of the conditions that need to be met to unlock some Franka client orders.

Interrupt Ranking and Emergency Quests

  • Shortened the time it takes for Interrupt Ranking and Emergency Quests to randomly occur.
  • For "Urban Mop Up" "Urban Recovery" and "Subdue Fang Banther" emergency quests, the time the quests themselves show up has changed from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
  • The time for Enemy Interrupt Rankings to randomly occur has now changed from two hours to one hour.
  • Lowered the chances of Interrupt Rankings to randomly occur. Increased the chances of Emergency Quests to  randomly occur.

Field Adjustments

  • Reduce the time it takes to clear the previous Code Avoid emergency trial.
  • Added reward items to some Emergency Trials
  • When launched by a tornado, you have a higher chance to reach an area where rare containers are.

[Due to school, some updates will be delayed until the afternoon.]


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